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Chandelier own hands: manufacturing methods, examples, photos

Chandelier in the room is not only lighting fixtures. Without exaggeration we can say that it is - the main decoration of the room. Especially valuable are things made by hand. This allows you to allocate a special taste home owners, as well as an outstanding and creative mind. Of course, this type of work is quite complex and requires increased concentration. But at the same time to create decorations for your home, you can find a lot of interesting and creative solutions!

This article presents some ideas to decorate the chandelier with their hands, as well as instructions to them. All written so simple and clear that anyone can fulfill his plan at home.

In order to make the chandelier, occasionally use the most unusual materials. For example, everyone is already familiar glass or wood, plastic and so on. But sometimes, when you want something very very "unusual", getting into the act, and wooden skewers, and glass bottles of wine, and banks, and all kinds of wood branch, and cardboard, and even straw. You need to choose depending on the creator of ideas and the wishes of the owners of the apartment. It is also necessary to take into account the overall interior room, where accommodation is already a finished product.

Interesting idea chandeliers from plastic spoons

Plastic spoons for single power supply is one of the simplest and most readily available materials in order to create a chandelier in the room. Their advantages are low cost, a variety of colors and will serve like material for a long time. To create such an unusual chandelier, you will need a minimum of investments, both physical and material.

  • empty bottle for drinking water, 5 liters;
  • plastic spoon (their number depends on the bottle size);
  • adhesive for plastic;
  • old chandelier (or rather - a cartridge from it);
  • sharpened knife.
  1. First you need to prepare a plastic bottle for further action. In advance to remove the label, cut off the bottom of the well dry.
  2. Then you need to get a plastic spoon from the package and a knife carefully cut unnecessary pens, leaving about 2-3 cm above the level of "scoops".
  3. Glued blanks "shovels" necessary to the bottom of the bottle. On the left "tail" apply a large amount of glue and press it against the surface (the convex side of the spoon outwardly). It is necessary to cover the entire bottle in a circle until the entire perimeter is not busy with plastic "spoons". It is advisable to arrange them in a checkerboard pattern and slightly pushed together. So it will be less "free spots."
  4. With the old chandeliers unnecessary need to remove the chuck, and then place it in the already dried and pasted over the bottle and fix on the frame.
  5. Decorative bowl can be made of the same plastic spoons "shovels" to stick around the neck of a flask.
  6. Install and connect the chandelier, check out her work.

Note! The variant of a decorative painting or mural spoons in absolutely any color. Thus, your product will look even more beautiful and more original!

Chandelier made of plastic bottles in the form of leaves

Another unusual one in the interior will serve as a chandelier, performed in the form of leaflets. She created from simple plastic bottles, a variety of colors which allows to work in the most unusual colors and embody the most daring ideas.

  1. Cut the plastic bottle into blanks, shaped like leaves future.
  2. Each preform was finally fix the form of a sheet.
  3. Soldering iron with a thick tip and one-sided bevel cuts need to slightly fuse each leaf, in order to give the greatest effect future product.
  4. In the same way, thanks to the soldering iron should be given the structure of the sheet blanks. We must act very carefully and accurately, because you can easily blow a hole in the plastic. Such leaf outlined with the contours of the veins and slightly fused edges will look finished.
  5. Hot needle in the "legs" of each leaf need melted the several holes to attach them.
  6. Through a thin wire, to form branches and screwed to the chassis of a steel wire.

It is also a good idea will be to make the new chandelier in the form of the ceiling to a floor lamp or a lamp on the table. Thus, it will be a great addition to the previous product!

The most common form of the product is a chandelier with butterflies. And this is no accident. Let's start with the fact that this version looks luxurious and expensive, and secondly its manufacture does not require much physical effort. Thus, in the creation of even a child can participate chandeliers.

  1. It is based on either an old chandelier, or a similar framework. If there is none, then we can take the most simple wooden or metal rim. If such material is not available, as an option you can take a thick wire and make about 2-3 coils, so as to form a circle.
  2. Cut the butterflies out of paper template. We need to take the butterfly pattern and adjust it to the desired size. It is also very unusual variant looks when the chandelier located butterfly multiple dimensions (again, depending on the desires). Drag the shape on the paper and carefully cut, preferably ostrozatochennym office knife or small scissors are not rounded. Material for the templates themselves better to use a dense, not very polluting and does not attract dust. For example, it is ill-suited to the product velvet paper, because in the future you will need to be vacuumed often chandelier.
  3. Mark yarn of nylon or transparent line and fixed to it butterflies. Attach the two species can either penetrate the calf butterflies, or stick them on a silicone adhesive.
  4. Next, attach the thread with butterflies to the base frame and decorate it.
  5. You can also try an interesting option if you make the wire ball! For a basis it should be taken out of the suspension lamps and position it using the glue gun several templates butterflies.

This chandelier is also based on the framework. As in the previous embodiment, suitable for its production from metal or old frames or thick wire.

Once you are pre-prepare the ground, start cutting out tissue, from which in the future will be made lampshade. How long will the finished product depends on your desire, but it should be borne in mind that the width of the fabric have to be the same as the diameter of the frame! Once you finish the pattern, you need to do the fitting.

Another caveat is that you need to sew the top of the fabric will be directly on the frame, which means that it (the frame) is required to be intact. In another case, if it is possible to thread directly into the tissue, initially should bend the upper edge of a pattern and sewn and then ironed iron. Then stitched by the seam side of the product.

In order to not lose shade form, should give due consideration to the material. If the fabric is too easy, "Air", the bottom of the product should be heavier. You can use cardboard or fishing line.

Just nice to look carefully sewn fringe, lace or ribbons. But not "overload" the product! The process of creating fabric chandeliers similar manufacturing chandeliers lace. So you can safely experiment with materials, which are located on the frame.

Diffuser of the balloon of thread and

  • thick skin, such as wool, cotton, jute or rope - not less than 1 meter;
  • cartridge;
  • petrolatum;
  • PVA glue;
  • Brush, in order to apply the adhesive and petrolatum (preferably no shedding brush);
  • 1 or 2 pieces of balloons (the first to work with him and the other in order to ensure a ready-made product, if desired);
  1. Inflate the balloon to a certain size, to fix. Remember that the work will be made in exactly the same as the outline of the ball! A marker to draw a couple of laps at the top and at the bottom, in order to determine the boundaries of the winding thread.
  2. With a brush fluff ball around the perimeter of Vaseline.
  3. PVA is poured into a plastic container and thoroughly treat them thread (not advisable to apply the adhesive directly on the entire length of the thread! Treat them as winding a ball!).
  4. Given the limits that you are dealt a marker thread wound on the ball. Do not forget that, depending on how you wind the density depends on the future appearance of the product.
  5. After winding the product should be left for a day until it is completely dry; After complete drying, you need to burst the ball and pull through the holes.
  6. At the top of the cut through the place, and insert the cartridge.
  7. In order to be completely sure that the product has turned out strong, it is possible to insert a balloon and inflate. Similarly, you can check the flexibility and reliability of the lampshade.

Alternatively, you can spray paint design or acrylic paint, attach to it all sorts of ornamental decorations, such as butterflies, artificial flowers or beads. Just a good idea would be to arrange a few balls in a bunch and hold them together.

This version of the chandelier a little harder than the previous ones. Make a chandelier on this is quite difficult, the manufacturing process will require care and attention. The result, however you like it!

  • a bottle of wine;
  • glass cutter;
  • sandpaper for sanding the edges;
  • cartridge;
  • electric wire;
  • metallic or wooden frame rim.
  1. First you need to prepare itself for further manipulation of the bottle with her. The first step to draw a need for you to level a flat line on the perimeter. This is required in order to use the glass cutter to cut off the bottom of the bottle;
  2. In order not to cut yourself on the glass, you need to sand the sharp edges with sandpaper;
  3. Stretch is carried through the neck of the bottle and then connect the cartridge;
  4. Attach the bottle to the frame.

Also, you can decorate the bottle with all sorts of decorative items, or leave it in its original form. In any case, it will look original and impressive.

The number of products on the frame depends on your desire. You can either leave a bottle or fix immediately four or more bottles.

chandeliers idea of ​​laser discs

This idea is great for those who have remained in the house of a large number of CDs and throw them not a hand rises. Immediately it should be noted that the production versions and the result can be very different. It all depends on your imagination and creativity!

  • two round wooden boards of different thickness and are slightly larger in diameter than the wheels;
  • racks made of metal or wood;
  • Fluorescent Lamp;
  • magnetic switch;
  • wheels.
  1. The plank with a greater thickness to make a hole in it and set to the starter switch.
  2. Then reconnect it to the lamp.
  3. The lamp strung drives.
  4. Set the rack drive around and fix the upper part.

The finished product will please their owners for a long time, and it does not require special care. This type of chandelier is not desirable to place in the children's room, so that the child could not harm themselves (only if the chandelier will hang out of reach).

To create a spectacular lighting in the room, so you can make a chandelier made of cloth or beads. The result will be a chandelier or the ceiling in the style of "Shabby-chic".

  • ready metallic or wooden frame (or it can be produced from old hoop garden basket thick wire);
  • holder and lamp;
  • chain and thread to decorate;
  • all kinds of beads and beads.

Work on such a bubble is not difficult, but it is a very laborious task. Such lamps generally consist of two or three layers of rings, which are arranged one above the other. It all depends on the size of the selected bases. If you take a ring of the same diameter, the finished product will be done in "modern" style.

One of the important points is that before the design of chandeliers need to paint and wrap frames decorative materials!

The estimated consumption of beads:

  • To the bottom of the lampshade - 16 mm glass beads, about 15-17 pieces per filament;
  • To the upper part of the lampshade - 12 mm glass beads, about 35 pieces per filament.

Naturally, stringing beads on a string, you can increase or decrease the number or extent of the thread tension. But it is advisable to stock up on all the materials beyond the norm.

The essence of the work is to be suspended thread with beads "waterfall" or "cascade", that they were running down the design down.

In order to make the effect of the "mute" light frame can be clad with a thick cloth.

Chandelier made with their hands, certainly will make the interior a fresh touch of originality and beauty. You will immediately notice how the room will sparkle with new paint, and your guests will truly admire your creativity, hard work and original taste!

90 photo ideas chandeliers made with their own hands

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Chandelier own hands: the principles of manufacturing a photo

People who have developed creative skills, very often create interior elements with his own, and to make the chandelier master class is not difficult. Only fixtures for the bathroom is better to buy the factory, because they have to be small and reliable.

Homes in which there are hand-made items, acquire refined and original look.

Make a chandelier with his own hands from plastic bottles

To make the chandelier we take from plastic bottles:

  • If you have an old chandelier, it is possible to take the island
  • Many colored bottles
  • Not more than ten steel twigs

The description of the principle.

  1. cut out any figures from plastic bottles scissors that you want to see on your chandelier (animals, flowers, etc.)
  2. On the island chandeliers fasten a few twigs. Of the other doing something like a hedgehog, connecting rods in the middle. Remove one rod, where it will be light
  3. Further complement the cut out previously obtained frame from plastic figurines
  4. Connects the island and the hedgehog together.

Now that you know how to make a chandelier made of plastic with your own hands. To consolidate the material we recommend you watch the video which collects examples of chandeliers from plastic bottles:

Make a chandelier with his hands in wood

For the manufacture of wood chandelier we will need:

  • Twelve strips for doors cladding for 30-45 cm.
  • Liter cans, which are made of painted ceilings (6 pieces).
  • White paint and wood color.
  • Screws for wood.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Seaming machine.

The description of the principle.

  1. Make a smooth strap with sandpaper
  2. We need a place for electric wires, so make a recess on the back side of each slat.
  3. We drilled three strips, which attach to the ceiling.
  4. Trims painted in the color of wood.
  5. Make a plan of a regular hexagon.
  6. Cartridge fastened to a hole in the lid.
  7. Rolls cans inside with bulbs.
  8. Lampshade painted in any bright color.

Chandelier own hands made of wood, the photo below:

Doing their own hands the chandelier made of threads

To make the chandelier we take out of nylon thread:

  • The lampshade is made of plastic bowls
  • multicolored thread
  • Paste for fixing

The description of the principle.

  1. First of all make a paste. Mix half cups flour and two cups of water, to the same two glasses of water a temperature above 60 degrees, and throw boil about three spoons of sugar. Nuisance and wait until cool. Next, consider how to make a lampshade with their hands for chandeliers
  2. Throw the yarn into a paste.
  3. The resulting yarn is wound onto a bowl.
  4. After 24 hours, separate the resulting shade of the thread from the bowl.
  5. Diffuser is attached to the bottom and all, a chandelier can be hung on a ceiling

Attention! Lampshade Chandelier own hands involves the use of light bulbs no more 60Vatt as made of flammable materials.

You decided to change your interior and want something unusual? The store offers a huge variety of different things, but why not do something for yourself? The designer lives in each of us, it is necessary simply to wake up, change the world around you, do the way you see it!

Why not start with a chandelier? It may be the hallmark of your home, which no one else has. This will not only save your money but also give you a lot of unforgettable emotions.

Make the ceiling Chandelier own hands. You will be surprised that the things that you were ready to throw away, you can come in handy and be reborn in your new invention.

First you need to decide with the style what you want the chandelier.

If you are young - a chandelier in the romantic style for you to decorate a country house - Country style will have at the time.

Chandelier own hands (photo set designer lampshade)

We take for the manufacture of chandeliers with their hands:

  • Cartridge for light bulbs.
  • The power cord.
  • The framework for the chandeliers.
  • Decor decorations.
  • Multi-colored thread.
  • Hot glue.
  • 60 Watt light bulb.

For framework fit what's left of your old, long-forgotten chandeliers. Many famous designers began his brilliant career, giving old things a luster, reviving them and put up for sale.

Take measurements, to determine the fabric you will use. Staple the right size cover wear on the frame. Decorate the lampshade can be anything you like. It can be cut flowers, animals, shapes, beads and other things that will play your imagination. Fasten cartridges equipped with a low-power light bulb to the lampshade and you're done. The lampshade is made by hand, will raise your mood every time you look at it.

Make a New Year's chandelier with his own hands

How to make a New Year's chandelier with his own hands, to surprise your friends suddenly discovered talent?

For the manufacture of chandeliers we take:

  • Organic glass or a thin wood sheet.
  • Rope made of linen.
  • Multi-colored balls.
  • A small stapler.
  • Using glass pieces left over from the old chandeliers.

The description of the principle.

We start with the fact that we cut Plexiglas square dimensions 50/50 cm. Across the plaza every 5 centimeters makes a hole, the most chaotic. Take a linen thread and threaded hole and its water output to another, adjacent. Length withdrawn all should reach two meters. We perform this procedure until you fill all the holes in the box.

We hang this song instead of chandeliers on the ceiling and continue to decorate the chandelier like a Christmas tree. Take the balloons and tie them to a nylon thread of different lengths, and tie them to the design, concentrating them in the central part. Further Do the same operation with the glassware, but already hanging them on the edges, the filament length must be smaller than the balls. If you look at the design as a whole, it will be like an inverted pyramid.

Now that you know how to make the New Year a chandelier with his hands. Start your crafts right now and you do not stop on the chandelier.

Recently, it became very fashionable to decorate a chandelier as the winding filaments.

The description of the principle.

We will need a lot of thread and glue PVA, as well as an inflatable balloon. Cotton yarn for our venture will approach can be very useful, because the glue on them rests evenly and behaves obediently.

Wrapped with an inflated balloon strings, apply the adhesive and wait until dry. Then a burst balloon with a needle. Top cut holes for the bulbs and ready. Your results can be compared with a chandelier, made with his own hands in the photo.

In this example, the thread can be completely replaced laces and get a good kitchen lighting.

Instead of a ball, you can use other forms, such as a package for juice. Select online bra that will have you like and use a suitable mold.

Another way by which you can make a wonderful chandelier with his hands improvised.

If you have an accident at home lying around the embroidery frame, do not miss the opportunity to make them a great light. The basis here will serve as a hoop and wire, they will give your lamp shape you want. On the frame can be covered by a cloth or use a suspension. Christmas garland unobtrusive can serve as a great decoration if it is attached to the inside of the lamp. If you do not the only one lamp, and a few, that in combination they can give your bedroom a whole new and fresh look.

Budget option chandeliers from plastic cups. Lesko and stapler work wonders how it will look, you can take a look at the photo.

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Chandelier made with their own hands - a unique element of interior

Do not rush to dispose of old chandelier, try to update it with their own hands! The original design of a kitchen, bedroom or any other room can be determined by the presence of even a small accessory, the main thing that it was rare or exclusive. It can be a picture frame, made with his own hands, candle holder, for the phone table, floor vase, a lamp or chandelier.

Embodiments of unusual lamps for the living room or kitchen is sufficient, one has only to turn on your imagination and it does not matter if imagination does not tell. You can use the step by step directions manufacture any model you like by studying a master class. Materials for making unusual accessory can be found without even leaving your own home.

What are self-made fixtures

These lamps can be simply cut a circle out of cardboard

Homemade chandeliers or lamps may differ in the materials or manufacturing principle. Make a chandelier can be from anything and it does not need to go to the nearest shopping mall, such Materials can be found at home:

  • paper;
  • thread;
  • discs;
  • disposable tableware;
  • plastic bottles;
  • sticks for barbecue;
  • hangers;
  • paper and glue;
  • cardboard;
  • felt hats, and more.

The choice of material may depend entirely on your imagination or future model lamp - from the presence of certain materials.

Painting - rather complicated task, since only one desire is not enough here

To make a lamp, chandelier or the ceiling can be a variety of ways:

  • in the technique of origami or paper mache;
  • by a thread or stamping;
  • by means of weaving or Lacing;
  • in the art crochet or macrame;
  • using compound identical fragments.

Production technique will depend on the material chosen.

Having at hand sticks of wood (ideal conventional sticks for barbecue), organza ribbon, and glue, you can make an original ceiling with his hands, which is great to decorate the interior of your kitchen, if it is framed in an appropriate style and has some of its parts.

Chandelier made of sticks for barbecue is perfect for a country house or country kitchen

Make a chandelier for the kitchen is not difficult at home:

  1. On the perimeter of the square and laid sticks joined with glue. Occupation quite laborious, but you will find an excellent result. The height of the ceiling will depend on your desire, the ceiling height in the room or on the amount of material.
  2. The upper ceiling portion must seal the cut rods (so that their ends do not protrude), laying them crosswise or in parallel, leaving a hole in the middle of the required size for the cartridge.
  3. Once the glue dries, you can begin decorating products.
  4. On the protruding ends of sticks tied colored ribbons organza, their number should not skimp. Several tapes is possible to pass between the rods in the corners and in the middle of the product.
  5. Hang on the hook for the ceiling placed on the ceiling of your kitchen, you can use the same tape and fix it through the cartridge left hole.

From a simple cardboard can make an unusual chandelier, which will be refined touch to the interior design.

Chandelier made of cardboard will be a great decorative element

Small master class will show how to make it:

  1. With printed stencil cut two equal parts with slots to connect them by the center and joined together.
  2. If cardboard color is not the same as we would like to build parts of chandeliers are painted.
  3. To chandelier was assembled firmly places its compounds should be duplicated wire or strong thread directly through the holes in advance.
  4. To a ceiling chandelier mounted on the chain, which is passed through the power cord.
  5. Chain and cord are colored to match the chandelier.
  6. Place the cord exits the cartridge is hidden under the plastic cups are also painted to match the chandelier.

The same principle can be made with their own hands the chandelier made of plastic or hardboard. It will be much stronger, but the cut parts with scissors will be difficult, it is better to use jigsaw.

Zadekorirovat such a chandelier may be any element. For example, the candles paint varnish glitter, bowls candlesticks decorate paillettes or lace. Also relevant are pendants, crystals or fabric flowers.

If in the house there were many laser disc, which is a pity to throw away, but as the storage media they are not suitable, because they can make an original chandelier, ceiling or fixture. Design decoration accessory will depend only on your imagination, the available materials at hand and backlog drives.

Today, drives are not so relevant, and certainly you have left a lot of them. Try to make them a chandelier In addition to chandeliers, disks can be used for a lamp with his hands

For the manufacture of the original lamp from the drive, you will need two circular plates made of wood of different thicknesses, which are slightly larger in diameter than the wheels, wooden or metal racks. Also need fluorescent lamp required length, magnetic starter, and in fact drives. Planks of wood can be ordered from a friend or a carpenter to saw with his own hands, stand can be purchased nickel.

In a board having a large thickness to make the holes, to establish the starter switch and is connected to the lamp. Next to the lamp strung wheels in the required amount, set the rack around the discs and mounted on top.

Thus the old media in the form of the original lamp from the disk will long serve as hosts.

Chandelier "Birch leaves" of plastic bottles

Quite unusual in any interior will look like a chandelier, made in the form of leaflets. How to make her own hands - will show you a master class. She is out of the ordinary plastic bottles, the color of which you can choose at its discretion.

Chandelier from plastic bottles will look very unusual and most importantly - without a hint of cheapness of the product

  1. Bottles are cut into pieces of any selected leaves for future value.
  2. Each workpiece have to be shaped leaf.
  3. With the help of a soldering iron with a thick tip and one-sided bevel cuts necessary podplava each blank that future leaves look more impressive.
  4. Also tip edge must be given workpiece leaf structure. This should be done very carefully, because it can be easily melted the hole in the plastic. Leaf with incised veins and submelting cuts will look complete. Since the plastic bottle is cylindrical and is deformed when heated plastic, leaves are obtained as a result it is very effective.
  5. Red-hot needle at the base of each leaf is melted multiple mounting holes.
  6. Using a thin wire formed by branches and are bolted to the chassis of a steel wire.

If you make a new chandelier in the form of leaves as the ceiling for a floor lamp or table lamp, it will become a harmonious complement to the chandelier, which transforms the room into the woods.

Chandelier with forests projection not to everybody's liking, but its originality and realism of the majority of delights

Certainly, in many living rooms still hanging chandeliers which throw a pity, as they are the memory of some person or event.

In order not to throw away a thing, old chandelier can give new life:

  • For a start it must be cleaned, degreased surface, plaster and paint.
  • Decor old chandeliers can be made in the form of a decoupage, update the cartridges, making them a sagging candles with hot glue, then do not forget them toned.
  • Produce the original suspension can be at the discretion of the available beads, buttons and other elements.

How to decorate the chandelier with their hands (video guide)

In the new guise of an old chandelier hanging for a long time in the right place and pleasing to the eye of its owners.

Chandelier, made with his own hands, will make an original flavor to the design of the kitchen, living room, nursery or any room and will be an outstanding, unique accent even the most undistinguished mediocre interior.

Chandeliers with their hands in the kitchen (photo)

Attention, only today!

Write whether you have received from you. I've made myself a chandelier out of old unwanted plastikovh bottles, it turned out very nicely even))) And you're going to do some chandelier ??

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