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How to make a box for flowers with his own hands?

If you wish to make a box for flowers with his own hands, you first need to make sure that the available had all the necessary materials and tools. As a suitable solution in favor, of course, wood. The size and shape you can pick up on their own, these parameters will depend not only on your preferences, but also on the location of the structure.

Preparation of materials and tools

In order to make a box for flowers with his own hands, will need an electric jig saw, planer, grinder, hammer, square, screwdriver, tape measure and pliers. For lack of a jigsaw, you can use a saw. However, work in this case will produce a little more complicated, and the process will be longer. The design is chosen depending on the availability of appropriate equipment, if have to work manually, the easiest way would be to make a simple rectangular or square box. Whereas if there is available electric tool, it allows you to make any designs. Box for flowers with his hands can be made from pieces of OSB, plywood sheets, and various rails and boards. The thickness of the latter must be equal to 10 millimeters and more. In order to treat the surface and protect the material from the negative influence of insects and microorganisms should prepare the antiseptic composition. Wood will look more attractive if it is to treat stains, but the fit and any other coloring formulation. Fastening of parts can be cleaned with the help of screws, nails or glue. Quite often, the wizard uses just two fastening method.

box manufacturing technology for flowers

If you decide to make a box for flowers with his own hands, in the first step is to use the board width is 20 cm. Of them will need to cut into the workpiece, it will be three long element, which will go to the side and bottom. While the other two will be used for the ends. The last should be made slightly wider than the bottom. The difference will be in the thickness of the sidewall. Details to be processed a plane and then a large sandpaper. Along the edges of the holes have to be drilled, 4 must be placed at the end blanks, while the other three - in the side.

Design features of the assembly

When manufactured balcony flower boxes with their own hands, that when assembling the sides and bottom of the need to use screws with a length equal to 50 millimeters. Only then you can begin to install the end pieces. After floral container is assembled, the surface can be sanded, using for data manipulation fine sandpaper. Wooden box must be impregnated in the last stage with the help of an antiseptic composition, we should not forget either on one side, while on the outside the product may be coated with stain, is perfect for this purpose and the enamel or lacquer.

Making flower boxes from pallets

Balcony flower boxes with your own hands can be made of pallets. To do this, you need to disassemble the old stand on the separate parts, strips should be carefully pry using a nail puller. As for the fasteners, then remove them with forceps is necessary. If there are available damaged and rotten slats, they must be removed. Generally, of these products is about ten suitable boards. The wood will need to be cut to desired size, then clean using abrasive sandpaper. In the next step, you can reassemble the upper frame and the lower base. The two parts must be fastened side panels, this should be used for the nails. Trims will help to disguise the joints. Now, the master can begin finishing works using paints and varnishes.

If you decide to make a wooden box for flowers with his own hands, the outer surface can be designed with the help of wood Spili. It can be thick branches or boards, which look like a picket fence. At the bottom of the need to strengthen the legs, which should be made of bars. This will provide ventilation and preservation of wood in good condition.

Flowers should be placed in plastic pots, but alternatively planting the plants directly in the box itself can be used. Pre-need to lay on the bottom of the film, having done it drains.

An alternative embodiment of the box manufacturing

Before you make a box for flowers with his own hands, the master must carefully approach the issue of the choice of material. In the floorboard, the width of which is equal to 10 cm can be used as it. To carry out the work will need the same set of materials. Choosing the container height, you can choose a parameter equal to 40 centimeters. After the boards are connected together at the corners can be set bars. If you intend to plant in such crates vines, then they need to provide support. To this end, the narrow bars should be cut, and then bring down the grid, which must be fixed to the box already finished on the inside.

Those masters who want to make boxes for flowers with his own hands made of wood, it is necessary to think over every detail, especially with respect to the durability of the structure. If you use a poor quality dried wood, after a while the building will change its original linear dimensions. That is why it is important not only to comply with the technology of the work, but also to choose the good stuff. The sample can be used as the material of everything that you can find in his garage or shed. From old pieces of everyday life may also have something very interesting. However, you need to take care of the plants comfort.

Flower boxes - the perfect decoration for the home and garden

To date, every gardener (amateur or professional), I would like to turn your site into a work of art. Fortunately, the Russian market, has everything you need for this. Of course, no one croft is not without color. They fill the air with wonderful scents and beauty at the time of flowering will please every household.

Flower boxes with their own hands

But over time, the question arises, where are all the same is better to plant flowers. Firstly, it is necessary to determine the location of the place of beds. Second, choose the right flower boxes. Best of all, if they can do with their hands, because they do not always fit the boxes purchased in shape, size, style.

For example, on a site already occupied the entire territory of planting, or building, and so want to build one more flower. To do this, you can build an ordinary flower tub that does not require large cash expenditures, and will not take much time to manufacture.

  1. We need to take a normal board and cut into such fragments, depending on what height will be a tub. Then connect them together with screws or nails.
  2. After that, you need to take the plywood and the bottom of the measure, cut, and also attached to the tub. For reliable, long-term use, it is recommended to tie the rope and lubricate with acrylic lacquer.
  3. Also for ease of movement flower garden to another location, you can fix the handles on the sides. Tub ready.

The advantage of such flower boxes is that when transplanting plants do not die in the sun, as the tub can be transferred to tenyok; those plants which faded drag the backyard and blooming move to the fore.

Hedge of boxes with flowers

On large private plots very nice would look hedges. It is necessary to build such a number of tubs that will fit the length of the fence, and rearranging them in a row, sow lush plants of the same type.

You can also build a shelf for greens, which takes pride of place in the kitchen. Subsequently, it is easy on my shelf for indoor plants. For the manufacture of boards needed, screws, nails, glue. First you need to make conventional long box for flowers, without top. Then take a board and cut it out in her three holes (pot), and secure to have to make a box so that the pots themselves were hidden inside the box. Exterior cover box with a mixture of linseed oil and varnish oil based on three layers.

Such boxes are good that if necessary can be taken out into the fresh air or in the sun, if the house is not enough sunlight, which is essential for the future zeleni.V, pots out of the box, you can get it and transplanted them flowers.

Boxes with flowers for the windowsill

Increasingly, for country houses constructed flower boxes to windows. For window sills, which have a bias, it is best to make a triangular wedges and fasten them around the perimeter of the window sill. Flower Arrangement will look much better, and the box itself securely snaps into place.

If the window does not design a window sill, the boxes are hung with conventional hooks or metal brackets. They are sold in any building supermarkets. It is necessary to fill boxes of earth and planted plants. The soil should fill 2/3, as in the rain it is washed away, and lays bare the roots of flowers. Usually in such pots in the foreground put plants, which in future will cover the box itself. And the second row is filled with lush and small flowers. The more compact the plant will be planted, the more beautiful it will look composition during flowering.

Of course, all these constructions perfectly fit into the interior of any of the infield. According to its characteristics, they have additional advantages:

- on the basis of size, flower boxes It does not require a lot of ground. If space is limited, the boxes will be placed well around the house.

- of the boxes, tubs and pots can build any composition depending on the mood or wishes.

- It does not require additional care. No need to weed, loose soil and processing of dried leaves flower is much easier, because they do not have to bend down low.

- you can prepare a mixture of peat moss, sand, expanded clay and fill in the boxes, while on plain ground to find the right concentrate different kinds of flowers it is very difficult.

- floral arrangements can be reliably protected from pests and diseases

- if in the garden, there are all sorts of things, such as a hatch from the sewage system, it can easily mask the tub or flower boxes.

Wooden boxes for flowers. Master Class.

Simple design of the vertical garden of stackable wooden boxes for plants. These boxes are made easily and turn a small empty space into a beautiful garden. You can use these boxes for flowers, but you can under the herbs and some vegetables.

To make a wooden box for flowers, you will need:

bottom boxes will be made of this board.

Because the board 50 × 200 mm made sides of boxes. It is possible to use a 50 × 250 mm or 50 × 300 mm, to make wider boxes, or 50 × 150 is more narrow.

To the front, rear and bottom sides of the box ideal dry sliced ​​spruce size of 20 × 90 mm. One can use conventional boards 50 × 100 mm - then the box will be stronger and cheaper.

If the vertical garden will be installed in the room, the preferred stainless steel screws. Conventional Steel is cheaper, and the result is worse, but the stainless steel in view of the interior generally preferred.

Rabitz, laid on the bottom of the box, prevents the film from breaking under the weight of wet soil, and thus well drenazhiruet.

The film is attached stapler from inside the box to protect the wood from moisture.

→ Circular Saw

assembly of wooden crates Guide

This project is the vertical garden is very flexible and can be of various sizes and configurations. You can make these boxes up to 2 meters long and so deep, how you want. Plan the number of mailboxes and the desired configuration that fits best for your space, but do not forget the considerable weight of moist soil. Think carefully about the layout, so how to make a box for flowers is easy, but much harder to alter.

First file off boards 50 × 200 mm for one of the long boxes. Miter Saw is suitable for this task perfectly, but enough and the usual circular saw.

Sawed plank 50 × 100 × 20 mm and 90 mm circular saw.

Step 4: Pre-drilling

To avoid the possibility of split wood, drill pilot holes in the ground screwing screws.

Step 5: Fasten the lower board 20 * 90 mm with boards 50 * 100 mm

Start collecting box by screwing screws lower boards 20 * 90 mm to boards 50 * 100 mm. Planks 20 * 90 mm should stick out on both sides by 50 mm to make room for the board to 50 * 200 mm.

Step 6: Attach the board 50 * 200 mm

Screwing board 20 * 90 mm to the boards 50 * 200 mm periodically use a triangle to make sure that everything turns out rectangular.

Step 7: Cut Rabitz

Cut a rectangular piece of mesh netting, the size of the bottom of the box. Make a groove to create a drainage trough between the boards 50 * 100 mm at the bottom of the box.

Step 8: Attach Rabitz

Place the mesh netting on the bottom of the box and attach it to the boards stapler 50 * 100 mm.

Step 9: Place the plastic film

Cut a piece of the desired size of the film and attach it stapled to the inside walls of the box.

Step 10: Perform the drainage holes

Use a screwdriver to do the drainage holes in the film over the gutter mesh netting.

Step 11: Fill and install.

Fill the boxes with soil and plant a plant. Place the boxes in accordance with the layout you invented a vertical garden.

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