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We make design of the apartment in the Japanese style

Westerners are increasingly turning to the philosophy of the East, with its silent contemplation and asceticism. So, the Japanese style of interior design apartments has become incredibly popular, despite the fact that not many of us close this distinctive aesthetics, which is based on characteristic of the eastern country representation about the functionality and beauty.

The picture shows several variants of interiors, executed by all the traditions of Japanese housekeeping. However, it should be understood that such a design is harmonious and deep only in the case when you consider the main ideological aspects. So, this style involves naturalness, and naturalness in all. Beauty from the point of view of any of the Japanese does not fade with time, but only bloom.

Interior in traditional Japanese style, is always somewhat incomplete, because the aesthetics of this area lies precisely in understatement. There are several characteristic stylistic features:

  • traditional Japanese style always involves cleanliness, lots of light and an atmosphere of peace, so the apartment is not usually abound in decor and bright accents;
  • space should be as open as possible, so it is advisable to use in the interior only a minimal amount of furniture;
  • all pieces of furniture should be as simple and practical;
  • Japanese design often used space simulation principle by partitions, which at any time can move.

In the photo you can see how easy it is, but at the same time harmoniously should look Japanese interior. Being in this room, you definitely will feel relaxed and peaceful.

Japanese interior design involves the use of soothing colors, quite pale and do not cause. Most often it is natural shades, such as:

The same applies to the materials used - they must all be natural. So, for the decoration of the apartment can be used bamboo, vines, straw, natural stone, etc.

Add some fun to the interior can be monotonous, if you decorate one wall poster or drawing. Japanese painting is done, usually in grisaille technique using alkyd paints.

In the eastern interior of the attention is always paid to the lighting. It should also be natural and dim. In Japan, this effect is achieved by using the rice paper, which is inserted in the window openings instead of glass. Over time, it turns yellow, and the room is filled with clean, pleasant light. For our country, this solution is not appropriate, but it is always possible to resort to artificial lighting. Use shades of rice paper, which will waste a soft diffused light.

However, some areas of apartment should be left in the shadows. This decision is just create the same effect of incompleteness, so that the Japanese appreciate.

Japanese apartment design involves the use of simple and concise furniture. The picture shows several options items made of bamboo or rattan vines. Such furniture makes the interior eco-friendly and very welcoming.

In addition, you can use:

  • low and compact upholstered furniture, preferably light colors;
  • functional built-in furniture that will save space in the apartment;
  • vertical shelf or niche, having done directly on the wall.

It is worth noting that the Japanese style is best suited for the decoration of the bedroom. However, if desired, with a minimalist oriental bias can be issued and interior room, a kitchen and a study.

Of course, the Japanese design does not use too much decor and accessories. However, some details will help get closer to the mysterious, but such delectable oriental flavor. In the photo you can see that in the design of the Japanese apartments often used textiles, which can be plain or decorated with designs in Japanese style. In addition, for interior decoration such elements can be used as small boxes, fans, floor and sofa cushions, as well as the traditional bonsai trees.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize once again that the Japanese style is to fully reflect the mentality and philosophical principles of this amazing nation. In particular, it is about the harmony of man and nature, and our dependence on the passage of time.

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The apartment in the Japanese style

Oriental motifs in the interior of the apartment allow you to create the optimum design for the comfort of the household residence. The advantage of Japanese style is simplicity, ease of perception. home decoration in this direction ensures harmony, tranquility and comfort in the house.

Materials for creating a Japanese-style apartment

The simplicity of the resulting interior depends on the selected finishing materials. The Japanese prefer to finish, which makes it easy to zone the space facilities. Therefore, for registration is recommended to select "simplified" materials: laminate, solid-color wallpaper, ordinary plaster. It may be supplemented apartment in the Japanese style themed photo wallpapers. For example, with the image of cherry blossom, simple black-and-white pattern Japanese village.

An important requirement for the buyer finishing materials is their naturalness. Inadmissible use of plastic for the coating of the ceiling or wall. It must be used for the wooden slats of structuring space. They can divide the ceiling into squares and rectangles (preferably the same). Quite often, they are used to split or framing walls.

How to emphasize the Japanese style design

Simple and easy design of the apartment traditional elements must include in the Japanese style. Owning a home is recommended to pre-order sliding doors, like the doors shoji panels. The Japanese have made them out of wood, and special paper. But in terms of urban living will not be like the door is well protected from noise from neighboring rooms and cold. Therefore, they can be replaced by similar structures made of wood.

To the premises fell enough light, you need to install large windows with wooden frames. They may be divided into 6-8 smaller squares or rectangles. As for furniture, purchased everything for the home, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be wooden.
  2. Have simple geometrical shapes (excluded thread, the decorative metallic or plastic inserts).
  3. Be practical (eg, include hidden compartments for storage of personal belongings).

Pile up space in the rooms can not be: the Japanese style in the interior of the apartment implies freedom of movement. Particular attention should be paid to selected bed. It should include medium and high headband. The foot should be absent. True fans can set the direction of a special "podium", and it positioned the mattress. In the accompanying photo, you can see that it is this kind have beds in Japanese homes.

The color scheme of the rooms and recommendations on the choice of fixtures

Carrying out repairs of a studio apartment in Japanese style with your own hands, you need to pick up trim, decorative elements and furnishings in soothing pastel colors. It is recommended to give preference to light brown, beige, cream, pale olive color. Dark inserts could be wooden slats separating the room. If desired, you can add elements of warm olive or light orange.

Lighting in the rooms should be done moderately. Lamps should not blind people: warm yellow glow is ideal for rooms in Japanese style. Ceiling lighting is recommended to do with the use of spotlights or lamps in the form of a pair of lamps. Near the bed and on the desk a small tabletop lighting model can be established.

Proper dressing rooms Japanese-style

To a modern studio apartment in Japanese style looked really beautiful, it is recommended on the walls hang small paintings. They may depict characters, dragons. Complement the direction of a pair of bonsai large or medium size. On the walls you can also hang a couple of fans, on the tables and bedside table to put the decorative vases.

Japanese design apartments: tips on arrangement

Japanese style is characterized by one word - Zen. Japanese design apartment - it's pure unloaded space, balance, order, ancient traditions and love of natural beauty.

Try to reproduce the Japanese style in the interior of his apartment to bring a little zen in your life. Is not it great when the house of peace and harmony?

Let's look at 10 ways to add a little bit of this soothing style in the interior design of your home.

The elements of nature in Japanese design apartments

Japanese culture is full of love and respect for nature. The best way to maintain a strong connection with the natural world is the introduction of its elements in the interior design.

To make a truly Japanese design apartments, set like a traditional Japanese bonsai plants or bamboo. You can use any plant with thick green: with their help, too, can achieve the desired effect. However, remember that not welcome a large number of different flower arrangements, so use simple, concise plants with dark dense foliage.

Japanese houses are also distinguished by the presence of a large amount of natural light that enters the room through the large windows offer panoramic views of the street. Often used glass partitions with sliding doors that allow the natural landscapes of implanted inside the house.

The soothing sounds of gurgling water create a meditative mood and instantly relax. Like plants, water elements are very important to the Japanese style.

Japanese immersion baths - which are small, deep baths, which are often equipped with a place to sit. This oriental trend that many homeowners are using today. Organize the bathroom in the Japanese style with the help of the dip tank.

Sliding doors and partitions

Authentic Japanese shoji partition called (Shoji), and they are also a very important element of Japanese design.

Due to the high price of real estate Japan houses mainly small in size, so the use of every square centimeter to the maximum - the essential point. In contrast to the doors, shoji apart forward and backward, freeing the space that is normally used in conventional doors.

Partitions are made of high-grade translucent paper attached to a wooden frame. However, there is a more modern version of partitions that can be bought on the Internet, they use glass panels in a wooden lattice.

An important characteristic of Japanese partitions is that they do not block the light from entering the room. Replace the large section of the wall of the glass sliding door and you will see how your apartment will play in the Japanese style.

One of the best ways to harmonize with nature is the use of natural wooden elements in the interior. Walls, doors, railings, walls, frames and other elements are made of maple, cypress, pine needles and red pine. Another popular material is bamboo, which is widely used in the Japanese decor. Use these elements in the Japanese apartment design - bamboo flooring, wooden partition and other interior elements. You will find a soothing sensation will create clean lines of wood in your home.

Hallway in Japan called genkan (genkan). This room, which meets the hosts and guests, as well as the place where once removed shoes and put on slippers.

In genkane often set getabako (getabako) - Japanese cabinet for shoes (usually placed toed shoes outside). hall design is always very simple, with the presence of wooden elements and plenty of natural light.

In Japanese homes, including in genkane very popular stone floors. So think about the quality floor coverings made of stone for your Japanese apartment design.

The most authentic Japanese homes do not have individual furnished rooms for specific purposes such as the living room or TV rooms. Furniture in Japanese interiors use is low, but when the time comes to ceremonies, placed on the floor cushions and poufs. So that it's easy - buy a pair of low furniture and your interior will be even a little more than the Japanese.

We can go further and to surround a low table floor cushions - and you get a great place for meals, create a romantic atmosphere.

Japanese style - it's clean and minimalist. On clutter - a taboo. As we wrote above, in Japanese homes, even the furniture is not so much.

How to achieve this Japanese aesthetics while maintaining comfort and a rich home furnishings? The main trick is simple and unloaded design. The furniture should be modern, with clean lines and natural materials. So many fans of modern design this may seem a simple task.

As for lighting, in Japanese homes using modern lighting and corner lights. You can use authentic Japanese lanterns.

In general, remember that every detail must have its place and have a number of useful functions in the Japanese design of the apartment.

Open plan and natural light

As we said, the open space and minimalist design - the basic principles of Japanese apartment design. So let's look at another way to achieve an authentic interior in the Japanese style - the use of natural light.

Japanese houses are filled to the brim with natural light, which brings with it a serene views and shades of nature. Large windows and hatches in the ceiling are an excellent way to bring in his house a lot of light outside.

In any case, do not use heavy drapery, as it blocks the flow of light. Try not to obscure the window with unnecessary objects, but if this is not possible, use a simple bamboo blinds or thin air curtain.

In an effort to match the natural beauty of the nature of simple, natural colors used in Japanese interiors. The dominant colors are shades of brown wooden elements, as well as green plants. Or wooden floor is covered with stone tiles, and a large part of the walls of the partitions is replaced by an opaque paper.

Use in a Japanese apartment design a simple color palette with neutral colors and combine it with wood - shelves, wall panels and flooring, or add shades of gray stone on the floor or even furniture. Also, do not forget to use a large amount of greenery. Look out the window and see what the colors of nature you can use for your home.

Try to dive even deeper into the serene Japanese culture and Organize in his apartment space for meditation, tea ceremonies, or yoga.

In the photo below - a perfect example of a tea room in Japanese style. Find a quiet place where you can place a pillow for meditation or just sit and relax. Do not forget to add a water feature that will turn off foreign annoying sounds.

Paint the walls in a green or brown tones, add some live greenery, include relaxing music - voila! You will have your own refuge in the Zen style.

To achieve the best possible authentic Japanese design apartment, using its clean, simple and minimalist design in all the rooms. Wooden elements, simple plants, natural light, modern furniture, water features, a deep immersion bath, soft floor cushions, sliding doors and partitions, meditation room and colors borrowed from nature - this should be the perfect Japanese design of the apartment.

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