French cross-stitch scheme

French knot in the embroidery - the scheme for beginners. How to make French knot embroidery in video

Among the fans of needlework embroidered French knot especially favored. Products made by this technique, surprising depth and picturesque: lilac flowers look like the living, and light clouds floating in a picture reminiscent of the summer. Clothing, decorated by a similar procedure to that exclusive and distinctive. Learn this craft is very simple.

Where to use the French knot embroidery

Things decorated with unique expressive needlework, draw attention to their uniqueness. French knot in the embroidery gives it a special charm, pleasing to the eye color fullness and volume sensations. With it created models of clothes that can be seen on the catwalks of the world, but also domestic needlewoman decorate them their clothes. Originally looks a gift, which is embroidered with the name of the hero of the day. Skilled workers create unique things:

  • bags;
  • towels;
  • cosmetic;
  • blankets;
  • paintings;
  • hairpins;
  • brooches;
  • icon.

The use of French knot embroidery in color has a special meaning. Work different sense of the volume of delight the eye colors, a delight and admiration. Often nodular technique used for the finishing touches with decorating the finished product, so I recommend the work carried out on the pressed and laundered basic embroidery. Using this technique for color images, you can do:

  • stamens;
  • rose buds;
  • core;
  • small flowers, e.g., lilac or forget-me.

The bulk of the finished embroidery thread picture

A special attraction are painting using French knot in the embroidery. Very original look of the work, entirely made in this way: they have their own flavor and appeal. To embroider the big picture, you need to use ready-made schemes. Very modern look works with the contour pattern. a technique often used only to emphasize the points in the plot. It can be:

  • leaves;
  • jewelry clothing images of people;
  • bulky parts in animal pictures.

French embroidery with ribbons

Very elegant look products, embroidered French knots with tape. Their width is selected depending on the author's ideas: the smaller the item, the ribbon is already taken. Patterns produced is very voluminous, eye-catching, and the products are unique, unrepeatable. Performed this work very quickly. Ribbons adorn:

The technology is similar to working with strings, but has some differences. The most simple embroidered French knots tape width of 5 mm using this technology:

  • pull the fabric in the embroidery frame;
  • ribbon fastened from underside;
  • pull to the right side;
  • placed on the fabric by orienting it to the embroiderer;
  • on top of a horizontal needle;
  • wrapped with tape in its direction by themselves, making a free traffic without pulling;
  • inject the needle into the fabric at a distance of 2 mm from the original input.

How is the French knot stitch

Master volume embroidery can even beginners. To make a beautiful work, you need to work out the implementation of one element technique. How to make French knot in the embroidery? You need to prepare the fabric, thread, embroidery hoop, needle. Node should be formed as follows:

  • pull on the hoop material;
  • fasten thread on the wrong side;
  • Lower needle to pull the top;
  • thread take in the left hand;
  • needle to draw close to the material;
  • wrap the thread around it, making three turns in the winding;
  • needle poke inside, near the point where the entrance.

To ready the work was neat, successful, experienced embroiderers advised from the beginning of training:

  • used when sewing the embroidery frame;
  • make sure that the thread is not twisted;
  • hold it until the end of execution element;
  • the formation of the nodule retain the needle close to the fabric;
  • entanglement thread always performed in one direction;
  • take the time to work;
  • for volume elements do not increase the number of turns - use thicker yarns;
  • stitches are placed evenly;
  • withdraw the needle very close to the entry point;
  • it must be very sharp.

Only from your ideas depends on the choice of thread for embroidery French knots. So that the image looks more volume, use a darker tone than the back in the foreground. The greater the number of colors to be used, the more interesting results obtained. Picking up the thread, please note:

  • small, small items like beads, are obtained if their embroidered floss;
  • for a larger size suit woolen yarn;
  • bulk flowers embroidered ribbons;
  • comfortable length of thread to work - 30 cm - is a big mess, and short have to be replaced frequently.

What fabric is suitable for embroidery French knot

Particular taking off should be given the choice of fabrics:

  • If you want to embroider a picture or a flower, look for a tight outline.
  • When using loose tissue, knot can be drawn on the wrong side, spoiling operation.
  • Can embroider nodular way finished products from any solid matter.
  • Since the tapes are obtained by using bulkier items permitted work knitted fabric. French knot in this case, you can even decorate knitwear.

It is very rare to find circuits that are intended exclusively for a French knot embroidery. Needlewoman found a way out:

  • using components of cross stitch, beads - they are symbols of beads and stitch knots are replaced;
  • adapted for use with tapes designs intended for expanse art;
  • transferred onto the fabric favorite pictures, and then, instead of paint, paint them with colored nodules or embroider on a path.
  • apply their talents - do draw stories for future work.

Novice needle women is best to start with simple circuits of small size and limited number of colors. So you will practice the technique quickly get a result that will inspire new creations. Try embroidered ladybird scheme. The legend small dots are executed in red and large - black. More complex flower embroidery where multiple threads of different colors used. The circuit is made in color. It is only necessary to choose the appropriate thread and embroidered on the canvas. Learn how an embroidery with beads.

Embroidery "In the French side"

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  • canvas: Aida 14
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ATyshivka cross "In the French side," as though impregnated with the spirit of Provence. Quiet and peaceful atmosphere is created slowness flow stream, beautiful flowering plants. It makes you want to sit in the gazebo and enjoy nature. This picture is undoubtedly complements any interior. Embroidery suit more advanced craftswomen, as it is quite large and combines different techniques of embroidery.

  1. Scheme cross stitch
  2. The key to the scheme
  3. The color palette of floss

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French cross-stitch: schemes with knots

Stylish and original embroidered pattern can be supplemented with the help of French knots among the embroideries there is quite an interesting technique of cross stitch with French knots. It is used to make the volume of certain details in embroidery. In the French cross stitch scheme used for normal cross stitch. In fact, the technique of cross stitch with knots, you can not only create paintings under glass, you can decorate clothes, napkins, kitchen towels, decorative pillowcases on the pillows and even embroider bedspreads. In Scheme boundary application can be noted that the nodule is not confused.

What advantages does the French cross-stitch with knots

French cross-stitch with knots used when you need to carve out a piece to give volume. It would be logical to call this type of embroidery combined. It combines two different types of stitches on the canvas - crosses and knots.

Picture, embroidered with a cross decorated with French knots for:

  • Giving volume color;
  • Padding elements trees, clouds;
  • They make out the eyes and nose of animals;
  • Decorations dresses, hats;
  • Simulate natural phenomena.

The advantage of the French embroidery is that it looks volumetric

With the help of artistic approach creates the whole picture, amazing, beautiful and impressive work. Using this technique can be very interesting to create different designs to make unique pictures.

Snow falling on the background of a winter landscape or food for birds in the trough will effectively stand out from the general form of the web. Needlewomen imagination has no limits, tablecloths, embroidered French embroidery, decorate the holiday table.

Simple French knot in cross stitch

Sometimes embroidered cross pattern would be desirable to give some flavor, as if to breathe life into it. That's just in a French knot embroidery stitch gives this unique effect. Knot in the embroidery allows you to perform the smallest circuit elements. Embroider beautiful flower buds or make barely noticeable birthmark, options to apply mass. Embroiderers using nodules can embroider a poster. embroidery technique was invented in China and France have already adopted this type of embroidery and a bit modified, it began to develop as a separate art.

  • The needle appears on the reverse side;
  • On the front side of the needle thread is wound twice;
  • Insert the needle into the tissue holding the turns;
  • Pulling the thread to fix the node.

Before embroidering a picture with French knots are kindly requested to familiarize themselves with the basic rules of this technique Embroidery

That is the number of turns and different Chinese embroidery from the French. Chinese means just one turn around the needle, and two French, and more. This interesting method of printed books for the French embroiderers embroidery, mass magazines with schemes and photographs of finished works. Any topic can be realized on the web, whether it's dark or nightlights cute bulldog, made in the technique of French embroidery.

Nodules can embroider not only the thread, but the ribbons. The embroidery of their ribbons are mainly used for the lush roses.

Web after cross-stitch you must wash and iron on the reverse side and then embroider French knots. Web after embroidery nodules is not desirable to wash and iron nodules may lose shape. However, if you still have a need ironed product, you should do it, avoiding the areas embroidered French knot and necessarily just on the wrong side, without effort to press the iron to the product.

How to do a French knot with cross-stitch on canvas

French knot, just like any other a loose canvas will slip inside out. When embroidery nodules do not combine with the cross, that are not canvas, and any solid matter with the pattern drawn on it, and how to paint it with thread. For a simple combination of embroidery fabric does not fit, you must cross to embroider on canvas. Embroidery knots with crosses there are a few tricks.

For French nodules are ideal beautiful woolen thread

It is necessary to analyze in detail how to make French knots with cross-stitch on the canvas:

  • Nodule should be done already on cross embroidered cloth;
  • You can use wool threads for nodules;
  • Doing more than three turns around the needle;
  • Use a larger number of threads.

Canvas also has a finer mesh, but then it is necessary to reduce the number of embroidery yarns crosses. In any case, the experience comes with time, it is worth trying different methods and choose the most appropriate for each picture, and use some of the secrets of nodular sewing.

The cross stitch French knots only type of nodes that can be embroidered on the front side of the product.

French nodule in cross stitch (video)

Finally, add to the bundle you need to look carefully pulling the thread slowly with a maximum tension of the other end, when the rush embroidery knots not allowed. The needle should be acute with long eye, the thread may be different, cotton, wool or silk. For smaller and elegant use cotton or silk thread, and to make better use of the lush knots woolen thread.

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