Drawer under the sink in the bathroom

Making cabinets under the sink with his hands

Cupboard under the sink with his hands can be designed and made in almost any amateur master. In order to make it yourself, it takes some effort and the necessary materials. Availability of engineering skills and creativity are welcome.

So, before you figure out how to make the cabinet under the sink with his hands, should understand that this will require. After all, you do not need to buy doroguschy version of the store. Such a piece of furniture, made with his own hands, will not only serve as a stylish addition to the bathroom, but also a place for storage of various details: detergent, sponges and other things.

For work you need the following materials and tools:

  • particleboard;
  • loop;
  • glass;
  • corners of furniture;
  • screws;
  • putty mixture;
  • a primer composition;
  • lacquer;
  • hacksaw;
  • double sided tape;
  • screwdriver;
  • sandpaper;
  • hexagon;
  • brush;
  • a pencil;
  • putty knife;
  • cutter on the glass;
  • sand;
  • drill;
  • tape measure;
  • grindstone;
  • protective gloves.

To make a locker under the sink in the bathroom, we must first define its dimensions.

  1. To do this, measure the size of washing. You then define the height of the sink to the floor. It is also necessary to draw a sketch of the future product and determine its size and components.

After product assembly under the sink in the bathroom with their hands, you can start processing the finished structure. She needs to give smoothness. For this purpose, you need to stock up putty that must be applied to the particle board. The composition should be carefully smoothed using a trowel.

It is necessary to allow time for the solution to dry completely, then it can be poshkurit. Then, the top layer should be applied primer. The thinner it is, the better. After it dries, you are ready to paint.

For these purposes it is better to use a special toning lacquer. It must be carefully applied to the finished surface with a brush in two layers. When the product is completely dry, you can proceed to its immediate setting.

To nightstand looked aesthetically pleasing, it is recommended that the door made of glass. To do this, mark out the material and cut out the desired shape. To give the product a haze, it is necessary to pour on it a little sand, and putting it on top of another glass, carefully grind, pre-moistened.

Gradually increase the amount of sand to be as long as the design surface does not acquire the desired properties. To avoid a long wait, you can use a special grinding apparatus. The last step is to install the door.

Another method of manufacturing pedestals

Cupboard under the sink in the bathroom can be designed in a different way, using slats and boards. For these purposes, you need the following tools and materials:

At the first stage it is necessary to determine the order, what height and width of the product is, if it is necessary to start from the shell sizes. This is followed by the bottom of the cut and the desired size of the door.

Then the boards are laid walls which are bonded together by means of rods and screws. To such a product for the sink was convenient to operate, it is appropriate to cut the shelves to him. They are installed on top of special spacers, which are attached to the walls with screws.

To sink cabinet will last for many years, it is recommended to paint. But before you do that, it must be impregnated with a special compound. You can then proceed to the coating varnish in several layers.

Before you get started, you should determine the choice of materials. It is not necessary to take only the chipboard or the board, you can use plywood or fiberboard.

  • As the fastener elements instead of screws or nails screws may be used.
  • That the product fits perfectly to the dimensions of the shell, you should use the level that will help control the horizontal design. The coating can be done not only paints, but also to apply the paint. From this quality of the product does not suffer. When choosing colors should rely on your own taste.
  • Instead of brushes you can use a spray bottle. This will facilitate the work. It is recommended to start from the sinks and siphon size. They should be integral to the manufactured products. This interior element will last for many years.
  • Good impregnate DSP silicon, in order to prevent the negative effect of moisture, because the sink is located on the design, and the water drops will fall on the surface of the product.

Thus, the presence of certain skills under sink cabinet with your own hands can be designed and built in just a few hours.

Choosing a cabinet (Moidodyr) under the sink: nuances of selection

Cupboard under the sink in the bathroom - an essential element of everything a modern bathroom. This is not only practical and functional furniture component that allows you to store personal care items and bath accessories, but also a fashionable designer accessory that decorate the interior of your bathroom.

Cupboard under the sink: the benefits

The reality is that the bathrooms in our homes and apartments have a very modest size, which complicates the process of selection of attributes and furniture. The best option for small bathrooms would be cabinet with shelves and storage system of the drawers, which is very comfortable to hold small items and personal care products.

But beyond that, you can list a number of advantages:

  • cabinet allows you to save valuable floor space at the same functional use of space under the sink;
  • in the cabinet, you can hide unsightly plumbing communication;
  • in the manufacture of bollards used materials resistant to moisture, which ensures long-term product operation;
  • It is a decorative element of the interior.

Manufacturers offer a huge range of products, so choose suitable interior style bathrooms and your preferences will not be difficult. It is always possible to order individual products according to your size if not found suitable in the store.

Council. The spacious bathroom is appropriate to place two thumbs up. One installed permanently under the sink, and cabinet on wheels to put in any place and to move during cleaning.

Perhaps all the shortcomings of the thumbs touch the materials from which they are made:

  • earthenware practical and easy to clean, but will break on impact;
  • Marble is very beautiful, but is not resistant to the appearance of spots, besides roads and prone to chipping;
  • polymers prone to the appearance of scratches.

Prefer models with legs - they will save part of the product from moisture and are easy to replace if necessary. Cupboard and furniture made of wood is much safer than chipboard and MDF, however, the price is not available to everyone.

Moidodyr called a set of furniture from the cabinet (floor, attachment or on wheels), stone with sink and mirror. All this is designed in one style, made of the same material, and combined color.

Curbstones Moidodir differ not only dimensions but also the internal content. The doors can be as classic swing and sliding, but there are models that consist only of the boxes. Some models are equipped with laundry basket. Picking model cupboard under the sink, be sure to consider the design features of the wiring of water and sewer pipes.

Classification of a method for mounting pedestals

  1. pendant suitable for rooms of any size. Select cabinet commensurate with the scale of bathrooms, so it does not look much little or, on the contrary, it is very cumbersome. In a stone plinth or no legs, making it easier to hygienically clean the floor and the wall under the sink. The housing is suspended pedestals reinforced structure and fixed brackets to the wall surface. The wall, which will be mounted cabinet should be the capital, can support the weight of the product.

manufacturing materials and cabinets countertops

Cupboard under the sink in the bathroom can be sold complete with sink and without it. There are several combinations:

  1. Cupboard in the bathroom sink and have no points of contact. The shell is mounted on the top.
  2. Waybill sink mounted on top as the worktop.
  3. Built-in sink hole implies the worktop under the sink bowl.

In most cases, the material for manufacturing Moidodir is laminated chipboard, MDF or combinations thereof: a body made of chipboard and MDF door, the ends protect PVC profile. It is used and the tree. All these materials are treated with special compounds to impart water resistance and counter distortions, because in the bathroom there is high humidity. Housing pedestals may be made of safety glass, stainless steel or plastic.

Table top may be made of polished marble, glass, granite, onyx, wood, molded polymer, quartzite or earthenware.

cast polymer It allows to make candy bars when the sink and countertop combined into a single structure. There is a more improved polymer based on acrylic resins - duralumin. This table-top two times cheaper than natural stone and much lighter in weight. It is durable, environmentally friendly and resistance to occurrence of molds.

Marble It looks luxurious and can be of different colors. From a block of marble milling machine can cut single piece of countertop and sink. The cost of this product is quite high. Granite cheaper marble, also provides a material unique in its texture and color. Advantages of granite and marble in their strength, these materials are not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, ultraviolet radiation and easy to operate.

glass countertops made of tempered glass, able to withstand heavy loads. They are easy to care, does not absorb odors and resistant to fungal formations. quartz agglomerate It has a rich coloring, heat-resistant, strong and firm, and stable to acids.

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Five years ago, we bought in the bathroom like headsets: a stand on the legs and under the sink cabinet on legs. This furniture is very necessary in the bathroom. Everything you need is not in any kind of chairs or a washing machine, and laid out on shelves in the cabinet and the cabinet. The only thing we faced with this poorly treated furniture from excessive humidity, as written in the article, (quote) "special structures to impart water resistance and counter distortions." After a while just departed this glossy casing. Tried to glue themselves, but probably not the adhesive is chosen, nothing happened. Will cause the master and give furniture repair, let the new glossy skin to deliver. The furniture itself is not swollen, firm, whole legs, so get rid of it somehow pity.

Cupboard under the sink in the bath: a review of the popular types of pedestals + learn to choose the right

Long gone are the days when the bathroom arrangement was limited to only a set of necessary plumbing and mirror. Today the market offers a huge range of functional furniture for the bathroom.

A key position in this list is the cabinet under the sink in the bath, which can be used successfully to decorate unsightly water pipes and make the most efficient place in the necessary detail the farm.

Which model variants offer modern manufacturers and how to choose the cabinet under the sink? Consider the details.

The modern bathroom cabinet - the desired object. And her choice should be approached responsibly. Cupboard with sink for the bathroom is designed primarily to perform a practical function.

On its shelves convenient to store household chemicals and hygiene products - all those tubes, bottles and bottles, without which in cleaning and taking water treatments can not do.

Occupying a minimum of space, stand can accommodate a variety of subjects, which, being in the public domain, previously just clutter the space of the room.

pedestals design is largely determined by the performance of one shell, which may be one of three types:

  • built into the countertop, and form the unique design;
  • mounted above the surface of the respective sizes;
  • overhanging structure, which significantly protrudes over the edge of a pedestal;

Each of the options is good in its own way. But it is necessary to consider that it is important to focus not only on an aesthetic option, but also a place of installation.

For example, a sink, towering over the top, it will look more appropriate in a room in a large area, while in the small bathroom it will look a bit cumbersome.

If you are not willing to spend time every day wiping countertops, choose cabinets with built-in sink.

Criteria for selection of cabinets under the sink

The bathrooms are both in private and in apartment buildings vary in layout and size. With this in mind, manufacturers of furniture offer a variety of models of bollards, which are able to fit in bathrooms of all sizes.

Material and fittings

The materials used for the manufacture of bathroom furniture, manufacturers have special requirements.

After all, they will act as complement the room's interior, which is peculiar to high humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations. And the curbstones with are not that different. They have to:

  • withstand steam and water;
  • resistance to accidental mechanical stress;
  • no exposure to mold and corrosion;
  • resistance to deformation, regardless of life.

Most often used for this purpose: MDF, polymers, laminated particle board, glass, wood, metal. Pedestals are made of chipboard, take the lower price category.

Wood furniture should, of course, more expensive. It is made not from a single array, and of several compressed layers. The surface layer is coated with a moisture-resistant impregnation.

But even with this treatment, with prolonged exposure to moisture over time, wood can warp. Therefore, the wooden furniture is better to choose everything for spacious rooms with good ventilation.

When choosing a product particular attention should be paid to the topcoat, a role which can act:

Equipment created from high-impact glass, can be of different designs and color schemes.

Today, the popularity rating is headed by frosted glass, complemented by elements of chrome-plated metal. Pieces of furniture made of glass and metal, are less susceptible to water.

But they are much more expensive. And not all manufacturers are present in such a configuration range.

Particular attention is paid to the responsible manufacturers quality fitting elements. A more reliable and durable considered chromed metal fittings.

Articles made of plastic with gold or silver plated lose their appeal after a few weeks of active use.

Often the toilets in modern homes do not differ large areas. And therefore we have to look for flexible solutions, with which you can successfully use every centimeter of space allotted.

The most popular models of the size of 50-55 cm and 80-90 cm.

To choose the best option, you must have completed the measurements of space for installation. For this purpose we calculate in advance the level of output supply pipe water supply and connect to the sewer.

Equally important is the type of flooring. So much for the bathrooms, equipped with the system "warm floor" is better to choose tables with legs.

This design will prevent overheating of the surface, thus extending the life of the product.

A good solution would be to model and corner cabinets. It looks compact and neat, but it literally transforms an inconspicuous corner of a multifunctional structure.

Easy to use compact cabinet will be withdrawable. Construction on rollers, if necessary, easy to move around the room, changing the place position.

The only drawback of this model is the inability to install built-in sinks, since the communications system can be installed permanently in one place.

Today, manufacturers offer three options execution pedestals under a sink, which, depending on the method of installation are:

Design pendant type do not provide for the existence of support in the form of legs, thereby making it possible to effect the visual expansion space.

Suspended design can make the interior modern and spectacular.

Due to the lack of direct contact with the floor furniture Pendant is not afraid of puddles on the floor and sink.

Hanging cabinet - a real salvation and when placed along the floor plumbing boxes do not allow to mount conventional models with legs. They can be hung on any sort of height.

The only drawback of suspended structures is the difficulty of installation. Installation of this type of construction makes high demands on the strength of the wall.

Not every wall capable of withstanding the total weight of the sink cabinets, including filling.

Supporting tables on legs are convenient because they are easy to install on the allotted space for them. They are easy to care for and clean the accumulated dirt under them.

Formed between the pedestal and the floor of the gap will create favorable conditions for better air circulation, providing ventilation furniture.

In the case of minor flooding the maximum that will suffer in this design - it's legs. And find them on sale is quite easy to replace, and will not be difficult.

Masters are advised to increase the reliability of the design and the overall security of the furniture to provide additional fastening to the wall.

To protect the smooth surfaces of the legs of such pedestals equipped with special silicone pads.

The main advantage of the floor pedestals is their ability to withstand severe stress, what exactly can be said about the hinged structures.

Cabinets with plinth extremely easy to install. Suffice it to collect the box and provide a stable position of the structure.

But in this simplicity and the key catch. Is in contact with the floor plinth in contact with water, which is in the bathroom just inevitable over time will begin to deteriorate.

And do not delude relatively supervlagoustoychivosti material, in particular the type of MDF or particle board. None of them can every day to maintain the water test. Of course, this question is not a few weeks.

We are talking about two or three years - the period when it will end all of the manufacturer's warranty, and you will have to update their own furniture.

Installed on a floor construction prevents maneuverability when receiving water treatments, and drawers swinging open the door also require additional space.

Produced by modern manufacturers of cabinets under the sink for a bath are highly variable, so that there will be problems with the choice of a model that would match the size of the room and at the same time blend harmoniously with its style and color scheme.

Most of these tables is performed in a light color palette: white, cream, light blue, light green shades.

The decoration of pedestals surface can be matte or glossy and completed drawings, carving, engraving.

Among the admirers of unusual designs are very popular pieces of furniture not only traditional rectangular shapes, but with round, oval and curved facades.

Lovers of gourmet style often choose graceful model with legs decorated with stained-glass windows.

Pedestals made of wood are ideal for bathrooms, decorated in a country style or Provence.

If you traced the traditional European style, it is ideal for a pencil case or a cabinet in the old style in the design of the bathroom.

Elegant accessories on a background of artificially aged interior view of the article will emphasize luxury.

Visually weightless translucent stone of glass with metal elements successfully complement the modern hi-tech style.

What to consider when choosing the filling cabinets

Drawers, shelves, compact laundry baskets - all this helps to prevent cluttering the space of the room, intended for recreation and water treatment.

After all, the more possibilities will have an internal filling cabinet, the less necessary, but distracting detail, will be on view.

The number of doors involved in the design depends on the size of the tables:

  • with dimensions of 30-40 cm - one door;
  • at a rate of 60-80 cm cabinets - two doors.

Cabinet with two doors - the most common variant. It is compact and roomy.

To improve ease-of-operation process designers are provided with all sorts of cabinets "gadgets" - shelves and a comfortable roof rails, the position of which is determined by the placement of the supply of communications systems.

Cabinets with built-in laundry basket perfect for small-sized bathroom. Compact but fairly spacious design will help solve the problem of storing dirty laundry.

How to choose cabinet under the sink, you decide whether it will or plinth mounted design. The main thing - that it was convenient and practical.

Good Buy will provide you with comfort while receiving water procedures and a pleasure to admire the unusual design tables, harmoniously matched to the interior of the bathroom.

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