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Creative birdhouses (28 photos)

A beautiful collection of decorative birdhouses, which are a great decoration of the yard, and some - even some good houses for the birds:

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Bird houses in the country or how to decorate a garden for the arrival of guests

Without which it is impossible to imagine a garden, it has not been arranged in whatever style? Of course, no birds! With the onset of spring, fragrant garden scenery filled with hubbub and trills of birds, turning the whole district in a picturesque performance. How to decorate a garden for the arrival of guests? Skillful hands, worthless stuff, a little creativity and traditional birdhouses out of the ordinary utilitarian structures are transformed ... into the elements of garden design!

I hope that the photos of beautiful birdhouses inspire you to combine business with pleasure and you are sure to Construct for its suburban area at least a couple of birds' houses.

Garden Birdhouses: photos, ideas and their implementation

Winged garden attendants deserve a certain Respect, but because housing for them, albeit seasonal, should be noticeable and pleasing look. Traditionally, houses for birds taken place somewhere higher up, for example, in the crowns of old trees.

This is a reason, but today we move away from the standard solution of the housing problem and consider the birdhouse as an art object in the overall style of our suburban estates.

In the gardens of the landscape type there are many places where you can place a birdhouse, and sometimes more than one. Houses for birds fit perfectly into the artistic concept of the village flower garden with colorful annuals and aromatic herbs.

And in a shady corner of the garden, overgrown with wild ivy and surrounded by mysterious ferns suddenly there is a fabulous building ... What is this house of wood elves? No, a small boarding house for several families of birds. It would be nice to still be equipped with lighting, which is what we do!

This friendly and family-touching look paired "homes" for the birds. The original "mill" -skvorechnik and unpretentious design in the "hut on chicken legs" style fit perfectly in the summer holiday landscape, giving it a special atmosphere.

Extra birdhouses on a garden site is not, and the business is a creative and fun. Multi-storey dormitory for cruise guests? You are welcome! The main thing to find a suitable place for it, let alone happily making a din tenants do not take long to wait.

Nesting boxes made of plywood and wood - practical, environmentally friendly and traditionally! What would you say, for example, on attics, decorated with mosaics, cozy small families of wine corks, roomy barrel "Khrushchev" and straw summer bungalow? And that is not all!

You do not know where to accommodate pyatirozhkovuyu grandmother's chandelier, gathering dust in the attic? So it's just a godsend, called vintage. Last squeak in the development of suburban space, plus five lucky families of birds, housing on the territory entrusted to you!

In the same vintage style slozhnosochinennogo formed and design of the wooden beams and balusters on which fits a starling districts. This installation itself makes a lasting impression, but if run at her curly decorative vine, then after two or three seasons is the intricate structure will be transformed into a spectacular hedge.

From carpentry comfort and fuss with small architectural forms turn to simple solutions. Long live reworking of old things! Released into circulation teapots, cans and children's toys - all that stuff can be adapted to habitat picky Ptah, who decided to settle in your summer cottage.

What can we say about the old and the rubber boots and have outlived their rasparovannye shoes. After all, for the birds, that the main thing? So it was convenient and safe for future offspring. And where do you hang the the unusual birdhouses - you know better.

In addition to the extensive garden space skvorechni can be used as decorative elements blank wall of the house and a variety of country houses.

Lovers make something of such things at his dacha conceptual idea of ​​the "tree of life" against the background of the brickwork can deliver a lot of fun.

Ideas on arrangement of birdhouses at their summer cottage may be a lot more we give you only a fraction of their mass and inspiration for their implementation. Schemes with dimensions for birdhouses and manufacturing methods can be found in this this article.

How to decorate a garden for the arrival of spring? Look around - starlings arrived!

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I am delighted! Brilliant!

10 years I put in his garden birdhouses. Based on personal experience, most birdhouses "mertvorozhdennye9raquo; because distance from the opening to the bottom of less than 25 centimeters. These birdhouses like crows and magpies. They are happy to visit them when the chicks grow up a little and quietly pulled them one by one. And the hole diameter should not exceed 47 mm.

Vladimir, thank you very much for this valuable tip! I am sure I will consider these dimensions as the spring will make a new birdhouses.

No words-some points. Especially class hostel. We can say, like a fairy tale, more and more terrible (for the birds).

Site about the cottage Marina Makarova. Transform cottage in paradise

Togo, who will be stealing content, suffer crop failure, pest infestation, intruders and full overgrown garden weeds.

Birdhouse with your hands: how to make a safe and comfortable home for the birds (61 photos)

To lure birds to their local area - a pleasant and useful occupation. After all, birds not only delight our ears with its trills, but also eat harmful insects.

How to make a birdhouse his own hands - this is our article.

The starting material - wood exclusively. It is recommended to use only a wood of deciduous trees, coniferous as the recovered resin, which may lead to premature death feathered occupant.

You can not make birdhouses for birds of veneer sheets, particleboard and OSB. Glue and special impregnation, contained in these materials, dare feathered guests.

As a consequence, assembly and fastening workpieces should be carried out only with nails and screws, without the use of adhesive.

Typically, for the manufacture of wood birdhouse used not planed boards, not less than 2 cm thick. Such thickness allows to keep constant the temperature conditions inside the bird house.

In order to bond on the boards with no cracks, it is necessary beforehand to drill holes for the screws.

How to choose the size of birdhouse

Dimensions birdhouse depends on the birds for which it is intended. Different types of nesting boxes differ in their proportions and tap-hole length.

For example, for starlings required dimensions: 10 × 10 × 40 cm, notches - 5 cm to tits and flycatchers, sparrow - 10 × 12 × 30 cm, notches - 3-3.5 cm poluduplyanka A should be 10 × 8 ×.. 20 cm in height taphole 3,3-5 cm full-width wall.

Usually, it changes only the height of the birdhouse.

Poluduplyanki can attract and protein.

Some birds prefer to settle in the nest boxes, birdhouses made from part of a log by gouging. Floor and roof constructions made of such boards.

Sometimes the roof birdhouses made removable to make it easier to process the inner space of the parasites. Indeed, it often happens that due to parasitic organisms, birds leave his house.

To make a birdhouse again habitable, you need to pull out the old nesting and scalded with boiling water. An additional measure can be a treatment with potassium permanganate.

How to make a birdhouse safe housing

To avoid bankruptcy birdhouse cats and woodpeckers, you can take the following measures:

  • Increase the overhang of the roof;
  • Studded with roofing nails;
  • Letok decorate tin sheet;
  • Stuff about letka nails;
  • Near the tap hole to attach wooden trim with horizontal fibers;
  • Make special protective belt strips made of tin or of the "broom", thus it is necessary to adhere precisely the required distance therebetween.

Important: between safety belts and starling house should not be a knot, feeders and other possible supports.

How to choose the right place for a birdhouse

On trees hang birdhouses should be at a height of not less than 3 m. It is not advisable to near these places were busy walkway and benches were placed.

  • When choosing a place on the tree, it is necessary to take into account, to near tap-hole was not big branches. Install a birdhouse need to face south so that was easy tilt forward.

    It is necessary to take the boards from untreated hardwood thickness of at least 2 cm. Gloves are also required. Next take drawings nest box and Scrollsaw component parts. Sawing must be carefully and precisely at an angle of 90 °, to subsequently was slits.

    Nails should choose a diameter of 1.5-2 mm and not more than 40-50 mm. We begin to build. By putting a facade side portions at an angle of 90 ° and nailed. It is recommended to use a 3-4 nail each.

    Overturn, set the bottom, nailed it to the sides. Next, insert a rear wall and also fasten it by means of nails with a bottom and side portions.

    Again overturn. Fasten the bottom and on the other hand. Roof set so that the overhang was not less than 5 cm. To 10 cm is desirable. Nailed.

  • We examine the resulting birdhouse and bends all protruding nails.

    To establish whether the perch - you decide.

    In our time, the Internet can be easy to find a variety of ideas on how to make a birdhouse in the country or outside his home.

    Some of them are very unusual. So feel free to make a home for birds.

    After all, the original birdhouse can be a real decoration of your garden.

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