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Patterns for cutting. A heart

A small collection of templates for cutting of all sorts of paper hearts and hearts.

To work in engineering kirigami you need a mat or a thick piece of linoleum, a sharp knife and smooth colored paper.

stencils hearts

Heart - one of the most important and significant symbols of love, and therefore of Valentine's Day. So we could not ignore it, collecting a gallery stencil hearts.

Stencils hearts - a great way to ease the process of preparing for February 14th.

Traditional card-valentine on February 14 is very easy to do yourself, with your own hands if you use stencils hearts. Their production process can be considerably simplified and shortened in time.

In addition, many ornaments for Valentine's Day are built on the use of stencils hearts. Garlands, pendants, gift packaging, and more.

Download the free stencils hearts, and you can come up with a use for them themselves. Everything is limited only by your imagination.

In addition, 14 February stencils hearts may be useful in preparing for the wedding: for decoration and design of the hall, in preparation for a competition for the redemption or at the banquet, and so on.

Stencils hearts pretty universal decoration (and patterns), and they can be used anywhere and in any way, the choice is yours, my friends!

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Excellent stencils are perfect for my purposes! Not even as physical stencils, but as a design of digital images.

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