mop wood

mop wood

With a floor washing probably faced everything, and everyone knows that this case - not so simple. Especially if you live four-legged friends, for which it is necessary to clean almost every day. At present, the technology being developed rapidly, and there are new kinds of mops, with which to wash the floors without any effort.

Mops differ quality, price and material - but what do you choose?

Before selecting a mop for the house, you must pay attention to:

  • Material. In the markets you can find a mop of different materials: plastic, aluminum, wood. Squeegee made of plastic and aluminum are more popular than the mop head of wood, since they are more convenient. Washing nozzle squeegee is rag, sponge, rope, microfiber also have flat mop (Flounder), steam and others.
  • Functionality. Mops differ functionality - one can be overcome with the help of a lever, and the other must also remove the cloth and squeeze by hand. Elderly suitable first option, since the use of this will not have much to bend tool. What is more convenient - you know better.
  • Design. In the world there mops with different designs and colors. In stores you can find Chambray triangular, circular and rectangular.
  • Quality. At this point in the range of a large number of mops, which are different quality. Cheaper Sweeper can last long. Yet you should not be taken immediately for the expensive options, better think about what a mop for you best.
  • The size. When choosing a mop pay attention to its size and thickness. For example, the flat mop does not often have to move furniture, as she climbs under beds, sofas, and clean out all the dirt. With a thick mop the situation is different as to get under the bed is a bit more complicated.

7 main types of mops - what do you choose?

Mop with a rag attachment is made of wood. It is the most simple and consists of two parts: a handle and a head, which throws a rag. This design resembles the letter "T".

This type of mop in our time is no longer in vogue, yet these tools are available in different organizations and are environmentally friendly product.

Rag Mop is not suitable for all floor coverings - and is mainly used for washing tiling and linoleum, rarely - a wooden cover.

Wooden broom can be found at any craft store or supermarket.

When choosing a look for her hand - it must tightly to "sit" and not to wander in different directions.

It is worth it inexpensive - from 50 rubles and higher.

This type of mop is currently very common, both in Russia and abroad.

Mop consists of a plastic handle and sponge-like nozzle, which can change at any time.

But this type of mop is already different from the previous one in that it is possible to squeeze out without touching at the same time to the sponge, through which the dirt is removed.

Mop is convenient because when washing the floor do not need to put a lot of effort, it can be used by children and elderly people. It quickly collects and dust, and animal dander. If you accidentally spill water on the floor, then mop with a sponge-like attachment - just a godsend!

Wash that mop better floor linoleum or tile, as the parquet or laminate, it can scratch.

Its price is low - from 280 rubles. Replaceable sponge tip is from 80 rubles.

Before buying this mop check out some of the recommendations:

  • Before you buy, ensure its integrity, to sponge was tightly attached cogs.
  • Before you clean the floor, you need to hold it in warm water for 10 minutes, to a sponge soaked. If this is not done, mop break.
  • To dip the mop in the water, you will need the capacity, which corresponds to the size of the sponge. Bucket in this case, will not work because you simply will not be able to properly wet and wash the floor.
  • When pollution Rinse the sponge frequently to avoid divorce.
  • Floor moisture content depends on how much you pulled the lever.
  • Do not press hard on the swab, because in this way can tear a sponge.
  • If the sponge began to move away, come off, it is necessary to change, otherwise you risk getting poorly washed surface or under a dry floor.

Pros mop with a sponge-like attachment:

  • Fragility (break the lever off sponge rust bolted screws).
  • Can leave stains, due to which the water has to be changed frequently.
  • This mop can not easily pass under low furniture.

This tool is similar to the previous one, but more original. Different mop that squeezed out a little differently, shrinking from the sides of the type of butterfly wings.

It is good because it is placed in any bin.

Price mops It ranges from 200 to 2000 rubles.

This type of mop is also well known to all. The design consists of several parts: the handle, the platform and the nozzle microfiber. squeegee platform has a flat shape and very mobile.

Material Microfiber is very well and quickly washes the floor without leaving lint - you can wash the surface, like linoleum or laminate. This mop can even wash the children.

Assortment mops microfiber is relatively high, and the price will depend on the quality of the packing material.

On average, a mop with a nozzle costs from 2000 rubles and above.

  • In this mop there is a special button to release attachment. Click on it and bend platform.
  • Lower nozzle into water, and good wet and squeeze. Put the nozzle back to the platform and straighten until it clicks. Beware, you can pinch your fingers! After this procedure, you can proceed to wash the floor.
  • To wash the surface of the parquet or laminate, carefully squeeze the material of microfiber to the floor is not swollen.

Mop has more pluses than minuses:

  • It has a light weight.
  • Functional.
  • Mobile.
  • Has a flat shape platform can be washed under a bed or sofa.
  • The nozzle allows you to dry microfiber to clean the floor.
  • Durable.
  • The nozzle can be washed.
  • Rarely leaves stains.

Cons mop microfibre:

  • To clean the floor, you must remove the nozzle and squeeze.
  • Not washes clean the floor from animal hair.
  • High price.

The mop has a long handle and a circular platform onto which the ropes or bundles. Ropes are made mostly of cotton, rarely - polyester.

Some rope mops are spinning system. Sometimes mop can be found together with a special bucket that has a special compartment for the extraction.

Rope mop suits linoleum. It is not necessary to take such a parquet, laminate or tile, because it is not enough moisture collects.

Advantages rope mops:

This type is similar to mop mop with microfiber, but may have nozzles with different materials: cotton and microfiber. Flat mop can be rotated round and wash all surfaces - from floor to ceiling. It has a light aluminum handle and comfortable design.

Such mop can be washed with any floor, since the nozzle is easily squeezed dry and lint-free wipes.

  • It has a rather high price.
  • Not suitable pet owners.
  • To clean the floor, you need to shoot several times hands and wash nozzle.

New innovations presented housewives steam mop. This type of tool is currently only began to gain popularity.

Mop has the function of hot steam output, thereby perfectly laundering and disinfecting surfaces.

It is so technologically that for washing floors do not need a bucket and extra time to rinse and spin nozzle.

In stores you can find a steam mop for 2500 rubles.

Steam tool is versatile, can disinfect any surface of the floor, carpets and even furniture. To use it, read the instructions that came in the kit.

If you decide to clean the floor or laminate flooring - make sure that the surface it is tight.

Do not direct the flow of steam on people and pets!

Advantages steam mop:

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Universal (suitable for floor and furniture).
  • Disinfects surfaces from germs.
  • It does not require rinsing and squeezing.
  • Functional.
  • Like pet owners.
  • harmless to health.
  • No need to buy detergent to clean the floor.
  • High price.
  • When washing the floor need to supervise children and animals, so they do not get burned.

We will be very pleased if you could share your experience with a particular type of broom!

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At home I should mop with a microfiber and I can tell you that it is very convenient! She can be washed everywhere, in all the corners without scratching while laminate. It squeezed out very easily. And if a child is something shed by accident, you can quickly wipe dry. Only microfiber it is necessary to dry in the open air, otherwise it will be a bad smell.

I had a such a mop with a microfiber wiping surface well. But since there were children in the house, it was necessary to wash all the floors clean. As a result, my husband bought a steam mop, which by means of hot steam disinfects the surface. I like it more that it is not necessary to use disinfectants that are harmful to children.

I have in the house which only the mops were not. First time mopping the floor with wooden mop when helping my grandmother, but it is still used in some families. Less of it is that the cloth is rolled with a mop. Then I had a broom with a sponge-like attachment, but it very quickly broke down, the sponge pulled away, often had to change it. Then I bought a mop - a butterfly and she became for me a godsend. In - First, it is very comfortable, in - the second, easily and well squeezed in - Third, great saves floor from dust and animal hair.

I want to say in defense of the microfiber mop with nozzles. Well it collects pet hair. Only need to use it correctly. For the first pass need to moisten the nozzle. It should be just moist, not wet. I'm for it, dipped his hand under running water, a few times I spend on the packing. In this state, the nozzle prekasno collects over any debris, dust and wool. After that, I washed well with either the tip or take a fresh, wetting detergent or disinfectant and my floor. The mobility of the articulation allows to wash the floor in the most remote places. Durable use for the third year. You can purchase a replaceable nozzles. Such a mop can be purchased at Auchan and Leroy for 300-400 rubles.

I bought not expensive mop-polisher "Noodles". Very happy, especially when I had to wet cleaning under furniture. Glossy tile divorce does not leave. Bought here:

How many have been tried mops. From the most simple-to the very clever. And I stopped finally on the set cleanmall ultra speed professional. It removes dirt perfectly, even in the most remote places. Divorce leaves. In general, I very happy

Buy inventory cleanmall ultra speed professional .Shvabra super.Udobnaya, consults on all 100. In general, you will not regret

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Mop for cleaning floors: how to choose the assistant for cleanliness in the house

mopping - not the easy task, especially when the house live a little naughty kids or furry pets. Fortunately, in the industrial department of any store today are not only a variety of cleaners for wet cleaning, but also a decent selection of main helpers - mops. What kind of mop to choose for the house to become a household chore fun?

Doormat wound on a wooden crossbeam with a long stick - a relic of the past. Modern mop gradually turns into a real gadget to work with that - is a pleasure. Those who have not got acquainted with the latest tools for cleaning the house, will be surprised by a rich assortment of tools for cleaning floors.

How to choose a mop for cleaning the floor? In order not to get lost, it is necessary to get introduced with the defining criteria for selection:

  • Material. The basic materials of construction for the modern "lazy", it is plastic, aluminum or wood. Wooden tool less functional, the handle is not flexible, very clumsy design that prevents high quality clean floors. More comfortable now considered aluminum and plastic assistant.
  • Nozzle. A variety of materials will make heads or mops to get lost, since among them you can find microfiber sponge and even ropes. In addition, there are tips, Flounder, mops, brushes and steam models.
  • Handle type. The handle may be telescopic, extendable or whole. Whole serve the hostess a little longer, but with the adjustable handle cleaning becomes clearly more comfortable. It is worth noting that the telescopic handle to set up easier than sliding.
  • Quality. Better domestic helper will last longer - it's a fact. quality often depends on the cost, but that does not mean you have to buy the most expensive model. Before you opt for something, you must determine for themselves the important functions of the instrument.
  • Functionality. In stores you can find models with floating nozzles, allowing to penetrate into any space, as well as units with spin function. Appointment of additional properties of a cleaning unit - save time housewife, and save her from the back of the incline.
  • The size. Do not ignore this quality, because the thicker the mop will not allow to wash the floor under the sofa, and the narrow and thin will penetrate into the most inaccessible places. You should also pay attention to the length of the handle, if it is not regulated, and its thickness - a mop should lie comfortably in the hand.
  • Design. Appearance cleaning plays a role, but, if desired, the hostess can choose the color of the model, which will have her liking. In addition, there mops various shapes - round, triangular or rectangular. In this case, the design can affect the functionality, because a triangular platform is easier to climb into the corners and round more safe for furniture.

Model Overview: what better mop?

Choosing among the many tools for cleaning, should be guided not only by its own comfort, but also on the type of flooring. Some materials for the manufacture of floors require special care, so "make friends" not every assistant hostess. What is the best mop for linoleum, and what better cope with tile or laminate? Consider the most popular models, to finally determine the choice.

Familiar to all from childhood wooden structure in the shape of the letter "T" is gradually going out of fashion, but still used by some hostesses. Its main advantages are:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • durability;
  • low cost;
  • ease of operation.

By purchasing wood "lazy", it is necessary to think in advance about the rag, as its head is a simple block of wood without any cover. As many people use old rags shirts, pillowcases or burlap. The main thing - to make sure that from matter on the floor there will be no divorce. Be willing to bend frequently to rinse the cloth!

Among the few drawbacks is worth noting clumsiness designs, often forcing to move furniture for cleaning in the inner corners of the room. And as hard to wring the cloth by hand, wooden unit was rarely used for cleaning floors made of laminate. As for the rest, she subject to any surface - from linoleum to vinyl.

Plastic model with the nozzle-sponge is now one of the most popular. Its feature is the presence of a special device that allows you to squeeze the nozzle without touching it with his hands. In addition, the sponge itself perfectly absorbs moisture and copes with dirt, dust, hair, or liquid spills. The design is so simple to use that it can make use of the elderly and children. This is just a godsend!

To a useful assistant served as long as possible, before you buy, ensure structural strength, to check whether sponge fastened cogs platform tightly. In addition, there are a few rules for the use mops:

  • before washing the floor tool is kept in warm water for 5-10 minutes, so that the sponge is softer;
  • you need to choose the right container for rinsing the sponge so that it is fully placed into the water;
  • adjust the humidity can mop with a lever for pressing;
  • it is not necessary to make a significant effort in wiping floors, or sponge off risks;
  • should pay attention to the tip - over time it will begin to retreat, signaling the need to change the sponge;
  • if it is too rare to rinse the sponge on the floor will remain divorces;
  • the design is not suitable for cleaning laminate, as there is a risk of scratching.

This tool for cleaning floors can be considered functional, but fragile. The hostess has to once every 2-3 months to change the mop and squeezing the lever if broken, the unit has to throw.

The design of this assistant is very similar to the previous one. The main difference lies only in the presence of functional features - platform edge folded like the wings of butterflies, completely squeezing the sponge.

This option is ideal for any surface, as well as help to compete with animal fur. Cleaning is quick as lightweight design fits into any bucket and go to great in the hand.

This assistant is known to all, its lightweight design consists of a comfortable aluminum handle, mobile platforms and the nozzle of a modern material - microfiber. Microfiber has quickly gained recognition among the millions of housewives around the world, as it leaves no residue or streaks, perfectly collects dust and small villi. Microfiber for every surface, and the extent of pollution cloth mop is removed and rinsed.

Structure is made of plastic and is a long handle with a circular platform on which are fixed the cotton strands of different lengths. Ropes can be made of polyester, and bundled with the unit selling a special bucket with a compartment for the extraction. This is a very convenient addition, since manually squeeze the moisture is virtually impossible.

If necessary, the nozzle can be washed or replaced. Unfortunately, with it difficult to collect animal fur. In addition, the rope mop suitable for water-resistant surfaces. Use it to wash the laminate is not recommended.

Incredibly comfortable and functional design, consisting of a lightweight aluminum handle and floating heads with microfiber or cotton cloth. "Flounder" is able to clean up all around them, starting from the ceiling and ending with the darkest corners of the apartment. The main advantages of the machine for cleaning include:

  • durability;
  • mobility;
  • possibility to wash or replace tissue attachment;
  • excellent absorbency;
  • no stains on the floor after cleaning;
  • versatility - suitable for any covering.

Unhappy housewife only a relatively high cost of such helper. But when you consider long service life, the attachment proves to be very beneficial.

How to choose a steam mop for the house?

Just a few years ago, a magical steam unit from the TV advertising hostesses seemed something unreal. Today, this model is a little less accessible than "lazy" or microfiber sponge - in stores a high-tech tool is from 2500 rubles.

For a unique apparatus does not need a bucket, it does not need rinsing or spinning. The principle of its operation is based on the transformation of water into superheated steam. In addition to gender, the mop can be cleaned with any smooth surface, and clean the furniture or clothing. Among the advantages of such an instrument is particularly valued function of disinfection, because hot steam kills bacteria and thus protect the health of inhabitants of the house.

Apply steam unit costs with extreme caution, not directing the flow of steam on people and animals - the hot air can provoke serious burns!

So, the answer to the question "what kind of mop best buy" does not exist. When selecting suitable helper should focus on the particular floor covering, as well as on their own preferences and physical capabilities. But whatever the model has not been purchased, with proper maintenance it will be a long time to maintain the purity of any home.

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Choosing a mop for the house: the pros and cons of popular options

Maintenance of the floor covering in perfect condition is impossible without purchasing high-quality and convenient tool. If a few years ago are no options other than downed with wooden bars were not, today, before choosing a mop, it is necessary to review dozens of models.

Getting an assessment of existing consumer devices for washing the floor, you need to compare not only prices of raw materials and as their convenience. Each family while cleaning the house there are very concrete specific problems, it is this and you need to be guided.

Important details that you need to pay attention in the first place

If you maintain the cleanliness of the floor is accompanied by inconvenience and negative emotions, the reason most likely is in the instruments used. What it is convenient one hostess can not quite come to others. Do not blindly believe the fashion trends and buy promising new items, you must first pay attention to the following points:

  1. A pen. It may be solid, folding, adjustable, hollow or solid. Very tall or petite women are more suitable model with the ability to correct length, but the mechanism is loosened over time. Girls with an average growth may well cope with the standard product, which will last a lot longer.
  2. Spin function. For someone of the incline to the bucket while cleaning the house become a real punishment, but there are those who consider such extra options.
  3. The weight. Here it is necessary to assess their strength and endurance. One is much easier to use heavy machines for cleaning the floor, which is not necessary to create additional pressure. Another easier to work with easy tools that provide high-quality surface cleaning.
  4. nozzle type. Play a role here is not so much a personal preference as the type of coating, which is scheduled to be processed. Today you can find kinds of mops specifically designed for laminate, parquet, tiles, linoleum.
  5. Profiled. Particularly popular today, gaining multi-functional devices that allow the possibility of replacing the nozzle. It is very convenient for cleaning the house, which uses several types of floor coverings.

Having evaluated all these factors, it is possible to choose the optimal device for cleaning the floor. The final decision will help to take the specific features of the existing nozzles for mops.

Kinds of mops for floor washing, their specifications

Before going to the hardware store, you need to pre-determine the type of mop. Today, tools for cleaning the floor manufacturers offer the following product models:

  • Wood. The oldest, affordable and easy-to-use option. Presented by the handle, which is attached to the wooden beam. By tradition, it has no extras.
  • Rope. The nozzle is made up of many strands, straight or twisted into bundles. Cotton basis of these elements makes it possible to absorb a lot of water. It comes in a set with a plastic bucket, which is equipped with a special extraction system.
  • Rubber. Nozzle represented rubber roller, which may be solid or fitted with a device for pressing.
  • Flounder. Flat product, simple in appearance, but constitutes a complex construction for floor cleaning. The coating may be a cotton or microfiber. Nozzles can be changed using to handle all home surfaces.
  • Steam. The device, which looks more like a vacuum cleaner, than the mop. Cleaning of surfaces is due to the hot steam. shape and texture of the nozzles can be changed if desired.

One only technical specifications for the final decision may not be enough. In this case, you need to be guided by the specifics of the impact of objects on the surface.

Positive and negative aspects in the operation of various types of mops

Each mop intended for cleaning the house, has its own advantages and disadvantages. First used to the full, and the latter no problems, it is necessary to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the product, selecting a middle ground.

The advantages of the rope attachments can include the following points:

  • It can be easily pressed, it does not need to use your hands.
  • If necessary, the nozzle can be washed in the washing machine and its features from it does not fall.
  • The nozzle can be changed without any problems on the new one.
  • This device is ideal for cleaning the floor, covered with tiles and linoleum.

At the same time we must not forget the obvious disadvantages of the product:

  • After such cleaning may remain on the surface stains.
  • Due to the abundance of moisture device is not suitable for cleaning the house with marble floors, parquet and laminate.
  • Nozzle needs extra care (washing, cleaning, drying, disinfection).

Tip: Regardless of the type of tool is recommended to immediately buy him a replacement nozzle. From purchasing cheaper monolithic objects that do not allow the change of the cleaning part, should be abandoned. I have to change them too often that in the end would be uneconomical.

Preferring the squeegee with a rubber roller, it is necessary to consider the following advantages of devices:

  • It collects fine debris, even a rock-ribbed, like wool and thread.
  • It can be used to clean the skirting boards.
  • Most often, the spin system is integrated directly into the mop, so the use of additional tools such as a bucket is not required.

At the same time we must not forget about the shortcomings of the product:

  • Before you start cleaning sponge at home have a long soak. For emergency treatment of the floor covering product is not intended.
  • not recommended for the treatment of the floor made of wood or laminate.
  • Sponge very quickly begins to deteriorate, leaving stains after cleaning.

Mop for laminate

Pros and Flounder is much greater than that of other products:

  • Unique design with a swivel mechanism allows for cleaning of the maximum quality. Such tools are perfectly clean coating even under low furniture.
  • It can be used to handle absolutely all types of flooring, as well as wall and ceiling.
  • Nozzle wear slowly replaced without further ado, if necessary.
  • Shoe surfaces passes without traces and streaks.
  • If necessary, such a mop brush can be replaced and used for dry cleaning.

Against this background, cons do not seem so critical:

  • Not suitable for treatment of plinths.
  • Quite expensive model.
  • Not very convenient pressing.

As for the wooden mop, it is easy to use, versatile, low cost, and can be accompanied by any type of rags (depending on floor covering). In this case the product is not very convenient when cleaning under furniture, has a system of easy spinning and rather clumsy.

Indisputable advantages steam design is its property to disinfect and wash the floor ideally without applying any effort. In this case, the device is expensive and, contrary to popular opinion, is not suitable for handling furniture.

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