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How to choose the right machine for sharpening chain saws?

Machine for sharpening chain saws to speed up and simplify the procedure for sharpening the cutting edges of the saw chain. Chainsaw is an indispensable tool in carrying out the works, which are associated with the use of wood. When pruning trees and shrubs, the shaping of trunks can not do without the use of chain saws. During heavy use the chain starts to wear quickly. For recovery tool performance requires sharpening chain saw chains. The most convenient way to implement such a recovery operation using the best grinding machine chains for chainsaws. Many of the owners of chainsaws are wondering about how to sharpen the saw chain correctly. In order to know how to sharpen the saw chain with your hands should know what are the tools and what is the principle of their operation.

Before performing sharpening chain saws with your own hands is recommended to watch the video on how the operation is carried out correctly. In the absence of experience in holding sharpening tools, or lack of desire to purchase equipment that can be carried out for sharpening chain saws in specialized service centers, the addresses of which can be found Seller chainsaw on its purchase.

Video: Machine for sharpening chain saws ..

Structure and operation of various types of grinding equipment

A device for sharpening chain saws resembles a conventional grinding or cutting machine in which the cutting disc is replaced by a drive for grinding. The basis for sharpening machine is spetsrama with fixing elements and the fastener head on which the grinding wheel is fixed.

Video: How to sharpen chain saws How to hone a chain of chainsaw

The principle of operation of the machine is as follows: the chain attached to a special clamping grip on the support frame and the working disk in turn is supplied to the working tines. Each saw a work item is treated separately, but the process is very fast.

Using a grinding machine can not only restore the sharpness of the saw elements, but also to rectify the circuit elements. For this purpose, a sample is taken for the smallest tooth-and-match all the other elements of the saw by its size. The same size of saw elements evenly distributes the load formed during operation of the saw, which prevents the operating member breaks at the weak portions.

The use of certain models of machines allows not only sharpening chain saws with their hands, but also to sharpen the blades used in the device, hedge trimmers, garden and other tools.

Variety of machine tools designed for sharpening chain saws

There are several categories of grinding machines, the main categories are:

Each of these categories has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Features of operation of automatic machines

The computer-controlled machines use special grinding wheels. Among the functions of the machine there is one that allows you to adjust the chain into place at the desired angle. Very often, such equipment is fitted with additional devices, allowing to extend the functionality of the equipment and increase operational efficiency.

Automatic equipment has the following parameters:

  • power;
  • spindle rotational speed;
  • noise level of the unit;
  • weight of the machine.

The cost of automatic equipment depends on the technical parameters of the device, the machine model and the manufacturer of the device. The cost of such equipment may range from 1400 to 20 000 rubles.

The advantage of automatic equipment is fully automated sharpening the saw chain process. From the man in the process of sharpening is required only to install the circuit in the device and turn it on.

The disadvantage of using this equipment is the rapid wear of the chain, which requires frequent replacement. As a rule, replacing the saw chain saws component must be carried out after only a few optimizations.

Features of manual operation of the equipment for sharpening chain saws sawing elements

Hand tools for sharpening chainsaw chains are divided into 2 types:

manual type machines are characterized by the same technical parameters which are characteristic for circuit devices except power characteristics and spindle speed. This is due to the fact that all procedures are carried out by grinding in manual mode.

The price of this equipment can range from 500 to 6000 rubles.

The advantages of such equipment is the low cost of the device, obtaining the highest quality sharpening tool, no need for electrical connections.

The disadvantages of such equipment are:

  • the complexity of operations;
  • long duration of the procedure;
  • the need to obtain skills in working with the equipment.

Using the machine for sharpening chain saws require their own hands on the person carrying out this operation, the ability to determine the optimal angle and the degree of sharpening, in addition, when using the manual unit should promptly purged units with compressed air. After sharpening units requires an hour to immerse the circuit in the engine oil clean.

If sufficient skill and experience of the corresponding holder in the process can use files for sharpening chain saw chains. If you are familiar with this tool you can get enough high-quality sharpening the saw edge links.

How to make the right choice when purchasing grinding machine?

When you purchase a grinding machine is very often the main criterion for choosing the model becomes the cost of equipment. The cost of equipment, being one of the main criteria for the master will not decisive. In the process of acquisition of units for sharpening the saw chain should pay attention to a set of indicators that determine the choice. The most important indicators are the following:

  • Spindle appearance;
  • hardware accessories;
  • power setting;
  • the presence of additional features and accessories.

spindle rotational speed for different models of equipment can vary over a wide range from 3000 to 7500 rev. / min. spindle rotational speed affects the performance of the equipment. With increasing speed of rotational speed increases sharpening the cutting edges of saw elements.

Acquisition of equipment affects the speed of the device settings. Having the ability to control sharpening angle allows you to minimize the amount of re-installation of the chain.

Power drive unit affects the efficiency and timing of the normal functioning of the machine. The higher the intensity of the operation of the equipment, the greater the capacity of the unit drive.

The presence of a unit OPTION and accessories in order to improve the quality of processing of the cutting edges and the safe operation of the machine. Additional features include wet grinding, housings and Fireplace screens, the chain tension adjustment assembly providing cooling circuit system during processing, the system providing automatic clamping vise.

The most popular model grinding units

The most popular among consumers are the machines of the following manufacturers:

Of the machines manufactured by Sthil, the most popular model Sthil hos.

This unit is able to conduct in addition to the chain sharpening discs for brush cutters and garden tools majority. The machine is not equipped with a turning device, and tilt motor spindle is set in accordance with Sthil's recommendations. This machine is not suitable for use during sharpening circuits made of tungsten carbide components.

Oregon company produces equipment, which compares favorably with the previous model, the presence of a more powerful drive and a broader bundle. Modern model unit Oregon 519,789 has an improved structure of the clamping vise, which simplifies the device. The clamping vise device have a function of transverse displacement. Included with the machine manufacturer offers several abrasive discs, which have different diameters. These drives are designed for sharpening different types of circuits. The drive of this unit has a rotation speed of 2800 rpm and a power of 214 watts. Weight of aggregate is 6 kg.

Sadko firm produces several models of equipment. The most common model is the Sadko SCS-85 PRO. This machine has an increased drive power. The machine is automatic and has a special button that allows you to adjust the depth of sharpening. The machine design has a special wheel, a warning reverse movement of the chain. This wheel provides dense saw blade clamp member at the time of tapping the sandind head.

The company Makita manufactures several different models of grinding equipment designed for sharpening the saw chain saws element. By purchasing equipment from this manufacturer, the customer receives a quality product that will last a long time. Equipment of this company has a low noise level and a certain degree of universality. With this equipment it is possible to carry out grinding and polishing of different types of chains.

Sharpening chain saws with their hands: instructions and video

The beginning of autumn in the garden or harvesting firewood for the winter, due not only to the large volume of physical work, but also the availability of quality, and, most importantly, a sharp instrument.

Therefore, each person starts checking their working tools, including a chainsaw, which is in use in the previous season could be blunt and it is necessary to sharpen. How to do it, and that this need and we will try to understand in more detail.

Features sharpening chainsaw chains

Many owners of villas and private housing do not even think much about how to perform sharpening the saw chain with your hands, because they know that for such a service, you can contact the nearest service center, where the issue will be resolved in a matter of minutes.

But, what about those people who live in a small village where there are no such services, and especially to go for it in the nearest town expensive, long and uncomfortable.

In general, the reasons for self-sharpening chain saws enough and therefore it is necessary to deal with the peculiarities of the process. That is, learn how to perform in a home sharpening chain wear their own hands.

Why you need to sharpen the chain

In principle, this question requires clarification, since everyone understands that working with a blunt instrument, long and uncomfortable, but other than that, there are other aspects that are known only to specialists.

Plus, the technology operating chainsaws any work should begin only with sharpened chains, as when cutting wood with a blunt instrument reduces not only efficiency, but also greatly wear chainsaw mechanisms.

Simply put, starting any work, the saw chain must be sharp, and a serviceable tool itself. According to the professionals of ground circuit it is much more important than engine power tool.

The procedure itself is sharpening the saw is not too difficult, even with his own hands, of course, if you have some experience and tools. But it must be taken into account especially tooth geometry chain, making it difficult to work in a meaningful way.

Why is blunt instrument

Understand that chainsaw blunt possible not only to reduce the cutting speed as well, and by the appearance of vibration that is transferred to the hands of man. The rapid blunting chain may contribute to the high working intensity.

Very often in the workpiece in a large volume of wood grinding tool forest operate several times a day. The main reason for this large number of processed material and other related factors: getting knots in wood, Chainsaw touch the ground and other hard items.

Work blunt chainsaw can cause serious problems that are associated not only with a reduction in efficiency, but also increase fuel consumption, and even worse destruction of tires and other parts of the instrument due to the occurrence of vibration.

These problems can lead to serious repair or to purchase a new instrument, the value of which is difficult to attribute to the budget.

To avoid such trouble sawing with petrol engine should be carried out Regular maintenance tools. A blunt saw chain quickly manifest itself by a sharp decrease in the rate of work done, increasing the load on the chainsaw, a high level of vibration, and, most importantly, begin to take off small chips of the cut wood.

Also at issue indicates a darkening of the chips, which is 100% indicates that it is time to sharpening tools.

Rules sharpen the chain with your hands

If a person wants to learn how to properly sharpen chain saws that at the end of this process the tool function like new, it is important to follow certain rules:

  • Limiters cuts height and angle of the edge of the cutting links after each sharpening should meet the original settings that were specified by the manufacturer, and therefore the rush in this process is unacceptable.
  • It is also unacceptable strong stitching or change the sequence of units as their identity directly affects how the chainsaw. In the event of mistakes at this stage will only increase the load on the engine, and may break the chain, which is very dangerous to humans.
  • Choosing a round file for sharpening the saw chain is important to familiarize yourself with the parameters that must exactly fit the pace and size of the teeth.
  • It is important to file does not protrude above the top of the teeth more than 1/5.

It is also in the process of sharpening the chainsaw you need right to place files relative to the plane of the tooth so that the tool is located at 90 degrees to the vertical surfaces and approximately 10-30 ° to the horizontal plane.

As sharpen the saw chain with a file

Using the standard of a file very difficult sharpening process, and therefore it is advisable to buy a set of tools in the kit, which includes: round and flat files, as well as the hook element to clean the chainsaw.

The use of such a tool is convenient because on it suffered a special landmark, allowing the most correct conduct sharpening chain. The plate will be based on the depth gauge on the top line of the cutting teeth, allowing a file located under the cutting edges.

So, for the correct sharpening chain saws you want to view informative videos and stick to a specific work order.

  1. It is performed neat, but reliable mounting tires and selected the appropriate file.
  2. Grinding begins so that the round file played over the cutting edge of the teeth is not more than 1/5.
  3. Movement of a file must be in the same direction.
  4. After performing several optimizations need to correct the limiter cuts.

If we consider the general sequence of sharpening the saw, it is the following:

  • Installation of the chain brake;
  • Installation tool according to a pattern;
  • initial tooth mark not to perform sharpening circular;
  • the direct holding of sharpening.

Technical features of the grinding process

If a person is the owner of a professional instrument, with their hands constantly sharpen his chain is highly undesirable. Such activities are permissible only when strictly necessary.

In other cases it is better to entrust the work to professionals or use a special machine. But if the man took the file, it is desirable to view a video on how to sharpen the saw chain with your hands, as well as to follow the recommendations of professionals:

  1. It is not necessary fit a lot of effort to file. It is important to do all the movements slowly and carefully.
  2. It is necessary to carry out continuous rotation of a file. This allows not only to make more uniform and grinding of teeth, and reduce wear and tear of a file.
  3. Chain sharpening teeths must occur sequentially.
  4. Conveniently produce sharpening teeths, first in one direction and then in the opposite direction.
  5. For each chain cutting element important same pressure and the same number of motions file. Due to this grinding circuit is uniform.
  6. If the teeth are ground off unevenly chain, the guide is an element with a minimum height.

The presence in the chain saws of different sizes of teeth lead rapid wear and frequent breakdowns all parts of the instrument.

Grinding tool for sawing machine

Not always produce high-quality sharpening chain sawing mechanism can be yourself with the round file. Very often there is uneven wear of the cutting teeth and fit them into a one-size manually will not work. Therefore, to this end, better use of electric or manual grinder.

A complex mechanism of such a grinding device enables quickly and efficiently sharpen chainsaw. After completing the adjustment tool at the lower tooth is made uniform sharpening of the whole chain, which makes it possible to provide quality sawing wood in the future.

The first step is carried out control sharpening one cutting element, which will be the template. Further, without changing the setting to sharpen the remaining teeth. If there is in the arsenal of this machine problem sharpening chain saws with their own hands will be removed permanently. But before the work it is advisable to watch the video of the grinding process and follow the rules of work.

  • Attenuated adjusting screw clamping the saw chain.
  • I saw secured using a grinder so that the direction of the grinding stone was fixed on the side of sharpened chain links.
  • It exhibited the correct sharpening angle, which initially corresponds to 30 degrees. The exact parameters are determined by the peculiarities of the tool chain.
  • Sharpening is used several ways - via the serial and the tooth, which is much more practical, as it takes much less time and prevents mistakes.

Considering the video, the process of sharpening the saw chain with your hands, you can come to the conclusion that there is nothing supernatural. However, if confidence is not, you can always seek professional help, which will save time and tool holder nerves by doing all the work quickly and efficiently.

Machine for sharpening blunt chain saws

For comfortable work and smooth SPIL requires not only high-quality and powerful tool, but also a sharp chain. Sharpen it can be manually filed or machine for sharpening chain saws. The first method is perfect if you need a blunt erode the teeth of the blade without changing anything while in themselves. But if the teeth badly lost its shape, process them manually is difficult and takes a lot of time. Therefore, in this case it is better to use a tool grinding machines, they will help to evenly sharpen all the teeth.

Before using any tool for sharpening the saw chain, you need to read the instructions, follow the rules of operation and safety.

Grinding machines are available both manual and automatic, each of them has its positive and negative sides. Hand-held devices are divided into stationary and mobile. The first set on a table or other surface, and the second right on the bus chainsaw. Remove the chain as a result it is not necessary. Mobile machine for sharpening chain saw chains are attached to the rail with screws on both sides. The instrument has a scale with degree markings, which establishes the desired sharpening angle.

When you purchase the manual machine it should be noted that it is often not part of a set of files, as their size depends on the chain variety.

Advantages of hand tools:

  • the cost is much lower than that of the automatic;
  • teeth sharpened and qualitatively the same as the settings are set only one time and to the faulty ones;
  • to work is not required to connect to the electricity network;
  • safe to use;
  • chain sharpened by hand, has a longer service life than the one that is tuned to the electric tool.

The main thing is to correctly determine the correct angle depending on the purpose of the destination circuit. Qualitative manual grinding machines chain saws always attached table sharpening angles.

All teeth must have the same height, so that the load on the circuit is distributed evenly. If one of the teeth is much lower, the risk that the chain will tear this place very high.

The disadvantages of hand tools can be attributed only a long time to process a snap.

Electrical device for sharpening chain saw chains resembles a circular saw, but mounted on the frame. It is the engine, handle, grinding wheel with protective cover - collectively referred to as a mobile operating head. Also available on the machine screws for adjusting the grinding angle, depth, and slide fastener chains, and on the bottom of the scale is adjustable setting angle.

Advantages of electrical machines:

  • Sharpening will need much less time than if done manually;
  • with proper selection of the parameters and compliance with rules of operation of all the teeth are exactly the same;
  • have compact size and light weight;
  • simple operation.

The main drawback - the chain grinds faster than with manual processing on the device. It can not be too long to load the engine, otherwise it will cause it to overheat. To work needed electricity.

Buy automatic lathe should be when you need to frequently make processing large amounts of equipment. Just as it is extremely necessary for the carbide chains that can not be sharpened with a manual kit for sharpening the saw chain.

sharpening technology and how to find out what you need to sharpen the chain

Signs by which we can determine that the teeth become blunt:

  • chainsaw vibrates, and gets stuck trying to get out of hand;
  • time sawing takes longer than usual;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • chips became small.

The earlier the treatment is carried out, the less you need to remove the metal and, hence, the chain will last much longer.

Before you get started, you need to choose the smallest tooth. All parameters are set on it so that all the teeth were the same.

Step by step instructions on how to sharpen the chain on automatic machine with his own hands:

  1. Snap clamping screw is unscrewed, and it is removed from the saw;
  2. The circuit is set in the holder (rotary support) so that the links are directed toward the grinding wheel.
  3. Select the desired degree adjustable upper blade angle (50 ° or 60 ° depending on its type).
  4. Latch circuit (blade) is controlled so that it rested in the sharpened barb.
  5. By marking scale is established with degrees angle sharpening chain saw chains. It ranges from 25 ° to 35 °, and can also be equal to 10 ° for snap intended for the longitudinal sawing of wood.
  6. Gently lowered head with the grinding wheel per chain and is regulated by a screw sharpening depth.
  7. Head up and after all the screws are tight, the device starts.
  8. Grinding disc is slowly lowered and sharpening tooth several short overhangs that the metal does not overheat.
  9. First sharpening performed with one hand and then rotated caliper and treated with a second circuit.

Once all of the teeth of the chain sharpened, it must be thoroughly cleaned of chips and dust, and then dipped in oil. This will significantly extend its service life.

After sharpening the teeth is essential to check the depth limiter. In most types of circuits distance between their upper edge and the tooth is 0.65 mm. Limiting effect on the insertion depth of the teeth into the wood, so for quality and comfortable work it is necessary to monitor its value.

When selecting a tool you should pay attention to its power and the number of revolutions per minute, as well as the diameter of the grinding wheel, as the purpose of the appointment depends on it. Rotational speed affects the performance of the tool. For home use suitable device to 3000 rev / min, and the need to purchase more powerful machine for processing large numbers of chains - 4800-7500 r / min.

Similarly, with the power, if you plan to use it only a few times in the past month, it is better to take an average power, then he will not experience heavy loads, and last longer.

Price sharpener for chainsaws chains depends on its characteristics and assembly (the presence of the shield against sparks, head rotation, cooling systems, automatic clamping vise, and so on). Not buy too cheap models, especially if they are entirely made of conventional plastic.

Machine for sharpening chain saws - video

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Once a year to sharpen the chain - it will approach a simple machine for sharpening the saw chain.

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