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Japanese cultivators

All Japanese cultivators - is a special class of convenient, compact and reliable technical equipment, whose help is indispensable in solving the problems associated with the cultivation of land. Experience shows that once the acquired unit will serve as a perfect owner for many years.

The diversity of the model range allows you to select the unit for the care of the flower garden, and for loosening heavy soils. Particular note must be multifunctional Japanese technology. the following types of attachments can be used to extend functionality:

  • carver curbs
  • motograbli
  • scarifier
  • izmelichtel

Thus, loosening, milling, processing between rows and hilling technique possibilities are not limited.

Characterization of specific models and their cost

One of the most popular models is the F220DE. Its price - 30,200 rubles. This compact device is intended for use on a small-area portions. Developers originally it was positioned solely as a soil cultivator. That is, it may be mounted with no attachments. To be more precise to say that the only option - installation of the plow-hiller. The standard assembly equipment includes special wheel to move it along the land area.

Design "two hundred and twentieth" not only pleasing to eyes, but also very practical. For example, the steering wheel can be adjusted in height. It is also possible to dismantle the protective panel with wings, so that it does not interfere with loosening the soil with a shortage of space in between rows.

Change the oil manufacturer recommends every hundred hours of use. However, you can not calculate them, and replace the beginning of each new season. Incidentally, this maintenance interval inherent in the very small number of technical equipment on the Russian market.

The ease and efficiency of ground handling provides another model - FF500. Here we are talking about the price of about 62 thousand rubles. It is clear that for the money the buyer gets something revolutionary. As proof of this fact, consider the features of the model in detail.

First, the technology will be able to manage any cottager, not even having a minimum experience. And it can be done with one hand, as the model is characterized by excellent stability. Secondly, a special locking mechanism allows the wheels to make a turn without the slightest effort. Third, the front-working elements (cutters) provides complete safety of the operator and does not leave any untreated areas.

Also you may be interested in:

Professional equipment for the processing of large plots of land - loosening the soil, as well as oxygen saturation region between adjacent rows of crops.

domestic production technique is widely represented in the domestic market. Definitely say that it is inferior to foreign analogues can not she - an equal among the best.

A special device, which can be useful even to the most ardent fans of the mechanization of labor. In some situations, it is simply irreplaceable assistant.

Best Japanese walk-behind: a review of the best models and the use of ratings

Wanting to do the work at the cottage or a plot to quickly and accurately, the hosts take on a different technique. universal equipment used for processing a variety of land. Tillers are machines that can significantly speed up and facilitate the work of the country.

Choosing the equipment presented, each owner seeks to purchase durable, high-quality unit. There are many user reviews, experts say that foreign devices perform their functions in full. Their operation longer. The best among the imported devices recognized by the Japanese walk-behind tractor. What models of equipment are in demand in our country, it is necessary to know before buying.

Choosing the best Japanese tillers, you must understand the principle of such devices. These are universal machines that have the capability to move around the site using the user forces. Such equipment has a motor. It drives the respective attachment device.

Motoblock performs more functions than the cultivator. He is able to plow, to clear snow, transport loads, mow the grass, and so on. D. With the presented potato crop can be harvested device, as well as to carry out watering flower beds.

To carry out its basic functions behind tractor has bundled brush, Domestic snow-plow, rotary mowers and other additional elements. To select the correct model walking tractor, you need to determine what equipment is required for the purpose. What matters is the amount of work, as well as the continuous operation of the unit.

Tillers in Japan have different types of engines. Even on the equipment of domestic or other foreign companies often set engines of this country of the manufacturer.

There are petrol, diesel engines, as well as devices with a power take-off shaft. Depending on the volume of works chosen one or another kind. Gasoline engines offer good power unit. This is the most important products. Such engines are relatively quiet, it is lightweight.

Diesel engines are noisy and more powerful. Fuel for them a little bit cheaper. However, the cost of the machine in this case is higher than that of peers.

Tillers PTO different features. Almost all of the devices in this category are equipped with 4-stroke engines. This technique often used for various utility purposes (garbage collection, watering flower beds and so on. D.).

To make the right choice of equipment for your site, you must consider the types of Japanese tillers. There are three main groups of them. The first category includes light patterns (20 to 40 kg). Engine output in such equipment is between 3 and 4.5 liters. from. These units are designed for small plots of land up to 60 acres in size. They are used for the soft soil.

Average tillers Japanese production weigh up to 60 kg. The engine thus has a capacity of approximately 9 liters. from. They are used for plowing and hilling land. Therefore bundled such aggregates can have a plow. It is recommended to use such equipment in an area of ​​no more than 1 hectare.

Heavy tillers weigh over 60 kg. They are used in an area of ​​up to 4 m. Such devices have a transmission. By means of attachments with their help made plowing. Towing load allowed in the range up to 300 kg.

Popular options tillers

Choosing a walk-behind Japanese, you should consider the statistics of the most popular options provided by technology. Among the beneficiaries of such aggregates 88% of respondents choose the equipment with a gasoline engine.

Almost half of the respondents said that they find optimal processing motoblock width from 75 cm to 1 m. Only 34% is required to provide users machining depth to 30 cm.

Also in the survey, it was found that the most commonly acquire equipment weighing 51 to 75 kg. Many users it is important that Tillers was provided an opportunity to adjust the knob relative to the growth, the presence of large wheels for transportation. Also requested feature is the presence of the reverse. This allows the use of equipment, even in harsh environments.

Reviews of Japanese manufacturers

Among the companies that produce tillers in Japan with a petrol engine, the most popular today recognized as "Subaru9raquo; and "Honda9raquo ;. This is the most respected companies around the world, the popularity of which has not been falling for many years.

The company "Honda9raquo; It is known for durability and reliability of its equipment. It is used in household and industrial purposes. The company "Subaru9raquo; It is on the market of agricultural equipment quality engines. They are sets of equipment known global brands. It happens when you buy Chinese tillers down out unit itself, but the engine of Japanese production in it's fully functional.

Among the equipment with diesel engine stands behind tractor Japanese "Yanmar9raquo ;. Such devices have high performance, a large range of functions. This is the most popular Japanese brands.

In the category of light can generate walk-behind with the Japanese engine, but produced in other countries. For example, fall into this category French company "Kayman9raquo ;, which manufactures its products in cooperation with Japanese technology.

Good light model of "Kayman9raquo; found behind tractor Vario 60S TWK +. It has a powerful four-stroke engine "Subaru9raquo; 6 l. from. It is designed to handle up to 2.5 thousand square. M².

It is proven as good in this category cultivators "Salyut9raquo ;. Should prefer models with engines "Honda GC-160." For smaller amounts of work, he fits perfectly. For large areas need to buy devices with motors professional series.

Choosing the average Japanese walk-behind, you should pay attention to the equipment companies "Salyut9raquo ;. In this category is a prominent representative of the model with the engine "Honda GX-200." This professional series with engines capacity of 6.5 liters. from. The same set of motor tillers "Subaru9raquo; similar capacity. It's also a pretty good option.

Also in this category are tillers of domestic production "Neva MB-2C-7.5 Pro». They are fitted with engines "Subaru9raquo ;, that provides the reliability and durability of the equipment. Sufficient power of the engine of 7.5 liters. from. It allows handle portions to 127 cm wide.

However, the cost of such equipment is relatively high. Therefore, in our country the most popular heavy tillers domestic production.

Considering the heavy Japanese tillers, highlight this model as "Cayman 330". This high-quality equipment with an engine "Subaru EX27» capacity of 9 liters. from. This device has a 5-speed switch. The apparatus is characterized by high durability and maneuverability.

Also in this category is different diesel motoblock "Yanmar9raquo ;. It is equipped with an engine of 12 liters. from. It has a water-cooling. Additional tips allow you to perform a variety of functions with the help of such equipment. Costs for the purchase of equipment provided are quite high. But the reliability of the equipment pays for them very soon.

Choosing a Japanese diesel motor blocks, Equipment for gasoline engine or PTO, consideration should be given additional functions. They are able to greatly facilitate the work of the farmer.

If the equipment has electric, it's easier to start the engine. Especially such detail is needed in the heavy motor-blocks. In light models similar function is almost never used.

Differential lock enable lock the left or right wheel when cornering. Management thus greatly facilitated. In professional, heavy equipment, this function is a must.

Adjustable steering wheel is also considered a requested feature. It allows you to adjust the handle height of the user. If the equipment has a handle emergency stop the motor, in a dangerous situation you can disable the motor cultivator.

Choosing a walk-behind Japanese, should be referred to a licensed dealer, trusted sellers. This will help avoid the purchase of counterfeits. In such equipment in the kit should be supplied all relevant documentation. Instructions, warranty necessarily present in each model technology.

Walk-behind tractor is a device that requires proper application. Should not buy cheap, lightweight models for the treatment of a solid running land. So the equipment elements quickly come into disrepair. To work on a small plot of land is not professional equipment required. It will cost quite expensive. Therefore, for a small suburban area is better to buy a light gasoline-powered walk-behind tractor.

Having considered what a walk-behind Japanese, as well as its variants, each owner can choose for your area the best option. This technique will facilitate the cultivation process and allows to carry out various economic activities. The correct choice of motor cultivator depends on its durability and reliability in operation.

Tillers Diesel Chinese production

Experienced gardeners before purchasing or walking tractor mini tractor pay attention not only on the technical characteristics of the machine, but also to the manufacturer. Japanese technique is more expensive by Chinese and domestic counterparts, but gains in reliability and productivity.

Every self-respecting farmer wants to have in his garage a Japanese walk-behind tractor or mini-tractor. What is such a rabid popularity of this technique? To answer this question, let's consider the advantages of tillers:

  • Compact - one of the main priorities of the Japanese technology. Even having a large power tillers are not bulky.
  • Next positive feature - it's comfortable control. In Japanese units thought through every detail, and hence results in a high maneuverability.
  • Assembling is carried out with equipment quality parts. The user can be sure that after a couple of years behind tractor will work better than new.
  • Each new model is available for innovative technologies.
  • Japanese tillers are designed to meet their long-term use in difficult farming conditions.
  • Appliances fitted hardy powerful engines. However, they are characterized by reduced fuel consumption.

Each listed positive feature relegated to the second circuit board is the only drawback - the high cost.

Air and water cooling diesels

Diesel tillers produced with air and water cooling. For household use more suitable type of first units. Although better let us look at this feature.

Pattern with a water-cooled engine designed to perform complex tasks. These can attach almost any attachments. For example, many farmers are trying to buy a large trailer for transportation of goods.

Let's look at features units with water cooling:

  • All models are equipped with these power tillers powerful engines. Most often possible to meet with the motor diesel units 8, 10 or 12 liters. from.
  • Tillers can be equipped with a starter. Such models are more expensive, but it will be easier to run diesel.
  • Complete with motor-block can move attachments.

At a cost of units with water cooling are the most expensive. In addition, this technique is difficult to maintain.

Diesel engines are characterized by an air-cooled engine of lower power, easy maintenance, high compactness and maneuverability. To handle the home garden - it optimally right choice.

For comparison, let's look at the main features of the units with air-cooled:

  • Fuel consumption is minimal even after prolonged use in severe conditions;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • with less horsepower, the engine speed keeps stable under heavy loads.

Tillers air cooled easier analogs having water cooling. However, their weight is sufficient for optimum grip of iron wheels with the ground.

Most Japanese manufacturers of diesel engines

All Japanese technique has proved itself with the best hand. Select the best brand is difficult, so let's just look at two popular manufacturer of diesel power tillers and mini-tractors.

Our review start with the company Yanmar. Powerful tillers can handle large gardens. They can attach various attachments functionality, allowing not only to cultivate the land, but also clean the territory from the snow or debris. Advanced models equipped with engines capacity of 8 liters. from. They will work together with the plow, potato digger, mower and other equipment easily.

Not inferior to the popularity Iseki machinery manufacturer. Reliable and powerful motor-blocks are characterized by compactness. The unit will cope with the task in remote places, even if the ground is very difficult.

What can you buy instead of Japanese diesel

Japanese diesel, of course, is a gardener's dream, but not every person can afford to buy such equipment. What can we take the cheaper, but not inferior in quality? The modern market is saturated with different brands of tillers "Kentavr9raquo ;," Bulat9raquo ;, "Terra9raquo ;," Neva9raquo; and many others. A lot of Chinese copies of Japanese models. Many of these diesel engines are not greatly inferior in quality, and they cost much less.

Of domestic models performed well behind tractor diesel Hopper 9, characterized by light weight and powerful engine. The unit works with virtually all attachments, which can be used in the cultivation of the land. Diesel cope with the transportation of heavy loads. You need only buy an additional trailer.

The main feature of the domestic diesel is fuel economy and long service life of the motor. For easy start model 1100 equipped with a starter 9 DS. Transport wheels have a deep tread, which increases the permeability of diesel on the road.

Before buying Japanese walk-behind tractor, ask about this technique at his friends. Ask to try to manage, analyze all the details, look at the Chinese and domestic counterparts. Maybe you will not need to give a lot of money for a Japanese diesel engine and cost more expensive unit.

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