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Ondulina cost in Russia

Many are confused by the relative cheapness Ondulina: one sheet thereof can now be bought at a price of 350-400 rubles. The question arises, ondulin buying at a cheap cost, does this affect the quality of the roof?

Manufacturers explain Ondulina low cost due to innovative technologies using inexpensive raw materials. Ondulin produced by compression of cellulose fibers under high pressure, saturating distilled bitumen at high temperatures. Thereafter Ondulina heat-treated sheet coated with resin and mineral dyes. The result of this production - an environmentally friendly material for the roof, which has an attractive appearance and high data safety indicators.

In Russia, came to the formation of a network of distributors and dealers to sell Ondulina consistently and responsibly, as a result - almost anywhere in the country can buy ondulin the price from the manufacturer, which give a guarantee on ondulin at least 15 years, and the coating itself (when properly installed and operation) will last 50 years, at least.

In order to calculate the financial cost and expense Ondulina to the roof at home, you need to know its area. Multiply the cost of 1 sq. Ondulina meter on the house roof area and get the cost of the coating. We expect Ondulina consumption for roofs with an area of ​​100 sq. meters and an angle of inclination of 30 degrees. It should be 100 divided by 1.6. The sheet 63 goes Ondulina. Then the length of the entire ridge will be 900 m.

In specialized roofing malls to buy wholesale ondulin come much cheaper. In addition, here you are insured from purchasing Ondulina dubious quality. And often you can buy the required amount of roofing material during the action with substantial discounts. all the necessary accompanying materials are sold in the same shopping centers: horse, Ondulin, nails, etc. Information and service support in such shopping centers is obligatory. This means that in addition to the price list, you will receive recommendations for packing material and help in choosing the contractors (if necessary) for the installation of the roof of Ondulin.

Recently, in Russia especially popular brands such ondlulina won: Onduline, Aqualine, Bituwell, Nuline, Corrubit.

Ondulin Bituwell brand. The German manufacturer. Ondulin this brand tougher (it added cardboard), but at the same time and more fragile. Produce two types: glossy and matte. Sheet size: 2000h900. Sheet size: 1.8 sq. m to harbor area -. 1.46. The length of the ridge 1000 mm. For the area of ​​100 sq. m. will need 69 sheets Ondulin.

Ondulin Nuline brand. Made in America. Sheet size: 2000h1230 mm. In terms of composition and color scheme is different from Ondulina. Admit two types: glossy and matte. Glossy less burn out, since the third additional coated layer of paint, it has a smooth surface, so snow melts faster. Sheet size: 2.5 sq. M. Harboring area - 2.1 q. m. For an area of ​​100 sq. m. will need 48 sheets Ondulin.

Ondulin Aqualine brand. Belgian company produces ASBO Antwerp. Sheet size: 2000 x 920 mm. The sheet thickness of 2.2 mm. The surface of the acrylic sheet processed with a high density, thereby ondulin practically does not burn. Sheet size: 1.84 sq. M. Harboring area - 1.54 sq. m. For an area of ​​100 sq. m. will need 65 sheets Ondulin.

Ondulin Corrubit brand. Turkish manufacturer - the company TMV. Sheet size: 2000h930 mm. Sheet thickness: 2.4 mm. Sheet size: 1.86 sq. M. Harboring area - 1.57 sq. m. For an area of ​​100 sq. m. 63 need Ondulina sheet.

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Roofing - ondulin: size and price per page, the number of calculations

About Roofing materials, Ondulin, There are many different opinions. Some argue that it is the most versatile material, others believe it is absolutely unsuitable for roof coatings. To understand what it actually represents, you can simply consider its technical characteristics and application rules for roofing construction works.

Is a roofing sheet or lining material manufactured by the French manufacturer initially - by ONDULINE. The products are delivered to the consumer market for over 50 years, which in itself speaks about the quality of the produced material for roofing and finishing works.

Ondulina sheet is made in a wavy form, of cellulose impregnated with bitumen admixture alkyd resins, resulting roofing stability to temperature changes without producing deformation.

Dimensions Ondulina, Total leaf area

What size sheet Ondulina? Standard size Ondulina - sheet area of ​​1.92 square meters. Calculation is taken from its size, which is equal to the length of the sheet 2 meters and the width 0.96 meters. Considering the practical use for mounting, Total area of ​​the roof from one standard sheet is 1.5. square meters. Living space is taken minus the area overlaps the field docking sheets.

Calculating the number of Ondulina the roof

Calculation of the quantity of material Roof made by selling and installer. In order to calculate the amount of own material, you need to know simple basic knowledge of school geometry.

To this end, the roof of the plane broken into geometric shapes (square, cone, triangle) and calculated their area. Summability result area is the desired number of square meters. Calculating the number of sheets Ondulina taken over the useful area (1.5 square meters) are subject to 10 percent overrun which will go to the pruning of excess size sheets at the edges of the roof plane.

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What is the cost to cover the roof Ondulin, Ondulin price per sheet

The cost of a single sheet Ondulina is in the range of 350 - 400 rubles. Inflation is always a powerful argument for the change in prices for materials in the domestic market, therefore, correct to take into account the equivalent of 10 - 12 USD

The cost of coverage the roof is conducted from the account of the material cost and the quotation of the company installer. The estimated cost of the sheets of the roof frame cover always count about 50 - 60 percent of the cost of the material

A roof made of roofing material ondulin has sufficiently beautiful aesthetic appearance. After years of operation the material does not fade and practically no wear. Not to mention the fact that ondulin, unlike a simple slate, not covered with mold or moss.

The flexible material allows you to make the roof of different sizes and different configurations, optional covered by the landlord.

To mount a similar roof yourself pretty easy. There are standard rules and some of the subtleties in the installation. On the roof frame made of truss configuration selected, assembled crate. Own individual finesse roof of Ondulin have size frequency between the bars of crates. The more gently sloping roof, the more often stuffed obreshetochny skid beams, in other cases use of liquid-resistant sheets of pressed plates. This is usually due to the elasticity and flexibility Ondulina.

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Reviewing all the technical characteristics of the material and installation capabilities, begs only one conclusion. Ondulin all - still It has many advantages before other representatives of roofing materials. Advantages of steel weighing cost, strength, durability operation.

Understanding the importance of these parameters, the choice of material for the roof, most will say that all - still ondulin exactly the kind of roofing that is needed. Rumors always say a lot, but the real technical data and indicators show the reality of the application Ondulina.

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Ondulin: price per sheet, the dimensions and properties of the soft roof

Popularity evroshifer as a roofing material in private construction is due to a number of advantages. Among them - a waterproof, environmentally friendly and quiet. It is also important considered lightweight, easy cutting and easy installation. After reviewing the basic parameters ondulin material: price per sheet dimensions, as well as examples of calculation Ondulina the roof, it is realistic to carry out laying roofs with minimal cost and without waste.

Ondulin distinguish moisture resistance, high ecological and noiseless

Ondulin: characteristics of the material

The basis Ondulina production is strong heating (120 ° C) and pressing the cellulose fibers, followed by embossing. The resulting sheets dyed and impregnated with bitumen modified with polymers. The result is a clean bituminous corrugated sheets Ondulina with the following properties:

  • water resistance - protection against moisture is ensured impregnated furthermore Ondulina when laying cellulose fibers on the sun roof are welded together, making the material more resistant to water;

In addition to the material, manufacturing companies Ondulina made all the necessary mounting hardware coverage

  • invulnerability to aggressive environments - ondulin not afraid alkalis, acids and oils;
  • low weight - with a width of about 1 m and a length of 2 m Ondulina sheet weighs 6.5 kg, ie it easier slate similar area 4 times;..
  • fast and simple installation - thanks to the light weight sheet Ondulina material easy to transport and can be easily raised to the place of installation without the need for outside help, convenient and easy to open - cut from the sheet material of the desired size of the elements can be easily with a hacksaw, pre-lubricated saw blade oil;
  • plasticity - the material can give the necessary form: it perfectly bent and suitable for covering roofs of any configuration;

Ondulina sheets have low weight, and therefore they are easy to mount without assistance

  • a diverse range of colors;
  • reasonable price - list Ondulina value of about 5 in. e. metal is cheaper, but more expensive slate, but the latter is not different environmental friendliness.

Another undoubted advantage of this coating is considered to be quiet. Comparing it with a metal tile or slate, we can note that ondulin completely absorbs the noise of rain and hail. Due to this property, there is no need to equip an additional sound insulation: inside the building with a roof is always quiet and comfortable.

Helpful advice! When buying Ondulina choose the original material, as like him analogues in service quickly lose color.

Ondulina sheet in a thickness of only 3 mm, while having excellent performance qualities

Ondulin: price per sheet, size photo samples

Become familiar with the product line and specifications evroshifer on the official site Ondulin, as well as on the websites of companies engaged in its implementation. Knowing the price and size of Ondulina, as well as other parameters, can be most accurately calculate the amount of material required and sort out the cost Ondulina to cover the entire roof.

Ondulina sheet sizes. Installation Instructions Ondulina. Recommendations for mounting on a pitched roof Ondulin. Features of creation and design of the individual elements ondulinovoy roof.

Technical indicators and sheet sizes for roofs Ondulina

Normal Ondulina roof sheet whose size is 2 x 0.96 meters, weighs slightly more than 6 kg. Due to this light weight sheets is convenient to raise the roof and installed without assistants. If the installation is correct, roofing will survive in spite of the serious (170 km / h) wind gusts. Material not fear temperature fluctuation of withstanding -50 ° C to +110 ° C.

It is important to follow the installation of the technology recommended by the manufacturer, then coating Ondulina will last for many years without losing its properties

The fact that ondulin becomes brittle at freezing temperatures, fully compensates for the recovery ability properties during heating. The structure of the material remains unchanged even after 25 times of freezing and thawing. Declared by the manufacturer's warranty Ondulina - 15 years (in case of special nails used in the assembly). However, experience shows that the operating life of the material reaches 45-50 years.

Strength characteristics Ondulina enough to not deform under the weight of snow loads possible. Evroshifer withstand the weight and one or two people. Nominal load of 1 m² coating is 960 kg / cm, the strength is 1800 kPa. Depending on the country of manufacture, some indicators Ondulina may vary, as evidenced by the data in the table below:

To replace the traditional ondulin came ondulin Smart. In this production we realized the possibility of easy and quick installation by means of special guides, by which the sheets are fixed maximum level. Each sheet of such material is wiring layout at which nails are driven. bindings scheme provides the same number of holes as the nails on the list Ondulina need to score, namely 20 pieces.

Ondulin quite versatile - it is suitable for use in any climate

Helpful advice! Operating Ondulina term depends largely on the following mounting technology. Carefully study the instructions applied to the material, do not skimp on nails and follow lathing step.

Total leaf area Ondulina Smart has a smaller value as compared to conventional sheets. Parameters 1.95 x 0.95 m - new sheet sizes Ondulina. Useful area is not reduced by the technology of stacking these sheets, which suggests to mount them overlap by 5 cm lower than with classical Ondulina installation. A reduction of this magnitude affects the weight of the roof. Knowing how much weight sheet Ondulina Smart, we can calculate how the coating will decrease the total weight.

Through the use of SMART Ondulina roof weight can be significantly reduced

In addition to the material companies sell accessories required for roofing evroshifer: branded nails for Ondulin, horse, flagon and other items. Descriptions and prices are available in the product catalogs. By visiting online shopping, you can find out at what price you can buy ondulin roof. Prices for a sheet material are shown below (for convenience in calculation table value is Ondulina cost per square meter):

In addition to the price, size and other characteristics of products, catalogs can be found with possible colors Ondulina: photos will help you with this.

Ondulin: price per sheet sizes. How much is ondulin Tiles

Another product shown in catalogs are sheets Ondulina Shingles. Stock material samples demonstrate the presence of a coloring dark transverse bands by which simulates sheet tiles. Coating such ondulin roof (photo confirms) makes its appearance almost indistinguishable from the roof of metal species.

Ondulin Tile with its low cost has a decent appearance

Qualitative composition of all the characteristics of similar products Tiles Ondulina Smart. The sheet 7 is placed waves are used for fixing nails 18. Identical versions of Smart and price Ondulina Tiles per sheet. Sheet size - 1.95 x 0.96 m at a thickness of 3 mm. The manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee against leaks for 15 years.

All additional components and related accessories for roofs made of this material are available in the appropriate colors. soft slate ondulin rates listed in the table below:

With affordable Ondulina Shingles the appearance of roofs made of this material gives the impression of expensive. And the reason for this - an interesting color scheme.

How to calculate the roof ondulin

To have an idea of ​​how much it costs ondulin the roof (cost-per-page and sq. M. Are available in the price), you must correctly calculate the required coverage area. For gable-shaped roof using a formula that allows to determine the number of sheets. To find this value for the roof area to the useful area of ​​the sheet Ondulina:

Sl - the effective area of ​​the sheet Ondulina, m².

It should be noted that this formula works if the roof has no complicated configuration transitions or ramps adjacencies. Furthermore, the coefficient depends on the roof pitch: 10 ° until it is equal to 1.3, and from 10 to 15 ° K = 1.54.

Calculation Ondulina for a hipped roof

Helpful advice! When calculating the amount of material for the roof, note that overlapping sheets are mounted. So use to calculate the total area of ​​the sheet is not, and useful.

If the roof has a complex structure with multiple adjacencies or other complex shapes, the working area ascertain other coating method. Theoretically, it is necessary to break the entire surface of the roof elements on a flat surface. Then calculate the area of ​​each individual element, after which all the values ​​obtained folded. And receipts are applying the relevant factors.

The roof of the building is covered with sheets of gray Ondulina

Based on the fact how much Ondulina sheet, as well as additional components for installation, you can determine the amount of costs to cover evroshifer the entire roof area.

When wrapping sheets assembled splice: along the length of this section is equal to 30 cm, and the width corresponds to two waves. Technology fixing sheets may vary depending on the roof inclination. If the slope is less than 10 °, under ondulin operate whole plywood base plates. If the slope of 15 °, the beams used for battens with a pitch of 45-50 cm. The slope over 15 ° to make possible the clearance between the batten elements 55-60 cm.

Process ondulin roof covering: the installation of the roof hatch

The sequence of mounting sheets as follows:

  1. Cornice strip is mounted.
  2. The initial number of fixed strictly along the eaves.
  3. Installation of the first sheet is made from the opposite side from where the wind blows more often. The sheet is fixed flush with the gable overhang and leave 5-6 cm plate in the eaves.
  4. For fixing the single sheet using nails, scoring them first in the corners, etc., is fixed the lower part of the sheet, and then prihvatyvayut sheet by the center and top.
  5. The second and subsequent sheets are stacked on the previous lap and so on until the end of the row. Next row starts with a sheet, cut in half, that the joint plates of the second row falls in the middle of the sheet of the first series. Thus do all the even-numbered rows.

For mounting on the roof of one sheet must Ondulina 15 to 20 special nails

Covering the roof Ondulin, should pay attention to the following points:

  • If mounting a situation where you need to step on the hardened material, try to put your foot on the highest point of the wave, not in the groove. In this case, it is desirable that the shoes were soft-soled;
  • laying work is recommended at a temperature from -5 ° C to +25 ° C;
  • laying a first sheet made on the side opposite the one where most of the wind blows;
  • fasten sheets of material necessary for branded nails. Instruction is provided on one sheet 20 to use nails. Wide cap such nails promote strong fixation, wind resistance imparting coating. It is with this technology attachment manufacturer gives a guarantee for durability and excellent performance coatings;
  • should not be much during installation stretch material, using the fact that ondulin plastic. Sheets must be positioned exactly as possible both vertically and horizontally.

From the roof of the coating process ondulin can handle without having special building skills

Ondulina sheets used for covering new roofs of cottages, country houses, farm buildings and for renovation of your old roof. And when the repair work ondulin can be mounted directly on top of old coating. Plasticity evroshifer allows fill any (even with a large radius of curvature) of the surface. Ease of handling, the possibility of rational cutting, virtually waste-free process, and price make ondulin one of the most popular roofing materials.

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