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Bright kitchen - 60 photos

More recently, in a fashion minimalism it was that sometimes reached asceticism. Such trends are concerned and kitchens. The forms were simple, geometrically regular, clear and color - monochrome with the rare exception of the bright spots of color. But now started to increase the popularity of bright design. But though we can not agree that in the classic sleek design has a certain nobility and grace.

It has long been observed that color preferences are entirely dependent on the temperament, age and character of the person. However, the finding was that people have about the same cultural and material standard of living close to their coloristic preferences. But in the choice of color and nationality of people of no small importance. For example, for the northern ethnic groups are preferred lighter shades, but the French and Italians prefer the shades, close the Mediterranean style that are reminiscent of fruits, sea and sun.

Bright colors and bold combinations of very organic in modern interiors, including in the kitchen. That is why almost all model series were bright colors - coral, saturated bardovye and glossy finish. bright kitchen in similar shades are unusual, but at the same time they improve mood, induce appetite. Especially liked the orange kitchen.

Do not miss the designers and the blue-blue tones. In combination with white walls contrasting with bright accents, they look great. Relevant contrasting combinations of bright colors with black, white or shades of natural wood.

It has become fashionable in recent years the appearance of complex colors defined by a combination of different colors: purple-blue, yellow-green, rose-beige and others. bright kitchen in these colors - the perfect solution if you are tired of the ordinary. Be assured that this interior you will not get bored!

It is no secret that the color palette is created not only the color of the furniture, it is very important and the background. Many designers are now offering such options kitchen decor with natural colors furniture is combined with bright background. The background can be peach, orange, purple. The main thing is not to overdo it! Remember that furniture should be a neutral color - beige, white, etc.

Changes in the shape of the kitchen help and new technologies, for example, modern paints can make the surface not only glossy but matte. You can choose furniture for the kitchen, for example, purple or orange design, experimenting with the surface.

Original look in one set of the individual elements, made of metal, combined with the natural wood of different species. Such a textured mix combined with a variety of bright color gives the kitchen a modern look.

Also worth noting is that currently much attention is paid surfaces. This imitation leather, and coating imitating openwork lace and much more. Actively began to be used in the interior of the kitchen stone. It was really, thanks to new technologies of cutting and surface treatment. Thus, if you have to repair, think you might want to get away from the traditional kitchen and place in unusual bright colors!

bright kitchen

Most often, the bright interior of the kitchen is used in such styles at home, such as:

In order that would make the kitchen bright and stylish, it is necessary to choose the right shades, it is desirable that they were contrasting.

The basic color decisions in the interior of bright kitchen are:

  • White walls and a red, green, yellow or purple kitchen furniture
  • Light blue walls and red kitchen furniture
  • Yellow kitchen furniture on a background of black walls
  • Light green shade of the walls, combined with orange kitchen furniture

With a choice of colorful kitchen furniture there is no problem, because usually manufacturers produce a lot of bright colors furniture.

What would make the walls and ceiling of the kitchen bright, it is recommended to use ceramic tiles, bright paper wallpaper or decorative plaster.

As only acceptable floor covering tiles, parquet is used in rare cases.

Special attention is paid to lighting. To emphasize the color saturation of the bright kitchen, you need to install the large windows, the curtains should be absent.

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renovated kitchen - a design that will surprise everyone

The kitchen - a field for creativity, where you can create a unique design Repair cuisine seldom without debate and controversy. Especially conflict of generations: the older conservative for repair, and the youth seeks to freshness and novelty in the transformation of the home. If you are agreed on the fact that the fashion ideas and modern design should not ignore the your kitchen, consider the following tips.

Four colors in one space - a rare harmony

Usually the four colors - this is too much. This colorful interior few who can make a convincing and harmonious. But every rule has its exception. In this case, a combination of black, white, red and gray. As you can see, the basic colors are taken, the self-sufficient, strict. And all of these four leaders may coexist in the same design idea.

The white color of the kitchen design underscores the sophistication

The most striking example Let us examine in detail:

  • The central wall with a suite bordered in black, and the edge of one side closes a black kitchen cabinet or a black wall with open shelves.
  • Himself kitchen made in red, horizontal surface - gray gloss, some upper cabinets - glass with gray gloss.
  • Kitchen apron is in the form of white or light-beige glossy brick.
  • Paul Gray, in a tone similar to finishing set.
  • On windows blinds bright.
  • Dining room should not be very bright, as a working wall itself is a bright accent.

Kitchen in dark colors - a very practical option Selection of kitchen colors should be harmonious

The unique design of the kitchen can be created with one main color and blends in well with it additional shades

Repair of such a plan requires costs, but about the ruinous no question: it just need to be carefully selected materials. For example, the floor covering should ideally be a tone with tone color table tops and furniture kitchen units. Let's just say it's complicated design, although laconic, austere, noble.

Bright kitchen design - breaking stereotypes

Somehow widely welcomed the opinion that the kitchen should not be a place of sophistication or glamor, or even some far from the culinary topics. This is reflected in the fact that when someone is going to paint the kitchen walls in a lilac color and put a bright chairs and other household react negatively to such a decision.

Modern repair involves courage, brightness, credibility and no restrictions. In this regard, the kitchen transformed into the most unexpected light.

Examples of the bright design of the project:

  • Orange + White + lime. Juicy, but not overloaded color pressure kitchen is good for families, where there are more women, where there are little girls, or simply for creative people. One wall of dark orange, three others - are covered with a thin white wallpaper with orange print. Light, better white furniture, except for a pair of orange-colored objects (eg chairs). And light green accessories - pillows, vases and lamps. In this space, I want to create, communicate, and cook only tasty and healthy food.

The bright colors in the interior of the kitchen - a stylish modern solution

Red and orange colors stimulate appetite Kitchen in bright color attracts attention

  • Gray + light green + white. A good combination for large kitchens, where owners refuse hanging lockers. Dark gray blank walls act as the main canvas of this picture. Furniture set - green, glossy. Dining table white glossy. White also accessories. Thin, fresh and intelligent - that's what can be said about the interior.
  • Juicy lime + warm beige + dark red. Another bright interior of the kitchen, which makes the room a trendy, dynamic. Repair is to install a kitchen unit, the main color of which - juicy lime. Walls and floors should be warm beige, delicate, light. Dining table - clear glass, and chairs - deep red, glossy, vibrant colors. Lamps better pick in stool color.

The unusual combination of the usual shades and colors can be a stylish solution for any kitchen area

  • White + palette of bright colors. This interior is now the leader in the list of most preferred. The color of the walls, ceiling, floor and furniture is white. But this is the case, when all the accessories decide. And they must be colored, at least three colors are used. For example, black, green and pale pink bar stools. Colored tablecloth or curtain. Colored containers for bulk. Colored watches, colored lamps, colored textiles.

Bright interiors - does not mean aggressive throttling. He can be quiet, thanks to the combination of the base color and the quiet little loud accents.

Kitchen room recaptures its right to claim the brightness and stylish, why not take advantage?

The design of modern cuisine (video)

Kitchen fashion boundaries no one saw photos on the internet, you can light up the ideas of absolute transformation in the kitchen. And it's better than doing everything the old fashioned way, for fear of newness and invigorating brightness. Try new and original, is a room in itself will give you strength and energy.

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