Jewelery made from napkins

How beautifully folded napkin on a festive table - 12 simple turn-based schemes

The table setting is always one irreplaceable part, which can bring a lot of creative ideas. Let's look at the steps as nicely folded napkin on a festive table. Our schemes and photos are not only please the eye, but also equip you with detailed instructions.

The majority of the proposed schemes combine two priceless properties - ease of execution and bold glamorous décor. It is not necessary to start with an intricate origami, which is difficult to translate into the fabric. To begin, we can confine ourselves to the colored paper napkins and succeed in a beautiful serving only because of how gracefully and space we expand napkins for napkin - as if in an elegant restaurant.

Click the item in the table of contents below №2, where designs with 12+ photos are described in detail.

Fast navigation through the article:

Four layout method salfetnitsy

The main answer to the question, how beautiful folded paper napkins in napkin - to make every corner of the napkin. Look at the picture below: What do you see? Single and dual fan who posted the corners of the paper napkins.

So simple and so convenient! Any easy to pull a napkin without destroying the ensemble, and the most common Napkin holder festive looks solid composition.

  • When folded, the go too each napkin diagonally.
  • Received corners fill holder.

Option 1 - Put the two fans to meet each other.

Option 2 - spread one fan from the center to the sides.

Another option - to fold napkins like elongated trapezoid that will tailed bird. For parts of the tail buckling angles parallel and stacked napkin half. Bright and unusual tail provide bars of contrasting color napkins. Head and neck of a bird - a napkin, folded into a flat tube with bent tip. Creative solution describe step by step photos below:

This bird fits perfectly into serving the New Year table, if the year runs Rooster, or any spring holiday - how to heat the return character and migratory birds.

Both ways - nooks and bird - steps are shown in summary form:

The fifth option - from the unusual: instead of using napkin dishes.

  • We need a stable ceramic cup low altitude.
  • Each napkin 1 times unfold and folded in half (or two-fold in half - depending on the original size).
  • Puts formed on each other and go too middle strip.
  • The middle of a pile deepened into a cup. Voila! Easy in the works, home-style creative and very attractive.

Now let us turn to the Step by step chart for the most effective and simple solutions as nicely folded napkin on a festive table.

12+ spectacular schemes for napkins in a plate

Having decided to diversify the serving of tissue folds, take into account the 2 rules:

  1. We need a square cloth with a side of 35-50 cm, depending on the complexity of the figure (we were limited to simple in this article);
  2. Each seat at the table should be chosen figure, otherwise violated the harmony welcoming feast.

Folded, rolled, slightly weakened slightly unbent top and "petals", put into a glass. Clear pictures - the best trainer! The following three variants of roses - for every taste.

With fan (or accordion) will have to work a little longer:

  • Expand ordinary napkin 1 times - so as to have a long and broad band.
  • Fold concertina strip with a pitch of not more than 2 cm.
  • Bend harmonica in half and set in a glass or a glass, as shown in the photo.
  • The same principle holds for tissue napkins.

Three folds under the ring and scarf on a fork

Ring - a win-win option to beautifully folded napkin on a festive table. They reveal to us a new horizon for ideas. Look at the image below step by step how easy it is usual soft cloth transformed into a lush exquisite bow:

The second seems to be the obvious option with tape is not deprived of classic charm. Such Bantu ideal light patterned fabrics for a specific holiday themes and monochrome satin ribbon - for the middle:

The third option under the ring - classic flower times of Victorian England. He looks wonderful on the table, but it is easy to create at home:

Any of the ideas organically takes natural decor - a sprig of fir New Year or small flowers to the Easter feast.

Rings We can also make their own hands. We need basis (e.g., a long sleeve from foil or food film is easily cut into the correct size ring strong) and any materials for decoration - from coarse textured yarn to tie ring to fine lace, which can be pasted over the cardboard.

And this cute fold a scarf and asks to decorate the Christmas table. Playful simplicity and naive charm:

Three envelopes for cutlery

Choosing any scheme "envelope", we can not only beautifully folded napkin on a festive table, but put them in cutlery, or a card with the guest's name. And when serving for the New Year it may be a miniature card with a wish.

The most popular envelope in the European countries - with an oblique angle. He has a wide, elegant and can accommodate the entire set of devices, not just pleasant trifles decor. Detailed pictures of simple steps illustrate the process.

Another version of the envelope - with a solid stripe down the middle. This simple scheme is well presented in a short video instructions:

A simple version of the envelope hastily easily pour into serving home holiday and will require a minimum of time from the creator (Involve the kids in the holiday hassle!):

Three-dimensional figures - Candle and Crown

Whether flat circuit only easy? No. Many of the volume variations that are resistant to the plate on their own, in a matter of minutes!

Any student succeed and curious volume option. Napkin candle that can set the mood in serving a romantic meal or a New Year's feast:

Universal use crown also composed a couple of minutes. It is organically combined with the natural décor, becoming a support for the first spring flowers, fresh herbs or twigs ate a Christmas theme.

Ideal pinwheel paper or fabric

The classical form of origami comes to the rescue in many parts of the holiday:

  • Pinwheels on a stick for decorating cocktail party calculations;
  • Support Challenge in competitions with the bouquet of balls;
  • Window decoration hanging geometric elements;
  • Wall composition of the photo.

Interesting contours turntables and ease of performance and useful for the festive table: weathervane turns out nicely from any material.

We conclude hits simple circuits in the conventional flat flower origami art. This concise form looks just perfect! Your guests will need an effort to destroy it for the sake of convenience of table. And who said that the meal is not the place for strong aesthetic impressions? Having trained on simple circuits, and dare to impress!

An important secret of success: for this flower did not choose traditional thin cotton cloth and well otutyuzhte it before folding.

Secrets of success and choice of materials

  • Color napkins and tablecloths. Do not be afraid to experiment! You are not obliged to observe the contrast of colors or a full match with a tablecloth. Exactly maintain wipes only makes sense riddance. The solid tablecloth, by contrast, is increasingly becoming the backdrop for bright solutions for each tray. Do not exclude and the option of white on white, which features a special solemnity.
  • Material napkins. Our story in the beginning of this article - on napkins in the napkin - demonstrated the important thing is not expensive paint material serving, as a creative element of the solution. Paper napkins - the smart choice for beautiful origami. And if you give preference to the fabric, choose a dense texture, which retains its shape - cotton, linen, cotton, viscose dense.
  • Do not try to buy the complex schemes at the first attempt. It is better to keep our article to your favorites, because it contains only those decisions that may even bring the budding housewife or a young mother, attracting malyshni process. Cooking Festival - one of the best educational games!
  • Allow time for it to fold napkins for the table. Ideally - to work out in advance. It's a creative process, it aims to please not only the visitors but also for you!
  • Choose colors for a specific holiday. New Year is always organic in green, red, gold and white. Fall Festival - all the colors of leaf fall. Spring feast - a pastel shades of blue, pink and fresh greens. And in the summer we open any association - from the colorful patterns to juicy yellow and blue palette.

Of course, we are not told about all the exciting ways, how to fold napkins on festive table, and given schemes - only a part of festive ideas for serving. However, we recommend to start is with our selections: favorable ease of execution and the detailed step by step photo - it is a guarantee of success with minimum effort and time.

I really enjoy serving with registration of individual wipes. Available with dual waterfall in a bowl or a bouquet of roses sometimes leads to chaos on the table. Decoration is very beautiful and original, but one awkward movement while attempting to pull the napkin can lead to disaster. My sister's wedding this situation spoiled a lot of pictures. On the table were the fantasies of tissues that have been destroyed. The waiters just did not notice, and is not removed, as we have seen only on photos (((

Agree. It is better not to make the general composition of bulky and make an individual serving. We have a similar incident occurred on the anniversary of her mother. The photo is a disgrace not hit, because we noticed immediately. But what to do with dropped napkins on the table, we did not know. Back as they will not return. Guests were given immediately - the moment was awkward. Well, that all were his)

Last crease - refined, sophisticated look. And the steps to disassemble and it seems that is not too difficult. Intrigued by how quickly turn to get the hand to the grandmother's starched napkins. I would like to arrange a festive evening in a narrow range in vintage style.

Rosettes and bows of napkins, I see for the first time. Nice and easy! And best of all, they can be done in no time with the children. I have three and ever pogodok many different holidays. I take your article to your favorites. We will add and develop)) Self-service, fine motor skills, participation in collective action for the table setting, spatial thinking, proportions. In this fun all there! This is me as a teacher of elementary grades say))

Nice lot. I like it!

Wow, so many different variations of folding napkins. My favorite theme for the holiday table. I am doing this from time to time, but always before, so did not have to do something wise in the day of the feast. You found new ways, especially with bows inspired. I want simplicity, very much! On the old new year will)

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Table decoration napkins

Modern man can hardly imagine life without napkins. It used to be, back in the Middle Ages, with impunity, you can wipe your hands on the tablecloth, napkins now just need to attribute feasts, which performs not only hygienic, but also decorative features. We are so accustomed to use a napkin that now we can not imagine them without any meal. And napkins manufacturers only spur our interest in this dining attribute by releasing a range of tissues in different shapes, colors and materials. Depending on the theme and occasion serving table can be decorated with classic fabric cloths, which can help to create a variety of effects, from the solemn to the most simple and modest table, or paper with a variety of patterns, which you can pick up for any occasion. table napkins decoration creates a warm welcoming atmosphere and a whole feast gives a beautiful finished appearance.

Such a method of adding napkins called "Fleur de Lys", a festive look, but it's going to quite simply. Square napkin fold in half, carefully iron the fold line. The upper right and left corners to the middle of the wrap that cloth has become like a triangle. Now the corners of the base of the triangle to the center of the wrap, napkin should take the form of a rhombus, and bend the ends outward. On the lower slide angle rhombus ring napkin. As you can see, beautiful napkin fold is not difficult!

If the luxury of a ring you do not have, but want to try his hand in the decoration of the table napkins, then stock up with fresh flowers such as orchids and learn starch napkins. In order to get to turn at least some structure, napkins should be very well starched that each crease kept its shape and overall shape of the tissue capture clear and does not unfold on their own. To and on your table cloth appeared as in this photo, you'll need a well-starched napkin square. Fold it diagonally to folded it look like a triangle. Measure from the base of the triangle about 2 cm and wrap them up. Continue to fold a napkin in the same way that happened kind of "bunching", carefully proglazhivaya each fold line. Now fold the napkin in half, put it on a plate and join the ends of the cloth together, smoothing every crease as long as your napkin will not be similar to the one that you see in this picture. At the base of napkins, place a flower bud. In this case, the larger the napkin, the more folds will turn and the more elegant looks the final result.

It also happens that we have already reviewed many instructions to curtail, tormented and be crumpled all their napkins and table serving and have not advanced a single step. Even so, do not despair, because there will always be more simple, but no less spectacular ways of decorating the table napkins. However, in addition to the starched napkins, by the way, now is not necessarily a square shape, is fine and rectangular, it will take a live flower, coniferous twigs, dried leaves or fragrant herbs such as rosemary or basil and braid or any other beautiful rope. Simply fold the napkin like an accordion in increments of 1.5-2 cm, attach a greenery or flowers and tie a ribbon in the middle. Open and flatten the edges of napkins and place it on a plate. Fold a napkin is not a long time, and it looks very nice and impressive.

Use bright cloth with floral prints to your table bloomed a whole range of bright spring or summer colors. Fold the napkin diagonally so that they form a triangle, and carefully iron the fold line. Wrap the apex of the triangle to its base and turn the napkin. A napkin from the base of the triangle to bend the line roll bellows. Now tighten the bottom corners diagonally so that the figure resembled a pentagon. Turn the napkin and decorate her holiday table.

Our imagination often throws us a wide variety of ideas, and under the guidance of us sometimes want something very very special, while traditional colors and shapes are out of place. In this case, it seems that the decoration napkins table presents quite a challenge, but it is only at first glance, but in reality should change color with classic white or cream-colored to black, blue, orange or any other suitable for the selected color scheme as the same options napkins addition will appear in new and unusual type. For you to be able to please the guests in this decoration from napkins will need two black and two blue napkins, as well as a ring or a beautiful ribbon. On a flat surface flatten black cloth, lay it both blue top and back cover black cloth. Turn the napkin to his corner, corner bend length of about two centimeters. Fold napkin accordion diagonally carefully proglazhivaya each fold line. Pull the folded napkin ring or tie ribbon. One end of the tissue unfold and leave the second folded.

The decoration of the table napkins no big deal. Anyone, even far from the creativity of people, out of it in the hands of a cloth, read the advice and looking at pictures, it can be folded in any way liked. And no doubt the process will bring you pleasure, the main thing is not to stop, and to develop more and more new ways of folding napkins, and then all guests will be impressed by decorating your table!

Tableware paper towels

This seemingly minor detail has a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and materials. It can be very simple, and can be refined, large or tiny, bright or monochrome elegant. Previously, this product is only used for hygienic purposes, in order to after eating could wipe your hands or clean clothes from possible stains. Today napkin is also a desk decoration and for this there are a lot of various ways. But apart from the fact that its folded structure must be unusual and interesting, it is necessary that the guests could easily expand it and use when needed.

Serving napkin has a lot of various options, for example, it can be folded in the form of a specific figure, if delicate items, they will look perfectly rolled tube, an envelope or a triangle. Very often there are dining set with rings for serving, threaded through a tissue and place them near the plate. Of course, it looks very aesthetically pleasing, the guests and the hosts will be pleased to be of such a table. But for those housewives who want to save time and make serving quickly, you can just put them in a napkin. It does not take long, but it will look unusual and beautiful cloth, threaded into the cup handle. You can also tie up her dessert spoon.

Correct laying napkin paper

According to experts of the rules of etiquette, serving paper napkins and tissue has its own quirks and rules. Thus, the most suitable for the holiday table will be the square of the product.

If the house has only rectangular, they can be given the desired shape by means of folds easily. The usual tea party or lunch does not require solemn and intricately folded napkins, perfect for this most simple. Before folding paper products, it is necessary to wash your hands and touch these items as little as possible.

Some housewives wanting to surprise guests come up and make the whole of the napkin masterpieces, for example, can be quickly and easily twist of her flower, and a variety of ways.

A common technique has long been a origami, thanks to which the table will be all sorts of figurines, flowers, pillows, boats and more.

paper napkins for the table can fold in half, four times in the tube. To give more solemnity construct complex compositions: cylinders, cones, candles and much more. At the diner plate adopted to put a napkin, folded in half.

Some guests try not to touch these ornaments, often forgetting about their intended purpose.

How to fold napkins for the table?

Serving napkins, photos which you can see on the page, today is quite varied and depend on the diligence and the mistress of fantasy. But there are some simple options that do not require much effort, and will then look very festive.

The song "Train" is as follows. Napkin folded diagonally, then connected with the apex of the triangle obtained right and left angles, the horizontal axis is carried out silently and the resulting figure is folded into halves with respect to it. Further folded right angle to the left from the rear portion of the article, the upper corners are pulled in opposite directions.

It can be folded out of her graceful lily. Napkin formed diagonally from the vertex of the triangle are connected obtained right and left corners, as in the first case, the resulting shape folded in half about its horizontal axis. Upper angle unscrew.

Another easy option. Napkin folded twice in half in one direction symmetrically wrapped down two sides of the rectangle. After this figure is set so that it became visible Wrong part, at the ends of which have to do two kulechka and connect them together.

To get the original product and beautiful, you need to look into the process of its production, then this activity can be a real fun hobby, during which certainly show imagination and extraordinary ability of the one who decided to take this matter thoroughly.

Beautiful table setting of napkins with different colors

The color scheme of napkins as well affects the overall design of the table, so to set the holiday mood right, it is worth to try and choose the right coloring. For example, green is always associated with freshness, plants, flowers and leaves. In addition, it perfectly emphasizes the richness and beauty of the other colors.

This unique property you can use in the preparation of the following composition: put on the table a small multi-colored flowers, and instead use the green leaf tissue. Gray serving at table and the design of practical and versatile. It is combined with any tone: bright, dim, warm and cold.

If we take the gray tablecloth on it, you can create interesting compositions, which will be supplemented with napkins of the same color. Laying made in a white color can be both simple and grand. White napkins are easily combined with any other, the effect is striking and unusual.

Red is considered the most stand out among others. It can simultaneously transmit heat and annoying, always striking and sometimes is intrusive, so it is important not to overdo it. It should be combined with a dull and neutral shades and before choosing a napkin that tone, you need to consider how to combine them with the other colors present on the table.

It is worth remembering that the choice of napkins you need to consider the color of the tablecloth and crockery. The skillful and correct registration table depends largely on the overall impression about the holiday, so you should fold the napkin so that the tableware was not only smart, but also to create the mood to all those present at the ceremony, to set up a festive mood.

In addition, a beautiful table setting napkins - is the key to a good appetite and mood. The hostess, set the table, win his first victory when unusually stacked product will attract the attention of visitors and treat them with his appeal. In addition, as it will serve as an occasion for relaxed conversation, which can smoothly move on to other topics.

Napkins for table on video

Serving paper napkins, a photo of which are presented at special sites, often used to design tea table, where it is assumed to use the product in size 35x35 cm. In this case, there are a few rules. First of all they should be spotlessly clean. The presence of any, even the most obscure and small spots is unacceptable. Put such items under the Devices guests, as well as a bowl of fruit and dessert. It is unacceptable to wipe cloth before using utensils. When the tea ceremony, it should be under the rim dish. Beautifully composed figure decorate the table and leave the visitors a good impression of the Supper, but without any preparation to do it pretty difficult.

So you should see the video serving napkins, which can be clearly acquainted with the methods of folding and learn how to do it with his own hands. After all, as the saying goes, "better to see once than hear a hundred times", and indeed it is. Looking at how easily and quickly perform an unusual specialist applications, it is possible, having inspired by his example, to try to do it yourself.

Cloth is not only an important part of serving at the table, without it is just as impossible to observe cleanliness and tidiness during a meal or tea. They are usually divided into two types: table and tea. They differ in their size and purpose. Dining rooms are slightly larger, their size is 46/46 cm, they are used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea respectively used for serving tea and dimensions of 35/35 cm. In preparing the decorating section and a small event napkin can be minimized in a simple manner, for example, a triangle, or four in half. And for the occasion, use more complex and bizarre forms of folding them.

To learn how you can implement beautiful and unusual tableware paper towels tell videos on this topic:

We use cloth napkins for the table

Cloth napkins for the table will serve to decorate the interior and protect clothing from dirt, which can be obtained during the feast. According to etiquette to wipe her hands and face can not be stained, this meant paper products.

Make them a handkerchief, so it is considered a sign of bad taste. It so happens that the fabric articles fall to the floor, in which case it is not necessary to raise the fallen object, instead it should ask for a new. Getting up from the table, decided to put a napkin on the right of the plate, and in any case, neither the chair or the seat itself.

Of course, the original shape to give it no longer possible, and it is not necessary to do, turn the product enough. It is interesting that according to the rules of etiquette can not remove the napkin from his knees up until the last guest did not finish the meal. The tissue product must be at a reception regardless of the presence of paper.

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This seemingly insignificant detail is great.

  • This seemingly insignificant detail is great.

  • This seemingly insignificant detail is great.

  • This seemingly insignificant detail is great.

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