Japanese welding inverter

Japanese welding inverters

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Chinese welding inverters: the rating and reviews

Today, a large number of manufacturers produce welding inverters with a variety of characteristics. This technique is widely used in household and industrial industries.

The first inverters have appeared in the 70s of the last century. Their distinguishing feature is the kind of power conversion system. It is called the inversion. The presented equipment is light and comfortable in use.

Very popular today enjoy Chinese welding inverters. Their cost is acceptable to the customer and the quality sometimes is not inferior to famous brands. How to choose the best device of Asian production, it will be discussed in detail below.

A peculiar current conversion principle differs welding apparatus (inverter). Chinese, European, domestic producers in creating such equipment is used the same principle of the technique.

Electricity from the usual household network is supplied to the inverter rectifier. There it is converted into direct current. After this transformation produces electricity again. Now it has a high frequency (50 kHz). Further, the inverter unit is lowering AC voltage. It drops to 90 V. However, the current increases at the same time. This electricity is suitable for welding.

According to consumers, the Chinese production welding inverter has a compact size, ease. It is convenient to use. To make the right choice, the relevant requirements of the master, is necessary to pay attention to some features of this equipment.

Choosing welding inverters Chinese, you must pay attention to the type of device and its scope. According to the purpose of the equipment, there are three main classes of devices.

For domestic use is sufficient to acquire the model with a current total of 120-200 A. These devices are able to perform a small amount of work. In this case, the master must make long breaks after 5-8 minutes. inverter operation.

For repair of sewer, water communications, where required to weld pipes, you should acquire professional-grade equipment. It is able to work without interruption for quite a long time, providing high quality welding. In this case, the inverter operates from the current 200-300 A.

For larger productions sold industrial grade devices. They are able to work without interruption for 24 hours. The welding current for such a device is set to 500 A.

There are several key aspects that need to pay attention when choosing the welding machine. Chinese-made inverter should be made well-known brand. This ensures high quality equipment.

Welding current, which operates the inverter, should ensure the normal operation of equipment within a certain time. It is better to acquire the device power headroom with at least 30% of the operating current indicator (not less than 160 A).

Stable operation of the household type inverter is achieved by connecting to the network 220 V. In houses and flats power transmission line can be characterized by the small voltage fluctuations (up to 15% in both directions). These features are not sensitive network inverters. But if the voltage waveform exceeds the threshold of 15%, should acquire equipment with protection against similar features of the supply current.

Based on feedback from customers, it can be argued that it is not necessary to purchase the cheapest device. They almost always have just one card, which contains all the basic elements of the device. At confluence unfavorable circumstances (power surges, moisture ingress into the apparatus, and so on. D.) Repairing such a technique is not subject.

The choice of professional equipment

Welding apparatus (inverter) Chinese production may relate to professional-grade equipment. This technique is able to withstand heavy loads, provides high-quality results.

you must pay attention to a number of factors when selecting such equipment. operating current power should be chosen according to the thickness of the welded material. Further attention should be paid to the rate of the payload. It corresponds to the operating time of the device, as well as the time interval between cycles.

Degree of protection device should match the operating conditions. For operation at high dust, humidity, vibration should be applied inverters intended for use in difficult conditions. Introduced most class of devices all require a connection to the network of 380 V.

Choosing a decent Chinese welding inverters, you must pay attention to the functionality of the equipment. Depending on the application, there are three main groups of devices. They are used both for domestic work and in professional activities.

The first group includes devices manual arc welding (MMA). The second group consists of semi-automatic. This category includes devices such as MIG, MAG. In a separate category allocated apparatuses intended for argon welding (TIG).

In addition to the basic functions of inverter welding Chinese may have additional modes. For example, it can be "Forcing arc", which allows to optimize the power of the working current, "Antizalipanie9raquo ;, switches off the device when problems with an electrode, and so on. D. This improves working comfort, as evidenced by the review masters.

the presence of the display is also welcome, as well as the ability to switch between different modes of welding. These Chinese welding inverters are included in the class of universal devices.

Wanting to purchase a high-quality equipment, you must take responsibility for the choice of the manufacturer. According to users, not necessarily to buy expensive equipment varieties. This criterion does not guarantee the quality of the selected model. Good welding inverter Chinese production can be purchased for a reasonable price. The quality of this equipment is highly dependent on the volume of production. The larger the output, the more acceptable it would cost equipment units.

Also worthy of manufacturers differ availability of the service center, site of use of the machine instructions, and so on. D. Quality certificates should also be available. 90% of all inverters today released China. Even Russian companies prefer to collect such equipment here. Series production allows you to create competitive products and sell it at a reasonable price.

Most inverters for manual welding

To choose a worthy instance of the equipment, it is necessary to consider the ranking of Chinese welding inverters, compiled on the basis of customer feedback. In the category of the best devices for manual welding includes such devices as Fubag IR 200 (9.5-10 thousand rubles..), "Svarog9raquo; ARC 205 (14.5-15 thousand. Rub.). This high-quality, tested units of time.

Emphasize the master inverter Fubag IR 200. It is characterized by high operating current (200 A). Thanks to good supply of power, it is used for welding metal structures, cutting electrodes to 5 mm. The efficiency of the device is maintained even when a significant voltage drop in home network. There is a function of the arc afterburner, antizalipaniya electrode, hot start. This device is suitable for even the novice master.

Inverter "Svarog9raquo; ARC 205 is made Russian brand on the production capacities of the plant in China. This equipment can also be used for argon welding. inverter maximum current is 180 A. The device has a sufficient duration of welding and positive feedback.

Choosing the best Chinese welding inverter, reviews of which should be examined before purchase, it should be noted semiautomatic device category. It includes devices Aurora Overman 180 (21,5-22 thousand. Rub.), Elitech IC 190P (19-19,5 thousand. Rub.). This worthy representatives of the welding equipment as users claim.

Aurora Overman 180 is highly reliable and affordable cost. It is economical in the aggregate. With the ability to configure the rigidity of the current-voltage characteristics, the inverter is suitable for both thin and solid welding.

Elitech IC 190P is used for welding, with the participation of ordinary and fluxed wire. It allows you to work for quite a long time without interruption. It is characterized by low power consumption.

Having considered the best Chinese welding inverters, everyone will be able to choose for themselves the best option equipment.

Rating welding inverters for home. 5 expensive and low-end models

Decided to buy a reliable inverter for welding? Tormented by the question: what kind of inverter welding machine better ?!

Rating marks in popularity and reliability is presented in the article. Which is formed by the reviews of welders for the long period of operation.

Top best welding inverters

Quality products to the Russian market supply American and European manufacturers. Who tops the list of welding inverters for reliability?

1. KEMPPI. The Finnish company is deservedly ranked first. On the market available products for consumer and professional needs. Apparatus Finnish work at a temperature of -20 to + 40 ° C, they are functional, qualitative and reliable.

For example, welding inverter KEMPPI MINARC 150 $ 40 000 rubles and weighing 4 kg.

Reliable (not kill) apparatus for manual arc welding (MMA) and argon (TIG DC) DC. Kempi Minark housing 150 has shockproof and protection IP23C class (not feared side rain). It works in prosazhennoy network 170 and the generator 5 kW.

Specifications KEMPPI MINARC 150 are shown in the table below:

2. EWM. The second place was given to the German company, a manufacturer of welding equipment with 50 years experience.

Reliable welding inverter PICO 162 is collected in the Czech Republic at the German plant EWM HighTec Welding GmbH.

The price of 40 thousand rubles. Small size and weight of 4.8 kg not interfere cooking device 4 mm electrode ceiling surface. Shockproof enclosure, 3-year warranty.

Table Performance:

3. ESAB. The Swedish company produces reliable welding equipment and occupies the third line in the rankings.

For example, inverter welder ESAB Buddy Arc 145 - easy and convenient power source for manual arc welding. Cost of 15 thousand rubles.

For ESAB Buddy Arc 145 electrodes are applied with a diameter of 1.6 - 2.4 mm for stainless, alloy steel and cast iron.

Table Performance:

4. Telwin. On the fourth line of Italian company with 50 years of experience in the production of welding machines, cutting systems. Telwin - this high performance at different operating conditions.

Rating welding inverters continues Telwin Tecnica 151 / S. The price of 14 000 rubles.

Mains voltage 230 V +/- 15%. Apparatus for welding with consumable electrode. Applicable melt rods: alkaline, rutile, cast iron and stainless steel. There protection from over voltage and low. Includes: plastic case and accessories for MMA welding.

5. Lincoln Electric. Fifth place was given to the American company, which with 100 years of experience and could take the first place. But equipment is manufactured in China for Lincoln Electric Shanghai factory.

For example, consider the welding inverter Lincoln Electric PowerCRAFT 160i-S, the cost of 15 000 rubles.

The device has a low weight (4.5 kg), the assembly of IGBT technology - saving and reliable operation.

Other technical characteristics:

Results of rating units on reliability. Yes, these devices are good, but they rarely burn, and with servicing problems. Repair is expensive and difficult to obtain spare parts.

For a wide range of Russian consumers, these products due to the high cost can not afford. Consider the cost, well on the market - the inverter brand.

Rating welding inverters for home

Top welding inverters from 6000 to 9000 rubles, our rating. We test the 5 sets of different nationality, but assembled in China. It:

  • Resanta AIS 160 - the price of 6000 rubles;
  • Prorab FORWARD 1600 IGBT - 7500 rubles;
  • Eland MMA 160 lux - 8500 rubles;
  • Fubag IR 160 - 8000 rubles;
  • Aurora MINIONE 1600 - 8500 rubles.

1. Aurora Minione 1600 It takes on tests and reviews the first place.

The device is supplied in a carrying case, making it easy to transport and store. The assembly is good, the internal elements are completely prolakirovany, metal parts are grounded. Purging the power section is highlighted in spetstunel, eliminating dust on board. device control board is soldered to the main board, which facilitates maintenance.

The passport claimed amperage of 160 A, but in practice 150 A. Useful features (hot start, antizalipanie) are present. More machine is equipped with the VRD - reduction of idling, allows the welder to work at high humidity. The minimum operating supply voltage - 170 V. DC = 30%. UONI 13/55 rods of 2.5 mm diameter ignite quickly the arc stable.

2. Fubag IR 160 It ranked second.

Carefully assembled, fully prolakirovan, 1 powerful fan, dust which settles on the exposed circuit board. Cons: The device management control is a common board, in case of failure of control, you must change the whole board.

Stated 160 A, 150 A. Inverter outputs functions on the machine are present. In Hotstart function strong flash when operating at low currents lead to burn-through thin metal. The minimum operating supply voltage - 160 V. The duration of inclusion of 50%. Electrodes 13/55 UONI 2.5 mm diameter well lit, stable arc.

3. Resanta AIS 160 on the third place. Assembling device neat, prolakirovany board, there are 2 fans on which the dust settles on all nodes of the product.

Declared the welding current 160 A, 125 A provides functions and Anti-Stick Hotstart work. The efficiency of the inverter is maintained until reduction in the network of up to 160 V. PX - 100%. Electrodes 13/55 UONI 2.5 mm diameter hard lit, the arc is interrupted.

4. Prorab FORWARD 1600 IGBT in fourth position. The stated amperage of 160 A, the issuance of 165 A.

Duty cycle 35% (2-fold less than the promised). The minimum operating supply voltage of 160 V. The cooling system is weak, operating at maximum capacity. With whimsical SSSI 13/55 works well.

4. Eland MMA 160 lux It was located on the fifth line.

The box contains a plastic shield and a hammer, a brush to remove slag. The assembly is good, and varnished on one side only. By elements Varnishing coating offline. 2 fans are forced to present the dust to settle on the unvarnished products that affect the operation. In the inverter, instead of the power switch is mounted on the circuit breaker 40 A, which can lead to combustion apparatus.

Asserted amperage of 160 A, 120 A. issuing deficit welding current of 40 A, a negative impact on the weld joint. Hot start and antizalipaniya available. The minimum operating supply voltage of 160 V. DC = 80% 13/55 rods UONI diameter of 2.5 mm hardly ignited, the arc breaks.

Presented by the rating of inverter welding machines will help you to choose the road or budgetary sources for manual arc welding with coated electrodes.

P.S. Inverter welding is presented in a huge variety and make an accurate rating of all products can not. Friends, let's help everyone: leave comments in the comments on your inverter devices. By joint efforts, we will make a true ranking of the world inverters.

I'm home use welder Resanta SAI160. As described in the article - it's one of the best options, which is great for home use. Price was about 6500r, I bought it somewhere 1.5 years ago, maybe a little less. On the whole, I am quite happy with it, to use it is simple enough to understand even a novice.

For professional use, of course not good, you need a more functional, but something that podvarit home at the time. Seams are rather high-quality, smooth. Nothing bad to say I can not, only the electrodes really badly lit, and everything is normal.

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