Cupboard in the living room

What are these modern cabinets in the living room?

In any living room TV is necessarily present, which means that the furniture should be able to install it. Often used for this purpose in the modern living room tables, which become convenient location not only the TV, but also all kinds of associated electronics.

Purchasing equipment, it is desirable to immediately provide a stand for its placement. You can try to choose a ready-made from the numerous options available on the market, but you can order one that will fit exactly as the TV size and furniture style, which is already available in the living room.

In this case, it is possible to precisely match the overall style, shape and size, and even color of the new piece of furniture. All this formed a well-organized project, be sure to emphasize the level of household appliances, which is available in your apartment.

Household TV in the living room

For your information! TV table in the living room can have many forms. Classical rectangular dresser can have very different configuration - with open shelves under the table top and open, wherein a VCR is located, player, and sometimes speakers.

Shelves can be and above the TV, turning into a kind of cabinet storage cabinets extensive video library.

Nightstand can be a set of furniture for the living room or be a bleaching furniture item. At the same time care must be taken that the cabinet fits well into the interior of the room was at the same time convenient and rational layout.

If the cabinet - the only thing standing near a wall, often using long tables in the living room, which can accommodate a lot of useful things, and on the table, except the TV, can be, and other audio-visual equipment.

Interesting results were obtained for the living room corner cabinet. It allows you to efficiently use a maximum of space, as well as to protect the walls surrounding the TV cabinet against possible falls.

Location cabinets in the corner makes it necessary arrangement of upholstered furniture in the living room so that the TV could be viewed equally convenient from different points of view in the room.

Be aware! Modern modular furniture in the living room makes it possible to include in the interior overhead cabinets for living very different purpose.

On these pillars are rarely set the TV: it usually look sitting and so the surface, that which it is located, should be positioned low on the floor. But pedestals can be almost anything.

Suspended glass cabinet looks very impressive, especially when there are the best examples of cut glass. Suspended cabinets for living room can successfully accommodate everything that needs to be in the front room while decorating the room.

In this case, the lack of support on the floor visually expands the space of the room, increasing the free floor space, simplifies cleaning and makes himself more interior light and airy.

Cabinet for tableware in the living room can be installed at a height, which is convenient for you, with no binding to the model variants of furniture walls, which are sometimes forced to apartment dwellers to reach for the top shelf or tilted up to the floor level.

Remember! If the cabinet included modular furniture, the question of a unified style living room does not get: all the elements fit together and create a coherent picture, no matter how you arranged them.

Cupboard in living ceases to be subject to random purchased for positioning thereon the TV, but becomes a single element design that is capable of dynamically changed, if necessary and if desired, to carry out a periodic arrangement of furniture in the living room.

This allows you to update and refresh the interior without having to buy new furniture. The same cabinet can be used as a bookcase and storage rack collection receptacle or crystal dinnerware.

If necessary, it can be put on the floor or hung on a certain height, or assemble a wardrobe of several pedestals, set one upon the other.

Select furniture for the living room: thumbs species in the interior

Cupboard in the living room is a practical piece of furniture, which additionally adorns the interior In the XXI century the buyer tends to choose furniture for the living room: cabinet, table, bed, and so on, not only financially, but also a functional point of view. That is why the retail chains offer a wide range of cabinets, allow to mark TV, to place books or dishes. The main thing - carefully analyze the options available. In this case, you do not have to regret the money spent in vain.

Cupboard in the living room: what to look for when choosing a

High and low, angular and mirror - trading network offers a variety of modifications, taking into account the multiple architectural trends and financial capabilities. To find the right option among many suggestions, a start needs from available room options. Attention is drawn to size, degree of illumination, the geometry of the walls and so forth.

It begins with the dimensions. If a large room fit dresser and closet, in a small room, you must do something one.

Suspended cabinets fit perfectly into the interior, designed in the style of hi-tech

In this regard, designers have developed a number of simple guidelines:

  • Small hanging cupboard - the opportunity at any point in space to keep constantly in demand items;
  • Supporters of the functional areas in the design will appreciate the modular pedestals that can be transformed;
  • Save scarce space will help hinged, allowing to store utensils, books, and so on;
  • directions Retro Fans can replace tables large and spacious dresser.

Choosing angular dressers and closets for living room

Not everyone can boast of large size living room, so for them, manufacturers have developed angular solutions. It is important to remember that in this case the cabinet performs multiple functions. It all starts with the obvious place to hold the property owner. This is followed by an increase in the visual space.

It is recommended not to take long, and high angle options.

Corner cabinet takes up little space, so it is well suited for small living

The advantages of such solutions are obvious in the case of the correct placement of the furniture purchased items:

  1. The living wall with non-default settings, a longer an option. This is done for the following reasons. First, a long dresser hides are not proportional to the walls. Secondly, the presence of multiple offices in one place allows you to store the necessary things.
  2. The color scheme is chosen based on color of the walls and to a lesser extent taken into account coloring furniture. In order to not become a living place of psychedelic concentration, better to abandon unnecessary experimentation with color.
  3. It is recommended to set it to a mirror surface opposite the inlet composition to create an extra feeling of lightness and comfort.
  4. If you put next to the mirror, the game has arisen light will add a few centimeters room.

Functional cabinet for tableware in the living room

Not all traditions are ours over time developed socialism designers are inclined to attribute to false. One of them - the installation in the living room spacious pedestals used for storage of utensils. When this is important reservation associated with a functional component. Stored here decorative glassware designed for special occasions, not everyday.

Transform the interior for the better is possible thanks to the cabinet with beautiful dishes placed inside

In order to fit into the existing cabinet interior, you need to follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. It is desirable to select such a cabinet, where the front section is divided into 3-4 parts. Such a decision would be beneficial in any interior room. On both sides, you can mark up the dishes, and in the middle - to put collectible bottle, for example, wine;
  2. Reliability The shelf - this indicator should always be in sight. It is that unscrupulous manufacturers unnecessarily save. On the one hand, it seems that it has a stylish fixtures, and on the other - they are not able to withstand the weight of the utensils;
  3. The reliability of the locking mechanism - the need to check that many people forget. As a result, children can climb inside smashing plates 1-2.

Furniture for living room: the rules of care

The durability of furniture depends on the performance of the manufacturer's recommendations related to the care of her. There are those and pedestals, the shape and dimensions of which do not matter. First of all, you need to regularly remove dust and traces of other contaminants.

Just a few days to a white matte surface darkened in the place where the spilled coffee or tea. In addition to the hygiene rules, a number of additional recommendations.

For the maintenance of wooden furniture require detergent for cleaning dirt and dust, as well as the usual rag

They relate to a functional component of the product - the more accurate they are met, the longer the furniture will last:

  • Every six months, you must check the fixings and side flaps;
  • The presence of medium in size cracks and chips in the opening part - a good reason to replace the door;
  • Castors or static legs - regardless of how the contact pedestals and floor need to be lubricated every six months or wheel to make sure of the reliability of static legs;
  • The presence of animals in the house or children imposes increased obligations related to operational elimination of unpleasant surprises.

Comfortable furniture lounge: multifunctional cabinet type (video)

Properly chosen cabinet to store the necessary things inside, and the upper part, for example, a plasma TV. Quality legs and fittings, the volume of the interior space - all this should be checked before purchase. It is recommended to purchase a cabinet with a small margin of internal space. In this case, suddenly encountered unexpected become unpleasant.

Long tables under the TV - the perfect solution for the living room

A truly versatile piece of any living room can be a long TV table. It successfully combines the functional and aesthetic component, and with skilful design plays the role of the central premises of the subject.

Plays with space for TV

Our mentality is that television, as a rule, is a major part of the living room. In most cases, this is a solid panel that is placed on the wall or in the middle of the room, on a stand. Beside her in a comfortable armchair or on a sofa placed family members, guests, friends, and watching television or a movie is accompanied by an active exchange of opinions.

Council: With this arrangement, the space occupied by the TV looks harmoniously, and the presence of sections in furniture allows you to store discs with movies, music, and other items that are easy to always have on hand.

Such an interior sample can be considered optimal for several reasons:

  • original design solution;
  • creating the visual illusion of a volume of space;
  • long and narrow furniture combines perfectly with flat-panel plasma TV and high-sound speakers;
  • well-chosen stylish bedside favorably complements the general view of the living room;
  • filled with necessary things departments and boxes - a sample of functionality.

In any case, the purchase of this piece of furniture will significantly improve the appearance and functionality of your living room.

Classic long tables under the TV

The classic version of the long tables significantly reduces the performance style of the frame. Yet any experienced designer certainly be able to offer a dozen ways to naturally complement the interior of the hall useful and beautiful objects:

  • Use as a modular furniture require complex installation of special compartments for audio equipment, and also mounted on top of shelves;
  • device vertically arranged variant is expedient to perform with the presence of the deaf or transparent doors, in such compartments can store book or crockery;
  • applying the principle of symmetry tough, experienced designers recommend the use of such tables to replace the old chest of drawers, drawers staffed.

It is obvious that even these few tips provide an extensive food for thought. And if we turn to professionals, furniture makers, in this case, you probably will be even more opportunities to make room maximum aesthetic and functional. Any standard computer program will provide many different solutions that choose the most optimal is not difficult.

Long tables under the TV in a modern style

Numerous variants of manufacturing long cabinets in contemporary styles allow you to select objects with the rear wall, or without it.

If your option is a product of almost the entire length of the wall, as part of the interior of the complex, there are two variants of fastening of the panel:

  • TV can be mounted directly to the wall, being located in the center of the furniture ensemble;
  • The second proposal involves equipping bracket tables, in which case you have the opportunity to turn the TV, depending on which is situated the place from which you will watch it.

Council: In the second case, a maximum viewing comfort, and there is no need to drill the wall, especially if it is concrete.

Any furniture store will offer a choice of a dozen or even more objects that have:

  • a different color, length, combination boxes, additional details of the interior or a complex of two or three components of diverse configuration;
  • decorative elements representing tinted or translucent glass, they can be combined contrasting texture and color;
  • deaf door, where there is delicate thread and lacquer coating.

Experts believe that the visual appeal facilities can improve how the product with the spectacular decoration, as well as more stringent versions. It all depends on the style you objects that make up the living room furniture ensemble and their harmonious relationship.

In any of these cases, the role of cabinets is just as important as the sofa or wardrobe for several reasons:

  • due to the fact that the wires can be hidden inside, saved the maximum aesthetic living room;
  • Structural compactness allows you to remove the bulk wall and win in visual terms, while maintaining the functionality and practicality of the furniture;
  • a design decision will make a stylish and ergonomic design, the interior is definitely there will be not be called boring and banal;
  • Modern materials and durable furniture will help add to the durability and reliability of your home environment.

That's why millions of people have chosen this solution for your interior.

Different styles and models for TV pedestals

Despite the huge number of different long TV table, they all refer to a particular style. Use each of them should be based on the total design solution of your living room:

  • model classic design should not be confused with the traditional, this classicism, assuming fulfillment of the pieces of wood and countertops with dark glass, perfectly suited to the modern technology, it is recommended for open shelves, not too many ornaments and expressive tree structure;
  • style baroque - carving, applique, or even more original solutions, pomp case is not an obstacle, welcomed white TV color that will get the perfect combination of white society as acrylic facade, this style is good for bright living room;

  • for modern styles required of metal and glass, veneer and solid wood - not the best that we can choose, but the same acrylic and wood suit uniform, as well as possible;
  • high-tech and techno - the best opportunity for the introduction of the interior and the most diverse plazmostenda configuration as hangers, chest of drawers and shelves, but the stylistic consistency and absolute neutrality.
  • Different sizes and shapes of modern TV panels, however, are close on design registration to the square. Typically, this is a fairly large piece of furniture in the room, so it was a long, narrow cabinet is ideal for the purpose of balancing the general perception of the room. The more of your TV, the longer it is recommended to pick him additional element.

    All kinds of products can be divided into the following:

    1. console version - stationary, with a wall-mounted, it is good for all kinds of interiors, and free land to the floor give the ease of not only the cabinet, but the whole of the wall;
    2. solution with rear walls - allow for the same fixture or without additional use of the space available drawers and compartments.

    There are also models, suggesting solutions objects embedded in an existing complex, as well as modifications with wheels and other devices that allow a mobile to change the arrangement of furniture in the room. In some cases, this will help with the installation of bollards in the middle of the room. In this case, the upper part is assumed setting device for rotating the TV.

    The best option is a custom. Over the past few years, hardware for furniture production significantly improved, with the presence of computer design programs to fulfill any customer's imagination is not a difficult task. The same applies to materials that are more durable, lightweight and aesthetically more attractive. Such a choice would be more expensive, but the room will be a personification of style and appeal.

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