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Stencils of flowers - pictures

A new selection of pictures of stencils of flowers for you. Here my favorite roses and lotus flowers and daffodils, and violets, and magnolia, and even sunflowers.

If you are unsure what to choose image, review what color textile paints are available in your arsenal. From the world of color and it is necessary to dance, although a fantasy painting of flowers can also be used in extreme cases. I saw once a panel with purple roses - looked very stylish.

I would also like to give advice on the contours. Colored contours make the picture more schematic, similar to stained glass pattern, highlighting each piece. If you would like an image in gentle, soothing colors, choose a washable contours, then after washing on the site will remain clean lines.

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February 23, 2015.

It is no secret that for the full and complete development of a young child in the preschool age is important to often organize creative activities in the form of a game. Already in the 3-4 age baby is quite able to learn to paint pictures with crayons. For starters, you can be trained to paint the picture with a brush (a great option - Children gouache), as a small child at first hard to hold a pencil correctly fingers. You can then offer crumbs of colored pencils with triangular faces for the coloring, which is easier to hold in the hand and fingers will not get tired quickly.

In previous articles, we have placed a popular image among girls coloring (Disney princesses, fairies Winx, Little Pony, monster high, and others). In this article you will find a simple picture to color the coloring, which can be printed on large format paper.

Advice. Coloring outline drawings of flowers:

► Click on the link from the list (below), and then expand the picture for coloring.

Dear Parents ! We are pleased to publish on this page coloring your kids, a photo which you can send us an email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need to view it you must have Javascript enabled

Patterns of colors stencils and wall applications

Flowers like everything. Patterns of flowers have long adorned the walls, fabrics, girls dresses. The most loved and respected color is considered roses, daisies, violets. Today it is easy to decorate their homes or clothes, using templates and stencils of flowers. On our site stencils "Flowers" for drawing and cutting applications can be downloaded free of charge.

Firstly, they can be applied to the patterns on the walls to decorate the premises. To do this, templates and stencils are downloaded from the site, printed, the image is applied to the wall and painted over. It is best used daisy stencil or stencil roses: they look great on a dark background. Templates and stencils "Flowers" will help to decorate the room for the girls, living room, even paint the porch.

Stencil "Flower" will be very useful if you need to "revive" the one-color clothes. To do this, stencils and templates for application of colors and cutting need to download, print and apply on the fabric. The resulting picture painted over with special paints. Another option - templates and stencils color is applied to the fabric and cut out pictures for the application. Then finished flowers glued or sewn on the dress. Stencils "Flowers" can be used to simulate lace pattern: a very impressive look stencil "Roses" stencil "Daisies."

Stencil "Flower" is good to use for drawing on the wallpaper, the windows. Stencils "Flowers" are applied to the plain wallpaper, picture is painted. So you can "revive" the monotonous cheap wallpaper, using stencils and color patterns. The windows using watercolors or gouache create entire picture. Stencils are applied to the window, and paint over encircle inside contour. Since the stencil helps create a real stained glass.

And, of course, stencils "Flowers" are indispensable for drawing in children's institutions. With their help, the children can create a fun and bright pictures. Especially children like stencils daisies and roses. Stencil chamomile better to put on a bright background saturated dark colors (dark green, gray, blue). Stencil roses will look better on a contrasting bright background (green) or light colors. Roses - noble color, and can have all sorts of colors. Creating pictures, the children can not limit itself to defining the color for the roses and use stencils "Flowers".

colors stencils will be very useful for children to draw lessons. Stencil "Flower" is easy to use as a part of the picture. To do this, the children are given the task to draw a blank, and then using stencils of flowers, to add the resulting image formulaic patterns.

Stencil "Flower" will allow children to develop a taste for art, to learn to paint flowers. Using a stencil, "flower", children can draw a festive birthday card, 8 March. Stencils "Flowers" are convenient for drawing and allow children to create images with little or no participation of the teacher.

Will not affect whether the template negative on the development of children's creativity?

Today more and more psychologists, educators say that cliche kills the ability to think. Hardly stencils "Flowers" will prevent the children to do. Using stencils, children get an introduction to the subject of the form, its color. Stencil "Flower" will allow children to be trained in the art of composition. For example, using the stencil "Flower", it is easy to create an image or application with the image of a meadow where flowers are harmoniously arranged in different shades. With age, children may no longer apply a stencil, but they will be able to draw a flower without the outside help, knowing how to do it.

Thus, the template "Flower" is very useful as lessons in children's institutions, and adults in the home. Any template "Flower" can be easily downloaded from our site. Enjoy the creativity!

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