Electric cleaver

Splitter screw to help villager

Splitter screw, rack and pinion, pneumatic - tools for splitting logs on chocks. Rural craftsmen gather wood splitters from scrap parts, but they are thin, structures need to be improved. Cleaver with a propeller cone is easy to make your own or buy cheaply.

Apparatus screw cleaver power

Splitter electric or diesel-driven installation is capable of processing up chocks 10-12 cubic meters of about 60 cm (standard wood) long. Use installation procurers to reduce labor costs. At home installation performance are not in demand.

woodsplitter screw device is based on the interaction pair vint- nut where the nut is soft wood. On steel a stable platform attached gearmotor with a tip in the form of conical screws, rotating at 250 to 450 rev / min. From the engine is driven by a stop bar, pushes a block of wood, standing end on a rotating cone. As a result, the occurrence of the cone in a side surface woodsplitter chocks, splits along the wood fibers.

precautions shall be taken when working with wood splitters. Clothing should sit tight on the body. Mittens are a risk factor. It is better to work in tight gloves.

Gearmotor replaced by a belt drive from the engine installation at a cutting table. Then the rotation of the shaft of the screw cone transmitted pulleys designed for optimum speed rotor. This design allows the use of single-phase motor 220 V, with it the price of the firewood screw becomes significantly lower. If Cleaver provide trailer, the working cone is returned to its original position on their own. How does the screw cleaver, you can watch the video:

Making yourself woodsplitter

Cost screw cleaver prefabricated depending on the configuration of 16 and up to hundreds of thousands of rubles. The main working body of the cone for the firewood, which can be ordered in the turning shop. To screw cleaver worked with their hands, offer drawings for craftsmen.

To produce thread grinder can not be as persistent thread on the "carrot" must be maintained accurately. Furthermore the manufacture of the cone turner must know the ratio of length to cross-section the base - 2: 1, double flighted thread with a pitch of 5-6 mm, the tooth profile like a chisel.

Depending on the size of the details, it will cost 5000 rubles. Turnkey operating unit:

  • spiral cone;
  • shaft with the bearing assembly;
  • transmission pulley for a belt drive.

The whole set will cost no more than 6000, but made on the calculated load, the Security node.

Made, the machine must meet the following requirements:

  • Engine power is not less than 2 kW;
  • at high speed thread pitch must be maintained less to reduce the load on the drive;
  • landing gear on the shaft should be tight to exclude scrolling;
  • cone is made of tool steel;
  • The tip of the screw sharpened, should be included in the wood gently, without effort;
  • height of working platform - 80 cm.

Schematic diagram of the device is as shown in the diagram.

As can be seen from the diagram, the device is simple, but requires precise centering of nodes, selection of pulleys to the desired speed ratio and V-belts, the corresponding profile.

To help handyman has a video, how to make a cone cleaver with his hands:

There is another scheme that does not require a belt drive and gear. The motor shaft low speed operation may be directly coupled to the screw wedge. shaft speed is less than 500 rev / min is not dangerous for the drive screw woodsplitter.

Gnarled and misshapen lumps with bending is necessary to prick with extreme caution. The log can rebound on an unpredictable path, chock scroll in his hands. The wedge can get stuck in solid wood. Therefore, the machine must be equipped with the possibility of reversal.

It is worth to remind that the engine must have a waterproof case and be grounded. Belt drive is closed guard. When applying chocks on the cutting table can not work in verhonkah. When awkward movement it can be wound on a cone with a hand. The machine must be equipped with a stop for emergency braking.

As an example of the people's ingenuity can result in the device for splitting a small number of short chocks. The bowl-section of 30 mm to a low-speed drill punch allows to split dry churochki. But there are some difficulties. The drill aims to make a U-turn of the screw, it should be hard to keep resisting, or strengthen tool derzhak.

Electric cleaver: the types and benefits

Severe fatigue, blisters on the hands and pain in the lumbar region - these are the consequences of long-term work with the usual chopping wood with an ax. However, what remains to do, if the house is only a wood stove? Buy ready chopped firewood - is unprofitable, even for a bath. But what to do? Fortunately, technological progress does not stand still, and now everyone can buy a fully electric cleaver. What are its features and what it is is know in the course of today's article.

Externally, the device is a small bench or machine that is placed from above the wood, and by pressing a certain button, the fast cutting of the logs. Powerful electric motor suddenly special compresses a piston which, on encountering a tree stump, it moves through a chute to a sharp knife. After a strong shock even the thickest tree is split into several parts. In this case, all you have to do - occasionally put on the new groove logs and monitor the operation of the device.

It is worth noting that electric cleaver may be intended for both domestic and industrial purposes. The main difference between the two types lies in the scale of production well, and consequently in cost. If you are in the country a small bath-house, you would be enough power household devices. And even if you drown wood boiler performance woodsplitter this will be enough for quick harvesting and chopping firewood for the winter. If you are doing a similar thing on a large scale (ie as a business), of course, in such cases it is necessary to acquire an industrial electric cleaver. Such mechanisms are designed not only to the production of large quantities of material, but also on many hours of trouble-free operation.

Also cleaver screw electric classified by size placed logs, the speed of cracking and the number of parts to split. But the most important aspect here is the working position, which can be both horizontal and vertical. As practice shows, the most practical device is a cleaver with a horizontal load of logs, but which type to choose - it is all of us.

Splitter Texas Electric 520 h

At the moment, this is the device is the most relevant and popular in the Russian market. Depending on the technical parameters, the cost of the firewood can vary from 11 to 40 and more thousand. It relates to devices household type. Industrial wood splitters same cost at least 150 thousand rubles. A leading manufacturer in this category are companies Palax, PILKEMASTER and "Tayfun9raquo ;.

Finally, we note that when buying these devices, pay special attention not only on the characteristics of the engine, but also the presence of the wheels in the design. Such electric cleaver is very easy and convenient to transport alone, while in the absence of such a device to move the wheels a few people in the state.

How to choose an electric cleaver

Until the end of the XIX century, people had to chop wood on their own, it was hard, especially when it came to large volumes. The first models of wood splitters demanded direct participation in the process of man, worked for a couple and were used only in large industries. Now you can buy an electric cleaver in a specialty store or make electro-cleaver with his hands. The device has a simple structure, so it can be assembled from readily available materials. There are other types of wood splitters.

Classification preimuschestvai disadvantages electric woodsplitter

Electric firewood processor can be classified by type of cut wood into two types:

  • Horizontal. In this case, the log rests horizontally, after which it is introduced special plica, cuts the pressurized timber into parts. It may also be, and vice versa - the log is moving toward Coltun where pressure is broken apart.

  • Vertical. All almost similarly as the first embodiment, only the timber is placed vertically, whereupon it is introduced into a mat. It is also worth noting that the quality of the useful work of wood splitters higher compared to horizontal, but they are more expensive.

  • Working with electric wood splitters simple, but also some of the features of the mechanism can be released during the process.

    • To work does not need gasoline, diesel, diesel oil, grease. Recently, fuel was considerably more expensive, however the electric cleaver may be called economical embodiment.
    • The price of such woodsplitter the market lower than its analogues, which works on burns fuel.
    • It can easily be assembled at home from improvised materials. For example, as the main engine can be moved from the old washing machine.
    • Minimal maintenance. No need to constantly lubricate the parts, replace the fuel, etc.
    • Phones running on electricity, are ecologically clean and does not leave any waste.
    • Many specialized wood splitters operate on three-phase networks at 380 volts, which is not present in many homes. Find the device that runs on conventional networks at 220 volts is possible, but this can be difficult. Or you have to alter the type of network connection that is not so simple.
    • Splitter electrical no different high mobility compared to their mechanical counterparts and diesel. All mobility of this device is limited to a length of power cable.
    • On some models, the electric motors more difficult to replace due to the fact that in Russia these types of engine is not too widespread.

    In the case of horizontal wood splitters to install logs on a frame need to pick it up. Such a splitter unit has either low and / or an adjustable machine frame. Vertical wood splitters do not require any lifting of the tree.

    Splitters can be classified according to the volume of wood, they are cut over a certain time interval, height and width of the wood. Most wood splitters for domestic use can chop logs no more than 50 cm in height and 30 cm in radius, while the analogues for industrial enterprises can chop logs 120 cm tall and 70 cm wide with no problems.

    Also, when choosing a machine, you must understand exactly what needs you for his ASSUME. For example, you need a cleaver to help the unit in a high cap of wood, you can choose the low-end phone, but if the workpiece batch of firewood for the winter, it is recommended to pay attention to models with a vertical bed, "zhivuchim9rdquo; engine and durable machine. Standard force a cut of 5-10 tons for domestic use devices and 10-30 tons of industrial. To support woodsplitter performance you need a good engine, optimum power is calculated from the force. Standard motor power for domestic use from 2 to 10 kW, which is enough to prepare a large batch of firewood for the winter.

    When selecting recommended to pay attention to the presence of castors in the design, as such a device will be more convenient to move.

    Assembly woodsplitter

    To make a good elektrodrovokol own hands will need:

    • Frame. As a bed, you can use any surface - a bench, table, etc. It should be remembered that the lower frame, so it is more convenient to work with wood. it also have to be resistant to mechanical stress.
    • Two bearings.
    • Work cone. It must be made of durable material and have a pointed end.
    • Motor. It should be remembered that the minimum capacity shall not be less than 5 kW, to be able to successfully prick solid logs. This engine can be bought in a specialty store or get out of the old equipment.
    • Reducer.

    Initially, the frame is attached to the gearbox and the engine. To the resulting design is added to the shaft to be connected to the motor through the lower gear. The shaft is attached to the frame by means of bearings. There are several points that need to be taken into account:

    • Do not place the tip directly on the motor or the gearbox, because there is a risk of electric shock.
    • It is desirable to have electrical skills for mounting electric parts, otherwise use the help of a specialist.
    • It is necessary to protect the chain and belt drives special metal casing.
    • If the working cone drill bit set, its velocity should be at least 250 rpm.

    Also a cleaver in the future it will be possible to improve.

    In the market you can choose a ready-cleaver to suit your needs.

    One of the most popular wood splitters on the Russian and CIS markets. unit price starts from 11 thousand. rubles in the minimum configuration, and up to 40 thousand. rubles in total. It has the following characteristics:

    • The impact force of 5 tons with minimal configuration. The maximum 20 tons.
    • motor power of 1.5 kW in a minimum configuration and 2.5 kW in total.
    • Weight 39 kg.
    • Recommended diameter logs 5-25 cm.
    • The maximum height of 60 cm logs.

    There are several types of this model. For example, "klassicheskiy9rdquo; «Texas 520 H" is the horizontal cleaver, but the market can be found and vertical models.

    Horizontal cleaver is suitable for domestic use. It requires direct human intervention in the process of splitting wood, fitted with wheels for transportation. Price in Russia about 20-30 thousand. Rubles. Characteristics:

    • The impact force of 5 tons.
    • Power 2.2 kW.
    • Weight 47 kg.
    • The maximum diameter of the log 25 cm.
    • The maximum height of 52 cm.

    Powerful vertical cleaver, which copes with thick and sturdy logs without problems. In some moments of human involvement in the process of splitting is not necessary. There are wheels for transportation and special staples for fixing. Price 30-40 thousand. Rubles. Characteristics:

    • The impact force of 6 tons.
    • Power 2.7 kW.
    • Weight 60 kg.
    • Maximum log diameter 30 cm.
    • The maximum height of 110 cm logs.

    When choosing woodsplitter pay attention not only on performance but also on the quality of manufacturing. It is recommended to refrain from buying if you can not find reviews of a particular model. In operation, it is recommended after a certain number of firewood give "otdyhat9rdquo; Wood splitters few minutes.

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