Dryer construction ranking of the best


Overview of 12 types of best construction fen

Building dryer is similar to a conventional hair dryers that releases warm air. Only at times he is more powerful and is used during the repair and construction.

It can help you:

  • produce synthetic finish wall;
  • remove the sticker;
  • shoot vinyl coating;
  • removing coatings containing lacquer or paint;
  • unstick carpet tile-based synthetics;
  • do shrink processing;
  • soften or melt the resin, solder, bitumen, waxes;
  • solder walled copper pipes;
  • create a form of plastic tubing and plastic;
  • PVC film is welded;
  • bend wood element;
  • get rid of air spots adhered films.

Design and construction work dryer

The structure includes a ceramic insulator, inside which there is a heating mechanism - air heating spiral.

The casing is inserted powerful electric motor, which blows warm air from the spiral to the outside and provides not only operability but also protection against overheating.

It works as follows:

  • when you turn the instrument to the network and run, turn on the heat of the spiral;
  • via motor sucked air passes through the coil and is blown;
  • depending on the power level of the spiral filament is regulated, and hence the heating of air.

To choose the right tool, you need to determine exactly where and for what purpose you will use it.

  • Building dryers are divided into two types: the professional and the consumer (the usual). In the first operational mode selection switches are available: minimum, medium and maximum.
  • When you select should pay attention to protection against overheating. Function avoids tool breakage in the case of continuous operation.
  • The thermally protective cover will also be useful. Better if it will be high quality and removable.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the handle, which can be of two types: open and closed. The second type provides better protection and easier to use.

Best rechargeable building hairdryers

This type of work often by a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Operating temperature in the region of 300-500 ° C. Output power is about 300 watts. Cordless hair dryer skips in a minute about a hundred liters of air.

It is adapted for home use and the implementation of short-term work in tight spaces.

  • convenient to use in places where there is no outlet;
  • use in confined areas;
  • small size.

  • short-term use;
  • rapid deterioration of the battery;
  • difficult to find the right battery;
  • weak capacity.

The cheapest battery hairdryer construction today is Steinel BHG 360 Li-Ion. It works from 12 volts in the temperature range of 400-500 degrees.

Better model - Einhell BHA 2000/1 with the same parameters. In third place is the Polar Division Zenit-2000-1.

Best building dryers for concrete

Used to work with concrete, drying and removal of paint and varnish coatings. This type operates on 220 volts. Power consumption - about 1600 watts.

The minute passes about 550 liters of air.

  • a lot of work;
  • fast heat of the heating mechanism;
  • execution of works related to concrete.

  • large consumption of electricity;
  • inconvenient to use;
  • the need for sockets.

The cheapest tool of this type is considered Vitals Tf 202JSc. Powered by a network, it has two temperature levels of 350 and 550 degrees. The next cost is Steinel HL 1610 S. And in the third place is a similar model Steinel HL 1910 E.

Best building dryers for soldering

In such models is temperature controller with fine adjustment, the air flow is directed without sputtering over the entire area. Work can be both from the battery and from the network. Operating temperature reaches 300 degrees.

  • ease of soldering constructions from plastic;
  • infinitely adjustable thermostat;
  • accuracy in the air flow direction;
  • low electricity consumption.

  • small range of works;
  • low temperature.

One of the least expensive of this kind of tools is FORTE HG 2000-2 with a capacity of 2 kW and a maximum temperature of 600 degrees.

The second price with the same characteristics of temperature and power is considered to Storm. Third place gets Energomash TS-20002 with a capacity of 2.5 kilowatts.

Best building dryers for welding linoleum

Working temperatures range from 100 to 650 ° C. Tools consume half a kilowatt, which is pretty much. There are models and 4 kW, which are considered professional. Options standard.

  • High-temperature heating;
  • long duration of the work;
  • large spray area;
  • large selection of attachments for welding.
  • ease of accurate work.

  • a large power consumption;
  • not suitable for fine work.

The most affordable tool - Belarusmash 2200. In second place is Russia in 2500, he and a bit more powerful, but also more expensive. Third place goes to URALMASH BT2500.

Best building dryers for roof

It characterized by specific attachments that allow you to improve the quality of the roof. It has from 2 to 5 temperature regimes. Power consumption is 1600 watts, operating from the mains.

  • little electricity consumption;
  • three temperature regime;
  • fully functional for the roof of the start of work until the end.

  • short duration of continuous operation;
  • not suitable for other types of work;
  • lack of a smooth change of operating temperatures.

One of the cheapest representatives of this type is Intertool DT-2416 with a capacity of 1500 kW and a temperature of 300 degrees. In the second place with the same parameters is Vitals Tf 202JSc. Third place went to Metabo H 16-500.

Best building dryers for paint stripper

This tool is the most simple and without any special custom elements. there are two types of nozzles for removing paint coatings.

The temperature of the blown air is 100-300 degrees. Power consumption of these devices reaches up to 1500 kW per hour.

  • perform fast and high-quality works to remove paint coatings;
  • possibility of drying material;
  • low power consumption.

  • a small feature set;
  • It requires additional protection when working with paints.

The cheapest model of this type on the shelves - Steinel HL 1400 S, power of 1500 kW and a temperature of 300 degrees. The second is a low cost Steinel HL 1610 S. And the third place is occupied by Bosch PHG 500-2.

Best building dryers for welding PVC

Building this type of hair differs a wide temperature range with fine adjustment. The power of this building tool comes up to 4 kilowatts per hour. The tool kit is a guide and a set of nozzles for welding and other work.

  • multifunctionality;
  • infinitely adjustable outlet air temperature;
  • large set of nozzles for different types of activities.

  • high electricity consumption;
  • short-term work.

In the ranking of the cheapest ranks first Craft CHG 2200E capacity of 2.2 kW and a top temperature of 550 degrees. In second place is Intertool DT-2420, and the third - Craft CHG 2000.

Best building dryers for soundproofing

This type of construction is characterized by high accuracy dryers work and smooth temperature regulation. Power consumption - 1 kWh.

  • stepless adjustment of the air temperature;
  • the accuracy of the air supply;
  • low electricity consumption.

  • used for a small number of side activities;
  • limited set of nozzles.

Rating fen cheap building this model begins Arsenal P-2000E. In second place is the Dnipro-M ETUF-2005D, third place went to AEG HG600VK.

Best building dryers tinting

Tools of this kind are comfortable to use and reliable. Have a small power consumption and a set of nozzles for smaller jobs.

  • large number of quality nozzles;
  • low power consumption;
  • fine tuning the blown air temperature.

  • not suitable for large-scale works;
  • difficult to find the battery for replacement;
  • short-term work, in order to avoid damage and overheating.

One of the cheaper models - HL 1400 S. Next - Steinel HL 1810 S. Third place Makita HG651CK.

Mini hairdryers remarkable because of their convenient and reliable. Designed for small and short-term work. Cordless models operate in the temperature range up to 300 ° C.

  • comfort of use;
  • ease of transportation;
  • small size.

  • small volume of work performed;
  • little functionality;
  • constant charging;
  • difficult to find a replacement battery.

Is the budget model - Intertool DT-2416. Second place goes to Intertool WT-1020 and third - Craft CHG 2200E.

Best construction hairdryers with temperature controller

Hair dryers of this type are considered to be professional. They have a lot of functionality - from dry materials to work with concrete and welding of plastic materials. Along with them comes a large set of nozzles. Operating temperature range from 100 to 700 ° C.

  • a simple heat adjustment mechanism;
  • high quality of work;
  • debugged heat the feed mechanism;
  • adjustable handle for comfortable operation.

The cheapest of the regulated construction fen is DWT HLP16-500, a little more expensive Proton FT-2000/2, in third place - PowerPlus POW707.

Best building dryer with display

With the help of the display shows the temperature data and performance. You can select a function, and it will automatically set the desired temperature and power. This type is suitable for professionals who often work with these tools.

  • convenience in configuring the operating mode;
  • the accuracy of the temperature setting.

  • screens often break at work
  • it is difficult to find a part or a display for the replacement and repair.

In the first place Sturm HG2003LCD to 2 kW, and the temperature is adjusted from 50 to 600 degrees. In second place - hairdryer Japanese manufacturer Ryobi EHG2020LCD. The third place is occupied by the building firm Bosch dryer Model GHG 660 LCD.

In second place are the construction of mini-dryers - the third semi-continuously adjusting the temperature regimes. The most wide-considered building dryer with display and temperature continuously adjustable.

Second in terms of functionality - it dryers concrete. They have high temperature limit, with a suitable attachment they are suitable for any type of work. In third place are the building dryers for soldering.

i Consumption

Which is better: the correct building dryer

Building dryers, or as they are called, Thermo, have been widely used not only on construction sites, but also in other industries.

For example, garages use it to smooth out or remove the protective film, plumbing pipes thawed portions in the cold season, and at home, such tools are well suited for the removal of old paint from various surfaces.

To correctly select the device, you must clearly understand the purpose for which it will be used. The construction is suitable only professional hair dryer with high performance and a wide degree of temperature adjustments. A suitable cheaper tool for home use. Consider a few of building dryers and choose the best. If you already have experience with such a tool - share them in the comments.

Top 5 best construction and Thermo hairdryers

Melt Blackdecker KX2001

Professional Electric building tools for a broad front works. It can be used to solder the copper pipe, to remove the old paint, glued floorings made of plastic and rubber. Infinitely adjustable temperature makes the gun more versatile.

Dryer high: 2 kW, 2 airflow feed profile which can "drive" to a volume of 500l / min, and its temperature can be adjusted in the range from 50 to 600 ° C. Excellent tool balancing allow for prolonged working process.

Building dryer Bort BHG-1600-P

One of the most affordable on the market of building dryers, has great potential. Perfect for drying various materials and formulations, soldering polypropylene pipes, cleaning of old paint and glue. The device is ergonomically comfortable handle which protects the master and hot particles from the heated air stream.

Power unit 1.5 kW, there are two application modes l.min 240/300 ° C, and 420 l.min / 500 ° C. If necessary, the hair can be put up hot jet. If you use the unit in compliance with all rules, workflow significantly increase over time. Suitable for small volumes of construction and is ideal for home use.

Melt Bosch PHG 500-2 060329A008

Excellent building dryer for professional tasks. Low weight and high-quality factory balancing allows professionals to use it for a long time without interruption. Master's hand is protected from burns due to the closed design.

Air supply and temperature control is carried out in two modes: 240 degrees C at 300 l / min and 500 degrees C with 450 l / min. Device power of 1.6 kW from 220V power mains. Suitable for professional builders, repairers and domestic artists.

Building dryer AEG HG560D 441,015

Melt active used in the construction and repair work in a wide range of work performed: removing dried paint from drying and construction mixtures, to copper and solder polypropylene tubes and defrost heating pipes. The device is characterized by low weight, compact size and ergonomic closed handle.

The tool can be used in two operating modes: 400 l / min at 300 ° C, and 450 l / min at 560 ° C. Maximum unit power is 1.5 kW. Powered by 220V. Suitable for construction, renovation, decoration, household.

The powerful professional building Melt the legendary producer. Suitable for a wide range of applications: the dismantling of the tile, remove the dried glue, paint, materials, wood processing, soldering pipes of different materials, defrost heating mains and more.

Powered by a 220V electric network, for certain jobs, there are two modes of operation: from 80 to 700 ° C with air velocity of from 250 to 550 l / min. Lightweight, compact and modern hair dryer, ideal for serious construction and maintenance tasks, and as an indispensable assistant for home use.

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Hairdryer building - the best rating

Building a hairdryer, although it has the name of a similar device for hair care, but the functionality is significantly different from its domestic counterpart. In addition to conventional drying, it can still soldering, welding, melting and cutting soft materials. Building a hairdryer - a popular device that allows you to work with modern building materials, thus it is very difficult to replace. Now in the shop are a lot of different models, which have a similar structure, but differ in the parameters. In this article you will learn what the building dryer is better to buy it to fully satisfy all your needs and ensure a high quality of work performed.

Construction dryers have substantially the same structure and are composed of such components:

  1. Housing unit in form very similar to normal household hair dryer. But it is made from a special very durable plastic that can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures, it does not melt or deform.

Important! The housing of some models has protection for the hands. Work with such hairdryers much safer and more convenient.

  1. Under the insulating housing is a casing made of ceramics, which ensures safe operation with a hairdryer. In the middle of the housing is hiding the heating coil, which can heat the air to 600 ° C and above.
  2. Hot air, heated by a spiral enters the nozzle, which generates and directs a jet of high temperature to the desired location. It made this output channel from the heat-resistant steel.
  3. It surpasses the hot air from the spiral to the nozzle motor. It has one or two impellers and operate at very high speeds.
  4. From the user-selected position of the switch depends on the temperature of the working stream. It controls located in the thermostat housing.

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If you face the question of how to choose an industrial dryer, it is natural, it is necessary, first of all, pay attention to the parameters of the unit, namely:

  • power;
  • performance;
  • The high temperature of the working stream;
  • adjustment of the heating temperature.

Capacity building is the total capacity of the dryer fan motor and a spiral. The higher it is, the higher the maximum temperature of the air stream.

What hair dryer building better:

  • Models for home or infrequent use are indicators of 500-2000 watts.
  • More powerful professional devices are in the range of 2-2.5 kW, but there is super powerful building dryers - 3,4 kW.

Important! If you do not know what kind of hair building opt for periodic construction works at home, we should not think that the high power performance will be the best solution in this situation. Such devices voracious highly loaded network, and also have sufficiently impressive dimensions and weight.

Performance industrial dryer - the amount of air flowing through the device per unit time. Most units have produced indicators 200-650 liters per minute.

Important! Performance dryer is directly connected to the heating temperature. Some models have the ability to adjust the volume of the charge air.

The maximum temperature of the air stream

The most important indicator of the industrial dryer is the temperature of the air stream:

  • The maximum value of the majority dryers ranges 600-650 ° C.
  • Xtra professional equipment may have a jet of air with a temperature of 750-800 ° C.

Controlled heating temperature

Possibility of adjusting the temperature of the air stream allows the master work with different building materials.

Important! From jet smoothness and dryer temperature adjustment range depends functionality of the device and the possibility of working with a wide range of materials.

The adjustment can be carried out in this manner:

  1. Step switch - characteristic of the budget and semi-professional models. Such dryers may have two or three temperature regime.
  2. The slider control - allows you to change the temperature more smoothly and to work with very different materials. Step adjustment depends on the specifications of the thermostat and the slider scroll speed.
  3. The electronic control system - allows you to maintain a constant preset air stream temperature and prolongs life of the heating coil. Often, these models also have built-in memory, which records the latest operating temperature of the device and stores until the next turn.

Important! If you think a building is better to buy a hairdryer for a comfortable constant work, of course, the last option the best. But for home use and can take something simpler, as the models with electronic control - the most expensive.

Additional selection parameters

In addition to the basic characteristics, it is necessary to pay attention to the advanced product features.

Control of temperature indication

Some materials are very sensitive to even a short overheating. For such high-precision work needs hair with a control display that allows you to continually monitor the jet parameters.

Such control may be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Light indication - is carried out by means of LEDs that light up in different colors depending on the temperature chosen. The accuracy of such monitoring is poor.
  2. LCD screens - make it possible to control the temperature with the change of even one degree. Of course, these models are not far from the budget. In shops often presented first type device.

The presence of blowing cold air to speed up the work. For example, rapidly cooling the hot seat, you can proceed to the next steps, without wasting time waiting. So if you are wondering over what the building dryer best buy for professional work, be sure to pay attention to the availability of this function.

Depending on the model creation of cold flow is done in this way:

  1. Spiral turns off when the engine is running. This method allows you to not only cool the material, but also to quickly pack up the device after completion of the work.
  2. The work included a second nozzle - it allows working with thermoplastic materials when simultaneously heats one nozzle, and the second - off.

The "Thermostop" disables spiral in case of overheating. Quite often it happens when during industrial dryer is perpendicular to the material. In this case, the hot air jet coming from the surface and bounces again enters the enclosure.

Additional nozzles allow the air stream to form and work with different models. However, in thought over what to choose hair dryer building, should not be given special attention to the basic configuration - often you can buy in addition all the necessary nozzles, while their price is low enough.

A list of the most commonly used baits:

  1. Flat - helps to remove old paint, paint or wallpaper.
  2. Round - used for brazing copper tubing and sealing products via the welding tape.
  3. Reflex with front rounded tap - designed for bending plastic pipes. Such a nozzle allows the material to warm up on both sides, so it is also great for pressing or shrinking heating.
  4. Slit - designed for welding PVC lap.
  5. Cutting - the name has a nozzle as a narrow flattened tube. It allows you to narrowly focus the stream and with its curly cut foam polystyrene.
  6. The nozzle side structure with protection - allows you to clear the frame and not to overheat while the glass.
  7. Mirror - returns the reflected heat back to the material. This nozzle is designed for resistance welding of plastics.

Important! For the transition from the gun to the nozzle, which has a smaller diameter-reducing adapters are used. They can also act as a concentrator nozzle.

Finally decide which building hair it is better to buy, sometimes quite difficult. To do this, you need to clearly understand:

  • for which the device will be used;
  • how often;
  • the maximum budget.

Industrial dryers, as well as many other devices, is made in two categories:

You will approach the device from the category of "for the fans" in such cases:

  • desired maximum stream temperature does not exceed 560 ° C;
  • necessary during continuous operation of the unit is less than 15 minutes;
  • We do not need a precise temperature calibration.

Important! When choosing a residential building dryer, pay special attention to the reliability of the brand.

In this segment, well-proven units from Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Steinel, Skill and Kress.

Professional industrial dryer must be purchased if you are important:

  • possibility of fine adjustment of the temperature;
  • the presence of the removable heat shield;
  • possibility to temperature stabilization;
  • the presence of the closed arms.

Important! In this category are leading devices from Bosch, Makita, Metabo, DeWALT, Steinel.

Choosing a hair dryer building: ranking of the best

Naturally, it can not be the best universal hot air gun. Consider building rating fen, based on where and what it is used.

Best rechargeable industrial dryers

Such devices often operate on the lithium-ion batteries - voltage enough for them just 12 volts. These dryers have a working temperature of 300-500 ° C and can pass about 100 liters per minute.

Important! They are ideal for short-term work in the absence of the socket and close to home use.

Advantages of storage devices:

  • small size;
  • no attachment to the availability of electric power;
  • It can be used in confined spaces.
  • rapid deterioration of the battery;
  • short period workflow;
  • weak capacity.

The most popular rechargeable hairdryers:

  1. Steinel BHG 360 Li-Ion - the cheapest option, which allows you to do the job at the lowest cost. He can issue a temperature 400-500 ° C.
  2. Einhell BHA 2000/1 - a more qualitative model, with the same characteristics as the previous one.
  3. Zenit's Polar Division-2000-1 - practical and reliable unit.

These industrial dryers are used for:

  • with concrete surfaces;
  • drying, removal of lacquer or paint.

Important! They use 220 Volt and passed about 550 liters per minute.

  • fast heat of the spiral;
  • the opportunity to use the large amount of work;
  • capable of handling concrete.
  • need a socket, located near;
  • inconvenient to use;
  • a large amount of electricity consumed

Popular dryers concrete:

  1. Vitals Tf 202JSc - the cheapest option in this category. It can operate in two modes temperature - 350 ° C and 550 ° C.
  2. Steinel HL 1610 S - a good working model. If you do not know which is better to buy a hair dryer building, so it was not too expensive and quality at the same time, pay attention to this option.
  3. Steinel HL 1910 E - differs from the preceding dryer greater functionality: has three temperature regime and 600 ° C maximum operating temperature.

The peculiarity of these models is that they are highly sensitive temperature control and airflow is precisely directed.

Important! Work can be both mains and battery life. jet temperature of about 300 ° C.

  • easy soldering structure of plastic;
  • stepless adjustment of temperature;
  • the exact orientation of the flow;
  • low power consumption
  • sufficiently low working temperature;
  • a small range of works.

The most popular hair dryers for soldering:

  1. Forte HG 2000-2 - one of the cheapest options for soldering. A sufficiently powerful model - 2 kW. The maximum temperature - 600 ° C.
  2. Storm - has the same characteristics, but slightly more expensive price.
  3. Energomash TP-20002 - hair dryer with a capacity of 2.5 kW.

Top multifunctional building hairdryers

If you are wondering over what the building dryer is better to buy it to be a universal "workhorse" in this case is very important indicators such as the maximum temperature of the jet with the possibility of fine adjustment.

The most popular models on the user view:

  1. Defort DHG-1600 - high-quality low-cost model. It can operate in two modes temperature - 420 ° C and 500 ° C.
  2. Skil 8004 LA - has a smooth adjustment in the temperature range from 50 ° C to 650 ° C.
  3. Bosch GHG 660 LCD - similar parameters for the device from a reputable manufacturer.

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It is important to not only know how to choose the industrial dryer, but still need and right to use the unit that you purchased.

To construction hairdryer served you long and accurately, observe the rules of operation:

  1. Direct the jet onto the working surface at an angle of 45 degrees. This will prevent the return of hot air back into the device and overheating. It is believed that 95% of all failures occur because of non-compliance with this recommendation.
  2. Avoid overheating and processed material.

Important! Never test material jet or hand temperature.

  1. Do not use the industrial dryer, if there are flammable liquids or flammable materials.
  2. At the end of let the unit cool down - housing may be very hot.

Important! Note that in the hot summer day, the unit can cool down considerably longer.

  1. Use an industrial dryer in a well-ventilated room or outdoors.
  2. Do not leave the device unattended included in the network.
  3. Remove varnish and paint only with the scraper, which is attached.

Important! Always wear respirator when working with paints products.

Now you know what the building dryer best buy for those or other works. And if you do get lost among the huge sea offers in online and offline stores, the "lifeline" for you will be our top construction hairdryers.

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