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the kitchen curtains - 100 photos of new products and design ideas in the kitchen curtains

What part of the house is the most important? That's right - the kitchen. Because that is where people spend most of the time, and so it should please the eye, every time you enter it. But beyond the beauty, the space should be properly divided and organized to make it all the functional and user-friendly as possible.

Bright wallpaper, awaken the appetite, soft chairs richly upholstered, round table with carvings - all components of comfort. But one element in the kitchen, you need to pay more careful attention - it is curtains. Whether it is an ordinary tulle, light cotton curtains, or the elegant curtains, they create a special charm and comfort in the kitchen.

What are the curtains suitable for the kitchen?

1. The most important requirement, perhaps, that they perfectly complement the image of the design is the premise. Do not weigh down already, a small space, or vice versa, is not expanded already, a spacious kitchen.

2. Curtains should be convenient and pragmatic. After cooking a meal, it is a daily ritual in every family, and it means that the blinds will absorb odors and particles of food. They need to be washed, and they do not lose their perfect look.

3. As mentioned above, they should properly complement the kitchen space. In a small kitchen - light curtains, a large - heavier curtains. We offer a look at the curtains on the small kitchen photos.

4. It is necessary to assess the dimensions of the window if you have a balcony, access to it should be easy. In this case, you can see photos of curtains in the kitchen with a balcony.

5. correctly and objectively evaluate, what colors we need curtains. Warm colors - will make a calm and warm kitchen, curtains colder colors - give space rigor and elegance. You can appreciate the design of curtains in the kitchen photo.

6. Well, the curtains must have functionality. In order to avoid the difficulties to get to the window and opened it. Also, if desired, they should be able to completely hide behind him, what is happening in the kitchen.

Consider some types of curtains used in the kitchen

To date, this is the most popular option in the apartments. They have won the hearts of women, their functionality, simplicity and elegance. Easy to care for themselves, they fit into any interior, and relatively not expensive for the price, because their production takes a minimum of materials.

They stay in special moldings mounted in the window opening. When open, they look like a whole leaf, when closed, like a gently gathered fabric.

The main advantages of curtains:

- Practical operation;

- Have broad functionality;

- They do not require special care.

Japanese motifs or panels on windows

Japanese curtains a little bit inferior to the popularity of the Roman. Light weightless fabric, pure cotton, bamboo noble - this is something of which made the panel. In appearance similar to vertical blinds, wide enough and long, almost to the floor. Are mounted on an aluminum profile. Perfectly suited to the kitchen with large windows. space into multiple sectors can be divided as them.

Pros Japanese panels:

- Not picky in care;

- Economical consumption during production.

Such curtains resemble a roll of wallpaper. Not only of paper and cloth. The functionality is clear immediately. Close window - to unwind roller, open - on the contrary.

Suitable for windows, even the most extensive. Can be hung on one window curtains a few rolls of playing with colors and textures.

Advantages of roller blinds:

- Easy to clean and use;

- Their production does not leave a lot of material;

- Quite a long time with proper care will last;

- Excellent inhibit sunlight.

Once popular, they have given way to a new species. Still a classic never gets old, and people still hang them in the apartment. Best of all, they fit, it is in the interior of the kitchen, because there must be a maximum of sunlight. You should choose lightweight fabrics. With curtains successful tandem, make blinds.

This is something noble and luxurious. Will look spectacular with the tissues of plain colors. After all, they are so many variations of fine draperies and prints.

Austrian curtains - a kind of mixture of French and Roman blinds. Reveals exactly how and Roman. But below are light waves, then, and come to mind French motifs. Fit on the window of any size, as well as on the balcony door.

Timeless classics. Ideal for decoration of long windows. Material - light tulle or drape fabric. In length, usually just above the sill level.

The modern version of the window decoration. Quite easily, move if desired. Mounted on a circular ledge. Effectively looks fabric looks airy and not weighted.

Curtains with lambrequins and classic curtains

Classic lightweight tulle and sliding heavy drapes, it is not an option for the kitchen. But almost weightless tulle and a short bright pelmet, exactly what you need. A sort of greeting from Cafe 70's.

One of their appearance, are able to blow warm and landscapes of Africa. A smell which emanates from bamboo reeds, relaxing and calming. Perfectly fit into any design.

Here it is possible to give flight to your imagination and assemble several types of curtains. The result is an unusual, individual interior decoration.

Choosing curtains for the kitchen: fashion trends 2017

Kitchen - the space in which the hearth is our main place in the house. Therefore, it is important to make it a comfortable and attractive. For this we have to follow the fashion trends of indoor, where the curtains play an important role. Offer and you will not stand by and get acquainted with a selection of photos of curtains design new products for the kitchen in 2017.

When you create the interior saying "my house - my rules" now becomes the basis for design ideas. But in the pursuit of self-realization should not completely ignore the fashion trends.

It must be remembered that not every curtains are perceived in the modern kitchen adequately. This year and next style solutions window decoration tend to be simple and concise, and strengthens its position practicality.

Frilly, ornate accessories, curtains, especially when it comes to this operating room as a kitchen, fade into the background. What changes undergone design curtains for the kitchen and you will see new items in our photo collection.

Direct curtains with tulle - timeless classics. It is quite diverse and not limited to a set of two drapes (one for each half of the window) and one curtains.

Modern classic curtains for the kitchen can be on the grommet, with lambrequins and without, of different lengths, and made specifically for the windows from the balcony door. Consider them all in detail.

In the photo fashionable novelty - elegant elongated curtains.

Classic curtains and blinds. Long dense curtains or light curtains to the floor in conjunction with tulle were always popular and will likely remain so for a long time. Selecting them for the kitchen, it is desirable to observe a few rules:

  • Large leaf tissue collected a lot of dust. Therefore, material curtains and curtains should be easy to clean.
  • The kitchen is always in need of light. Therefore, drapes or curtains should not be too tight.
  • Long curtains can not be hung on the window, which is located near the headset or a dining table.

If we talk about the combination of colors, the white or light shade in the color of curtains curtains (matte or with a slight sheen) remain the most win-win and easy option.

The kitchen is one of the few places in the house where the curtains play mainly a decorative function, so there is still a trend window, decorated only with tulle. This solution is especially true for small spaces.

Air lace curtains create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, will not prevent the luminous flux and not "eat" space. And in order to hang them nicely, there are many ways: one curtains on all window, two crossed, long cloth, thrown with slack through the cornice.

Curtains on the grommet. Curtains in the upper part of which holes are cut, edged with metal or plastic rings (grommets), allows you to conveniently and securely fix the curtains on the ledge, from year to year only become more popular.

Arrange them so that when assembled a panel of fabric hung down from the eaves straight vertical folds. Eyelets visually ennoble curtains, give them a discreet elegance and do not require additional jewelry because themselves are not only a fixture, but also an element of decor.

In the photo the modern kitchen curtains of translucent organza. Eyelets create beautiful deep folds.

Stylistically curtains with eyelets for universal cuisine. They may be short or long, made of mild or net curtains, a monochromatic or patterned.

Under any interior style: strict classical, avant-garde high-tech, warm Provence, naive Shabby-chic, romantic country, you can choose the right option. At the same time we must note that although the curtains lyuversnym mount do not require additional decorations, original, relevant tips on interior ledge for them is not only tolerated, but even appreciated.

Curtains with lambrequins. Pelmet - horizontal drape framing the upper part of the curtains. Species swags almost more than the kinds of curtains, but this year, the designers recommend the use of only some of them. Choosing to do better for the benefit of the following models:

Soft draping light from the light as a short fabric covering only the upper third of the window curtains as SMAD, polusvaga or scarf thrown over the ledge. On complex embodiments, which consist of several parts: bibs, ties, bells better forget.

As noted above, the pretentiousness of the season is not welcome, therefore, from the massive swags with fringe and tassels, too, will have to give.

It remains popular and hard pelmets on gangs. They must be concise, made in the form of narrow strips or small triangle, as well as arcuate, or shaped bottom edge. Fabric for hard pelmet is taken the same as for the curtains, but in principle can be any.

Kitchen interior with tending to the luxury, you can pick up delicate pelmet made by laser cutting - the perfect alternative to conventional swags on the gang. With it the window will look elegant and refined.

Direct curtains and blinds for windows with balcony door. Economically, the kitchen with access to the balcony is very convenient, but because of the asymmetry of the window and the balcony opening requires special design solutions. In addition, the balcony door open most of the time inside, and the usual curtains will hang for it constantly.

This season, designers offer to make out the window with a balcony in the following way.

A wide long piece of cloth with a pickup from the window. This afternoon shade is collected in a pick-up, and at night open and halt the entire opening. Offset curtains from the center of the cornice in this case, is to be welcomed as a window decoration combined with a balcony suggests asymmetrical, which allows you to open and close the door freely.

Another option - the curtains with two pick-up. On the balcony door, hang a curtain at the floor, and the length of the curtains on the window depends on how you use and if the sill space underneath. Day of such curtains are always bomber.

The trend this season, and layering. So, you can hang on the window cut on the bias and tulle (short side is located near the balcony door, and long down to the window sill), and on the door a long, narrow and dense tulle curtain. Cornice with the need to make the lead 5-7 centimeters longer than usual. Afternoon curtain remains open and does not prevent the use of the balcony door, and at night it can be closed completely.

Direct short curtains. Shortened the curtains in the kitchen - it is primarily practical. A practical interior, as has been mentioned, out of the season to the fore. Particularly relevant are the curtains for a small kitchen and when the working surfaces or a dining table arranged in the window opening area.

The most relevant in the 2017 season following a short curtains steel kitchen:

  • 1 Multi-layer semi-transparent curtains of tulle, organza, silk, chiffon. Ideally, they should surround the upper part of the narrow hard pelmet.

  • 2 curtains "cafe". This discreet and provincial (in the best sense of the word) option is ideal for the kitchen. Cornice for curtains "cafe" is located in the lower part of the upper third of the window, so even a draw, they do not interfere with natural light and at the same time close the kitchen from view from the street.

  • 3 Neat linen curtains. Linen curtains up to the window sill symbolize environmental friendliness, naturalness, and the love of nature and style. They look great in the kitchen, the interior of which tends to be country, Provence style «Russian log hut" and any other "popular" styles.

  • 4 curtains Hand-Maid. Everything that is done with your hands will never go out of fashion, and more recently, when at the peak of popularity of the authenticity of the demand for handmade products has increased enormously. Patchwork curtains "patchwork", curtains, crocheted or spokes in the technique of macramé or simply sewn on the machine, but its unique ideas - all this fashionable, important, and most importantly available to each of us, if you want to create.
  • Roman blinds model - a lifting curtain adjustment which is carried out via a special manual or electric mechanism collection belt in straight parallel folds.

    Their sleek design gives the interior a simple, elegant, and fully complies with the basic fashion trends of the season, focused on simplicity and usability.

    Roman blinds are suitable for all interior styles, as they can be hung not only yourself, but also to combine with tulle, horizontal blinds or drapes straight.

    If the kitchen is not full décor and are decorated in soothing soft colors, designers are advised to create curtains of color accents and make them the main accessory in the interior.

    Lately it has become fashionable to hang out at a window on top of the carcass Roman curtains frameless.

    The second differs from the first in that its designs are no slats that support a strict geometric shape horizontal folds. Because of this, frameless model of Roman blinds are going in soft folds, and their edges are hanging "ears" like a pelmet. Especially a two-window decoration looks good when the blinds are made of fabrics partners: plain and patterned.

    Austrian curtains also apply to the lifting and combine practicality and elegance of French Roman models. Usually they are lifted by two-thirds the height of the window.

    In an elevated position on the Austrian model forms a smooth horizontal folds. But most of the "Austrians" left raised. Sometimes, in conjunction with tulle curtains or drapes are the function of pelmet. But since the "Austrians," they themselves are very decorative in the kitchen is usually sufficient them alone.

    Kitchen interiors this season tend to naturalness, lightness, airiness and abundance of light. Therefore, Austrian curtains of dense tissue is not welcome. For these selected tissue in which it is easier to form smoother fat fold: cotton tulle, taffeta, loose silk, linen.

    The Austrian model is only suitable to romantic and classic interior. Brutal styles, such as for example high-tech loft or a classic 60-ies of the last century, they are contraindicated.

    Classic French curtains descend from the ceiling to the floor numerous scalloped rows. At the same time they are stationary - not parted to the side and do not rise up.

    Naturally, such a model is not acceptable for the kitchen, and in this room used today modernized, lifting, up to the window sill options "French women."

    French curtains are appropriate in the classic romantic style as well as Austrian model can not stand the brutal and concise style decisions.

    for these fabrics using natural light, semi-transparent, well-draped, mostly white or with a slight touch of a pastel color palette.

    In a small kitchen "French" will look too cumbersome and "bulge".

    This solution is ideal for large kitchen-dining room, with large high windows. It should be borne in mind that in heavy folds quickly accumulate dust and fumes, so the kitchen with such blinds have to be equipped with a hood.

    yarn curtains - curtains of filaments, a waterfall cascading from the eaves, as if specially designed for the kitchen.

    They are beautiful, practical (not contaminated, do not absorb water and greasy fumes, easy to wash), allow to freely use the balcony door, pass the air and light and, despite the ephemeral, effectively protect the interior space from view from the street.

    These versatile curtains have another useful property for the kitchen: they can comfortably share space into zones.

    Depending on the coloring and manufacturing gauze material strands can be inscribed on any interior style from strict to romantic. As the window decor it is quite self-sufficient, but if necessary, it is not forbidden to combine with curtains, tulle or horizontal blinds.

    In the photo a combination of classic curtains with muslin.

    Fine muslin curtain perceives any jewelry: clips, brushes, ribbons, butterflies, beads, ribbons and fabric flowers. But because this season the kitchen is welcome simple and concise, using gauze, designers are advised to limit experimentation with color combinations and textures threads.

    And if you want to effortlessly change the design of window decor, enough to drape curtains are picked up or trim that is also easy.

    Roller blinds, roll when climbing on a special roller, mounted on a window or on the top of the window frame.

    They may be made of fabric, bamboo strips or PVC. The kitchen is better to use the first two options. In this case, bamboo curtains are best suited for eco- and ethno-styles, and fabric can fit into any interior.

    No sooner had the curtain roll to hit the market, as they immediately began to consider the privilege of small kitchens, which is quite natural: they are the most ergonomic and efficient save square meters, "not eating" any additional centimeter. But the designers confidently say this season that over large areas and this kind of window decor looks great.

    If you do not like austerity-screen paintings, you can combine them with any other curtains.

    In the photo blinds "day and night" in the interior of the kitchen. They are very convenient because they make it possible to change the degree of illumination of the room.

    Roller blinds can serve as the primary color accents of the situation, and to be one of his background elements.

    In the first case, they need to "make friends" with the interior, for example, lay on the cloth of the same color or choose the color of the curtains in the kitchen cabinet doors. But particularly impressive look in the kitchen blinds with photo printing - You are the current and future seasons.

    Japanese curtains (screen fabric panels) is more like a lightweight portable screens, doors, closets or vertical blinds than drapes. They consist of several elements, faceplates, cornice and control systems.

    The panels are rectangular fabric web width 40-60 cm, tightly stretched between two guides or by using the gravity straps attached at their lower edge.

    Traditionally, they sewed from natural fabrics, but in modern interiors is possible to use synthetic and mixed materials. Most often in the same window using 2-5 panels.

    Cornice for curtains Japanese multi-angling, wall or ceiling. To use panels can be simultaneously and without limiting the number of tracks on the ledge must correspond to one of them.

    If you move the panel hands, they will quickly become dirty. To avoid this and to optimize the use tkanevoditeli or establish an electronic control system that allows you to move the panel with the remote.

    There are several key points that you need to pay attention when choosing a Japanese curtains in the kitchen:

    • The cloth. Not necessarily to make out the window panels of the same material. Curtains of different density are conveniently controlled natural light. It can be combined linen and chiffon, solid silk and organza - a lot of options. When selecting fabric is important to consider its practicality. Loose materials quickly absorb fat fumes, moisture and cooking odors. Kitchen preferred dense mixed fibers or synthetic fabric.
    • Color palette. Japanese style is characterized by tranquil earth tones but today color contemporary Japanese curtains allowed any. The main thing is that it resonates with the main colors of the interior.
    • Drawing. Choosing print for Japanese panels in the kitchen, not necessarily limited to branches cherry and characters. For example, on transparent panels pastel well looked fine ligature on thick fabric saturated colors more appropriate a large vertical pattern. Trend of the season - photo printing on the curtains. You can select any image and optionally "kitchen."
    • Decorations. Japanese curtains do not accept the nonsense, so "spoil" their accessories is not necessary. They are self-sufficient and any addition would violate their uncluttered elegance.

    Japanese curtains are versatile, suitable for many interiors, yet they can not be used in every kitchen.

    The luxurious lush interiors with an abundance of decorative details, they are lost and look out of place. In a small kitchen, on the contrary, can win all the attention on itself and to visually make the space even smaller. To prevent this from happening their color and size will have to think carefully.

    A spacious living room and kitchen combined with high ceilings and large windows make Japanese curtains more voluminous and airy.

    You will also have to be selected very carefully for the premises in the style of Provence, Country, English classics design, color and size of panels. Ideal for use of Japanese curtains - the kitchen in the style of hi-tech, minimalist, eco, Japanese and Chinese.

    In conclusion, a few basic tips to help you choose the most suitable for your kitchen curtains:

    1. 1 The background color of curtains should match the interior: either in the tone of the walls, or accent and duplicate the color of some parts of the situation.
    2. 2 The most suitable natural colors are considered in this season: sand, plum, green, olive, coffee with milk, brown and deep blue and purple. From a pastel palette is not lost relevance of milk, beige, pale pink and peach tones.
    3. 3 Length curtains depends on the dimensions cuisines. In a small room short curtains are used to save space. The curtains to the floor are best used in the spacious kitchen-dining room.
    4. 4. Welcomes the layering. Transparent fabrics provide access to the kitchen light and denser textiles will contribute to the creation of accents.
    5. 5 If you want to use the windowsill as an additional work surface, notice the straight, beveled on one side of the model, the curtains "cafe" and all kinds of lifting curtains.
    6. 6 In the kitchen, located on the first floor of a private house, the curtains have not only a protective function, but also serve as a sort of "frame" for the landscape outside the window. The best in this regard, experts say, and asymmetrical arched curtains, curtain pelmets and the type of curtains to the side picked up.
    7. 7 Choosing fashionable curtains of the season requires compliance with not only the aesthetic features, but the usability. Do not get involved in lots of curtain accessories, sophisticated cut and a large number of additional components. The main decorations for curtains in this season are the textile grabs and simple concise pelmets.
    8. 8 In this season it is recommended to choose eco-friendly natural materials: silk, cotton, linen, bamboo sticks. Furthermore allowed blended fabrics, natural fibers consisting of not less than 30%.
    9. 9 As for the figure, are not recommended for intricate ornate patterns, but it is very fashionable to use fabric with a print or photo print. Kitchen recommends images of fruits and vegetables, beautiful dishes, desserts, floral themes, as well as all kinds of urban and natural landscapes.

    The main feature of design solutions for the kitchen curtains tukuschego year - the variety of textures, shapes and sizes. But to create a comfortable and harmonious interior must be something else - your own personal look at what should be a window decoration.

    It was thanks to him that the living space becomes a unique personality charm. Taking the first and adding to it a second, you're sure to create in your kitchen a trendy, practical, and most importantly unique interior and curtains will be one of its highlights.

    Curtains for kitchen, species diversity (130 real photo)

    It turns out to create a cosiness in the kitchen help was curtains for the kitchen. But the question is - which one to choose?

    Below we give you some recommendations on choosing curtains for the kitchen.

    Curtains for the kitchen should not annoy, harass and distract from the meal. Bright light curtains can significantly expand the space, as well as to create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. That is why the ideal - warm soft colors: turquoise, peach, cream, blue, etc.

    Pure white color, it is desirable to mitigate a variety of add-ons, such as pink, coffee, pleasant beige or combined with any other colors. By the way, the curtains should approach a kitchen design style, a style or drawing.

    Fit and single-colored fabric with a large ornament (striped, cell or large-flowered). But the small picture will give a feeling of a kind of untidiness.

    Important! If the wallpaper in the kitchen bright and patterned, it is worth paying attention to plain curtains. If on the turnover in the room wallpaper plain, choose curtains with a pattern. Naturally the appropriate kitchen interior.

    If you live on the first floor, and the kitchen window faces south, where the busy street and the scorching sun. In this case, suitable curtains, blinds or conventional horizontal / vertical blinds.

    As auxiliary protection kitchen can be used from the sun curtains of translucent fabrics such as organza, tulle, veil. Dispersing the light of the sun, they give soft lighting, and kitchen, in turn, always cozy look.

    Roman curtains look exquisitely combined with curtains or curtains. In addition, they provide a minimal amount of tissue, and easy maintenance.

    Japanese panels practical and modern, they look great in minimalist interiors and folk. You can hang a couple of these panels, which differ in color and texture. Thus, you get an interesting game with the light - and the room visually increase.

    Curtains in a cafe style in the upper part of the window starts 20-30 cm of lambrequins, and is set in the middle crossbar, which hung two short curtains.

    These curtains are very popular in the cities, because the upper part of the window is open, and through it fairly easily passes light, and the bottom - closed.

    Curtains on the grommet characterized by brevity and simplicity, and also very easy to move. To hang these curtains, require round the cornice. It is believed that the diameter of the eyelets can choose. The main thing - to match the diameter of the curtain rod.

    FRENCH curtains certainly suitable for kitchen combined with living room. This version of the interior give the kitchen a great view. FRENCH curtains should not be lowered below the sill, this option will emphasize the beauty of the furniture.

    Austrian blinds certainly very beautiful. They combine "FRENCH splendor" and "Roman rigor" more is better suited for the kitchen Austrian curtains are made of cotton.

    Very impressive Austrian blinds look in the expanded form. If the curtains are raised slightly with the help of special cords with tassels original, the bottom forms a very beautiful pleats that add elegance to the interior of the kitchen.

    Finally, the last kind of curtains - a curtains with lambrequins. Basically pelmet is used for decoration of windows in other rooms than in the kitchen. But even there, it will look very nice and original.

    Curtains lambrequins consist of lush folds in the middle, which are fixed on both sides. Also on the curtains being established cascades of fabric decorated with fringe. Pelmet well with curtain made of light fabric, such as silk.

    Tip! Attention should be paid to the cornice of plastic or iron. They are very convenient, easy and happy to get accustomed to your kitchen. Do not take the wooden eaves, as they are afraid of moisture and heat. Over time, these cornices lose their quality.

    Each kitchen has its own peculiarities and subtleties. On that create, invent and make your kitchen even more not recognizable.

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