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Chocolate egg: advantages and disadvantages. Chocolate egg "Kinder Surprise"

Sweets - this is a great treat for the whole family. In stores now represented by their huge set. However, chocolate egg for the past few decades is a huge success. Let's talk about what these products are attracting buyers.

Perhaps, for each person the phrase "chocolate egg" is associated with "Kinder Surprise" brand. This is one of the most popular companies, which gave many children and adults to the wonderful world of sweets and toys.

Chocolate egg - a great gift for your child. In addition to sweets, he will get even a small toy. Depending on the species it should be or assemble your own, or remove an already finished product. Such surprises are to develop children's motor skills of hands and imagination. Chocolate egg "Kinder9raquo; - this is a great solution for those who want to give your child a lot of joy and bright emotions, and not spend a lot of money for the purchase.

Recently, the stores were first competition "Kinder". This chocolate egg "Chupa Chups". Previously, the company tried to compete with the "Kinder" in another way: they made lollipops in a large package, in which was hidden a small toy. However, the results were not particularly impressive. Therefore, the "Chupa Chups9raquo; and we decided to release its chocolate egg.

In contrast to the usual "Kinder", new sweets with a surprise are made from only one type of chocolate - milk. Nevertheless, this is not deterred buyers, parents happy to buy those and other products in their kids. Chocolate egg "Chupa Chups" is smaller than the main competitor. As a consequence, it has lower weight and price.

Main competition among manufacturers of children's chocolate with a surprise takes place, of course, about the toys. The championship is for those who are faster and better catch popular characters among children and create surprises in their form.

As we have noted, a chocolate egg "Kinder Surprise" contains a small toy. According to many, the latest collection is not particularly impressive. This is particularly evident for the children and parents of the nineties. Because at that time there were a lot of interesting toys: cars teams, sharks, hippos, glowing in the darkness cast, frogs, kittens, prefabricated figures of animals that are able to move their tails, and opened her mouth, as if smiling child, and more.

If we look at what is now offering chocolate egg as a "surprise" that a lot of parents, at least, express bewilderment. The fact that modern television production for children consists entirely of various Smeshariki, cyborgs, fairies and the mass of incomprehensible to many people heroes. As a result, in "nachinku9raquo; chocolate eggs have practically ceased to add toys to be collected in installments. For a classic "Kinder" is not so good.

Today there is a clear tendency to divide all goods, including food, into two groups: the "girls" and "boys". According to many parents, this is not the best choice. This is especially noticed by those who were born in the same nineties, and is now raising children of their own already.

Collection for boys and girls are very different. If you look at the situation from the psychology, the little beauties to diaper habituated to a life of luxury, and future defenders of the Motherland - in war games and fights. Figurines of little colorful fairies cartoons, dressed in chic outfits, Disney princess tales, terrible monsters of today's popular children's programs. All this does not allow kiddies to develop adequately.

In addition, if a good look at the toys that just recently went on sale with a chocolate egg, you can see that, or fantasy from the manufacturer is over, or is it some kind of "joke": collection of toys in "chocolate" were repeated. At this moment in sale "Kinder Boys", which are hidden sharks and Hippo. Exactly the same toys can be purchased in stores in the 90's.

And what do people think about the moms and dads of chocolate eggs, which they safely buy your baby? Thus, the majority of parents believe that it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on sweets, including on the "Kinder" (the price is now quite high). However, buying "a surprise in chocolate" is necessary, since children are very interested and passionate about what is hidden inside, namely, a toy. But for the price they are asking for a chocolate egg, you can buy your baby a full milk chocolate, which does not differ from the "Kinder". However, for a child it is not a weighty argument, and he still asks the sweetness with a hidden toy in it. Thus, a chocolate egg "Kinder Surprise" to this day remains a good gift for any child.

As adults believe that most modern toys look ridiculous and they are made of poor quality. For example, in the comments moms and dads often referred to "maiden" collection of dolls, princesses Disney World. According to them, have almost no body toys, huge, disproportionate head with the same big eyes. Nothing but common features with cartoon princesses have no figures.

Whatever it was, only you can decide whether or not to pamper your baby chocolate eggs or not. It is best to use them as a reward or encouragement, instead of buying every time you are with a child go to the store.

Workshop: How to Make More Kinder Surprise your hands

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Gifts and surprises like the kids in any country and our offspring with you is not an exception to the rule, and if it comes to the kinder-surprise, then certainly. Original egg made of chocolate inside is a fun toy, but what, guess hardly get until you open. However, there are ways to find out what kind of a mysterious treasure fraught with Kinder Surprise, and information can be found on our site, but for now we will not know. Probably every parent is seen on the network photo huge, just huge Kinder Surprise, and wondered how to make a Kinder Surprise at home, and whether such a crank at all possible. The answer to this question is affirmative, do such a gift is quite possible, and even much effort would be required to apply.

Step by step instruction guide for all: how to make a big Kinder Surprise your hands

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Really great Kinder Surprise - just embodied the dream of any kid, because it's so great, get a gift, larger than a football. Figure out how to make a big Kinder for wise by experience of the adult will not be at all any work, but even more so when as a child he had already managed to get acquainted with this technology, like papier-mache, because in this way will be made jacket or cockleboat your giant testicle.

Contrary to misconceptions, papier-mache technique was not invented in France, where it was, however, immediately picked up and began to make great dolls, and in China, for about two hundred years before the Christian era. Used equipment is not to create toys made of papier-mache to make beautiful hats and sturdy armor that were designed to protect the warrior in battle. However, for the wizard to use fabrics and varnishes, not paper and paste.

The necessary equipment and materials for work: how to make a Kinder Surprise papier-mache

In order to do everything perfectly, you need to prepare the necessary materials, and then have some choice about which we will tell. In most cases, it's best to use a tissue or newsprint for the main body of the crafts, but if one was not at hand, it is possible to use conventional sheets for the printer. However, their promachivaya glue necessary to tinker, but this is not the worst thing that can happen in life, but how to make big Kinder Surprise you can then tell all your friends and acquaintances.

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  • A sufficiently large size of the balloon. It does not matter what color it will be, as long as he was in the form similar to an egg, a very large chicken, and maybe an ostrich.
  • Any paper: it may be a newspaper, the sheets for the printer, A4, tissue paper and so on. Prepare to be that it may require a lot.
  • Thin fabric, if you want to make the shell of the egg is harder kind of reinforce it.
  • Water is the usual, from the tap.
  • Printing with the name Kinder surprise. It can be color or black and white women, which can be colored independently.
  • Scissors, a container of plain water, a needle and thread and watercolors, and even better, gouache poster, which is in any store. The color of her bright and saturated, and the cost is quite reasonable.

The first version of the inscription on the Kinder Surprise.

That second option label, which will be amusing to paint, if there is inspiration and leisure.

Need also glue and then have a few options. Firstly, you can take the most ordinary PVA glue, it is up to the task as well as possible, but ideally paste should prepare yourself. the recipe is not complicated, and everyone can try.

Paste from corn starch for making shell eggs

In fact, everything is easy, but for the work will need to purchase at the store the most common corn starch in an amount of up to half a kilogram. It all depends on how big is your Kinder Surprise eventually. The larger the size of the future gift, the more supplies you will need, then there is a better buy with a margin, and then stored in a tightly closed jar or bag.

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We offer you a minimal amount of glue, which is in the process can be cooked several times, the main thing to keep proportions.

  • Take one tablespoon of starch spoon with the top and mix it with two tablespoons of such ordinary water from the tap.
  • Further it is necessary to dilute the obtained without lumps, a mixture of half a cup of boiling water.
  • Put the pot on low heat and carefully stir until our paste will not thicken considerably.

Gently, but firmly, we mix a little cool, and all the paste to create egg Kinder surprise ready!

Kinder Surprise papier-mache: a master class for everyone

When all the materials you purchased and prepared adhesives, or just bought at the store comes time to get down to the work itself, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first. It's worth knowing that you will definitely need a lot of patience, as the need to spend a good evening to work. However, it's definitely worth it, but looking at the delight of their baby, which he would not have guessed just how to do Kinder at home. Inflate prepared in advance the ball to the desired size, and its tip is tying thread. To take better ties lace, it will be easy to untie when you want to blow the ball. Make sure the size and shape, the egg must necessarily resemble its natural counterpart.

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All of the paper that you have, you need to carefully cut into pieces, and the smaller they are, the ideal form can be created. For a fairly rough work, as a large Kinder Surprise would be sufficient pieces with a side of five to ten centimeters. Much smaller pieces as it is not necessary to cut, since they have a very long time to tinker, but if you are in the mood, you can try.

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Dipping each piece of paper into a container filled with warm water, you will need some time to wait, so that the paper got wet. Especially for some dry and softened pieces of paper you just need to attach to the ball, overlapping each other, until the entire surface is covered with a layer of paper completely. Do everything necessary to quickly, as the paper and of itself tends to dry out too quickly and may peel off. To prevent this, you can gently wet the already pasted sheets, soaking them some water.

After the first layer has dried, it is necessary to give it to stand approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Only then can you continue to work, brushing the entire bead or paste prepared in advance, according to the recipe almost ancient Chinese masters, or PVA glue. On top you need to paste a new layer of paper, and make sure that the glue had enough, this is important, because it must permeate the entire paper.

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If you want to strengthen your eggshell egg, you will need to make a special reinforcing layer, which is sure to enhance the surface rupture. To do this, you can use scraps of thin fabric, as long as she had a good ability to absorb. The fabric is also soft top coated with adhesive and let it dry for several minutes. However, this is not necessary, you can do the same paper.

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On top of the fabric, if you used it, superimposed layer of paper again, and after him, and the third, to egg Kinder Surprise turned out quite hard and not get through in places, where you will take up his hands. Dry egg this need, at least, from evening till morning, that is eight to ten hours. If it is not well dries, it can break when removing the bulb, and it will spoil everything and you have to repeat all over again.

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When the product will be completely dried out you need to hold "operation" on the extraction of the inner cavity of the ball, which has served us template Kinder surprise. For this shnurochek or thread will need to untie, and if not, simply pierce the balloon with a needle and then, holding the tail, gradually let the air out. Pull the ball in a deflated through the opening will not present much difficulty, that's for sure, but the very hole need to immediately seal the paper.

Decorating - this is important: how to make a big Kinder similar to the present

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After the paper egg is completely ready, just need to make it as similar to a real Kinder Surprise, that is, color it and glue in advance copied and printed on a label printer - original logo. And it does not hurt to listen to good advice and recommendations to get it the most beautiful and attractive.

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  • The egg can be completely paint white paint to make it look more smooth and even.
  • Cut out letters and, if necessary, paint the them on the model, which is full of the Internet.
  • All lettering letters need to cut as accurately as possible, except for the places where they are in contact with each other. Since the inscription will be on the spherical surface more evenly.
  • Glue the letters to the paper egg, taking care to make it straight, otherwise it will not look neat.
  • Bottom Kinder surprise eggs can be painted with red paint, and you can leave and white, there's all optional.

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When everything is completely ready, you will need office knife cut in the back of crafts cut a big hole through which an improvised Kinder Surprise can to failure to score sweets, toys and other great gifts. If the "cap" then do not want to keep a simple glue it on tape, so it will be convenient to open and then close again. So you can be sure that nothing complicated, but the kid delight you exactly guaranteed.

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Thank you for a master class. Very informative as described in detail all that I want now to run to the store for a ball, paste and paper!) Soon necessarily make a present for a child. Maybe even on New Year!)

Thank you very much for the article !, with my wife and son did everything - from a balloon son very much, and my wife even likes something cut and color of paper

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