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Fuchsia - is what? Photo and description

Luxurious color, with at least the name of luxury - fuchsia, looks great, and in the interiors, and in the clothing and makeup. He drastically change the image of the person or the design space, brings a certain "flavor", gives a charming freshness.

It is the color fuchsia (Fuchsia) - photos and description

Fuchsia appeared in 1989, but its "heyday" is considered to be 1936, when the well-known fashion designers decided to indulge fashionistas. They made a juicy gorgeous coloring plant trend of the season, giving similar "name". Many famous people started wearing clothes this palette, creating a cult.

Today, there are a few of its official colors:

  • Hollywood cerise;
  • pink fuchsia;
  • deep fuchsia;
  • fandango;
  • Antique (dim) Fuchsia.

They are often confused with magenta color called because the figures they consist of identical proportions of red and blue. But after printing the difference manifests itself - magenta purple tone is different, and fuchsia - red. Also, magenta and cyclamen are virtually identical. All four names can be used interchangeably.

Fuchsia - bright independent color, so using it in clothing, should adhere to certain rules. Preference is given to things with a simple cut, unadorned, preferably, from smooth and even fabric.

Cyclamen actually looks at the celebrations. Evening dresses purple scale figures underline the dignity and guarantee admiring glances. They can be decorated with bows, drapes, or ropes, as the feast of all permissible. Also look wonderful dress with corset.

The daily selected dull colors fuchsia. If you still want to treat yourself to a juicy, they need to accessorize other colors that will set off a catchy daring. Pink shoes, belts, scarves and shawls will be the accents, eye-catching.

Fuchsia divinely combined with dark and even black. Headbands, scarves, barrettes, rubber bands and bows like colors on dark hair give the image of elegance, brightness and coquetry. A person of any shape instantly look younger and will gain good looks.

Purple strands suitable for young girls seeking to stand out, to focus on the delightful exterior and rebellious spirit.

color design on the nails (manicure)

Pink is often used in nail design. Bright saturated tone looks great and monotonic embodiment, and as decorating elements. Thanks to a wide range of colors, you can choose the most appropriate mood, style and outfit.

Masters recommend two-color composition, where you can play on the contrast and saturation to emphasize the "vegetable" range.

Trendy colorful nail art designs with cost-effective solution would be for the young ladies who want to be in the center of the increased interest. Confident girls should choose a light pink moon manicure or a jacket that looks appropriate and at a party, and in the office.

Pink lipstick goes absolutely all women. The main thing - to choose the right shade.

Lipstick fuchsia priori vulgar, unlike red and burgundy. It is suitable for daytime makeup, refresh the face, lips and provide visually "whiten" teeth.

Cyclamen - one of the few flowers that are all, without exaggeration.

Beautiful skin tones, he stressed and pale "heals" and levels. It combines perfectly with the green and brown eyes, but blue and gray on his background also did not lose their expressiveness.

Light Brown, brown hair and girls with brown hair is better to choose a classic tone fuchsia, whether it be clothes, shoes, lipstick, manicure, pedicure, or accessories. But do not oversaturate image of his presence.

Red correct to give priority to deep purple hues, including Fandango. They emphasize the brightness of golden hair and expressive eyes.

Blond ladies suitable tone of deep fuchsia or antique that look great and noble white skin, sunburn and elegant. It is important not to overplay with the amount of pink - its surplus, especially in combination with platinum curls ages.

Best of all fuchsia looks in symbiosis with dark long hair. Brunettes are all its shades, but are considered to be the most exquisite Hollywood cherry pink and fuchsia.

Men purple is also very suitable, it is necessary only to choose the right shade and the article of clothing. Mostly guys prefer the street clothes that tone: T-shirts, shirts, suits, and so on. Lower - only in exceptional cases. Pink hats, ties and other accessories like a true dandies.

Purple - beautiful color, which should be able to wear. It should emphasize the shade or other tones, depending on the situation. Solid pink looks ridiculous and seems out of place.

At work or at a business meeting, where a strict view, you can afford a crimson blouse and accessories. Beautiful antique fuchsia jacket color is also nice. Calm gray jacket, black trousers, a black skirt.

On a date or on holiday allowed almost everything - from bright purple suit to elegant evening dress Hollywood cherry or shocking pink. It is important to combine shades: choose a crimson tone of blue jeans, a purple dress - green or yellow jacket, etc.

In everyday life are not juicy, but dull pink color, adding to it beige, light blue, light green and other soothing colors. Green T-shirt with crimson shorts, beige suit with purple accents, a simple white dress with a purple cape decorate everyday image, making it intriguing and fascinating.

Fuchsia in the interior - a photo with a description of

Pink color can give the interior vitality and modernity. He is rich and beautiful look to any room, it is necessary only to properly arrange the room.

Pink looks cute in the nursery and the bedroom, the kitchen is original, grand living room, amazing in the bathroom and in the corridors. This is an unusual option that is appropriate everywhere, the main thing - do not overdo it with the quantity.

Combination with other colors and shades

The combination of colors and shades can create a wonderful transformation, refine any way, give it elegance of the stylish elements.

There are a variety of colors combinations, each of which in its own way beautiful.

When making a choice, it is necessary to take into account the effect produced:

  1. Fuchsia and gray seems successful due to a combination that balances the quiet shade of the image, making it less glaring. The best option - a bright top and bottom of the discreet gray.
  2. Symbiosis pink and black is stylish and unique. For example, a black skirt with a crimson blouse and is suitable for a party with friends, for a business dinner.
  3. Purple and blue - a winning option for the outstanding personalities. If you use a full skirt or skinny pants, as well as to create an ensemble with a pink shirt and a blue dress, will "lose" a few more years and refresh appearance as a blue component.
  4. Raspberry white - grand combination, indicating refined taste. It is often used at weddings to give the celebration a special charm.
  5. Purple with hints of precious silver emphasizes luxury bohemian character and wealth of its owner. Dark-purple dress with stylish fabrics, silver clutch and sophisticated shoes in tone suited to girls of all ages and social status.
  6. Magenta looks delicious in combination with green palette. Top or blouse with this palette of emerald skirt or jeans to make an image with natural and scenic. Dilute gamut better light beige or white accessories and footwear.

The interiors of rooms fuchsia looks rich, it "lights up" the design and creates a harmonious flavor.

Depending on the color combination, you can achieve various effects:

  1. Bring to the interior energy, opening it fully. In this case, it helps symbiosis pink with blue or blue.
  2. Add design solar positivity and cheerfulness - a combination of magenta and orange or peach.
  3. Balance the interior and make it Skoromniy can cherry with brown or material "under the tree", and the majesty will give colorful details.
  4. Together with lemon or yellow, purple in the interior of the room will bring a bright and mischievous component, pleasing the eye.
  5. Create a warm spring mood, soft soothing atmosphere will help fuchsia, adjacent to the green.
  6. Make the room a strict and concise succeed in the modern style high-tech, in which preference is given to pink in combination with white, gray or black, and sometimes in conjunction with all of them.
  7. Solemnity and coquetry combination of cherry and white, are replaced by calm and serene beauty, costs only add to the last notes of cream, milk, cream or beige.
  8. Bright and warm colors are best suited for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and more quiet and cool colors - for a bedroom or bathroom. Children require versatility. Interior room for a child depends on the imagination of parents, as well as the nature and the wishes of the child.

Fuchsia color - photos with description

"Parent" color - fuchsia is a perennial ornamental plant with a wide variety of grades. Its flowers are unusual, bright and beautiful, they stand out from the other room, or outdoor plants. Outwardly, they look like Chinese lanterns, or neatly folded ribbons.

Fuchsia - cold or warm?

It is difficult to say for sure what color is fuchsia - cold or warm. This is due to the wide range of shades. But when you consider that there is present a blue pigment, yet it is closer to the cold.

It is a versatile tone that, regardless of the temperature suitable for all tsvetotipu man and looks great in combination with almost any color.

fuchsia color values ​​of feng shui "shocking pink"

"Shocking Pink" has its own designation of Feng Shui. Eastern science says that it symbolizes passion, romance, kindness and love. In the same excessive amount it indicates infantilism and lightheadedness.

People place bets on pink, positive, hardworking, love thrills. They are easy to move and can go on an unplanned trip or throw a boring job without a shadow of a doubt. But those who surround themselves with raspberry almost everything - usually childishly naive and frivolous person.

The psychology of color "Fuchsia" and color therapy

Fuchsia in psychology represents life, goodness, love, inspire positive emotions, revives pleasant memories vivid. He did not like the pragmatic, too rational individuals who are not used to run away from responsibility, and often suffer from depression.

In color therapy Pink is one of the medical shades:

  • stabilizes blood pressure;
  • improves the emotional state;
  • It stimulates the kidneys and adrenals;
  • a positive effect on all body systems;
  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • invigorates and improves mood.

Minus its only too bright, because of which is difficult to relax. Color therapy to correct the situation with the help of an antique fuchsia - this is the most gentle and calm tone possible.

Fuchsia seems magical and looker. Selecting hair, makeup, clothes of such color, you can become more attractive, younger. Opting for this paint in the interior, it is necessary to prepare for a pleasant change and enthusiastic guests.

Fuchsia clothing - photos combinations

Favorite color of Hollywood stars ... The brightest shade of hot purple palette ... The best way to decorate your everyday wardrobe ... Clothing color fuchsia - this revelation in your fashion life!

How to wear fuchsia and what to combine it, read on.

combination with fuchsia - photo palette

Playful and incredibly bright fuchsia got its name from the eponymous evergreen plants. He - not pink or purple, the color is close to Magenta, but still looks calm and elegant. Juicy fuchsia can be completely different - depending on the lighting and textiles.

Designers began to experiment with the color back in the 30s of the 20th century and created a furor. fuchsia deservedly loved all of Hollywood and not only Hollywood, high society. For such indifference to the hot shade of this color got its second name - "Hollywood cherry".

And that really must admit, every woman, regardless of skin color and hair color looks in the SHI-KAR-NO. Especially refined it will look on the girl tsvetotipa "winter" and "spring". A spice fuchsia add or tanned shoulders of the legs.

What combine fuchsia clothing? For an unusual hue - worthy partners.

The daughter of a millionaire: + fuchsia shades of green / blue

The most playful and cheerful mix. This duo will turn you into the most exotic flower on the planet.

Emerald knee-length skirt, top and fuchsia amazing ballet flats in color topu. This trio of screaming can be diluted with white bag. You will not pass unnoticed.

You can splash around in the turquoise waters, not going to the sea!

Fuchsia dress with blue bag - 2 bright accent

Aquamarine clutch in fuchsia skirt

Luscious fuchsia skirt with an emerald - the pleasure style

Summer image with sundresses

Fuchsia and Blue

Princess of Monaco: fuchsia combined with silver / gray

Onions, combined with gray

Tandem silver and fuchsia - the most luxurious and rich. The best combination for the grand ball or a party.

Plan to strike the Prince and to lose his shoe - choose a dress with draped fuchsia, him - silver sandals and clutch.

If you need to bring to mind an acquaintance on korporativki skirt dark silver colors, in tone boats and hot fuchsia jacket.

White + Fuchsia - very poppy mix. Remember, the same color in this duet should be more.

Tight white pants, white top and jacket colors bright fuchsia remind your walk compliments from strangers.

Fuchsia in the design of a top, leather purple skirt and a chic white jacket - for the girl who likes to take risks.

Heiress, like fuchsia or combined with black

Do you believe in love at first sight? Then a combination of fuchsia and black - is the kind of love. Very bright, elegant and concise combination, which can be found on very expensive parties and receptions.

Fuchsia blouse with lace collar, high black shorts and stunning studs - are you ready for the most incendiary party of your life.

Black dress-case (article on sheath dress) in exotic colors, fuchsia-colored sandals and an elegant clutch - for your first and not the last output in color.

Red dress-case in fuchsia colors under black belt, black shoes and handbag - your already bright appearance will impress more than one heart.

Unusual dress with marvelous stains, black sandals and fuchsia in the design of the clutch - for a party at the club.

The combination of yellow and black and white

Fuchsia with beige shades

In the style of Barbie: fuchsia, combined with pink

Shoes color fandango (fuchsia hue)

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Fuchsia - what is it?

Fuchsia - shade of color, how to get the shade?

The name of this color comes from the flower name, which has a color different shades.

some color "fuksii9quot; called pink, bright pink, and some call it crimson.

But this is wrong. He was not so delicate as pink, not as soft as crimson.

Fuchsia more piercing than these colors. It is an independent color in nature, which can be received, as it turned out, by mixing red and blue. Depending on the proportions, there is a bright fuchsia, fuchsia and deep rich fuchsia.

Color named "fuksiya9quot; completely duplicates the shade of a flower of the same name. In fact the color name is just historically arisen due to an incredibly juicy shade of fuchsia flower.

Fuchsia, as a rule, it has a bright pink undertone. In this case, the shade can be smoothly varied from purple to reddish.

This color is almost as bright as the red, it symbolizes the vitality, romance and happiness.

It is used generally by adding small strokes in bright casual clothes, all the dress in this color will look good only on what -That festival and party.

The most interesting is the combination of fuchsia and blue, but it takes some courage for what to wear something like that, but the majority use only accessories.

I would say that the color fuchsia - a rich crimson color, quite popular with the ladies. color coordinates # ff00ff. Get the colors can be mixed red and blue colors. It received its name in honor of the flower and the flower was named in honor of Leonarta von Fuchs, the scientist from Germany. Fuchsia looks like this:

Beautiful fuchsia dress:

wall color fuchsia:

Shoes fuchsia:

Fuchsia is possible to tell a very bright pink color, but still it belongs to the purple. Its name is due to the flower of the same color.

He is very Brodsky color, and for the first time in the clothes began to use with 1936 and until now it is fashionable.

It turns out if you mix two colors - red and blue.

Fuchsia It refers to the purple color that is a mixture of red and blue. Fuchsia of them - the most "vyderzhannyy9quot ;, since it is absolutely Equal proportions of the blue and red colors, and a drop of green (RGB 255/0/255). The difference with the border colors you can see in this picture:

Of course, in recent years its popularity had fuchsia "obrasti9quot; shades:

And rightly so, because the classical fuchsia is only suitable for people with cool skin tones. But the dress is depicted in the picture called "red fuchsia"Already more or less suitable for warm tsvetotip.

In general, the color is called "fuksiya9quot; looks like that. However, it may dominate both red and purple hues. In the photo fuchsia, which is most often associate this concept, it is clearly the most predominant color pink.

He catches the eye, attracts attention. So often fuchsia can be found in clothing, in hair color, color cosmetics (lipsticks, varnishes, etc.), shoes and accessories (handbags, wallets, belts, glasses, etc.).

Fuktsii is very nasyshenny shade of pink with purple ottenkom.V now widely used in the interior and odezhde.Etot appeared in 1696 was discovered by Charles Plumier in the Dominican Republic in the course of monitoring the shrubs having flowers that color.

Fuchsia that somewhere between pink and raspberry.

Let's just say it's a more intense pink, but less sharp than crimson.

Generally shade of pink and magenta.

And it looks like this.

but in general it's fuchsia flower from him and was taken and the name of the shade.

Fuchsia color is close to crimson red, or with the addition of pink. The color itself is very impressive looks especially in women, men such color is hardly suitable, but a matter of taste. The name itself speaks about the flower fuchsia.

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