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Folding interior doors. What to choose: the accordion or a book?

If your apartment is small, it means that you often have to look for additional loose centimeters and can not acquire functional and beautiful furniture just because it does not fit.

Surprisingly, the only entrance to each of the rooms you are losing on a meter of space. Therefore, it makes sense to give up the ordinary swing doors and set the folding, which are the most compact.

Folding door is a good alternative to the swing door. It is composed of several wings, moving on rails. This is reminiscent of the design of buses doors. Such "corrugated" doors are very well suited for bathrooms, dressing rooms and a small living room. However, they are recommended to install only where there is a small cross-country, as their mounting hardware can fail much earlier period. Moreover, these doors are very fragile and it is not desirable to use them as external doors.

Folding doors are not only compact, but yet also very functional and mobile. Such doors can sometimes be temporary partitions, screens and, if necessary, to delineate space.

A suitable design can pick up for absolutely any, even non-standard openings. In addition, the folding doors are pretty safe: hit them hard, their drafts and do not slam the tail of your pet they are not giving.

In addition, the folding doors are much easier to transport, as their canvas is much narrower standard doors. The room in which the doors are fitted, a spacious and bright and, therefore, furnish it much easier. There are two basic models for folding interior doors - accordion and books.

Quite a lot of popularity have folding doors, consisting of several narrow sections - about 10 centimeters wide, or more. They look like a ripple-blinds with strong vertical slats that are connected to each other loops.

These strips are attached to the top, and often even to the bottom rail. When you open the door they are going to the wall like an accordion.

The most extreme lamella is fastened to the door frame, and the other having a roller at the end, responsible for the movement of the guide. To fix all of the collapsible blade in any position are lockable boxes at the extreme ends. These doors consist of one or two pleated fabrics, and they can be moved apart to either one or both sides.

To the motion was not jerks, there are special synchronizers. They provide parallel sections.

These doors are not suitable for any interior. But, with the right choice, folding door can make the room more interesting and original. Often they are placed in the bath, using as a curtain. In this case, you should give preference to plastic models.

Also, you can install and automatic folding doors, which are controlled at the touch of a button.

Accordion doors is quite easy to pick up for each opening. And if in the future we plan to expand or narrow doorway, the door can easily be changed by adding or removing sections. If necessary, you can even make a partition on the full width of the room, but it will be quite fragile because of the large number of compounds.

Door-books that have only two doors, much stronger and more reliable than an accordion. The design of such doors easier, but harder. But and they look more solid. They are well suited for apartments, which is designed in a classic or minimalist style.

These doors, as well as folding doors, are how to divide the room entirely, and simply block the doorway. But to open these doors need more space because they have only half the usual doors.

Section of the door-books can be either symmetrical (equal to the size of the leaf), and asymmetric (one leaf is another), which makes them very unusual.

As well as folding doors, they can be moved apart in one or two directions. In addition, folded their leaves can slide into the wall, located at the edge of the opening or folded along the wall. This option is most suitable for "Khrushchev".

What folding interior doors to choose?

Folding doors, the correct choice of the model will be suitable for any interior. For the manufacture of folding doors used a variety of materials: wood, plastic, leather, fabric, MDF, chipboard. Bellows, made of any soft material (leather), can be radiused design which is ideal for the design elements uneven room.

Currently offered as a deaf and glazed types of harmonicas and books. The slats made of wood and metal, are mounted inserts of opaque, colored and clear glass, with conventional or with less common and fusing-stained. In addition, the doors can be like a mirror, and in this all-glass design. Doors made with glass is much more expensive.

installation features and care for doors

Folding doors of different models have different numbers of guide and fixing my own sections. When installing the upper and lower guide structure is a more reliable, but its installation is somewhat more complicated. Typically, the upper guide rail fixed to the ceiling or wall. It can decorate it to fit into the interior.

It is very important to correctly perform the installation, that the web is always open until the end, not rattled and fixers working properly.

be sure to align the floor before installing the door. In the presence of the protuberances, pits or height differences, the gap may be formed between the doors or the door.

You also need to check the quality of fittings before buying, because the durability of the whole system depends on the slide mechanism and hinges.

The door handle should be very careful, open and close it gently, to protect against shocks. Otherwise it can be damaged in the course of the year.

Make a quick inexpensive doors can be with OSB boards and trapezoidal sheet. This door can be used.

Chinese products are attractive for its price. However, often it is the reputation.

If you decide to dye your own wooden door, you can easily it.

Once installed the door will remain only set casing. For.

Recently, more and more people are trying to establish in his apartment iron.

Making repairs in the apartment or house, sometimes there is a problem changing interior doors.

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If you make a closet with his hands, it can rightly be considered the most functional.

Bungalow built with his own hands at the site before the construction of the house. Its main function.

With the development of modern construction technology, a host of options ceiling.

When a girl reaches adolescence, parents are thinking about a change in the interior.

You have decided to build a house with his own hands and chose this foam block or gazoblok. Excellent! After all.

More recently, the idea of ​​free electricity seemed fantastic. However, technology.

By purchasing liquid wallpaper, which are essentially a type of plaster.

Folding chair - perfect for fishing, outdoor recreation. This is indispensable.

More recently, wallpapers to the door were considered outdated technique of decorating the room.

Very often, for their household needs we acquire transparent adhesive called "Tsianopan".

Interior doors "knizhka9quot ;, price and photos

Folding doors are increasingly popular. Therefore swing concede to them a place in the forefront. But for the entrance door model "book" is not suitable, so this option is more suitable for indoor installation.

Interior doors "book" is a kind of sliding the indoor designs. Folding door is single-leaf or double-leaf. Typically, this suspension structure.

The door leaf may comprise two or more sections. That interior model "book" and consists of two parts. When the door opens, the sections move through the upper roller guide.

As a result, design It develops as the book cover. Therefore, these products and are called - "book". Each blade section is equipped with a roller. If desired, you can create a self-sufficient force Door "book", which will be moved apart in different directions. But this will require additional spare parts and mechanisms symbolic price.

  1. The design is composed. This economical option doors that concerns not only the price but also space. All due to the fact that they do not require additional space for opening. What can not be said about the hinged product. The main thing is that the folded sections remain within the door opening. Out extends only to one half. Unlike the accordion door "book" minimally encumber himself opening. All because the "accordion" includes several sections. They can be installed not only in a small apartment, but just down the hall.
  2. Interior products in the form of books can be installed on any door. And if you have one flap opening can be in different directions. For example, left or right.
  3. Door perfectly safe to others. Such a structure can not be accidentally hit an animal or a small child. Also, if the house will be drafts, the door will not make a noise by clapping.
  4. As for the durability of the product, the folding door has no equal. Even if it is a door-coupe design or providing accommodation floor rails.
  5. Interior "book" model completely eliminate the use of the floor rails. This is an additional inconvenience, especially when moving around the apartment.
  6. If the design quality itself, but also a mechanism and adjustment work are performed professionally, the sections of the movement will not be audible. And what's more, the mechanism eliminates the sagging cloth.
  7. This type of interior design can be make controlled remotely. This is particularly convenient and practical, affordable, if a family has disabilities or people of limited mobility.
  8. Typically, the doorway is created in standard sizes. But it is always possible to make products to order. Price is a bit expensive.
  9. The hidden sliding mechanism makes the design elegant and organic, that will fit into any interior avant-garde or classical style.

Such structures are not in every home stand. Price makes one think. But they will be a real highlight of any room and be sure to attract the eyes of each person.

Disadvantages of interior doors "book"

  1. Various materials are used for manufacturing door leaf. But it does not provide full thermal insulation and soundproofing. Below the design between the sections and remain gaps and crevices. Thus, noise and drafts to penetrate into the room.
  2. With regard to the service life, the swing model outperforms the book.
  3. If the design includes glass or mirror inserts, then you have to be more than careful in the use of such doors. In the process of opening and overlapping flaps glass or mirror may be damaged.
  4. Interior doors book should be equipped with closers, to gradually close. As well as the castle, to comply with all the rules on sealing the joints between the sections.
  5. Another drawback of the door in the form of the book is the price. Compared with swinging option, this would be more expensive. But if you search well, you can find a suitable low-cost model.

A kind of interior doors "book"

  • Smooth product.
  • Plain design.
  • Folding door, the texture of which is similar to a tree.
  • Model with 3D effect.
  • Products with glass or mirror inserts. The glass may be opaque or transparent. And also, patterning blasting technology, tinted or metal parts.
  • Interior doors with stained-glass windows.

From what can be made "books"

For the production of interior designs book version using high-quality and durable materials. As a rule, it is tempered glass or laminated glass. Any of these materials withstand physical impacts. And if all the same fabric is damaged, it does not hurt others. Tempered glass will break up into separate fragments with blunt edges. A laminated film remain adhered to the surface of the web.

In addition, for the manufacture of high-quality wood can be used. And both halves are held together with special hinges. One section is fixed to the upper and lower hinges. Thus, the product is durable. The second section is fixed only to the upper roller. Rail or rail fixed inside the door frame at the top. According to her, will move the roller. As a result, the door will be closed and opened within the opening. And they will not take up too much space.

The design consists of three main components:

  1. Tying softwood.
  2. Honeycomb material for filling.
  3. Sheathing using MDF.

And in order to design served as a long period of time, you need to properly take care of it. For example, to remove dirt from the fabric using special liquids for household furniture and plastic. It is not recommended to use the funds, which include solvents or abrasives. The price of their use - the door quickly loses its appearance.

Today, in each apartment are trying to utilize the space properly. Every meter counts. This is especially true of a small space, residential apartments. Therefore, folding door "book" will be a real discovery. Reasonable price, practical and long.

Folding interior doors-book: space saving and stylish design

Not all are the owners of the apartments are spacious with a comfortable layout. But some ways of arrangement of space can help create a comfortable home. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Interior design for ergonomic fit folding door between notebook.

Folding design applied to any interior

The design of the folding interior door-books

Door-book - it is foldable construction consisting of one or two shutters, which are divided into sections. When driving sections are moved on special rollers that are equipped with a stopper and a lock.

A roller mechanism is durable

The structure is fastened to the door frame by hinges or by using supports which are mounted to the floor or to the upper beam. Folding interior doors-book fixed by hinges and paintings. Durability products depends on the quality webs fasteners to the vertical beam.

The operating principle of the book design

Variety of doors-books

Depending on the number of sections foldable structures are in the form of bellows and books. The latter consist of two wings and folded like a book. A bellows consists of sections and the like vertical blinds.

Folding products do not take up much space. They are installed in narrow doorways and non-standard. They are used as partitions when you want to perform zoning.

Traditional door from wood

folding type door made of MDF, plastic, glass, wood or metal. Often there are combined models. In this case, the frame is made of wood, and the gaps are filled with glass or plastic.

Depending on the cover folding interior doors-book is the following species:

  • tinted, when the surface is coated with a transparent varnish;

Tinted glass is used for

The choice of paint depends on interior background

Covering veneered wood repeats any texture and can be any color

  • laminated, and the door is covered with a special film.

Methods of processing of interior doors-books

In the photo of interior doors-books you can see the products of different materials.

For the manufacture of wooden structures used pine. It is inexpensive but attractive material having an unusual texture. For stronger grades of wood refers maple, beech or oak. Models of wood used in the classical interiors. They are ecological, aesthetic and perfectly retain heat. To increase the life of the surface is covered with putty, painted and polished. Instead of using solid wood chipboard and MDF. Such articles have a lower cost.

Wood in combination with glass inserts to fit different interiors

When choosing interior folding doors of economy class books you can stay on the plastic. It is resistant to humidity, is therefore used for doors in the kitchen or bathroom. The material is characterized by a rich color palette. White models are perfectly combined with plastic windows and imitation wood suitable for ethnic and classical interiors.

Plastic constructions are great for shopping and dressing rooms

Popular glass combination with the plastic, aluminum and wood. Such variants original look in the interior. The glass can be of different types. There are mirrored, frosted, clear and color models, as well as versions with polished and sandblasted pattern.

When using glass, it is important to ensure the safety. The best option - it is tempered glass or laminated glass. They are almost impossible to damage. But even when broken, tempered material crumbles into fragments with blunt edges, and pieces of laminated glass remain bonded to the film.

Glass models visually increase the space

Advantages of folding interior doors books: the prices of some models

Foldable structure has the following advantages:

  • It does not take up much space in contrast to the standard models, and helps to save space;
  • at the opening-closing pushed forward only by the width of one section that allows you to install it in the narrow corridors, living rooms or small apartments;
  • construction of the folding safe and silent sections;
  • the door is easy to dismantle. At the same time on the floor leaves no trace;
  • a wide range of textures and colors;
  • opportunity to remake the door. Upon expansion of the door opening is enough to add one or more sections;
  • structure can be mounted on the bottom rail, or do without it;
  • there is a huge range of accessories for book doors.

Stylish look combined, model

In the table you can see the prices of some items.

Table 1 . Door-book: the model and the average price

Interior doors accordion. Photos and prices, advice on the selection and installation, examples of successful designs in a separate publication of our online magazine.

The disadvantages of such structures include low-quality heat and sound insulation. Between the floor and the door remain cracks and gaps. By means of special sealants can partly overcome this problem.

Unlike swing models are not very door-book strength, folding door mechanism is rather fragile, so it is recommended not to use them as entrance doors. Similar designs closers need to complete to ensure a smooth movement.

Doors - books are priced higher than the price for conventional door. Prices range from 4 to 12 thousand rubles.

Features installation of interior doors books: examples of photos and price review

Installation of such a structure requires no special skills. The hardest part - is the choice of a suitable mechanism and accessories.

Design features door-book

The mechanism corresponds to the weight webs. Mounting and Fastening should be strong enough. When you install such structures do not need to dismantle the doorway. You can remove the old door and the guides set in the upper tool bar. On them will be moving rollers. On the sides are made holes for the screws, where the door is mounted.

To install the door-books require special hardware, which can be selected in specialized stores.

Scheme installation of the door leaf

Door-book in need of care and respect for the rules of operation. These components define the life of the product.

After the construction of the installation should comply with the following recommendations:

  • rollers and rails are periodically lubricated with engine oil. This will avoid unnecessary sounds when moving the door and extend the life of machinery parts;
  • Do not strongly pull the door. Over time, this will cause damage;
  • the design must be kept clean, especially the individual parts.

A similar door designs fit into the surrounding environment and allows you to save a useful area

Interior folding designs are easy, beauty and functionality. They are executed on the basis of the blinds, which contributes to easy maintenance and damage. These advantages can be obtained by carrying out proper installation.

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