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Corner wardrobe - 40 photos in the interior of the bedroom and hallway

Well, when the house is possible to allocate a separate room for storage of clothes. However, when such a possibility is not provided, the aid comes corner closet. Agree that it is easier to keep your things are not in close closet, but in a more spacious location. Especially because the corner wardrobe (this photo showcase) takes up very little space and easily fits into any available corner. See the following picture, which took Dekorin and get inspired!

Corner walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom: the ideal storage system

It is difficult to imagine the bedroom, which is not provided by the storage systems. Of course, when there is a good closet for storing clothes, however, is much better to allocate some space for a corner walk-in wardrobe. To carry out conceived should put the bed in a bedroom on a diagonal, thereby releasing angle, which will be used to set the dressing.

Design corner walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom (there is a photo in the article) is necessary to think very carefully, because you will surely than clothing, shoes and accessories will be stored there still a lot of things. For example, no harm will be stored in a walk-in wardrobe iron, vacuum cleaner and other important things for you. Remember that closet in the bedroom need to organize your things in order and to hide them from prying eyes.

If desired, instead of a wardrobe in the bedroom, you can put a corner cupboard built. He will take less space and allows you to use a maximum of usable space.

Corner walk-in closet in the hallway: functional and reasonably

The interior of the hall is particularly important, because it is from this room depends on the impression from the whole house. Therefore, its arrangement must be approached intelligently and wisely. Corner walk-in closet in the hallway can be a great alternative to the ordinary and banal closet. Moreover, such a dressing room allows you to store a maximum of things, which is good for big families. Corner walk-in closet in the hallway can completely replace a separate dressing room, but it takes up less space.

If your hallway area is small, you should pay attention to the corner wardrobe as a worthy replacement for dressing. It differs primarily from the fact that we can not go into it from the dressing room.

The doors of the cabinet can be mirrored. This technique is visually increase the space of the hall and simplify the task of placing full-length mirror, which is so necessary in the hallway.

The doors in the cabinet is a major advantage, because when you open they do not take up space. Also, many models have rounded side shelves, allowing to store a variety of things. Well, if in your closet-coupe will also be a variety of boxes for gloves and other small things.

Corner cabinet is built or furrow. So, the first option will allow you to save space in the hallway, and the second version will be at any time to move to another location. Think about what will work best for your particular hall.

Little corner wardrobe: how to equip

The apartment with a small area - is no obstacle to install a dressing room. On the contrary, a small corner closet takes up little space, and at the same time allows to store all the necessary things. You no longer need to clutter up the space of a few cabinets, because everything fits into one dressing room. However, for this it is important to properly select the internal filling (various shelves, hangers and similar items). The corner wardrobe must be:

Remember that furnished our corner dressing room, it is better to give preference to the free public access shelves.

Corner cabinet or corner dressing room - it's up to you. In any case, this is a great option to store a lot of things, which does not require a lot of space in a small area and looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Design corner wardrobe: 4 options

Corner dressing room - an excellent opportunity to store clothes and other things in one place Dressing storage systems, there is a great variety. They have different shapes and components. Embodiments of materials for manufacturing also different wardrobe. Universal cabinet can be installed in any room where there is a free area.

It is to understand the difference between a corner wardrobe of his other designs. Corner wardrobe is installed directly in the corner of one of the rooms.

For the dressing can be identified as one corner of the room and

There are several options for the design:

  • T - shaped design is located at the corner of two walls and can be built to create a single surface with the walls;
  • The trapezoidal structure has irregular shape with sidewalls overlapping angle;
  • Triangular dressing has the shape of a triangle when viewed in cross section, of such kind of design is ideal for small rooms;
  • Another angulation is also located in the corner and has a rounded convex sliding doors.

All designs are equipped with a complete set of shelves, drawers, racks, rods, coat hangers, some elements can be added as desired.

Wardrobe different storage systems, which are few and it all depends on the size of the wardrobe: mesh, case, frame, penile. Sometimes in the form of ready-set dressing corner closets, their design is based on cross-shelves and hangers. As a rule, it is a very small wardrobe and is able to accommodate only the most necessary.

Corner cabinet, dressing room - it's compact design for storage. Enter into this type of cabinet is not possible, the door practically closely located to the shelves.

The most popular are L-shaped cabinets that are placed along the walls

Wardrobe can be integrated or cabinet, each has its own characteristics:

  1. Built-in design has only one independent vertical plane, and the other two are the walls of the apartment. Move and transport it is impossible, all the components are selected individually.
  2. Hull structures are more like furniture, have their own independent wall and can be transported or moved.

Corner cupboard-dressing is indispensable in small apartments. In today's market there are a lot of materials for manufacturing. The finished product will fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

Mesh corner dressing room

Popular storage system is a net dressing. It is an independent wardrobe filled design. All elements of the metal in the form of a grid or cells. Installation of a corner walk-in wardrobe in the room does not take much time.

The advantage of network closets that they are easy to install

In mesh systems, many advantages:

  • Easy care design;
  • Ventilation of the shelves and drawers;
  • A small weight of the system;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Ability to change the design of the composition.

In such a dressing room it does not occupy much space, but it's pretty capacious system.

With the ability to easily add and remove the components, it is possible to optimize its use. The composition of the dressing room, you can turn on pull-bryuchnitsy, baskets of different sizes, weights for dresses and shirts, shelves of different depths, and even, if necessary, directly to the structure hung extra hooks.

Frame corner closet in the bedroom

Not less popular skeleton wardrobe system. As it is based on metal racks. These securely fastened all the other elements. The combination of metal and wood creates a balance between the modern coldness and warmth of home.

Stylish corner wardrobe with transparent doors perfectly fit in the interior of a small bedroom

Frame corner closet in the bedroom has its own advantages:

  • It can be dismantled and transported;
  • The system has no partitions, and space does not look nagromozhdonnym;
  • Easy to care for;
  • Can have an open form.

However, it should be remembered that the open dressing requires perfect order. wardrobe design fits well with modern interior styles.

Spacious corner dressing rooms: design and photo

Corner dressing room are a single space. Projects spacious closets have different forms, it is not just cupboards with things. Often wardrobe area so vast that it is easy to fit all the necessary things and objects. In suburban homes for a wardrobe isolated place in the attic or in the basement. The large bedroom can allocate angle area for arranging a dressing.

Familiar with various options of modern wardrobe storage systems can be in the design catalogs or on the Internet

In the spacious storage systems have many advantages:

  • The space allows you arrange the room in accordance with the design projects;
  • It can be placed in the wardrobe additional furniture;
  • There is a possibility to change into the room;
  • Maximum space functionality.

For maximum convenience, a dressing room, it is necessary to consider all the nuances. First of all it is important to choose the type of door, it may be a sliding door, hinged or folding. You need to take care of ventilation and determine the material of manufacture of wardrobe.

Penile wardrobe systems: equipment

Penile wardrobe systems are a type of open wardrobe. It is a modern and stylish design, but the price for it is quite high.

Penile dressing is usually completed only hangers and shelves

Standard penile system can be characterized by:

  • Base - wall panels of solid wood;
  • The system is divided vertically, the top - shelves, middle - rods and racks, a bottom - drawers and cabinets;
  • All the elements are attached to the wall panels;
  • Malovmestitelnye.

Penile dressing is relatively large dimensions, so the room should be of sufficient size.

Filling the penile system strictly limited - shelves, rods and hangers. Additional elements can not add yourself only with customization.

Making corner dressing room with his hands

Corner dressing room with his hands can be made of drywall. Functionality will not be made different from the structure acquired. In addition, at independent manufacturing, it is possible to perform the design, taking into account the features of the room.

After determining the location of the wardrobe can proceed to its installation. The preparatory stage - the creation of a drawing which shows all the dimensions and nuances of the design.

Produce angular dressing of plasterboard can be their own hands, the main thing - to think in advance of its design and prepare materials

installation process is simple and is performed in several stages:

  • Markup Application must be made using a spirit level;
  • Next to Install guide profiles;
  • On rails mounted rack profile;
  • After installing the framework structure can be clad with plasterboard;
  • Final finishing need to perform the most approximate to the total interior;
  • The final stage will be the installation of the door structure.

For maximum space savings, you can use the sliding system for doors. Filling the dressing room can be from any of the systems. In today's market a huge number of them that allows you to purchase the most suitable option.

Simple angular dressing rooms in small sizes

Sometimes the size of the apartment does not allow to install a spacious dressing room. In this case, it is possible to equip a dressing room corner in small sizes. At first glance, it is very difficult in the room with a deficit of square meters to allocate a place for clothes.

Modern furniture market offers a variety of ready-made wardrobes from large to mini-structures. Furniture from IKEA is very practical, evidenced by customer reviews.

Careful attention should be paid to the choice of furniture set for corner wardrobe

Options for small closets are several:

  • mini dressing device into an available niche of the room;
  • Dressing room behind a screen or curtain;
  • Small furniture closet.

Review of angular wardrobe (video)

Even in a very small apartment, you can optimize the space. In the presence of the balcony it can also be used for arranging the wardrobe if thoroughly warmed. Hidden behind the curtain dressing room will not take up much space, and things will always be in a tidy state.

Corner semicircular dressing

Walk-in closet to store clothes all family members in one location without using multiple cabinets and shelves, which gives more space in the hallway and the bedroom. It differs from a spacious closet in the fact that it is a separate room with mirrors, interior trim, doors. Corner dressing room is good because it can be installed in the space and the bedroom does not require a separate room. This is a viable option for apartments small area.

Corner dressing room can be arranged without any problems in the bedroom, living room, hallway, nursery and even a glass-covered loggia. In the rooms it effectively uses angles that are blind areas of the room. The family of 3-4 people can freely post their entire wardrobe in an area of ​​5-7 square meters. m., at the same time still have room for changing clothes.

The shape of the angular profile dressing are most often rectangular and semi-circular. It is worth considering in more detail the second option, which is the most efficient for a small room.

It has the following advantages semicircular corner wardrobe:

  • space-saving;
  • the minimum number of construction and finishing materials;
  • room built into the existing room does not require a separate communication systems: lighting, ventilation, heating;
  • Corner semicircular closet can hide visible defects of the walls, the ceiling and the ugly details of the interior, so it is often erected in problem areas, such as in a corner, where the stick exposed heating pipes.

Among the shortcomings of the semicircular arc cloakrooms emit:

  • mounting complexity rounded walls and sliding doors;
  • insufficient sound insulation;
  • dust out of the room;
  • because of the small space and easy to turn to pose in front of the mirror;
  • For the same reason the complexity of cleaning, washing the floor.

But all these disadvantages can be remedied by providing a dressing room with additional floors over time, the ceiling, Sound insulation materials, optimally positioned in all objects and furniture.

Corner semicircular dressing minimally activates an area of ​​the existing room, but complex in design and installation, doors and partitions for it are more expensive than for rectangular designs.

The living room will look more presentable semicircular corner wardrobe with sliding doors on roller guides. It fits well into any interior, and to ensure that it is combined with coloring of the room, it is possible to choose advising Materials. Premises with the sides of 2 m will be enough for easy use.

For the semi-circular corner wardrobe option is preferable to use a sliding door with a guide, as it affects the minimum free space, is easy to use and safe, especially for young children. The biggest challenge is to set up a complex system of flaps with rounded rails kits which have a considerable cost.

The process of organizing a semicircular dressing is simplified in the apartments, which have a ready-made storage room. It is possible, using a minimum of materials, to create a compact and functional area. Corner walk-in closets in the pantry require tender lighting and ventilation, but in general it is the easiest option. For it will need a rounded wall and the narrow single door.

Of the materials for the angular cloakrooms and doors for them is most often used: plastic, PVC, polyurethane, organic and mineral tempered glass sheets particleboard or chipboard, natural wood and laminated plywood.

Before you decide on a project built corner dressing room in an apartment, it is necessary to choose the shape and size depending on the size of the room. For small rooms the best use of rounded design, they take up less floor space than rectangular.

Next, selected materials, types of partitions and forms of communication to be carried out inside. Under these conditions are drawings - the side and in profile. They greatly simplify further installation work. The layout and construction of the wall should be made strictly on the level, especially in the further installation of door systems with guides, who at the slightest error stopper and just not moving.

There are projects of angular wardrobe, not reaching to the ceiling. They simplify installation work and bringing in additional ventilation. If you want to provide sound insulation of the room, you can equip the walls of the entire height adjacent to the ceiling. Installation of partitions and doors can be made of transparent materials, then the light will penetrate the dressing room from the outside and there is no need to install extra lights.

Before you create a project built dressing room should take into account the shape and size of the internal cabinets, shelves, hangers. Angular and rounded forms are often not allowed to fit inside the large pieces of furniture. Therefore it is better to draw in advance the approximate interior plan with all the cabinets inside and assess the remaining space.

Any kind of built-in wardrobe usually consists of the following items:

  • horizontal bars for hanging on the shoulders of jackets, coats, raincoats, jackets, dresses, suits;
  • Iron rods;
  • drawers for storage of knitwear, linen, bedding;
  • open shelves for accessories, perfumes, clothes care items;
  • Shoe compartment;
  • mirror.

Since the angular dressing has little free space, you have to be smart and imagination to accommodate all of the listed items. It is best to place large pieces of furniture L-shaped along the inner walls. For example, one side of the support rod, while the other drawers and shelves. To save space, you can use a free multi-level compartments. If not enough space for full length mirror, then it can be hung on the outer wall or doors. But you have to make swing system, as the inside to hang a large mirror sheet on the door coupe will not work.

You can simplify the installation works of the walls and the filling of this space by buying a ready wardrobe-dressing. Shows the angular model that contain rod for suits and outerwear, shelves and drawers. They have no external walls, but you can easily install yourself semicircular ledge and hang it beautiful curtains. If an effort to make a rounded contour and, in the future it is set semicircular wall of plastic, plasterboard or polyurethane with any selected décor. Instead of challenging the door system can be combined with the guide wall with an opening, which is hang a small curtain.

The problem of the optimal arrangement of a small-sized semi-circular corner wardrobe complete sets of furniture decide which are commercially available. They are specifically designed for maximum spaciousness of clothing and accessories in a small area. In this case, the result is also a place that is free to dress and look at yourself in the mirror.

According to customer reviews, the following brands of dressing:

  • mark Dwell - manufacturer of high quality furniture from Italy. Among its products are compact and roomy shelves for clothes with a very striking design.
  • Italian brand Smart is a variety of models dressing sets that are practical and stylish look.
  • Built-in furniture and ready-made dressing with content Todalen will allow to create functional filling the room for clothes with no problems.
  • domestic manufacturer Glasstroy It offers fashion glass partitions of the hard material of different models. You can order a small semi-circular door of this brand, which will solve all the problems with the organization of compact dressing room in the apartment.

Floor dressing is best done from a smooth coating that is easy to clean. The carpets in the room, where a large amount of dust released from the garments, use undesirable. But not to stand barefoot on the bare surface, you can make a small mat from non-fabric materials.

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