Corner shelves for the bathroom

The shelves in the bathroom - optimize space

Bathroom has a special place in everyone's life, because with it the day it starts and ends. Therefore, everyone is trying to create in the bathroom special atmosphere of comfort, beauty and comfort. Before repair facilities should review the design magazines, visit some of the sites for the interior design. In an apartment bathroom space can not boast of high resolution. In this situation, many are beginning to think about how to make the bath room is not only beautiful and original, but also functional. To accommodate all the necessary hygiene items in a small space of the bathroom, you should consider the availability of storage spaces and shelves. Namely them, shape, color, material and type of mounting. And then the bathroom will become a harmonious and cozy.

In the furniture stores today there is a huge variety of shelves, many of them are perfect for the bathroom. Their presence in the room makes it possible to use the space efficiently. In fashion magazines that specialize in the creation of interiors, as well as on various websites on the Internet you can find a lot of photos, they presented different versions of the shelves with a detailed description. They may be embedded in the mirror and even a towel.

Depending on the style and design of the entire premises can buy or make your own shelf of wood, plastic, glass or metal. Before selecting shelves necessary to define the interior of the bathroom to the shelves harmoniously complement it. You can also place the shelf in different ways: preferably fastened hinged shelf near the mirror and in the places where it is necessary that the object is always "at hand".

Do not clutter hanging open shelves. They should be only the essentials and items and accessories that will emphasize style bathroom. Note that even ordinary towels and toilet paper can become an ornament to the sanitary unit. One has only to dream a little!

Shelf placement in the corners greatly save space, so they are an excellent choice for small bathrooms. The shelves are placed in the shower or just above the bath to have a comfortable access to hygiene facilities while taking water treatments.

Before probresti shelves for the bathroom interior, you must decide what shape and material of manufacture preferred.

We mention only some of the options and modify the shelves for the bathroom:

  • shelf under the sink or under the bath;
  • cabinets with shelves open or closed;
  • regiment on the floor or mounted;
  • fixed or removable shelves;
  • shelves made of wood, metal, glass, or plastic.

As for the built-in shelves, they create a brick or drywall. Therefore, even during the repair work should think about this kind of shelves and create a framework that will be faced with, along with the rest of the walls.

The main advantages of the installation of stationary shelves:

  • created an ergonomic space in niches or openings where, for whatever reasons, can not be placed hanging shelves;
  • they are strong and can not be exposed to moisture;
  • They are made with flat walls and decorated with any interior, giving the fashionable accents of the room;
  • them easy to store different items and bathroom accessories.

To the bath was neat and hygiene products, and other needed items were always in place, an excellent option for their storage lockers will be closed. They can accommodate a lot of different items that are very much needed in the bathroom, but they are intimate or do not fit into the room decor and hide them from prying eyes.

Corner shelves are very useful for the bathroom, because they have many advantages:

  • help to save space of the room - they usually occupy the place that would be empty;
  • They are available in a huge range and are made of different materials;
  • will become an element of decorating a bathroom.

Shelves in the bathroom make space not only functional, but also comfortable, and complete, emphasizing the selected style interior.

For the small size of the shelf space is a necessary part, they can visually make the room more spacious and thus will be able to store a lot of different items that are needed in the bathroom.

Small caps on the rails and shelves holders will help to create a special atmosphere, because they have a huge variety of colors and different shapes. To create a special design of the room, you can use painted by the glass, which is highlighted with original fixtures.

Corner shelves are mainly used for storing bathroom accessories, but can be put on the shelf decoration. For example, interesting statues, scented candles in decorated candlesticks, different compositions created with their own hands. Decorate the bathroom can be all sorts of stuff, it all depends on your imagination.

In modern construction and furniture stores you can find a shelf for every taste, because the materials from which they are made very large. Before making a purchase, you need to think about where it will be installed regiment.

The choice of material depends on how often a shelf will have a contact with water or steam. For example, the shelves of wood is not recommended to mount near the sink or bath, from the constant exposure to water or steam, they can come in unsuitability. Not to worry about the high humidity in the bathroom is better to use glass or plastic shelves.

Thus, the shelf is made mainly from:

Shelves made of plastic are the most popular, because a variety of shapes, sizes and color palettes allow us to find the ideal model for the selected interior vannogo premises. Plastic shelves will help highlight the selected style, or place the bright color accents.

Care of plastic shelves will not bring too much trouble, because they are very easy to clean and wipe off any dirt or dust. Another advantage of these shelves is a low cost, reliability and long service life.

Metal shelves are stylish appearance, so will be a beautiful decoration in an interior bathroom. It is also worth considering that the metal has high strength and does not break under the weight of heavy objects, such shelves but have one drawback - is formed on the metal plaque rust from high humidity or constant contact with water.

Also, after the water on this material can appear white spots, which will have to constantly remove. If you chose all the same on a metal shelf, then place it away from the water.

Installation of shelves - ideal for a bath in the style of hi-tech, nickel and chrome shelves perfectly proven in use in bathrooms, to look after them a little harder than plastic. Forged shelves will look spectacular in the bathroom in the style of Provence, or country.

glass shelves become a beautiful accessory for the bathroom in any style and bring the lightness of the room and does not clutter the space. Bathroom will be much brighter and more colorful.

But glass has several disadvantages, which should be considered when buying:

  • First, the glass is not capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • Secondly, after the water dry spots remain, so clean glass shelves should be carried out after almost every water treatment, but care should not take you much time and effort.

Tree - the oldest material for making shelves. Well treated or painted wood for many years will serve their owners. Before buying a wooden shelf, it makes sure that it was qualitatively processed and protected from moisture and should check how well the ventilation in the bathroom.

Customers buy shelves of wood because they are very stylish element of the decor, and the room becomes a cozy and soothing. Shelves of wood will help to dilute the cool colors of ceramic tiles, the room will be warm and inviting.

Just take care of the shelves, but they do not like aggressive chemicals and abrasives. When care is better to use a damp soft cloth.

Another type of shelves are marble, but they are not popular because of the high cost, complexity of installation and high weight. Most often, if such shelves are needed in the interior marble was replaced with artificial stone, which is often used for the production of table tops under the sink.

Types of shelves in shape and structure

When buying shelves should immediately think about the functionality and harmony with the chosen design of the bathroom, but special emphasis should be placed on the shelves convenient location. Therefore, you first need to measure the space where you plan to mount or install shelves, because there is a possibility that an incorrect placement will cause inconvenience when using a sink or become an obstacle to the opening of the cabinet, or interfere with the free movement of the bathroom.

Depending on the place of fastening all the shelves are divided into these types:

Using hinged shelves has many advantages, but there is one drawback - they occupy a lot of space. Therefore, suspended shelves are very rarely used for small bathroom spaces. If you still use hanging shelves in small rooms, it is necessary to consider first where to place it so that it does not interfere.

For example, the best place would be the attachment of a stylish machine or at the free wall above the bathtub. Depending on the accessories and items that will be stored on it, make the choice of mounting height. If the shelf is designed to hold shampoo, shower gel and other hygiene products, then it should not be fastened high to sitting in the bathroom you feel comfortable taking the necessary means.

If on the shelf to store towels or boxes, then it should be placed on the mezzanine level, to avoid the ingress of water.

Various materials are used to create hinged shelves. They are suitable for any style of bathroom, because the lineup is simply amazing for its variety. Besides the idea of ​​hanging shelves can be made to design magazines, which presents the most original and unique options.

Shelves can be massive and wide, then on them easy to store towels or bathrobes. Narrow small shelves are perfect for accommodation of shampoo, creams, and even household chemicals. To create original decoration in the bathroom can help small shelf on which to put a vase of flowers or a special scented candles.

Outdoor shelf should only be used in large rooms, because it takes a lot of space. It should be regarded as furniture with many advantages.

Usually shelves for sex may be different in height and overall dimensions. On the lower shelves, you can keep things clean, and the top used for hygiene products. The best location of the shelves to the floor near a sink or bath to easily get the desired object or tool.

There is another kind - corner interior shelves that help save a lot of space in the bathroom and can store a large number of items.

Corner shelf - a very popular form of shelves for the bathroom, thanks to a functional and comfortable accommodation. Often angle space is not in use, using them in an empty corner you can put many things in several rows and create order in the room.

Basically, they are fixed in the near corner of the bath, so no problems to get the necessary hygiene products during water treatment. In other corners on the shelves you can store things, because the possibility of getting water is minimal or use them to decorate the bathroom. Corner shelf will always be appropriate in a small room.

Built-in wall shelves are easy and original idea for the bathroom. Engage in training places for this kind of shelves, as well as its installation should only be professionals. After all, this is a complex and time-consuming process that can qualitatively perform every so yourself better not do this.

You can create a drawing that professionals smogs translate your idea into practice.

The most common and proven method is attachment of shelves via dowels or screws. Before you proceed directly to the installation, you need to prepare. For drilling holes for fasteners, you must first carry out work on the layout and to calculation of all the fixing points.

When working, use the installation instructions with a detailed description and with the help of drawings or photographs explained the installation and workflow process. Mounted in such a way Regiment long it will withstand a lot of weight and items that will stand on it.

Small shelves, which will be located near the bath, you can use another type of fastening - on suckers. To attach the shelf, require a minimum of effort and time, but also do not need to make preliminary calculations. Fixing with suction cups will not be able to withstand heavy objects. Therefore, on the shelves of this fixture can be placed relatively light items: shampoo, shower gel, soap and other hygiene products.

Talk about installing shelves on suckers makes no sense - it can make even a child. Therefore, we consider the option to install a corner hinged shelves. To do this you will need:

The process of installing the corner shelf:

  • determine the mounting location and make marks on the wall. This will help level and a marker. It should be noted all the points for the future of fasteners.
  • make a hole using a drill the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of clamps for screws.
  • to create a hole, insert the special clamps.
  • Screw the shelf with screws.

The main rule - stick to the horizontal level. Therefore it is necessary to use builder's level, which helps to produce a horizontal fixture shelves. Even a small error will be visible.

Making shelves with their own hands

Anyone can create their own shelf for the bathroom. With the help of your hands and imagination, you can make unique and original shelves that will be fashionable accents bathroom. For example, you can make a shelf of plastic window sills or wicker baskets. It is also possible to make not only the shelf, but the cabinets under the sink. Things made with his own hands, will give the room warmth, comfort and individuality. One has only to try, and your bathroom will become an exclusive and comfortable, and the interior of this cost will be minimal!

The presence of the shelves in the bathroom is a very important moment for the organization of storage systems required items and tools, as well as for decoration and design emphasis. Different shapes and colors of the shelves will help to radically change and transform the bath room, to make the space functional. Your bathroom will become a comfortable and unique!

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Corner shelf in the bathroom: the sizes, types, photos

Few people in modern apartments with a large bathroom. That is why, furnished it, you must correctly choose furnishings - they need to look good and perform a sufficient number of functions. Corner shelf in the bathroom is ideal for a small area, so it is better to use it than a lot of overall lockers.

When purchasing should pay attention primarily on the material. It must be not only durable, but also resistant to thermal shock, moisture, withstand the various mechanical stresses. With this furniture will last a long time and not just please the owner.

Perhaps the best option in a small room would be too corner shelf in the bathroom, hinged or telescopic. It saves considerable space and allows to store a lot of things. For a more spacious premises should be selected shelves or racks.

As a rule, they are placed on the shelves of the most necessary things that should always be at hand in the bathroom. Among the entire list can be identified gels, creams, shampoos, razors, toothbrushes, different cosmetics.

All shelves, which are presented in the furniture market, are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Their indisputable advantage is small size. For better operation manufacturers make the surface smooth and cover it with special paints that repel water.

It is unlikely that the buyer would not be able to find the model that it really works. Now the range is literally explodes with new products, each of which is gorgeous in its form, materials and color.

In order to choose the right shelf, do not give up on it after a month of use, you need to immediately view all the options - in magazines, on the market, in stores. There you can find information in full, to know about all kinds of modifications. Sample the highlights will be discussed in this article.

Corner shelf in the bathroom may be of wood, plastic, glass, metal. When you purchase is necessary to pay attention to just that. As a rule, these nuances is not only the life of the product, but also the overall interior design.

Hanging shelves suitable for those who are not planning to clutter their many unnecessary items, and will be used only for the most necessary things that will fit perfectly in the style of the room.

It is unlikely that someone will say that the corner shelf in the bathroom installed - extra element. Versatile piece of furniture - it is how you can describe this furniture. It will save space in a small room and enliven the space. Moreover, the angles usually are not used in the bathroom, so, setting back the shelves, you can greatly extend the functionality of these sites. This decision will allow rational use every centimeter of space.

Shelf in a bathroom is often established by means of suction cups, so there is another plus of this subject (no need to drill the wall surface).

The advantage of telescopic shelves is that they are unclenched between the surfaces. Suckers help them firmer hold. However, be aware that this furniture will not be able to withstand heavy loads, because it is considered to mount fragile.

All standard shelf can also be angled. They have the following dimensions:. Height of about 1 m, width - from 0.3 m or more and depth - in average 0.5 m Thanks to these dimensions greatly increased capacity of the product. Shelves are more suitable for medium-sized bathrooms. It is here that they will be the best decoration of the room.

A lot of space is required for bulky corner shelf in the bathroom, which has a hinged design. That is why it is rarely used in small spaces. However, unlike the standard models it is still possible to place in a small bathroom. But before you do this, you need to consider the fine details of its whereabouts.

A good option curtain hanging corner shelf - space above the washing machine, toilet, bathroom. In order to determine the desired height of the mounting, it is necessary to deal with what will be on it. In that case, if the shelf is intended for shampoo, gel or cosmetic products, its location should be at such a level that the person bathing or taking a shower was free to take the necessary. As used mezzanine shelf, which will be a place to store towels or some boxes. For the latter option is better to choose furniture massive and wide dimensions, then it is possible to avoid accidental dropping things. But for cosmetics suit narrow and compact models with a depth of about 30 cm.

The spacious rooms suitable floor corner shelf, it will take a sufficient amount of space. However, it pays off its benefits.

Firstly, all the models differ in height and size. Secondly, the lower shelves are usually reserved for the storage of clean things, the top - for hygiene. It is desirable to install floor shelves so that the extreme top surface were at or slightly above the sink. While ease of use is provided.

A very interesting option would be built into the wall shelves. The downside can be called only that the installation must be entrusted to experts, but it is a waste of money, but do not skimp here.

In order for professionals to do exactly what you want to master, you must start with the construction of the drawing, which will help salaried people to orient and guide the work in the right direction.

Few people can imagine that is a corner shelf in the bathroom telescopic. It is said that this is design that looks expensive, uncomplicated and original. It will make the space more functional and convenient. Little shelf is different from the above models, as is also set in the corner of the room. Its main advantage - transforming components. The base which is made of metal or plastic, is put down and fastened so. The benches are moving freely, move, making it easier to use. In order to position the bottle with too high a cosmetic product, will be sufficient to increase the amount of space between the upper and lower surfaces.

To avoid loosening of the mechanism, it is necessary to fully take seriously the selection of fasteners. It will be good if the shelf is equipped with locks backstop, then the surface will not slide down under the pressure of the things that are on it.

Corner glass shelves for the bathroom are the face of classical style, in which there is no emphasis on bright colors or flashy accessories. Even so, we can say with confidence that emanates from the furniture luxurious, weightless, it attracts the eyes, leaving no one indifferent. In addition, the shelves perfectly fit into any stylistic direction.

Glass shelves will give grace the premises, their size more massive. But this does not negate their elegance. One of the main advantages is the visual expansion space. Below you can view photos from the optimal size of shelves models.

Essentially mirrored shelves - an analog of glass, but with some different features. Now the technology moving forward, so the processing of glass reaches the highest level, allowing you to become one of the most durable materials. Elegance and beauty - their second name.

If the emphasis on appearance, thanks to the quality of the picture processing and the material itself mirrored shelves freely occupy a leading position among all available. Matt, restrained colors complement the design. It is easy to expand and complement the interior of the room.

The amount of such shelves are not particularly limited height varies from 50 cm to 1.5 m, width - 30-60 cm, depth - about 30 cm.

Corner shelf for the bathroom plastic is suitable for those who love minimalism and not willing to spend too much money on such a piece of furniture. This material will never hurt moisture, high or low temperature, mechanical stress, couples. Among their advantages it is also possible to allocate the convenience and long service life. This furniture will decorate any design, not as good as glass and mirror options, but much worse will not look.

Corner shelves in the bathroom of plastic on the market represented a huge range. They differ from each other due to the format, size, shape and color. They are comfortable also because it does not require special care, simply wipe the surface several times a month.

The highlight of any design will be furnished of the most durable material - metal. Corner shelf in the bathroom made of stainless steel is used very often, but if you still stop the choice on this model, the result is stunning. Its main advantages - durability, reliability and long service life.

But unlike glass or plastic, this material is resistant to corrosion, so for them need special care. The fact is that in some cases, does not help even chrome. Rust and faded color is clearly not impress guests. It is therefore better to give preference to its stainless steel. It is capable of good combined with glass and mirror coated. Popular recently become framework of metal, which is a fragile surface.

Corner stainless shelf for the bathroom: the benefits

It is worth noting that in contrast to the glass and plastic metal prices much higher, so the shelf will cost a rather big amount. The high cost pays off many advantages of stainless steel.

  1. The material is not subjected to mechanical stress. It is difficult to dent or damage the surface. Scratching is also a rarity. However, one should be careful about the man himself, as when hitting the consequences can be the most enjoyable.
  2. The surface of stainless steel has such a property as hygiene. It has no pores, microcracks, whereby the amount of accumulated dirt is minimal.
  3. Water resistance - an important advantage. The material is fully resistant to water procedures withstands temperature changes, the occurrence of vapor and high humidity. The corrosion process even with prolonged communication water entirely excluded.

Roomy shelves for the bathroom: 5 Tips for Choosing

Today's manufacturers offer a huge number of accessories for the bathroom space Volumetric cabinets and hanging mirrored lockers increasingly sidelined in the design of bathrooms. This is not surprising, because most contemporary styles rejects clutter the space, and standard designs of apartment buildings can not boast en-suite bathrooms with a large area. To help in these cases, come all kinds of shelves for the bathroom. How to choose the design depending on the size and design of the room, and what features are shelves made of various materials - read the article.

How to choose a shelf in the bathroom

Choosing a shelf in the bathroom depends not only on the design of the room and personal preferences of tenants. In most cases, the choice of models is limited by the size of the sanitary-hygienic assembly and decoration.

Shelves - not only practical, but also a stylish accessory for the bathroom

Choosing a shelf in the bathroom you need to follow these guidelines:

  1. Preference should be given the shelves of waterproof materials (including with corrosion-resistant fittings, as if mounting elements progniyut, a shelf can easily break away from the wall, damaging the finish and plumbing).
  2. Pick shelf stands, based on the size of the room. So, in a small space, you can use built-in shelves above the bath, hinged design for the soul. Successfully accommodate all personal hygiene items can nut tiles around the perimeter of the bathroom. A good option would be a rack under the sink.
  3. If the bathroom decoration does not allow to install wall shelves (eg, the walls decorated with plastic on the frame), it should give preference to the floor structure. An interesting option would be practical and forged floor or wooden rack shelves.
  4. If children are present, it is best to floor construction has been closed. To be safe, the door can be equipped with special safety locks.
  5. It is better if the surface is smooth shelves. Caring for these models will be easier. In addition, such a surface is considered to be more hygienic, because in the beginning often accumulate dirt, soap coating, the moisture, which leads to the appearance of mold and bacterial growth.

Choosing a shelf in the bathroom should be familiar with the features of the material of its manufacture, weigh the pros and cons of the product.

Plastic shelves: pros and cons

The most common shelves in the bathroom - plastic. This is due to the availability of products.

Corner plastic shelf for the bathroom - it's one of the best decisions when no occupied space is used to accommodate the shampoos, soaps and sponges

In addition to the advantages of plastic shelves include:

  1. Easy installation. Plastic shelves can be easily installed on the suction cups in the shower or hang on the wall with nails.
  2. Low weight. Due to this plastic shelves for one or two levels can be fixed to the wall of the drywall or plastic panels.
  3. A wide choice of models. Plastic products can be either multi-level design, and the separate "pockets" for storage of soap, sponges, small items of personal hygiene.

The disadvantages of the shelves is their short time of operation (on average 2-3 years, depending on the plastic material and type of construction). Furthermore, shelves on suckers often break away from the wet surfaces and multilevel structure does not always bear the weight of the gels and shampoos.

More reliable, but more expensive when the cost is considered to be glass shelf. Shelves of glass have a modern appearance, and their service life may amount to more than a dozen years (the material does not react with household cleaning products do not become cloudy over time).

Glass - beautiful and moisture resistant material

Glass shelves are made of impact-resistant, tempered glass, which makes them extremely durable and safe: even if the shelf is broken, the glass pieces with blunt edges can not seriously hurt.

Modern production of shelves made of glass offers models, varying in design and construction. Products can be either open, closed with doors have a different shape, one or several layers, mounted on a wall or placed on the floor, equipped with holders for towels. Glass can be fully transparent, opaque, with drawings. The choice of glass shelves depends on the needs and taste preferences of the buyer.

Wooden shelf in the bathroom with their hands

Increasingly, in the design of both residential and non-residential rooms, designers are advised to use elements made with their own hands: self-made shelves make the interior of your bathroom unique. In addition, such products cost much cheaper design. Own hands the easiest way to make a shelf of wood.

This wooden shelf in the bathroom, you can make your own hands without difficulty

For the manufacture of wooden shelves in the bathroom, be chosen moisture resistant wood species (e.g., larch, teak, mahogany).

Wooden shelves are ideal for use both in the rural interiors, and modern bathrooms. It all depends on the shape and design of shelves, color model, such as its fastening. So, for today's interiors fit shelves and rails from one solid piece of wood for the rooms in the country style - hanging shelves, put together of several thin brusochkov.

Wooden wall shelf can be mounted using the corners, hinges, opening and closing brackets.

Paint the shelves can be in any color, depending on the design of the room. Most importantly, after drying the product to reveal its moisture- and heat-resistant paint in several layers with intermediate drying. Lac, thus, can be both glossy and matte.

Corner shelf in the bathroom

If hygienic unit is small and combined (for example, a bathroom in the Khrushchev), the question of saving space becomes extremely acute. In such cases, normally, choose designs that do not occupy much space. The ideal option would be a corner shelf on the wall.

Corner shelf in the bathroom is ideal for a small area

Corner shelf can be either wall or floor. Most often, angular shelves are systems of several vertical levels. This design allows you to place all the necessary supplies, it does not take up much space.

Corner shelves may be made of plastic, metal, glass and wood, have different mounting system.

Considered the most reliable hanging shelves, which are attached to the bracket or brackets, floor structures: such shelf can be put shampoos, shower gels and other personal care products, without fear that the system will not sustain the load.

Mounting the shelves for the bathroom (video)

Shelf for the bathroom - it is an important element that allows you to store all the necessary cosmetic products in one place. Pick shelf should be based on the design and size of the bathroom edges, their own financial capabilities and preferences, family composition. Buy ready-made model or make your own hands shelf, and enjoy the convenience and stylish appearance products!

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