Installation of gas counter to the legislation apartment

Installation of gas meters: law amends

For more than one year, the people of our countries urged to install in their homes and apartments counter regulating the gas flow. This measure is considered to be advantageous in terms of saving the family budget and energy savings. But at the same time the existing tariffs for gas supply increased each year, and promised to save so no one felt. The procedure itself is setting the counter for gas and for many residents to provide paid, as it was necessary to buy it, and then install. Legislative bodies of our country have carefully studied the situation and concluded that the presence of the gas meter is not the solution to all problems. Therefore, the bill was developed, no commitment to all citizens of Russia is mandatory to install in their living rooms, gas counters.

Gas meter enables singles control their spending

Based on previously developed the Federal Law № 261-FZ, published November 2009 "On energy saving ...", which refers to the installation of meters in the supply gas to residential premises. Russian citizens have to apply to the nearby gas stations and report on the need to set this unit in their homes. Later this law has undergone some changes and amendments. At the beginning of July 2011 it was re-published and read on the mandatory installation in all types of houses and apartments, where there is gas heating gas meters. Exceptions for certain types of housing amendment to the law is not included. If the landlord does not care about the installation of this equipment, it will establish its force employees of public utilities. The fee for such installation itself acquired counter is included in the receipt, deferred. Usually, this installment is calculated for a long time.

Starting from January 2015 in the territory of the Russian Federation has earned a new kind of Federal Law № 466-FZ, published December 2014, which states that if the use of energy the inhabitants of the room does not exceed more than two cubic meters per hour of time, then they are released from need to install a gas meter. Typically, the gas consumption of such low power is only in the living room, where a stove is installed. Therefore, residents of houses and apartments, where gas consumption is so small, do not have to install gas meters.

The new federal law has already come, as it was reported by the State Committee. Based on this amendment, and a new bill is somewhat simplified life of consumers of gas only gas stoves. Representatives of the gas supply companies have already conducted explanatory work with the population.

Many people consider the installation of a gas meter is very low

After the installation in a residential area of ​​the gas meter, the gas consumer begins to pay only for the consumed energy after the fact. The actual consumption of the master gas residential premises will indicated in the readings of the meter. Therefore, many of the inhabitants of our country will not have to pay for non-existent numbers on the receipt, and to refer to the testimony of his own instrument accounting. Residents of houses and apartments, where there is a gas meter data, be sure will feel the benefit from their use.

Representatives of the gas services to fully inform the public about the type of instrument accounting for a particular house or apartment. In addition, at the request of the dwelling owner, they can assist in the installation of this equipment. Many residents, whose houses and apartments have been installed gas metering counters, very satisfied and consider themselves in an advantageous position.

Who is responsible for the operation of meters?

Landlord is responsible for the gas meter

Landlord, where the appliance is installed, is responsible for the calculation of gas consumption is required to monitor its status and performance. In addition, it must conclude a contract with the service providers for periodic inspection and testing of the gas meter. This service is mandatory and should be carried out systematically. Responsible for checking the gas meter work the landlord has no right to, and not all the people of our country have such skills. In the role of the service organization can serve an organization that carried out the installation of metering devices, the management company or the power supply company.

If the devices have been identified, some failures and deviations, the gas meter is removed for a while and goes for repairs. Normally, repairs of gas meters carried out in organizations where this product was manufactured. For this purpose, even a network of repair shops has been created. After removing all the errors in the operation of the device, set it again to its original location and re-make the verification of its operation.

With the entry into force of the new law, which provides some of the benefits to residents, exploiting gas only by means of gas stoves are much more profitable to feel like a separate category of citizens. Despite this gas meters allow to get some benefit to owners of premises where they are installed. Thanks to them, the consumer shall pay for the actual amount of gas consumed, not the sky-high numbers of public services.

The requirements for the installation of gas meters, you can see through video content:

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Nonsense! We are engaged in the installation. And put under a sink-0.6m from the floor and the ceiling, that has been very important technical possibility of installing, between the wall and the tube to finger prolazil otherwise klup thread is not cut, etc. nuances. Gorgaz such trifles do not find fault, everything is sealed, if the rest is met!

Mezhrayongaz counter requires replacement, it is not itself zanimaetsya.mogu I take it that the contract concluded with him no longer valid.

When replacing gaz.schetchika possible installment payment?

SkotNIK, you are very lucky that your Gorgaz not find fault. We even just replace the meter prohibit, say, a license from us not, then, oshtrafuem for arbitrariness. Although the owner understands this better than them, he worked in this field.

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Mandatory installation of gas meters abolished: changes in legislation and new requirements

All houses and apartments are equipped with radiators and heating systems, as a rule, in most cases the gas. We are all consumers of natural gas and are required to pay for its consumption in accordance with the law.

Depending on the apartment gas equipment, requirements for the accounting of natural gas consumption are changing, as well Changes are periodically made to the law on the gas sector. Detailed look at all these questions in this article.

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Most recently published amendment to the Law № 466-FZ of 12.29.2014, which removes the requirement for mandatory installation of meters for gas metering in apartments.

Prior to this amendment, the townspeople had to compulsorily installed in his apartments metering devices used energy. In this case, all costs of installing the inhabitants were obliged to take.

Now, tenants have the right to choose how they do it. The law № 466-FZ mentioned that, where the use of natural gas requirements for the mandatory installation of account devices applicable to living areas exceeds two cubic meters per hour.

The fact that the average natural gas stove up to 2 cubic meters per hour. Therefore, the owners of which is set ceramic cooker, but no speakers are exempt from the obligation to pass on the counter.

Tenants who use a gas stove, have the right to choose, to put them to the counter, or pay at the average rate. If installed in a room and even a gas furnace or water heater, according to the law is necessary to install a gas meter.

Let's look at two options:

  • First Embodiment: Flat gas consumption less than two cubic meters.

If all of the residents of apartment gas consumption devices need only a gas cooker, he has the right not to counter.

  • The second option: the apartment has an oven and stove.

    In this case, the law is necessary to install a gas meter. Since gas boiler or furnace consumes more than two cubic meters per hour.

  • And how to calculate water charges on meter readings, can be found here.

    Despite the fact that the installation of the gas meter to the owners of apartments and houses is obligatory, if the rules of natural gas consumption above two cubic meters per hour, no penalties are not provided. Delaying the installation of energy accounting unit given until at least 2019.

    Housing with a gas stove without a column

    Gas cooker and a gas meter

    Many owners of apartments, set the counter, argue that counter indications to pay more profitable. After the established standards designed for a maximum consumption of gas which can be used one person, but on average, the resource is used much less.

    But we should not forget that the plant itself is not cheap, so the costs will pay off in just a few years.

    Housing with a gas stove and column

    Tenants with a gas stove or a column, the situation is different. Installation of meters will cost them much more expensive due to the complexity of the work. Besides gas water heater consumes much more gas consequently, the counter reading exceeds standards.

    So often tenants are unhappy with the results. Favorable setting of the counter for families of three or more people. In a large family metering device will pay for itself quite quickly.

    Is it profitable to install tenants

    Before you decide for yourself, set the metering device or not, you should find out the cost of equipment and the approximate price of her installation. After that better calculate how many years will pay off installation of meters. Then it will be clear how much in the end you'll save on utility bills.

    What if you decide to install the counter for gas? First of all, you can not install the counter with his own hands. Installation can be made only by specialized services.

    You should contact the institution having to install a license. License has Gorgaza emergency service and special services of the city gas. Then it is necessary to perform a number of procedures to legitimate a gas meter:

    1. Together with a written appeal to the Gorgaz you will be asked to make copies of the documents to the right of ownership of premises.
    2. Further, experts on the ground determine the technical feasibility of the installation of the necessary equipment.
    3. Prepared estimates, to buy equipment.
    4. Installation of the gas meter and payment for all work.

    To learn how to sell privatized apartment, you can learn from this article.

    After the wizard installs the equipment, you must go to the management company in the community, to the expert put the seal on the metering device. In management you will be asked to write a statement about the installation of the counter, where you will need to indicate their passport data and telephone.

    Click here to see an example of the act on the work performed

    • meter serial number;
    • place and date of installation;
    • contact details masters who installed equipment;
    • initial readings at the time of installation;
    • planned date verification counter.

    Before you put the meter should weigh all the pros and cons, so it is not always his presence will benefit the owners.

    Useful information and explanations of experts about how to install gas meters look at the video:

    Counter for gas may improve and save the family budget, control and the ability to use less gas. But the equipment and installation services are now expensive, so if these costs are compensated in some way would be fine.

    Changes in legislation can not keep up. Just about to install a gas meter. and it is already optional. Since we have a gas stove Olonka and then if you can not ustanalivat counter, and it is not worth venturing. We are a completely unprofitable. Article helped to avoid unnecessary costs.

    I do not know…. These average rates are not always in our favor. I've been on the water was convinced, as I attributed and how much I actually spend. The difference of 3 times. so I'd better put all the same!

    When we set up the counter when moving, with us also for the separately taken wizard. Whether it's legal or gag? if it is illegal, then where to file a complaint, who knows?

    Svetlana, all the costs of installing a gas boiler are the owners of the apartment. But if you have any doubts about the legality of the payment, probably, should refer to the office, where the data of the master and learn from them work. If it is illegal to write a complaint.

    Svetlana, payment of the installation of gas meters is absolutely legal. When we were in Moscow sets the counter, we master issued a receipt. A sample can be found on the site Mosgaz -

    Recently I moved from a private house into a new three-room apartment. And had contact with counter installation for gas installers kvartire.Nanimala twice. For the first time you said that too much gas pressure and counter set is not necessary. But the second time still set and took not so much for the installation.

    Hello ! Tell me, please, if the apartment is a gas stove and water heater for hot water, then put the meter on the gas necessary? Or counters compulsorily establish those who have gas heating costs?

    Hello! We only used the apartment gas stove, written 3 people live practically 2. 3rd person registration in another city. Is charged according to the standards of 3, a certificate of provisional registration provided, you still charge a debt for the third. Is this legitimate?

    Hello! You will be charged for 3 as long as the third person would have registered.

    Hello! Do I need to put the meter on the gas in the apartment?

    Hello! This procedure is not mandatory! But if in his apartment heating, it will definitely need to install the meter.

    Hello! I'm in an apartment just a gas cooker, whether the counter is needed?

    Hello! No setting of the counter in this case is optional.

    Hello! Who should buy a new gas meter, the operating company or the owner of the apartment? I have a service life has expired.

    Good afternoon! Counter you have to purchase their own.

    Hello! Say whether you want to install the meter on the gas in the apartment without a gas column? Thank you.

    Hello! No, it is not necessary.

    Installation of gas counter to the legislation apartment

    Required to install the gas meter in the apartment

    December 29 Russian President signed amendments to the Federal Law "On energy saving". Installation of meters for gas has become optional for all residents. Put or not to put the counter, can be determined by one criterion - it is the volume of natural gas consumption in the apartment.

    By law, if all of the gas appliances in your apartment (or house) is the only stove, you can not put the counter.

    If in addition to the plate you have a gas water heater or boiler, it is necessary to set the counter (to specify the consumption in the data sheet can calculate the numbers of all gas appliances that you have installed).

    - Stove certainly not eating as much, but the heater consumes about such volumes. Therefore, if the apartment it is, therefore, the counter should be installed, - explained the head of Public Relations LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Kazan" Guzaliya Minkin.

    Tenants of apartments, where there is no counter, paid according to the norm. For owners of a gas stove is 12 cubic meters per person. Multiply them by the value of the cube - 4 rubles 80 kopecks and get the amount of 57 rubles 60 kopecks per month per person.

    The specification for hosts gas cookers and columns - 24.5 cubic meters. In terms of the money will come in the payment 117 rubles 60 kopecks per one.

    Buy in the urban service of gas meters will not work, as well as to order its installation - this there are not engaged. Therefore, the marathoners will have to search for and sale counter, and craftsmen who install it.

    The most inexpensive metering gas cost from 1,500 rubles. And then, if they ordered online and delivered from another region. Counters that are sold in our stores are more expensive - about 2300 - 2500 rubles. There is an option - to order the equipment with the unit. In one of the Kazan companies we were offered it for 1700 rubles. Together with the installation of a gas cooker it will be released in 3700. If there is also a column - 7000 for everything.

    • However, there are nuances. It all depends on the area of ​​residence. For example, in Kazan Derbyshki Gorgaz some reason does not permit one to set the counter and to the plate, and the column. And if you put two separate instrument, consider how it will be more expensive - at least twice. And may even require accessories from 50 to 2000 thousand rubles, experts have warned.

    Next, set the meter must inspect and accept gasman contractor serving your home. For their services, they will be asked to 226 rubles.

    But that's not all. After installation of the device is necessary to renew the contract with Gorgaz. The procedure seems simple, but given that there now pending paperwork, tedious.

    Now let's examine the question for whom the installation of the equipment will be the most profitable.

    a) Flats with a gas stove and without a column

    In this housing, we recall, the counter is optional. Tenants who pay on the testimony, saying that so profitable. After all, the norm is established from the maximum possible consumption. On average, we spend much less. So, for example, according to the bills, a family of three on the counter consumes less than 7 - 8 cubic meters per month. It is about 30 rubles. If paid according to the norm, the amount would be under $ 100. That is, to pay for exactly the tenants profitable consumption. But there is one "no9raquo ;. If we add the cost of the meter and its installation costs, then a family of three, he will pay only ten years later.

    Conclusion: pay over the counter profitable, but its installation costs are too high. In this regard, the lucky residents of new buildings where the apartments are already with all the metering devices. For them to pay into the uniquely profitable!

    b) apartment with a gas stove and a column

    Most owners of gas columns that have already put the counter, were dissatisfied with the new calculations: many consumption exceeded normative 24.5 cubic meters. Accordingly, the amount of receipts increased significantly:

    "We have a stove and heater, to the counter to pay for two 235, and now 350 - 400 rubles."

    "We have a column in the monthly average of 350 - 400 rubles hot for winter, summer, more, and according to the standard we have ever paid 280 rubles."

    To this must be added the cost of purchase and installation of the meter. The only plus: given the increased amount of monthly payments, a family of three people to quickly pay for metering device - a year and a half.

    Conclusion: The counter will pay for itself quickly, but pay for it geyser owners are not always as profitable as according to the norm.

    What happens if you do not put the meter?

    Most interestingly, there are no penalties for not setting provided by the law of the counter. At least until 2019, explained to the gas company. This also applies to those who are in the blue fuel only cooks, and owners of gas columns. Consequently, the issue of setting everyone can decide for himself. The main thing is not to make a mistake in the calculations, it would be most advantageous for the family budget.

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