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Chandeliers for the kitchen - 50 nice ideas in the interior

Kitchen - the space where women spend a lot of time creating culinary masterpieces for his family.

The realities of life are such that the majority of modern women in the morning until late at night solve operational issues, rising through the ranks, time for cooking, there are fewer and fewer, and often falls in the dark. Create a comfortable environment, which will give an opportunity to relax and unwind while cooking your favorite dishes will help to select the right chandelier for the kitchen.

Lighting for the kitchen except for chandeliers

Classical small apartment kitchen in most cases equipped with a small Lighting - ceiling chandelier with a lampshade or shade. Current models include a small chandelier with a few turning shades, thanks to which we are able to provide quality coverage of each area of โ€‹โ€‹our cuisine. Designers are advised when illuminated kitchen to use several light sources, which will not only create a favorable eye for lighting, but also to save on electricity.

should consider the overall style of the room and your personal preferences when choosing lighting fixtures. Kitchen chandelier ideal in classic style with pendants made of colored glass and textile shades. However, this solution has its drawbacks - care for such a lighting device is very laborious, ceiling and suspension very quickly become dirty and will lose its original appearance.

Actual kitchen lighting options are:

  • integrated lighting under the wall cabinets;
  • ceiling lamp;
  • spotlights and floodlights.

Using all three lighting options provide the optimal combination of lighting, which will be relevant to any kitchen. Backlit by wall cabinets provide high-quality illumination of the work surface, and switched off the upper lighting your kitchen will become an intimate and charming atmosphere.

Spotlights and floodlights ideal for kitchens small area. They can be used in false ceilings or use the so-called rail systems, which can also be placed along the kitchen cabinets and the perimeter of the room. The use of such lighting will allow at any time to change the angle of illumination. Depending on the situation, you can highlight a particular area of โ€‹โ€‹the kitchen, while maintaining full coverage of the room.

Chandelier for the kitchen - how to design highlight

Today there are so many unusual lighting solutions kitchens with LED strips. The idea is simple and effective, and to use it can be anyone. Add this tape can be mounted on cabinets and furniture set on a plinth. The use of tape at the bottom of the kitchen furniture creates impression hovering kitchen visually increasing kitchen area and creating a cozy atmosphere homepage.

Very often, the lower the backlight used in kitchen furniture quality light duty, besides this method of lighting saves electricity costs. Most importantly, remember that the LED ribbon should be protected by a special profile, or you may damage it during cleaning.

When buying a chandelier, consider the dimensions of your kitchen. Ornate and massive chandeliers categorically not suitable for small spaces, space overloading and causing discomfort. For such kitchens ideal devices without suspension and the plurality of decorative parts, which plafones shine upwards.

Choose the style of the room chandeliers, respectively. Classic forged model with glass elements and hanging chains perfectly accentuate the kitchen in the classic version and in the palace style. For kitchens in a minimalist style lamps are ideal modernist restrained colors and simple shapes.

Comfortable and fresh atmosphere is created by chandeliers with elements of flower arranging. Such lighting fixtures may be made of wood or metal, and are decorated with sprigs, leaves and flowers. They are ideal for rooms in classic style, as well as in the style of Provence.

How to select the right chandelier for the kitchen (real photo examples)

Chandelier - it is quite an important element of any modern kitchen. It not only creates the lighting necessary for cooking and eating, but also a significant component of any interior.

Types chandelier for modern kitchens

Manufacturers offer a huge selection of chandeliers many different designs, so find a suitable model, which perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen, is not difficult.

It is a structure that consists of one or more diffusers mounted on the chain, cord or string.

In most cases, the model selected for kitchens in the form of a lamp shade.

Hang it in the middle of the room, above the dining table.

Materials manufacturing lampshades hanging chandeliers can be different - manufacturers often use plastic, fabric, glass and even plain paper.

Stylistic solutions and forms of such fixtures also affect diversity.

Suspended chandeliers can be called a universal one.

It is the perfect solution, if the kitchen is too small and low ceiling.

The lamp is mounted directly to the ceiling, the cord is either very short or non-existent. Lampshades are made of transparent or translucent glass, they can be colored or white.

Most of these chandeliers have strict geometric shape in the form of a square or a circle, but there are original models made in the form of a flower, the crown of the tree, and so on.

This is a separate category of chandeliers.

Look like lamps expensive and solid, their forms differ elegance and grace, combined with a certain pretentiousness.

expensive materials are used for manufacturing copper, bronze, glass, crystal, may also be present gilding.

What material is ideal for the kitchen chandelier

When choosing a chandelier in the kitchen, you need to determine the order of what is material is produced light. Designers are advised to give preference to the more expensive and high-quality material if the chandelier will hang low enough, then it will survive if accidental contact or impact.

In addition, the low-hanging chandelier should look attractive, not only outside but also inside.

If the lamp will be located high enough, you can opt for the cheaper materials - for example, to replace the crystal chandelier on the glass or even plastic.

The material of which it is made light, should not be easily soiled and have water- and dirt-repellent qualities. The fact that the kitchen increased level of humidity, in addition, can form fat splashes.

For these reasons, the most preferred is a glass or plastic model lamp instead fabric or paper.

If the chandelier made of natural wood, it necessarily should be covered with varnish.

Most are impractical lamps made of paper, as they can not be completely cleaned of dirt, without damaging it. And paper lamps are very large - as is done for the lamp was as far away from the paper, so this option is not suitable for small kitchens.

If kitchen area is quite spacious and is made in such styles as the "classic", "Provence", "Mediterranean" or "country", you can choose the model forged chandeliers. However, we must bear in mind that brushing her many curls have quite frequently, since they will continue to accumulate dirt.

The best choice for the kitchen lamp, regardless of its style - a glass model of that very easy to care for.

What is more suitable for the kitchen - spotlights

Simple answer to this question is quite difficult. Opting for chandeliers or spotlights will depend on several parameters.

For example, what is the size of the kitchen, and what style made its interior.

If the room is spacious, it will be difficult to do without the spotlights. At the same time abandon the main chandelier is not necessary, it should take its place in the center of the kitchen, directly over the dining table.

If the room is small, it is possible to use only one lamp, but without additional lighting plate and the work surface to prepare for the evening on this kitchen is not very convenient.

If the interior is designed in classic style, the room is quite spacious, it is possible to install a bulky pendant chandelier with wooden frame, elements and forging chains.

Its cover (or ceiling) can be quite large. A chandelier shade should match the shade of furniture. Organize spotlights in such a kitchen by using small sconce, made in the form of suspension or flashlights candlesticks.

For the kitchen, the interior of which is in the style of "high tech" and "minimalism", perfectly suited spotlights very cool design, made of metal and glass. They can be arranged around the perimeter of the ceiling and the bottom of the lower headset facades (to illuminate work surfaces). The use of a large chandelier in this case is not necessary.

If the kitchen is made in the "country" style "Mediterranean" or "Provence", can be used as pendant and ceiling models, preferably with inserts of colored transparent or translucent glass. Spot lights can be used, if you make it invisible, that is, to hide themselves fixtures.

Installation chandeliers on stretch ceilings

Very often, in modern homes ceilings are installed, only the lack of which is that they categorically reject heat. When choosing lighting for the kitchen with a stretch ceiling, this criterion should definitely be considered.

Fortunately, manufacturers offer a huge assortment of all kinds of chandeliers, so to find a suitable model is not difficult.

Choosing the ceiling of the "plate", you must make sure that the lamps are installed on special metal diffusers that reflect the light emitted does not on the ceiling and on the floor.

Thus, the suspended ceiling will not be heated and will retain its original appearance. You can also simply place the bowl at a safe distance from the ceiling.

Many choose for your kitchen glossy stretch ceiling, perfectly reflects light and visually make the room more spacious.

In this case, it is important to bear in mind that this surface will reflect not only light, but also the interior of the very chandeliers. Thus, the setting of locust bean classical design on the glossy ceiling should be abandoned. Or should we opt for a model whose horns point downward.

When choosing a fixture for mounting on a tension ceiling should follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the limits of the power of light bulbs. They should not be stronger than 60 watts, so as not to melt when heated spanned canvas.

If halogen bulbs, their capacity limit is 35 watts, as they are still hot. It is best to choose a light bulb, the use of which does not provide power restrictions - for example, energy-saving, not subjected to increased heating.

An excellent solution for the kitchen with a stretch ceiling - LED bulbs. They almost do not heat up, so the risk of damage to the tension coating is completely absent. Furthermore, in this case, can freely choose shades of light flux that can be "warm" or "cold".

Fastened to a tension ceiling can be of any design chandeliers. attachment methods may be overlaid or by using suspension.

Regardless of the method, the work for installing the tensioning fixture coating should be entrusted to the skilled person. It is important to remember that all operations aimed at preparing the mounting area should be undertaken before pulling the ceiling.

Designers have defined the basic rules of the lamp of choice for food.

First we need to decide what kind of kitchen space should be to get maximum coverage. To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to buy a lamp equipped with a power control modes of illumination or light power. Thus it is able to save on electricity, as well as more brightly illuminate dining or work area.

If the chandelier design involves the use of several light bulbs, it is necessary to calculate their total capacity. Too dim or too bright color is bad for the eyes, so the number of light bulbs should be such that the vision is not affected.

Alleviate the burden on the so-called "Nest" lamp, you can use chandeliers with multiple horns. The spacious room, the more of these "nests" is required. Thus it will be possible to observe the rate of total illumination and adjust its sole discretion streams of light.

What are the methods of attachment exist chandeliers

Mounting hook - the most popular method, and one of the most reliable. He performed quite simply, doing a suitable hole on the width of the ceiling surface, then it is screwed into the metal hook on which hung a lamp, and himself. This method is good because it replaced the chandelier to another model is not difficult. The distance between the ceiling and the lamp is hidden in a special "glass".

Mounting plate - for hanging chandeliers used special thin strip, which is tightly screwed to the ceiling. The process of installing this mounting more difficult, but it can be well hide the wiring, because the lamp is mounted very close to the ceiling.

Phillips strap - It is very durable and reliable fastening, capable of withstanding the most massive and cumbersome chandeliers. Due to the width and thickness of the cross of this design reliability is enhanced significantly.

Wall mounting with screws or nails - This method is used when installing wall lamps and sconces. For this purpose, the product's enclosure are provided the holes, fixing materials themselves are often sold as a set.

Lighting in the kitchen in the examples (17 pictures)

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Choose the correct lighting in the kitchen - no easy task. With the help of light can visually expand the space, make it comfortable and enjoyable to stay. Then cooking will be a joy, and the food is delicious, and chat with friends in the kitchen will become a tradition.

To achieve the "wow effekta9raquo ;, enough to observe the basic rules:

  1. The kitchen should be light. Everything is simple and banal - in a well-lit place to be nice.
  2. Do not overdo it. It is important to find a middle ground, since too much light hurts the eyes and uneconomical to use.
  3. Multi-level lighting. It will enable organically distribute light in space, will create a unique style of cuisine.
  4. The more light sources - the less power.
  5. Yes - simple forms. As lampshades better to use simple, flowing forms, without sharp angles, curves, curls, because the kitchen - a zone of increased pollution, and elaborate chandelier soon will be covered with a layer of fat and it will take considerable effort to wash it.
  6. Large - with a little. Large luminaires are perfectly combined with spot lights.
  7. Freedom of imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment, and the end result is sure to please you!

The combination of large lamps with spot lights in the kitchen-living room

2. Lighting working surface

1. Recessed lighting under the wall cabinets.

2. Light from the ceiling along a working zone (countertop).

3. Fixtures, built into the eaves.

4. Lamps with automatic switch when opening the door, built-in cabinets with glass fronts.

5. The backlight on the overhead cupboards.

As a backlight for the kitchen most often used light-emitting diodes, since they consume very little power and durable. LED strip, protected by silicone, not afraid of water, which is a significant advantage in the kitchen. Also apply halogen and fluorescent light sources.

Often the main source of lighting deliberately placed above the table. Today it became trendy chandelier on a long cord. A single bowl or several in a series of impressive look and create a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Do not place the chandelier directly above seated. Number of luminaires should be proportional to the size of the table.

As chandelier for the kitchen are mainly used lampshades simple shapes: rectangular, cones, balls, made of glass, plastic, crystal.

A single ceiling of a dining area

4. Lighting in a small kitchen

Khrushchev features are small dishes of 5-7 m, in the light of which has its own nuances.

  1. It will not be appropriate large ornate chandeliers and ceiling on the length of the base. Dimensions lighting should be proportional to the size of the room.
  2. No need for a large number of light sources. The small-sized kitchen will look great compact single chandelier in the center of the ceiling in tandem with LED lighting work area.
  3. To visually raise the ceiling, you can integrate into the LED light bulb, the light from them sent not down, and on the ceiling itself. Directional thus, it will give the ceiling effect of floating in the air.

Often, a small kitchen problem is solved by combining it with the living room. To visually divide the space into two functional areas, on the border can be set dining table or the bar. And then, and another requires its own illumination. This may be a pendant lamp, and a large chandelier, and spotlights.

The living area should be lighter than in the kitchen. A great solution would be integrated spotlights in the multi-level or single-level living room ceiling. If the kitchen and living room are separated by the difference in floor height, you can set the light sources in this drop. This technique is visually delineate the space and will be a highlight of the interior.

Lighting, built-in floor height difference

  1. LED lamp. The main advantages of LED lamps are low power consumption, durability, lower body temperature as compared with an incandescent lamp, ease of installation, small size, high mechanical strength. Also, the LED lamp is one of the most environmentally friendly light source, it does not require special disposal conditions.

The disadvantages are the high costs (but this is offset by long service life and low energy consumption), in case of failure of one of the elements, the lamp is unlikely to be repaired. The cheapest LED is sometimes blown from overheating, especially in closed lampshades.

  1. Incandescent lamps. The main advantages of incandescent lamps include low cost, small size, low and no fear of an increased ambient temperature, and condensate. Also, incandescent lamps can be found of different voltage.

The main drawbacks - it is a low light efficiency, relatively low service life, fragility, high heat run, causing a fire hazard.

  1. Halogen lamps. The main advantage of halogen bulbs compared with incandescent lamps - a compact, longer life and efficiency.

The downside is the high sensitivity of grease and odors in the process. When installing such lamps can not touch them with your hands, as fingerprints quickly burn in the process, leaving the blackening. If accidentally touch the lamp should be wiped clean with a cloth (e.g., microfiber) with an alcohol.

IRC- halogen lamps. A feature of such lamps is a special coating bulb which transmits visible light, but infrared radiation delays by returning it back to the coil. As a result, the heat losses are reduced, and as a consequence, reduced power consumption and increased life span.

  1. Fluorescent lamps. The positive side of such lamps is based on a large luminous efficiency, long service life (as compared with incandescent lamps), scattered light, and a variety of shades.

The disadvantages include chemical risk (in fluorescent lamps contains mercury), low power factor lamps, uneven spectrum unpleasant to the eye.

7. The cost of lighting for kitchen

Now try to figure out with the cost of all the above beauty. It turns out that "deshevo9raquo; and "krasivo9raquo; can be combined!

As an example, take the small-sized kitchen in 7 square meters:

  • The basis of lighting - chandelier at five lights, located above the table. Because the kitchen is small, and it illuminates the dining area itself, and all the room in general. The cost of such lamps is in the range of 80-200 $.
  • Further appreciate illumination of the working area. Three - five embedded LED or halogen lights would be sufficient. This is another plus $ 60-150.
  • If you want something unusual, something just right fit countertop lighting in the form of RGB LED strip. A set of five-meter waterproof tape, remote control and power cable costs about $ 30-50.

For rational and harmonious lighting kitchen 7 sq.m enough 170-400 $.


We remind you that there in Odnoklassniki and VKontakte.

Floor lighting is already too much. but the work area simply need to highlight! we are made of ribbons, still want to buy the lamps at remote cabinets - in the evening should be fun to watch.

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