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Reviews and features on welding electrodes Monolith

Original electrodes Monolith - welders get good reviews. Consider the performance, cost, and impressions of house masters on these products.

Purpose and scope

Electrodes Monolith RC used for manual arc welding in industry and everyday life. The shaft runs on alternating and direct current, connects the responsible design low-carbon steels.

The position in the welding seams (shown below), all but vertical top-down to 5.0 mm products.

Assembly work, cook in all positions without changing the setting of the welding current.

Compound top-down is performed or journalled short arc. Avoiding slag flowing ahead of the arc. Welders recommend keeping the electrode at an angle of 40-70 ° to the vertical. In the lower position, the rod tilted 20-40 degrees in the welding direction.

Details of the chemical composition of the weld metal in% Table:

Table mechanical properties:

  • coating - rutile-cellulose;
  • deposition rate - 8.5-9.5 g / Ah;
  • rods consumption per 1 kg of deposited metal - 1.75 kg.

Welding electrodes Monolith can be used without cutting edges, on a rust and other contaminants. For lap, and corner joints.

What can replace analogues:

Modes of welding consumables and advantages

The connection is made with an alternating current open circuit voltage of 50 V and any constant polarity (preferably reversed).

Setting amperage for rods of different diameters is presented in the table below:

In the case of wetting consumables required 30-minute calcination at 120 ° C.

Pros articles Monolith:

  1. easy starting and reignition;
  2. stable arc;
  3. low spatter;
  4. beautiful seam;
  5. samootdelyaemost slag;
  6. welding at low currents from household power sources;
  7. opportunity to bend the electrode for hard to reach places;
  8. work on the colored, oxidized, oily surfaces.

These benefits consumables enable green beginners learn the basics of welded case for a short time.

Packing data are shown in the table:

How much are the welding electrodes Monolith? The price of consumables is quite acceptable. For example, 3 mm for the product purchase 100-140 rubles per kg.

Reviewed by a professional experience of 12 years:

Although manufacturer and assures that the electrodes are not sensitive to metal contamination. But it is not so! For qualitative compound weldable surface should be prepared.

Plus Monolith Life ( «Monolith» RC) in a reduced toxicity, emits smoke is not as smelly as compared to other consumables. The declared producer metal working thickness 3 - 20 mm, slightly modest. I cooked monolith sheets 1.7 mm.

Coating is also at altitude. Electrodes can bend in any direction, and the coating does not fall off. But know this measure: bend slowly, gently. There are also negative feedback, the market there are fake products that are dissatisfied and respond welders.

Welding electrodes "Monolith": characteristics and reviews

The Russian company "Monolith" produces different types of electrodes. To date, there are models with cellulose and rutile. They are ideal for arc welding. The diameter of the models differ. It is also important to note that some brands are used for carbon steel.

If we talk about the parameters, the nominal voltage of the electrodes in an average of 50 V. Deviation while allowing 5 V. Sold electrodes in a small and large packages. On average, 2.5 kg pack cost consumer 600 rubles.

For butt joints suitable electrodes "Monolith RC". Characteristic them as follows: tensile strength 340 N per sq. mm, the minimum inclination angle - 35 degrees. It is also important to note that in this case a rutile coating. The maximum angle of inclination of the electrode - 70 degrees.

If you believe the opinion of experts, the consumption in this grade is insignificant. Said electrode diameter is 3 mm. Its elongation is at 22%. Sensitivity to contamination at a small mark. It is also important to mention the high deposition rate. To work with the pipeline electrodes may be used. They are sold in packs of 1 kg and asking for them about 340 rubles.

These electrodes "Monolith" feedback from customers are getting good. This brand is often used to work with carbon steel. For surfacing, it can also be used. Consumption of the deposited metal in this case is low. The maximum deviation of the nominal voltage when the reverse polarity equals 5.5 V.

the deposition rate at the electrodes does not exceed 6, however the shortcomings they still have. In particular this applies to the high sensitivity to rust. Also consider a small angle of inclination of the electrode. To work with the pipeline is not allowed to use the specified brand. Buy electrodes can be in units of 1.5 kg for 450 rubles.

Characteristics electrodes "ANO-4i"

These electrodes "Monolith" have the following specifications: 23% elongation, and tensile strength - 350 N per sq. mm. Diameter presented mark is 3 mm. The minimum angle of inclination of the electrode is 30 m. In this case, a rutile coating. its thickness is equal to 1.2 mm. Ceiling seam with the brand represented by turns good. The maximum deviation of the nominal voltage is less than 7 W.

These electrodes "Monolith" (producer - Russia) are intended for arc welding. With carbon steel handles perfectly. If we talk about the parameters of the product, it is important to note that the diameter is 3 mm. For surfacing these electrodes are used rarely. Welder is able to work in any position. Parameter temporary break resistance not exceeding 50 MPa. For structural steel electrodes can be used. They used a mixed-type coverage.

From lacks it is important to mention the strong spray. If you believe the customer reviews, the brand is well suited for vertical welding. With heat-resistant steels are allowed to work. However, the weld metal flow at the electrodes is very significant. Nominal voltage at a reverse polarity marks equals 52 W. Ceiling seam by means of electrodes obtained excellent. It is also important to note the slight deviation of the nominal voltage when the reverse polarity. The indicator reaches a maximum of 4.5 V. sale said electrodes for welding "Monolith" as a rule, in packs of 1 kg. In the market for them in the average asking from 250 rubles.

Presented electrodes intended for arc welding. In some cases they are used for carbon steel. If you believe the customer reviews, they are ideal for welding. However, setting a temporary break of resistance at them insignificant. In this case, sprinkling is allowed not strong. For structural steel grade can be used.

Admissibility of overheating of the electrodes is in the normal range. For heat-resistant steel is not allowed to use them. If you believe the experts, this brand stand out more in the nominal voltage of 45 V. Buy Welding electrodes "Monolith" can be in packages of 2.5 kg, and they cost about 550 rubles.

These electrodes "Monolith" have the following characteristics: a diameter of 3 mm, flow rate - 1 kg to 1.7 kg product metal deposition rate 9 In this case, the maximum deviation does not exceed the rated voltage 4.5 V. The coating thickness is 1.2 mm. Nominal voltage with reversed polarity is equal to 55 V. For a pipeline data electrodes are not authorized.

If you believe the customer reviews, the ceiling seam with them turns out excellent. To work with a constant current, they can be used. However, a thick metal is not allowed to be welded. While working with structural steel spatter quite a lot. It is also important to mention the brand sensitivity to rust. Electrodes can be purchased at the price of 500 rubles.

"Monolith" said electrodes for welding is ideally suited. However, they are limited by the angle of inclination. In this case, a slight sensitivity to rust makes working with structural steel. Welding arc method mark applied frequently. Sensitivity to dirt, but it does not interfere with work with heat-resistant steel. If you believe the customer reviews, the electrodes to overlap joints should be avoided.

The maximal deviation at reverse polarity equal to 5.5 V. The coating thickness in this case is 1 mm. Operating voltage with constant current equal to 50 V. The flow indication of a slight electrodes. If you believe the customer reviews, the slag flowing ahead of the arc should be wary. Purchase data electrodes "Monolith" can be as low as 350 rubles. packing 1.5 kg.

Many buyers speak positively about these electrodes. First of all it is important to note the low susceptibility to rust. In this case, provided by spraying small. For short arc welding electrodes "Monolith" is often used. Sensitivity to rust them small, so with the structural steel are allowed to work. For lap joints electrodes are used frequently. Consumption of approximately 1.56 kg per 1 kg of metal. deposition rate does not exceed 8 In turn, the rated voltage at opposite polarity equal to 55 V.

The coating in this case provided a mixed type. Maximum deviation with reverse polarity does not exceed 10 V. According to specialists, the brand is often used for vertical welding. For compounds of the pipeline it may be used. Separately, it should be noted that the electrodes have proved effective when dealing with a ceiling seam. It is an average of 1.5 kg of packaging in the vicinity of 400 rubles.

These electrodes "Monolith" feedback from customers are positive. First of all it should be noted that they are used for metal deposition. In this case, slight splashing provided. Low sensitivity to dirt makes working with structural steel. For short arc welding mark may be used. Sensitivity to prepare the edges of her small. Electrodes are well suited for overlap joints. Average consumption is 1 kg 1.4 kg product metal.

Limit voltage deviation is 4.5 V. The coating of make use of mixed type. Metal suitable for welding large thicknesses electrodes. If you believe the customer reviews, the working with the electrodes is important to consider the admissibility of overheating. For pipelines brand fit. Nominal voltage at the positive polarity is 55 V. The coefficient of surfacing, the brand does not exceed 6, the Purchase Account "Monolith" electrodes in the stores can be as low as 500 rubles.

Many buyers speak positively about these electrodes. they are used for arc welding. they are able to work with structural steel. Spraying is provided in this case is insignificant. For vertical welding brand fit. Electrode consumption in this case is less than 1 kg per 1.5 kg of metal.

For butt joints electrodes rarely used. Sensitivity to prepare the edges of their relatively high. deposition rate in this case is at a level of 6 Maximum deviation mark withstand voltage is 5 V. The coating in this case has a rutile type. The maximum angle of inclination of the electrode is less than 70 degrees.

If you believe the customer reviews, it is necessary to avoid wicking slag. Diameter provided marks is 2.5 mm. In turn indicator ultimate strength equals 340 N per sq. mm. Elongation in this case is at a level of 20%. The toughness provided by the electrodes is not more than 77 joules per square. cm. can buy them at the price of 450 rubles.

electrodes "Monolit9quot; - review

What you need for high-quality welding

Acquired welding electrodes "monolith" 3 mm on the advice familiar welders. Prior to that used MP3 electrodes, so I have something to compare. I myself am a fan of the welder, but a lot of things cooked. First fence, then grill and a hexagonal gazebo team, so to speak my masterpiece welding job.

If you use an MP3 electrodes often had different problems, the electrode is badly ignited. And as that selectively apparently married in a pack. That adheres when necessary on low current simmer thin metal. Add a little current has obtained a hole that is over how to brew it. I had to buy an MP3 2mm. To cook a thin metal. But with it turned out to be even more hemorrhoids. The electrode burns quickly, and little help. There is a need to apply a second layer of metal.

All these shortcomings were in the past when using electrodes "Monolith". When welding sparks spray them even much less. Electrode 3mm cook comfortably even thin metal. Easily podvaril garage varota, digested them old rusty hinges. Dross itself rebounds from the metal during the cooling of the weld.

Relieved a comfortable welding, I bought in the store More packets pair of electrodes of 2.5 mm and 4 mm.

Now I'll just cook them. Let though they are not much more expensive than MP3. 145 rubles to 120 rubles.

Viktor59 recommends Electrodes "Monolit9quot;

it turns out the comparison about how easy Hyndai significantly better than the Toyota Avensis)))

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