Homemade mini tractors from motoblock

Homemade tractor from motor cultivator - creating comfort in the

When processing a large allotment walk from one end of the field behind a plow or hiller quite tiring, so it is useful to take care of yourself and make a self-made tractor from the walking tractor.

When processing a large allotment walk from one end of the field behind a plow or hiller quite tiring, so it is useful to take care of yourself and make a self-made tractor from the walking tractor.

1 How to quickly get out of a homemade tractor walking tractor

During the preparation of land for sowing, care allotment, harvesting owner of a large farm for days forced to be on your feet, which, of course, causes severe fatigue. That is why all the advantages of tillers, such as maneuverability, low fuel consumption at a relatively high performance and functionality pushed to the background because of the need for constant distance. But why not build a home-made tractor from the tillers, the more it can be done with just a few actions using a small set-top box.

Trailer adapter is attached to the back of your motorized coupling assistant, introducing an additional bridge flexibly connected to the front wheel pair. Equipped with its own coupling assembly for attachments and a seat for the operator, the mini-tractor based motoblock allows not walk by changing the steering angle to the body, and go straight over the treated strip of land. Fortunately, the clearance corresponds lumen adapter front wheelset. Thus, you increase the speed of plowing or hilling with accessible pedestrian 5 km / h until completely comfortable 10 km / h, that is a factor of 2, while not quite tiring.

2 How to make a mini-tractor from motoblock own hands

I must say, an adapter that allows to get a mini-tractor from tillers, is not cheap, the simplest model will cost 10 000 rubles. Of course, it is much cheaper than buying a full-fledged four-wheel agricultural equipment, but you can try to save money. Having a sufficient amount of material, it is easy to figure out how to make a mini-tractor from homemade motoblock in the presence of welding machine and some plumbing work skills.

The trailer may be based on a triangular frame, or square profile with drawbar cross member, which are welded to the wheel strut. The seat is mounted on a special bolting the upright, the upper end of which is provided with a horizontal plate with holes, and the bottom - is firmly fixed on the drawbar by welding. Also under the seat can accommodate a metal box, which can be used as a luggage compartment for storing tools or the supply of water at the time of the field work.

Wheels on the racks designed for them can be placed on a conventional garden carts, only the sleeve need to apply powerful enough to handle heavy loads.

The 3 convenient mini-tractor of homemade motoblock

It should first be noted the high permeability, especially if modified to provide a technique large garden wheelbarrow wheels tread off-road, which, in turn, significantly increases the lumen. After heavy rainfall to move on foot through the sodden earth is quite difficult, and mini-tractor from homemade motoblock allow you to work in comfort. Secondly, as already mentioned, soil treatment becomes faster, but do not forget that you can move around the site at a rate twice that of the pedestrian door.

Despite the fact that the rear of the motor cultivator is hitched adapter with its own hardware for attachment in front of the device there is nothing stopping you need to install the device. Thus, at your disposal will mowers, Domestic snow-plow or blade with a seat for the operator. If we try, we can figure out how to convert walk-behind mini-tractor with full control. That is, to make a strong frame, the motor drive to reach to the rear wheels, making them the leading, and the front combine with the steering. Then, a similar technique can provide and pedals and a speedometer.

Mini tractors - from homemade motoblock. Creep out of his hands motoblock

The benefits of walking tractor to farmers and gardeners invaluable. Still, it can not be compared with full mechanization tractor. Anyone who has had experience with tillers, certainly thought about how to improve your single-axis drive.

Some craftsmen even dare to remake it into a miniature four-wheel tractor. Currently, from homemade motoblock can be found everywhere. Despite the fact that to them manufacturers to produce a lot of attachments, our masters remake them to your liking.

Walk-behind tractor - available mechanization for field work

Solve the problem of processing a vegetable garden can be using walk-behind and using attachments to it. With the help of such devices can be high enough to provide plowing and cultivating the soil, preparing it for planting of major crops, as well as to carry out the harvest. This represents a savings in time and labor costs, as the manual digging and weeding even on six acres of the garden - it's not an easy job.

When working in confined spaces and abundance of different cultural spaces on the site operator, it is desirable to have good two-wheeled unit management skills. Sample, homemade motoblock for his hands are made based on the experience of their use for specific business environments. Such designs have even unpresentable form, but provides the basic tasks.

Design features motoblock

Such unit consists of a drive, transmission, chassis and wheels. motor-block is controlled via levers and rods mounted on the wheel. For light to medium drive assemblies typically a gasoline internal combustion engine. Heavier tillers are equipped with diesel drive.

Lubrication systems, ignition timing, cooling and fuel and launching mechanism are mandatory. They have their own characteristics depending on the type of engine used as a drive motor cultivator.

Gearbox, clutch and gearbox (in some models and even differential) provide conversion of torque of the motor shaft to rotate the pair of wheels. They may be on a pneumatic load or weighted with additional metal grouser for operation under load.

Ride-out homemade motoblock have a seat and an extra pair of wheels. They may be controlled or driven. Depending on the construction behind tractor unit turns into a four-wheel-drive on the rear or front axle.

Despite the fact that the sale is a good choice (for cost and power) small tools, everyday life sometimes there are genuine homemade. With his hands behind tractor to collect "from scratch" the strength not to everyone. However, a person familiar with the technique available to the necessary equipment and accessories, can make it myself. In some cases, the design can make even compete with factory samples.

Material for the manufacture of homemade parts are usually fulfilled its motorcycles and all kinds of scrap metal. The engine can be used even chainsaws "Druzhba9raquo ;. There is a wizard, preferring drives on a motor scooter. Such motors have a good and forced cooling may be used for a long time under load even at the minimum speed.

Walk-behind tractor for field work adapted, but to manage it not everyone can. For example, an older person who does not have good health, it is necessary to spend a lot of effort when maneuvering. Another point - a constant load on the legs. Walk-behind tractor to work the soil, it must be led "by the horns."

Anyone who has ever worked with a motor-block for plowing, cultivating or otherwise processing the soil, understands how much effort it takes away control. Hold off on the dash, send a track, deploy, retract ... It does not get tangled in the controls and not to drive to where it is not necessary - often work up a sweat. Many owners of tillers, try such mechanization, sell their units, and to adapt to the management.

It is quite another thing - control of compact tractors. Why go on the field for the unit, expending energy, if you can manage it while riding. The drive is the same as the speed is the same, but it's all sitting and without load. Homemade from motoblock provide a sufficient level of comfort. Levers on hand control, there is a brake.

An additional pair of wheels, to sufficient dilute (1-1.2 m) distance, provides a secure base. Another advantage - the ability to carry cargo in trailers or cart mounted on the rear driven axle body.

Mini-tractors. Homemade from motoblock

Production microtractor "by eye", or even on the finished drawings usually requires modifications after the first test. Not all can be corrected only grinder and welding.

Often there is a need for additional turning or milling operations. Often the design on the paper looking ideally obtained after manufacturing unsuitable for use.

For those who want to create a mini-tractor, homemade motoblock from, but do not have design experience, there is an accessible option - to buy ready-made conversion kit. It costs dearly, but all of its components are manufactured in a factory production. They have been tested and precisely adjusted to each other and the power plant.

In such a kit typically includes: the frame having a mounting for the engine; sturdy seat; steps to control manipulators; a front frame steering rods, wheel hub and brake disc; protective wings for wheels; attachment with manual lift.

The owner, acquiring a set can disassemble into components and a walk-behind tractor according to the scheme to mount all the details on the new frame.

Buy walk-behind tractor without a hitch or only one plow for plowing and turning the soil formation in most cases impractical. Additional equipment can significantly extend the capabilities of the unit.

In this case it can be used for planting and harvesting of root crops, inter-row treatment for earthing up the beds and for cutting hay tedding and its selection. Trailer truck with seats allows to transport cargoes.

In winter behind tractor may be equipped with a forward scraper and clear with the help of snow from the road. All equipment can be purchased, rather than using different homemade. For motoblock "Neva9raquo ;, for example, the manufacturer produces sufficient attachment.

Often, however, the owners still rework it for yourself. For some factory linkage is not powerful enough and can not withstand the loads for others not enough adjustment to configure it to work under certain conditions, while others are simply used to make themselves the instrument.

Homemade for motoblock own hands

Complete equipment is not always appropriate for the business environment. To permanently do not cut the individual parts, not were welded stiffeners to strengthen construction or additional mount bracket, you can do everything yourself.

Even the plow and disc hiller masters make at home. For this one desire, drawing material and can not do. It requires additional equipment: cutting torch, welding machine, Bulgarian and practical skills to work with them.

Homemade for motoblock own hands can be made using parts from old cars. The trailer can be made using the rear axle of the "legkovushki9raquo ;. If you throw gearbox and connect the tube half-line, get a reliable rear beam. Cook the frame and sheathe his gesture or the board is not a problem. Suspension can be taken from the "Moskvicha9raquo; - get a robust design with a decent carrying capacity.

Homemade scraper can be made of sheet metal 2.1 mm thick. If podvarit to the curved profile of the sheet ribs, it is possible not only to remove the snow, but also used as a bulldozer bucket for leveling the soil or humus.

On the basis of the walking tractor can be made for all-terrain vehicle trips fishing or hunting on rough terrain or off-road conditions. To do this, replace the standard axis of the elongated and so increase the wheel base of the unit.

Very often, all-terrain vehicles on the basis of the walking tractor equipped with cameras of large diameter by trucks or tractors. They are used without tires and mounted to the hub connection with belts. The pressure in the tires is selected for larger low permeability.

The same principle masters make snowmobiles, homemade of tillers, designed to run in the winter. low pressure chamber allow the ride even in deep soft snow. Easy snowmobile design involves the use of single-axis motor-block with increased distance between the wheels and wider rear skis with a seat for the driver.

Make a homemade minitractor of tillers, photos, videos, drawings

Tractor is a tractor based structure which lies behind tractor. Mini tractors are divided into three categories: self, converted with the factory kits and manufactured at the factory.

How to make homemade mini tractor from motoblock

So how do you make a homemade minitractor of tillers, the first thing you need to consider remaking itself, but also the possibility of installing attachments: Plow rototillers, mowers, shovels, dump.

A brief look at the structure of the mini-tractor tillers, which is made by folk artist with his hands.

Motoblock located on a previously prepared homemade frame. Mounted brake drum is taken from the Lada. Borrow from the same steering rack, eliminating the problems Parts search. Ready minitractor pleases management ease and well thought-out in detail. To reduce discomfort when turning, is set near the steering handle that unlocks the differential.

Homemade mini tractors from motoblock "Neva"

If you plan to make homemade mini tractors from motoblock "Neva" the first thing you need to buy a walk-behind self "Neva" with homemade or factory installed hitch, to be able to carry various loads using trailers with a body. For convenience, equipped with mini tractor truck wheel, seat, pedals, brakes and gas.

For homemade microtractor can use any walk-behind, but particularly good for this purpose tillers "Neva" with powerful motors whose amount is from 8.5 liters to 6d. Through this minitractor done with a minimum of modification.

For motoblock "Neva" produce adapter-dumper. Such a trailer can make your own, if available the necessary materials, electric welding, Bulgarian. A special mounting frame design enables compact tractors from motoblock "Neva" to tilt and rotate the trailer. Since the motor-block controls are duplicated, it allows you to use walk-behind tractor separately disassembled minitractor.

Practical mini tractors design allows not only to carry the bricks, but also to work with loose soil. Ssypaniya established mechanism, makes it possible to dump the soil at any place without any problems.

Having made homemade motoblock minitractor of "Neva", it is possible to solve the problems arising on the plot. What has such a construction is much cheaper than buying a small tractor.

Homemade mini tractors with motoblock video collection

Homemade mini tractors from motoblock "Zubr"

If you have a powerful motor-block "Bison", with a diesel engine, you have the opportunity to convert it into a mini tractor. In order to get the two-wheeled motor-block instead of a small four-wheel tractor, enough to have a tool and assembly instructions.

Necessary parts for the independent production of mini tractors with lifting: frame microtractor, brake cylinder footboard with pedals, steering column assembly with the tie rods, the front frame with the brake disc and the hub assembly, rear fenders, rear hitch manually lift assembly.

Also, you will need the following tools: a hammer, a drill, wrenches and welding machine. You also need to have a wheel mounted in front. You can use the wheel of the Lada or similar wheels with other tillers. Self-assemble all the parts, you get a powerful mini tractor from motor cultivator.

Homemade minitractor of motoblock video collection

Homemade walk-behind drawings minitractor

How to make homemade motoblock minitractor of "Centaur"

Practice shows that the most affordable and reliable minitractor obtained from motor cultivator, which belongs to the class of professional or semi-professional. Their main distinguishing feature - high power and long life of use. Motoblock "Centaur" is well suited for all of these qualities. It installed a diesel engine, whose power 9 hp This allows you to use it as a base for mini tractors. But the final choice depends on the goals that are set when you create such a technique.

For future microtractor to prepare the body, and to consider how he will be connected with the motor unit. To create a body and frame use shaped tubes or metal corners. If the motor-block engine is powerful enough, it can be used as a body small trailer to a motorcycle or car. Then you need to consider the body connection scheme to the Tillers.

When minitractor of homemade motoblock "Centaur", it is necessary to develop a kinematic scheme that would transmit the torque from the engine to the drive wheels. It is also necessary to distribute the load evenly on the driving axle. If you plan to carry loads such compact tractors, the weight distribution will be crucial.

At a makeshift assembly microtractor most important aspect is the correct placement of components and assemblies. The output shaft - the best option placing the braking system. Axle placed the shift lever. Starting the engine is factory.

A place for the driver to do a comfortable, since there are no mini tractors depreciation funds. Also, it must be equipped with towbar to minitractor could use attachments. On this fact the work on self-transformation motoblock "Centaur" in minitractor. Now take care of the garden land will be much more effective.

The drawings are excellent even with the part numbers but there is no explanation of the details, dimensions, and a metal.

When rework motor cultivator Crosser can not minitractor understand how to make the cultivator fell to the ground

The principle of alteration in the motor-blocks of the same, in what specific difficulties arise?

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