Chest of cardboard with their hands master class

How to make a box with your hands?

Still quite recently, this piece of furniture, like the chest, stood in every home, and in the modern world, it can rightly be called an exclusive bagatelle. Made chests with their hands, a photo which you can see in this article, are used as your heart desires, for example, they can become a place for the storage of any items or just part of the room decor. And if you have already decided how you will use the trunk, then this article will talk about ways of its manufacturing from scrap materials.

How to make a decorative cardboard box with their hands

Such a chest move can be made of the most usual box desired size. In order to make a chest made of cardboard with your hands, you will need:

1) box made of cardboard;

2) normal range;

4) stationery knife;

6) for the decoration of the finished product - a variety of decorative ornaments.

Step by step guide how to make the chest with his hands

Let's get started. The first thing on a cardboard box with a pencil sketch need raschertit our future trunk. Two lines to outline the cutting circle of the box, and semicircles for the cover - on the sides. With the help of office knife cut off all the excess of bending and end, as well as cut off the tip.

Manufactured from a sheet of paperboard to the trunk lid, which must correspond to the width of our box. On the rear wall of the chest cover is connected by means of nuts, plastic, or the most common stationary clamps. Due to this action by opening the lid will not fall away.

On the front wall of the cover also need to connect using a padlock.

For the decoration on the body and the trunk lid can be pasted strips of dark-colored cardboard. They can also be fixed retainers.

On the case on the sides need to attach the handles - and the chest with his hands out of the box is made. It can be folded like a toy, and not too heavy things.

Today trunk for money can be used on any plan the festivities. Many believe that the best gift - is, of course, money, and for such a small presents just need to come up with reliable storage place. The ideal option would be a chest, made with his own hands and decorate in the style of the main solemn theme.

For work, we need these materials:

- the required size of a cardboard box;

- stationery or penknife;

- for decoration - a variety of materials and accessories.

Getting to the creation of the product, you need to make the pattern of the trunk and lay up one more additional box.

Available box must deploy such a way that eventually turned bottom of rectangular shape, and front and rear walls are high.

The next step will be longitudinal grooves that are made carefully, that in no case does not puncture the cardboard, using the needles on the front and back walls. This is to ensure that as a result it was possible to make a circular lid of the trunk of our money.

From the second of the carton side walls to be cut, the size suitable for the width of the bottom of the chest. Such preparations must be made of 2 pieces. The tops of the sidewalls round.

Now you are ready to assemble. All joints are connected by means of adhesive tape, the cover is folded into the desired shape and is also attached by means of the same tape. The side walls should be attached to the chest and thoroughly fix.

In order to made a chest of money for his own hands became beautiful piggy bank, you need to using a pen or paper cutter on the lid to make a hole for the money about the size of 1 * 10 cm. When assembled the money chest is completed, you can start decorating. Its surface can be papered, paper or cloth beautiful. At the request of the trunk on the surface you can stick a variety of original accessories.

Tradition of giving wedding gifts to a young family has its roots in ancient times. One of the most popular of gifts is considered to be a certain amount of money to which the newly formed family will be able to buy exactly what you need at the moment. However, to transfer bank notes from hand to hand is considered a bad omen, so for such purposes and was invented by a beautiful chest for the wedding. Their own hands to make it out of ordinary cardboard box will not make absolutely no difficulty.

Money chest handmade

This is a trunk box or rectangular shaped bag casket. It can be decorated beautifully with all sorts of materials for decoration, colors may be a classic white, brown, black style or the color theme celebration. To make the notes of originality and singularity of the chest with his hands can be issued in a non-standard form, giving symbolism.

According to the master, even the most unusual and complex shapes can be made on their own chests. Here, for example, unusual and original decision will be the wedding box, made in house shape, symbolizing family home, boxes or cake. In order to make a chest made of cardboard with their hands, you definitely need:

- medium-sized cardboard box;

- Clerical glue, PVA, and better glue gun;

- elements for decor - pictures, stones, beads, ribbons, shells;

- colored paper for the interior and exterior.

To make a really visually beautiful and high-quality chests with their hands, a photo which you can see in the article, you need to have just the right materials and the right tools. Practice shows that virtually all the necessary materials for this can be found with ease at home, in a closet, in the garage.

The main thing is to remember that the quality of the glue depends how tightly will keep the elements of decor, decorative paper, and most importantly - whether box debonding during the solemn event.

How to make a chest with their hands out of the box more accurate, visually without visible seams? It is recommended to give preference to not only bilateral Scotch type, but also for the glue gun, with which you can evenly distribute the adhesive composition over the entire surface of the small details.

Getting directly to the manufacture of our grand trunk, it is advised to prepare the ground, namely, to make the scheme or pattern, which can be done from a huge cardboard box.

The rear part of the trunk to be higher than the front. In this situation, the length is equal to the sum of the width and height of the front of the box. Lower protrusion should be approximately seventy millimeters with a slot across the top of the pattern, does not fall to the bottom.

The right slot for the cash envelopes should be made directly to the pattern, because, after the trunk is ready, cut a hole becomes a bit problematic.

Learn how to make a wedding chest with their hands from a shoe box.

1. First you need to cut the lid of a cardboard shoe box.

2. Once the first step is made, it is necessary to make the cover of the box for shoes dome. To do this, you need to stick to a pre-cut cardboard box. The resultant composition should resemble arch side is also added to the cardboard and is fastened all bilateral adhesive tape. If for some reason you think that one adhesive tape is not enough, you can resort to using paper clips and stapler.

3. The third step will be facing our future wedding chest. The first step is to measure the parameters of the box itself and the cover. Then it is necessary for the upper flap cut desired tissue. After that, we begin to gently bind her. In the same way, and sheathed the whole box. Do whatever is necessary to slowly, with the maximum accuracy, so that eventually get a beautiful and flawless result.

4. The fourth step is considered to be one of the easiest, but the most critical stages. With the help of stationery knife to cut a hole for the money, we check to see if it fit the bill. Be careful not to burn all finished box, run in this zone burning match - this will avoid the arrows on the fabric.

5. The most interesting and the most recent step in the manufacture of cardboard money chest with your hands is considered to be a colorful and original decoration. Where you can give free rein to their imagination. The side panels and the contours of the product can be decorated with openwork lace or satin ribbon. Festive look of the box well underlined bows, beads and rhinestones, so it is not necessary to save them. Stylish pictures of young couples can decorate the side panel of the trunk.

To simplify the problem, the maximum you can give preference for lighter and faster methods of making money chest for a wedding celebration. You can use the most ordinary cardboard box from under the shoe. There is absolutely no need to do anything to cut, cut, and paste. The main thing only - neat and beautiful design perform outer part, buy a beautiful ribbon. Original decoration will be fresh flowers, grass on the cover.

Ready cash wedding chests

Chest for the wedding ceremony does not have to do yourself. In today's world in the specialized showrooms, you can find the original model. Of course, it will cost much more expensive, but at the same time save a lot of time.



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Chest BOX MK - How nice. AS THIS.

Pape Art Chest. Chest paper. Master Class

Today I will try to show your MC for the manufacture of trunk.

It is based on a box of meat grinders

This top of the box. Because it makes the cover. That she obediently bent semicircle need to forcefully hold here such line. It can be a blunt pencil.

It turns out something like this. Of course, I'm sorry, but there is another photo. Tomcat from me depart. He also likes to hang out at the time of needlework. )))

Then cut out here a half circle for the lid. Wallpapers and leave here such teeth for later pasting.

This internal (optional) box. First I wanted to paste over with a cloth. But then this idea was abandoned. And papered.

By attaching the handle, put in the inner box and start wallpaper.

Stick inner duct to the outside helped clothespins.

This baked clay. Roll out the dough and cut out with a knife patterns. Baked them very quickly, because it is very tonkie- 2mm.

Here, tissue thread. Sometimes I use twisted x / cotton threads (red-white photo)

And I start decorating. With symmetry nakosyachila course, because there is no copy paper. Everything in the eye.)))

This bedplate and legs. Now I regret that the wood sawed. It was necessary for the legs to take lids from yogurt.

Patterns take from the web. Who are interested send a link to the PM.

The chest is not small. 37h24, height 31cm. Cat 4kg. )))

Here are my two handsome. Only big chest the next day to send a gift.

Well, more like that for comparison. Oh, something I have suffered today ... tired you probably photographs? ))) Thanks to all who looked to visit me! Thank you for your comments! Until we meet again.

Blog Awnings

The most interesting for needlewomen

Wedding chest made of cardboard, with their own hands

On one of bokovinok draw here is a typical path for the trunk lid. You can stick to any size. And can be "approximately" To how convenient!

The second side cover do exactly the same! but on the "profile" carry two lanes: one connects the lower points of each arc on the side cover, and the second is the height of our future cover.

Now take the hands of scissors and cut the "extra". Create a "bulge" of the cover. I think the photo shows what I mean.

Next step: my box cover is dense enough and just did not want to bend beautifully. Therefore, blunt scissors do here such grooves (on the inner side of the box). The distance between the barbs arbitrary - I have about 1.5 cm.

Now, cut to the bottom line of the three. parties. I did it with a sharp knife.

"I finish" the lid of my chest. Personally, I take a sticky paper tape that is sold in DIY stores building called Scotch;) Well, just take it, and tear off pieces of the fixture cover each other

In this photo visible. crop the scissors (you can with a knife) "extra" part of the cover. I connect all of the same tape.

Well. have something drawn.

If this chest will throw money - it's time to think about "the hole." To do this, the inside of the cover drawing the contours and cut with a sharp knife.

if you just cut the on the "bottom" line - that after we pasted over our chest, he will not be able to close well. Therefore it is necessary to increase our groove as I tried to show in the photo to about 3 millimeters.

We start our chest paste. It is for this trunk, I again picked up the wallpaper, which is specially bought for this purpose.

I am glued to the glue from the spray cartridge (as pictured), but this is my personal choice!

I begin to paste over: once before and two side cover, and then is bent over the back, and then I cut the corners and tuck. After everything is smoothed, I expel the air and once more the good cuddle.

Next step: circling bokovinki cover cut out here are blank.

Glued bokovinki cover.

Having measured the width of the trunk cut out the following detail. It will have to be pasted: the bottom, a rear wall and cover. So long you will need to calculate taking into account all these details.

While the glue is still not frozen - I make a cut here.

Here's a little hole to get envelopes.

At this stage our wedding chest for the money looks like.

If you feel that the trunk lid has turned out too heavy and constantly "trying to fall off" when you open it - then before you paste the trunk from inside the glue on one side cover inside a piece of ribbon as in the photo. Try to find the position of the cover in which it is already "back reclines" in this position glue a ribbon. Then you can safely begin to paste inside the trunk.

I felt that my cover "fall off" and so will not be so removed the ribbon and start the same with wallpaper paste inside. If you want to tinker - can be inside and obdelat material - beautifully it turns out, but a little more fuss.

As paste - I think especially not worth it to deepen. Slot for envelopes made later - when the glue dries.

Now cut the cardboard strip (I here about 5 cm in width and length bokovinki = 2/3 width of the front wall width + 2/3 + bokovinki width).

Try on "the inside. As pictured. Carton looks approximately 2 cm above the edge of the chest.

This piece of cardboard I also plastered with the same wallpaper, moreover, so that the "seam" at the bottom appeared.

Until about the middle coat with glue and adhered to the inner wall (walls) sunduchka.Manikyurnymi scissors cut a hole for envelopes.

He pulled out of the "bins" all sorts of things that are associated with the wedding.

Hot glue the gun added doves and hearts. and.

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