Homemade dolls with their own hands

How to sew the doll quickly and easily at home

If you needlewoman, probably, you have the desire to please a loved homemade baby new clothes. Children love toys made with your own hands, as they are pleasant to the touch, and, most importantly, made with love.

As a material, you can use the old unwanted clothes (tights, skirt, T-shirt, shirt, dress, pants, overalls, jacket, pants, shorts, jacket, pajamas, pants, sweater, jeans, coat, jacket, sundress, swimsuit, T-shirt, socks and even a coat).

After selecting the material for the lesson proceed with a detailed description of the process.

How to sew a doll with his own hands quickly and easily at home

With its arsenal detailed lessons from an experienced professional, quickly and easily make even a beginner textile doll. This requires patience and the necessary tools (fabric, thread, needles, scissors, crayons, pattern). With such a minimal set, you can create any favorite model.

How to sew a doll out of nylon pantyhose (step by step photos)

We start with the most difficult product - from the head.

For it will need a cut piece of flesh-colored tights, syntepon scrap their old jackets or pillows (although you can buy a new one in the store - it's not expensive at all) and two darning needle and thread a flesh-colored.

Com syntepon lay in a bag of nylon, stick in front is another smaller ball - nose. First bridge is formed using a needle and thread. Then you need to make hollow to one nostril. Just make out the other nostril.

Tightening the loop below the nose. Enlarge one nostril, then the other. Now, after your nose, cheeks should be increased through the bottom slit in the bag - about a neck.

Thrusting leposhechki filler on both sides of the nose, you should insert a small sausage and lip area. Includes a second needle work and form the corners of the lips and hollow eye - the eye socket. Between the corners of the lips stretch a loop - a smile.

During operation, it is not necessary to cut off a thread - all items must be carried out "in a single breath. As you work, you need a filler to spread, putting more evenly or collecting it in the right places. Lower lip and forming with the help of loops.

As lips embroidery needle is displayed in the eye socket, so that they begin to sound like a "boat" and not at the point, as it was in the beginning. The needle should be removed in the middle of the upper lip, turned to bow lips.

Tie-orbital corners of her mouth master achieves charming smile of his future creations. On the other hand doing a similar action.

You can get a smile, in which slightly opens her mouth. Now we need to extend a little nose.

Eyes for dolls can be purchased at a specialty store for needlework or replace of colored buttons. Can be stuck around the eyeball rolls of nylon that will imtirovat eyelids.

One Parichko enough for two dolls, if the strut into individual strips, of which it is composed. Striped twisted "snail" and fasten thread. Then, the "shell" is sewn on top. The remaining stripes, one after the other, is secured around the cochlea, When sewing needle. Hairstyle can be decorated with ribbons and hairpins for little fashionistas.

First, you must make the framework for the body, which will keep the whole body. If the doll is planned half-meter, the wire will require thirty meters. Folded it necessary, the "skeleton" of the need in some areas to seal with tape or duct tape.

1. For palms, too, need to make a framework that is wrapped with synthetic padding. Small square pieces, cut off from the tights, will serve as the skin for the hands.

2. Each brush is pulled a nylon stocking and tie knots at the "wrist".

3. Already known manner formed fingers and nogotochki.

Hands are bolted to the frame, the skeleton, the head as well. Body is then formed by wrapping wire synthetic padding. Capron fitted by the rest of the body, is made using the armpit and the needle thread, hiding places compound palms and arms.

How to sew a dress for a doll every woman knows, so at this point you can unleash the imagination.

Options pupae tilde there are so many, and they all hit their different cute images - what only beauties among them! These delicious products - not just toys. For many years, the tilde dolls adorn the homes of millions of people around the world, and it is not surprising, because their fans perceive these small feechek and angels, as a talisman and amulet.

Sew doll any pattern you need. Also prepare the necessary materials and tools.

To work should prepare the necessary materials and tools:

  • First of all, as for the creation of any such dolls, you will need a pattern (you can just print from a computer);
  • Natural bodily tissue or beige for sewing dolls torso;
  • filler (hollofayber, padding polyester, wool);
  • borehole or wooden stick (to help yourself when packing);
  • for dress fabrics;
  • ribbons, lace, buttons and other decorations;
  • acrylics or pencil and rouge;
  • material for hair (yarn, yarn, tress - on request).

Let's start with the master class on sewing a tilde in the cup.

  1. Select the pattern, depending on the kind of doll you want to make - big or small. Print it out and turn on the flesh-colored fabric (fabric must be folded in half inside out).
  2. Then you need to lay Basting stitch so that it runs along the bottom of the tilde body.
  3. Take filler and stuffed doll. When completely evenly stuffing, sew the product. Handles must be sewn to the body virtually around his neck.
  4. For dresses take two rectangular fabric segment and fold them together (inside out). Turn the pattern on the fabric dresses, sew along the sides. Then you need to iron clothes allowance at the top and a small little corners around. Unscrew the dress, too iron walk on it, and wear on the doll. Sew seams Basting its first (and on the edges of the hem flange), good tightening thread. Also with a collar. Then sew the final.
  5. Hairs for this pupa is better to do buklirovannoy of yarn, and the face - to paint with acrylics and blush. On hairstyle attach small rosettes and sew handle tilde mouth.
  6. Now you need a beautiful cup. Smear glue the bottom of her back and seat doll. So it can be hung, attached a small loop.

To have your angels turned legs that can be bent, first tamp them down halfway, then make a line across and only then proceed to the end of the packing. All parts are better filled, helping himself with a wooden stick or a needle. Complete the image of their tildochek different elements, giving it individuality and uniqueness: let the arms of heart, bouquet, stylish bag, a basket or a book.

Video Tutorials stages "how to make a rag doll"

Please children can be such a beautiful toy with a very realistic person. Beautiful face with wrinkles and fluffy dress will impress baby.

As a supplement can come up with a beautiful handbag, pants, shoes.

Warmer on the kettle cloth for the kitchen - a master class for beginners

As decoration - the national Russian folk costume and material - nylon.

If you do not know how to sew clothes for Barbie dolls, lalalupsi, baby boom, Ever the after Hai, Monster High in our article "How to sew a dress for a doll," you will find many valuable and helpful information.

How to make a doll made of cloth with his hands

Today I will tell you how to make a doll made of cloth with his hands in the home, such a scheme and the method by which we can nashtampovat pupae, changing only their clothes, hair, face, etc. Such a method of creating dolls made of cloth certainly difficult, but it is practical and homemade themselves like girls younger years. Here in this hand-made article necessarily need to know how to sew, and even better if you know how to embroider. If you are nice to fantasize, then, let us make these dolls with their own hands a large number of them all and decorate the children's room, of course toys should all be different. We have already made a doll of thread, but this method is very different.

- Just need a variety of handy tools.

Take a cloth on it draw pattern, then use special tools embroider doll face, eyes and eyebrows, etc.

That's embroider. If you do not know how you can try to draw.

We use cloth practical and try to take each piece for crafts. Pupae draw close to each other sisters.

These are the legs, arms we obtained, as well as face and body.

Combine the body completely, it will look like.

I made six dolls, head and body intact, and his hands with his legs apart.

With the help of cotton or padding polyester stuffing we do our crafts and thereby its volume.

That's how it turns out.

View more closely. Volumetric dolls stuffed with cotton wool. The head is slightly flat, but it does not matter, there will be hair volume and do everything to hide.

If you have a hair of the purchase dolls, then they too can try.

Meshing it difficult hair to begin with they need to gather in a pile, then associate, and only then sew down.

Sundry can sew clothes.

In general, unlimited imagination, do what your heart desires.

Here is a basic doll made of cloth with their hands we left.

Try to learn and try, it is never too late to do business. For many it is an exciting business that grows into a daily hobby. And if you do not like to sew, try the doll of salt dough, or learn how to draw a rose step by step.

Peonies corrugated paper his district.

Manufacturing techniques Pio

Decor Easter egg artificial.

Mini master class about the d

Spark of Orange with his own hands

More than once I told ka

Tree toy made of felt with the scent of ba.

Today, we made a very

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Hello. and you can tell in detail how you sewed the hair. at your very cool hairstyle is. (A seam in the middle along the entire head or only on the top is sewn? Or something else?) For earlier thankful

Very cool, and it can be a pattern?

Spasibo, ocen ponravilos-osobenno tehnika visivanija golovo.

What kind of fabric do you take?

please do a video just is not very clear

and how to embroider face? embroidery?

Can you send me the pattern of this doll?

Unfortunately no longer exists.

Wonderful master class, never embroidered face, be sure to try!

Doll cool, I did it in just 2 days! Very fast and easy! Super thank you! Sister happy! Class!

Can you send me the pattern of this doll, please?

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Puppets with their hands out of Fabric: step by step master classes with photos

Girls at all times is most like to play with dolls, and their mothers have no choice but to learn to do doll with his own hands from the cloth, to give your child a small piece of a fairy tale. pupae contrast, you make yourself from those plastic products that are sold in the store, that homemade endowed with personality, you can choose to have a theme, find the right way to the toy has become an indispensable companion for children to play. However, it is less frequent and interior dolls, the main task - to decorate the space around them. Sew them, not only for children, but even adults, as a wonderful gift from childhood.

Make a doll with his own hands from the cloth

that make a doll with his own hands from the cloth, You, in fact, do not need so much - this is the correct pattern, which will create the contours of the puppet body, it is suitable in texture and shade of the fabric, as well as a filler regulating the amount that we can achieve or stability of the body, or, on the contrary, his pleasant softness and ductility. The remaining items will belong to the category of auxiliary: woolen yarn for hair, thread for embroidery of facial features or paint for the same purpose, as well as numerous pieces of different fabrics to create clothing.

By the pillars of fashion modern decor include dolls Tilda, who have already won the whole world. They are in the homes of people in many different countries, and their sewing provides a fashionable and very beautiful decor with your own hands, as patterns and Tilda schemes are sold or stay free of charge everywhere. Describe what it is this incredible fascination Tilda is very difficult, it toys with stunningly good shape, they seem to embody the comfort of home. Among them also has its recognizable images, such as the Christmas angel with his hands, in which pattern girls supplemented wings and a halo over his head, but the most popular - it's just a girl who behind the small wings. They are sewn from fine fabrics Flesh Tone (in hobby centers, you can easily buy all you need for work), and focusing on clothes, hairstyles, because they always look miniature replicas of the real things.

We can say that it was Tilda - ideal for those looking for tutorials on creating fabric doll with his own hands in stages, because the toy is very popular and master classes with photos, diagrams, videos, simply enough. In the picture you can see the most common variants of the pattern, as well as the scheme for the assembly of finished toys. Tailor usually of two types of tissue, bodily thin fabric is to create the arms, legs and head, and the body, which according to the canons Tilda remains closed clothing, made from a different material, the more dense and soft, natural cotton suit or similar to his options. Arms and legs are sewn to each other through filler and stuffed nezashitye to the end joints which are then closed. But the creation of the framework - it is only the very first and easiest step in the process, how to make their own toys interior. It is necessary to pay special attention to the hair and creating embroidery hairstyles, as well as sewing clothes and accessories. However, successfully completed its first such toys, you may want to repeat the creative process again and again.

Tykvogolovkami called unique doll with his own hands from the tissue, photos you see above. Their body proportions are fairly common, but the head is made by special technology - they sewed several sectors, which makes it look like a pumpkin, hence the name. It can be called the head of the main part for the entire crafts, so it is given maximum attention. Unlike Tilda, which face painting is very symbolic, it is not given much attention, then tykvogolovok important that a person not only had a large, handsome features, but also an expression of the given emotion. Painted face a fine brush, acrylic paints, literally giving their creation story, character, habits. The other parts of the body are made of tykvogolovki puppet standard complemented clothing, footwear and accessories.

Not less beautiful, and Snowballs, which are also the author's toy, which is already a few years, all enthusiastically repeated. Even in the photo you can see what Snowballs different from the others - it is broad, well filled with legs that make a sustainable figure, the person doing not only schematically, they are generally substantially pure, with small dots for eyes and a must blush on the cheeks. In the style of Snezhek do so many New Year's interior things when toys intended for New Year's compositions that adorn the shelves and coffee tables.

Doll with his own hands from the cloth for beginners

The beauty of the many varieties of toys allows them to compete with the most expensive ideas for home decor, but if we remember that the original purpose of the game is to be children, will be useful most simple variety. Not without reason doll with his own hands from the cloth for beginners It will largely be so similar to those dolls, which had the opportunity to play an even our great-grandmothers.

But before we talk about the so-called primitives or attic dolls, let's look at another kind, which can also be classified as simple. However, another reason was the fact that it is a toy, not interior decoration, toys and useful, to develop. This is the so-called Waldorf doll, which is used in the training centers and schools, working on technique Waldorf. Such a doll for the baby is the perfect companion for games, because the proportions of her body will be perfectly repeat real human proportions, and, for adults and for children puppet. Therefore Sewing Waldorf toys to properly adhere to the proportions to make itself a doll body right and beautiful. The second aspect of the toys - a schematic representation of a person, it is believed that the child itself will impart their character toys, "think out" and he will imagine, without any imposed stereotypes. That is why we can say that it is a sewing dolls - this fascinating creative process, and an important point in the educational program. And if you already know how to make fabric blinds with their hands, then you will certainly be on forces and such a product, especially because it is really a very useful thing for the development of the child.

Beginners who do not have experience with complex patterns and specific materials, fit the so-called primitives, which are also often can be found under the name attic dolls. This toy, which will be under the force make absolutely anyone can say that the pillow-letters of fabric and make something harder than them. Primitives will distinguish not only the schematic faces, but also clothes. Their bodies are the most basic form, not stuffed strongly that it was convenient to take them into the hands of even a small child, and sewing everything useful scraps that you can find in your home.

Children around the world adore the primitives, as they are very comfortable to play, to sleep, to carry everywhere for him and mom can sew them so much that they can be used to tell the most ambitious tale with lots of character. Alone among them is a doll Reggedi Anne, with a face made of patches. This doll has its own history, it has become a symbol of America, but is loved by girls around the world.

Doll with his own hands made of cloth with patterns

Sew primitives, as we have said, just enough so you can see this, it will show you several ways to manufacture doll with his own hands made of cloth with patterns.

Well in this species also, and that you're not limited in the choice of fabrics, materials, degree of filling, in front of you a huge field for experiments in search of the perfect toys for the baby.

Doll amulet with his own hands from the cloth

Popularity even in modern interiors and becomes the so-called Doll Charm with their hands from a fabric. I remember the old folk tradition, when it was thought that creating a small likeness of a man, you can give it magical qualities, not only using as a toy for a child, but also as an amulet that protects from evil forces, giving good and fulfillment of desires.

You can find a lot of master classes on such popular toys, and they can vary greatly depending on the region, which were once invented. Modern charms besides its some mystical significance, is also very decorative, they are complemented by exquisite embroidery in the folk style, he made the most beautiful dress, trailing braids of woolen thread. But here is a person for them not done at all, and this fact is very important for those who believe in the miraculous power of amulets. Here for Shrovetide doll with his own hands from the cloth It used a slightly different approach - this image of winter incarnation, so her facial features and you can paint, but also a century of its short-lived, as the effigy of Carnival is usually burned at the end of Maslenitsa.

Motanki doll with his own hands from the cloth

Regional features have all kinds of toys, amulets, but the most popular can be called motanku - rolled around sticks of hay or a piece of tape, decorated with cloth to simulate clothing. Person motanki decorated with a ribbon with a cross, and in general they are considered to be very powerful amulet for prosperity at home, home and farm.

fans create motanki doll with his own hands from the cloth Today quite a lot, and, folk art addicted to all, not just those who want to make a toy for children. For such dolls in the house assign an honorable place, beautifully decorate the composition, happy to give to the families and loved ones.

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