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What is a Turkish bath

Turkish hammam - it is not only useful heat. This type of bath is perceived as a whole trend of oriental culture. Turkish baths have long been built as works of art. And today, even visiting a modern hamam, you will be amazed by the beauty of its decoration. In this article you will learn interesting facts about hamam and its effect on the body.

Procedure Visit Turkish bath is not limited to steam rooms and pool. What would relax your body, soul and most importantly, oriental people spend in the hammam more than one hour, talking, drinking infusions and teas, cleansing the body.

Turkish hammam - its pros and cons

Classical Hammam is built on the principle of the palm, where each finger - bath niche. "Radiocarpal joint" and the beginning of the procedure - a changing room at a temperature 28-34 ° C. Here you need to sit and warm up, then go to "ladon9raquo; - a large room with underfloor heating. There are heated stone couches chebek-Tashi. From "ladoni9raquo; departs somewhat "paltsev9raquo; - niches in which the temperature gradually rises from 70 to 100 ° C.

After colonization and entry of Greece into the Roman Empire many outstanding Greek physicians and scientists moved to Rome. This has contributed to the mutual enrichment of Greek and Latin cultures. The Romans quickly and efficiently mastered the achievements of Greek culture and medicine are not only fans of the water-bath and massage treatments, but also to improve them. The rich patricians visited daily baths - so-called public Roman baths, which are unique in architecture and engineering facilities. There has been taken not only to bathe but also to argue, small talk, to organize the presentation and even the feast).

Soon terms have become the focus of social and political thought. As a result of archaeological excavations in the ruins of the buildings was found inscriptions testifying about the customs and traditions of the first pastime highest Roman nobility: "Hunt, play, have fun, go to the baths - it means to live" and "Bathhouse, love and joy - we are together."

  • latent heating system, hot and hot stone floor couches;
  • temperature in the room doubles from 40 to 100 ° C;
  • gradual and thorough heating of the whole organism;
  • vigorous massage (using soap foam, hard sponges, aromamasel).

Contraindications to visit all kinds of oriental baths are headaches, epilepsy, tinnitus, and idiosyncrasy of high humidity, because the body is under a heavy load.

How does the Turkish hammam - the construction and properties

Not everyone in this country knows what a Turkish hammam, and has much less how to build it correctly. In this article we will talk about the features of the functioning of the Turkish bath, about what the benefits and harms Turkish saunas, as well as the complexities and nuances of its construction.

Some users, for the first time faced with a new term for themselves, may be wondering what a hamam sauna. We reply at once that these are two completely different types of baths.

According to the principle of the Turkish bath is significantly different from the familiar to the Russian baths Russian or Finnish sauna. However, in recent years hammams are gaining more fans thanks to the special effects on the body and unique, inherent only to them, coloring. That is why many seek to construct a bath on the site. See also: "What is a Turkish sauna and how it differs."

Paired Turkish bath are most suitable for the human body microclimate, since the temperature in all their areas varies between 32-52 ° C, and the humidity level reaches 98-99%. The hammam is only the ceiling remains cool to it could condense steam.

Typically, full bath hamam consist of several rooms, and the steam is generated in a technical room and fed directly through special channels in the pair. As heating in the steam room are all surfaces - floors, walls, beds. Thanks to this arrangement, a Turkish steam room provides a gradual warming of muscles and joints.

The body begins to envelop the vapor cloud with a temperature of 44-46 ° C, which helps to relax and improve circulation. It should be noted that talking about the benefits and dangers of a Turkish steam room, there is no doubt that such a bath is allowed even those who do not recommend visiting traditional Russian sauna.

Turkish bath is also impossible to imagine without the foam massage and flavored air.

Thus, in the hammam procedures provide such an effect:

  • expanding the pores are cleaned and the skin;
  • body gets rid of toxins;
  • body gradually relaxes and tiredness goes away;
  • shortness of breath is normalized;
  • dull pain syndrome;
  • passes cold;
  • normal sleep, insomnia disappears;
  • It comes back to normal digestive system and gradually decreasing overweight.

Since the Turkish steam bath is not the extreme conditions in the Russian bath, hammam contraindications almost does not matter. So that it can safely go to even people with heart disease and blood vessels. See also: "How to bathe in the hammam - general advice and recommendations."

Ideally, a Turkish bath is divided into two parts - technical and bannuyu. In the technical room equipment is located for generating steam and heating supply in the bath room. In olden pairs obtained by maintaining the boiling water in the boiler, and is currently in use for this purpose steam generators. Steam provides heating surfaces in the sauna room - the walls, floor, lezhanok.

Bath of the Hammam consists of three rooms for different purposes. It should be noted that the ceiling in the sauna compartment make uneven, to the accumulated condensate does not drip down.

At the entrance to the baths have a locker room or "dzhamekyan". The temperature in this room is kept within 32-34 ° C. There are usually installed a shower with warm water to remove dirt and perspiration. In this room is a bit linger to slightly warm the body before any further procedures.

The next room is a private steam room or "Harar". This room temperature is much higher - it varies within 42-52 ° C. The floor and walls, as well as located in the center of the room stone couches, then heated. In large hammam there is also individual cabins, where the client can increase the temperature to 60-85 ° C, but this is the exception rather than the rule. See also: "What are the cabin with a Turkish bath - advantages and features of operation."

The steam is injected a high level of humidity, so that the steam literally felt. In addition, the air here is flavored to help the person relax more. Foam massage, typical for hamam, carried out in the same room.

The third mandatory bathroom in the hammam - "soguklyuk" or relaxation room. It can lie down, relax, have a drink flavored tea, think about what kind of benefits and harms hamam brings your body.

If you decide to build at his dacha hammam, do not forget that its inherent attributes are also Qurna and a massage table. Gournah are special cups with hot and cold flavored water for rinsing, draining which is not provided.

Massage table is equipped with a heating system, as well as other surfaces in the Turkish bath. Its height is 85 cm.

Building materials hamam

Special oriental exoticism hamam creates not only the structure of a bath, but also the inherent materials. In particular, a Turkish bath, absolutely unacceptable any wooden elements. It has long been in the construction of walls, floors and lezhanok hammams use natural marble. A good alternative to this material, besides exceeding its heat capacity is talkohlorit.

Decorating smalt surfaces may be performed, as well as small mosaic tiles, from which it is possible to lay out a variety of patterns. In order to save money are now very active tile is used in the home Hamam. It is quite able to convey the atmosphere of an original Turkish baths and copes with its functions, although the strength and can not compete with marble or smalt.

To provide the required amount of steam desired density and temperature, you can use a modern boiler. Choose such a device is necessary based on the room size, so that it can bring the temperature in the sauna room to 50-53 ° C. Optimally, if the steam generator is installed in a separate technical compartment, and they can be controlled from the dressing.

Under a basic sunbed central nozzle for supplying steam into the steam room. In addition, by making the steam pipework under the floor, so that it can be heated with steam. Among the most well-known and quality manufacturers of steam generators can be called Harvia Finnish and Swedish Tylo.

For spraying into air used flavoring oils are generally automatic. It consists of a bulb with a fan and distributes the wick.

Subtleties erection Turkish bath

The whole process of building the hamam involves the following procedures:

  • laying insulation and protection from moisture;
  • assembling layer foiled vapor barrier material coating;
  • carrying out all possible communications - water, sewerage, heating and steam supply, ventilation and electricity;
  • pouring concrete screed and plastering the walls and ceiling;
  • organization of the finish waterproof protection;
  • decorating surfaces facing materials.

A prerequisite for the hamam is a hardware independent floor heating system. Its design presupposes a slope to the drain water inlet, which set the filter and shut-off to infiltrate into the room did not smell any. See also: "Building a hammam - Phased installation instructions."

Pouring concrete screed is produced in two layers between which the layer of paving waterproofing materials. Finishing the floor finishing is done by the owner - marble, tiles or mosaics.

Height space usually reaches 2.4-2.6 m. The ceiling it carried out a rounded shape, but in any case not flat.

Heated floor may be as water and electric. In an electric floor heating cables are used as the special heating elements. However, most often pave the water heating with pipes.

The last thing that should be mentioned - the lighting. It is best to use the hammam point light lamps, thus creating a sense of fairy-tale and magic. But do not forget about safety. In the hammam using equipment with capacity up to 36 W with IP65 protection category.

In conclusion, we note that, due to the increasing popularity of Turkish bath, the question of the benefits and harms baths hamam is no longer relevant. They are not only beneficial to the body as a whole, but also bring moral satisfaction with its unique oriental flavor. If you have a sufficient amount of material resources, it is able to build such a bath with his hands.

Turkish bath (hamam). What is it and what are its distinctive features?

Everyone is familiar with Russian bath, which love to go and see people of all ages. But how many people have heard the name, as the hammam? What is it and what are its main features?

Hamam - a kind of Turkish bath. However, for any Eastern person it is not just a place where you can practice personal hygiene. Her visit - a kind of ritual. Trying to learn more about putting a hammam bath - what is it and how is it different from the other baths - you can stumble upon the belief that it is part of a religious tradition. The Prophet Muhammad said that the hamam increases fertility, and therefore increases the number of believers.

Amazingly beautiful architectural style of interior room - it's the first thing strikes hammam. Photos structure able to convey his greatness. Bath made in the style of the temple. The walls are decorated with marble. Shops for steaming is also lined with this material, but other than that, they are decorated with mosaic panels. For floating adapted a large hall with located around the perimeter of comfortable sun beds, and in the middle of it - a big "flat rock".

The second feature of the bath is that it has become part of the culture, a national treasure and tourist attraction. Delicious oriental tradition conceals hamam. What it is? It can be felt only if you fully realize that every action in the bath has a huge meaning.

Cleansing consists of three stages. The first one takes place in the locker room, which should not only remove all clothing, but also completely rid of all the heavy thoughts, worries and shipping problems. Man remains in only a loincloth, and then enters the second room. In a traditional Turkish bath, water is supplied in a copper bowl, the soul is not here. Only olive oil soap is used for washing. After purification of the body and mind, you can go directly into the steam room itself.

The Turkish bath, floating system is different from that familiar Russian man. Air temperature is about 60 degrees and the humidity can reach 100%. Such conditions are acceptable even for a weakened organism. This is one of the main advantages for which the hammam was the most enthusiastic reviews. After such a bath may visit those who have contraindications to other kinds of pair. It is worth noting that in the doubles indoors heats not only the air but also the floor, walls and beds. This allows your body to relax as much as possible.

Much can be said about this type of bath as a hammam. What is it, like clear, but what is its use of which everyone speaks in the East? Every room is well-known as a good place to cleanse and soothe. No wonder there go not just to wash, but relax, unwind with friends. However, in the hammam focuses on the psychological relief. Visit it is recommended for recovery from colds, insomnia, and nervousness, headaches, arthritis and osteoporosis. Turkish bath is also good with excessive muscle tension and pain after exercise. In addition, there you can offer massage, which will be particularly effective for steamed body. This will help to forget about the discomfort in the joints, pain in the spine and tiredness.

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