Boxes for storage

Boxes for storage

Often in the house accumulated a lot of small things that need somewhere to place. Typically, cabinets and shelves for this is not enough, because they are all already occupied by a variety of household appliances, or article of clothing. Therefore, we have to find a way out of this situation. For this purpose, suitable boxes for storage of things that you need to either buy or make your own hands.

Even in ancient times, our ancestors used to store various trifles chests, which were decorated and painted. Now, a beautifully decorated box - is not just a stylish accessory, but an object, decorate the interior. What kinds of boxes exist and how to make the subject their own hands?

Kinds of boxes for storage

Boxes differ in shape, size and manufacturing material (cardboard, plastic, vine) and decor. Such one another household items may differ in style. For example, they can be:

  • Vintage - with metallic stripes and stones;
  • Stringent monochromatic upholstered cloth or paper;
  • Romantic, using romantic gadgets for decorating;
  • Glamorous - rings trimmed with rhinestones.

Storage tanks are huge or compact size. The presence of the cover - an optional condition for this interior.

For production of boxes in most cases, use cardboard. It can be colored or monochromatic. So it is advisable to paste over the box and decorate to give it a sophisticated look.

There are standard and corrugated containers for storage. If you intend to store in them heavy and fragile items (crockery and antiques), for this purpose it is better to use corrugated boxes. They are reliable, denser and harder, because made of several layers of corrugated cardboard. In such containers are often stacked valuables, because it is almost not subject to deformation. Standard capacity (as pictured below) - thinner and weaker, so they are best kept light objects.

Wicker box for storage represent baskets or boxes. This handmade objects made of wicker or basket of newspaper tubes. They come in different sizes and colors. These baskets will decorate your apartment and will be the same piece of furniture. They contain fruit and vegetables, trinkets, jewelry, as well as clean or dirty laundry. Another successful and interesting looks set of boxes from the vine. This kit will make a special style to your home decor.

Plastic boxes are mostly used for food storage. They also store seeds, clothes, sewing, knitting tools. They are also called plastic boxes. Environmentally friendly plastic will not harm your health, if it is the subject of food storage. These boxes come in different sizes, with and without cover. Also, in some of them have wheels and handles for ease of use.

Appearance of plastic boxes for example, as in the photo below is impressive bright colors and design. They are delicate and woven, easy to clean and durable in use.

Boxes for toys have a special appearance. They are bright and colorful, they can be painted children's favorite cartoon and book characters, as in the photo below. This box motivates the child to put toys in their own special "house". use safe materials for the manufacture of such containers: cardboard or plastic, so that the child during the game is not injured.

In most cases, when moving or during repairs using cardboard boxes. They pack a variety of things. Depending on what you are going to put in these tanks, they are divided into large, medium and small.

On the strength they also differ. Standard less durable. They better put things easy, and corrugated - stronger. In these boxes, add up the valuable items, which have a heavy weight. They are not damaged, even if you place them one on one. And the precious cargo will not be damaged.

There are boxes in which there is a special hanger for easy travel clothes. This is useful when moving, especially if things badly rumpled.

Tip: when you move pay attention to the width of the doorway. The width of the box must match the width of the opening. For a more narrow apertures choose cardboard object narrower.

things represent storage shelves, including shelves and hangers, and are intended for the storage of various materials and objects. For example, it can be stacked shelves for shoes and clothing or special niches in which are stored the boxes and drawers for storage (as in the photo below).

If you have a lot of things, and your main goal - to increase the space, then this will help you vacuum bags. Due to the tightness of their packaging, things are reduced three times. Such packages will keep things in the integrity for a long time, protect items from moisture and moths.

To preserve the freshness of products use vacuum containers. They allow you to keep the perishables at times longer due to the valves built into the lid. Containers keep fresh taste, aroma and beneficial properties of the products.

Boxes for storing your own hands

Especially valuable are the boxes for storage, hand made. For this purpose, take a ready-made shoe box container of household appliances, or glue it on their own out of cardboard. For registration you will need glue, scissors, a brush and decorative materials. Their selection is great. This may be wrapping paper, fabric, sequins, fringes, ribbons, beads and more.

Recommendation for wrapping paper or cloth is better to use a thin layer of PVA glue, and for bonding decorative elements suitable hot glue.

How you arrange and decorate the container for storage, look at this video master class:

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Keeping things at home: ideas, making their own hands, photos

Even if you are a minimalist, then you will still find quite a number of different things that need to be somewhere and somehow store. This can be done with a creative approach, through which you can not once and for all to restore order in the house. Some ways to organize the order of play is not only a functional role, but also serve as decoration. We offer to find out how to organize the storage of things at home. The ideas in this article, can be realized with the help of purchased or own produced organizers. You can do the same at home, having spent a minimum of time and money.

Keeping things and clothes at home: ideas

Cases, boxes, baskets, boxes - all this can be turned into a storage facility. The same organizers can be used for accurate folding offices, kitchen utensils, toys, clothes, shoes. For the latter case it is especially important to buy a special organizer plastic storage house. his use of the idea lies in the fact that the shoes are not dust, but it is perfectly visible. Also, one such container is able to replace ten boxes. And the view is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Try all the organizers do like each other or made in the same style. This is especially true of those who do not hide behind cabinet doors.

Store underwear, socks, belts and other small things right

When it comes to the organization of storage, then immediately come to mind, organizers of the box with cells. They can be made of different materials and comprise a certain amount of separators. The most common are the fabric organizers that can be folded. Sold are almost all hardware stores. But you can make like organizer of cardboard boxes.

This will require the empty packaging, cardboard and decor: ferrous and non-adhesive paper, wallpaper. Place the box inside the box, where keeping things at home will be organized. arrangement ideas packages depend on their size and proportions of the drawer. Glue all the boxes together. If you do not have ready-made frames, you have two options to solve the problem:

  • To measure the length and width of the box for storage. Based on the size, make the desired number of boxes, the same height.
  • Cardboard make walls that will be inserted into the box. Glue the bottom. Then make cardboard dividers.

Ready organizer okleyte colored paper, paper or self-adhesive inside and outside.

Storage space is ready! It can be used for the organization of underwear, socks, belts, jewelry, scarves, and various accessories and so on. The main thing - you always all be at your fingertips and gently expanded.

Even one person has a few gadgets that you want to separate cables. What can we say about a family of several people, where everyone has to at least one phone and charger to it. And then there are the cables from the cameras, tablets, laptops and computers, headsets, and so on. If everything is stored in different places or in one box, but the slide, you can not talk about the correct storage of things at home.

Ideas with his own hands made the organizer will consider below:

  1. Make a box with cells, as described above.
  2. Make-organizer of the cell. For it is required to take the cardboard cylinders of toilet paper, paper towels, foil, food film or parchment. Highlight a single cable box or boxes. Cut the required number of identical cylinder height. Their value must be less than a centimeter size box or drawer. Number of cylinders depends on how many cables you have. Connect the cells together by double-sided tape or glue gun. Finished cylinders can be painted with spray paint. It remains to insert organizer in a box and fill it carefully twisted cables.

You have a lot of earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry, but you do not know how to organize the storage of things? Ideas for the house might look like this:

  1. Buy a special case, both sides of which there are many pockets. It can be hung in the closet. In such a case there is a place many different jewelry and accessories that will not be confused with each other, and through a transparent pocket you will always be able to immediately find the desired object.
  2. Buy container for tablets for a week. It's such a long, but narrow pencil case in which seven cells. It will be convenient to store small ornaments.
  3. Earrings, studs can be stored on the tape. Simply insert the pairs jewelry and put it in the casket.
  4. Make a box in which to put all of your pair of earrings. To do this, take a nice low box with a lid, felt, glue gun and a pencil. Cut the same size fabric pieces. Wind felt on a pencil into a tube. End of fabric glue. Remove the pencil. Make several of these tubes. Insert the blanks inside the boxes, so that they fit snugly together. The cracks can be stored earrings.

To favorite spices and kitchen accessories were always on hand, try these ideas:

  • Take the same jar and pour the spices in them. Every sign. Caps connect with the shelf with screws. This way you can also save space.
  • For drawers with kitchen accessories, use dividers. Homemade made of cardboard or thin plywood sheets.
  • Use the inner space of the doors of cabinets. For example, hang with screws hooks or baskets for household sponges, packages.
  • Spices can also be stored on a magnetic board. Only in this case, use small jars with metal lids.

Keeping things at home: ideas (photo) Bathroom

The bathroom is always a small place, and I want so much to fit. For this purpose, use little tricks:

  • That everything is under the sink, it was in your mind, use the vertical storage system. To do this, place all hinged containers.
  • Sort your makeup brushes, cotton buds and discs, other necessary detail for different jars. Keep them can be on the shelves or in the cupboard. Jars zadekoriruyte somehow liking, use this paint, decorative ribbon or simply pour into the coffee beans, sand, beads.
  • Above the toilet hang hanging baskets. Depending on the size they can store toilet paper, an extra set of towels, hair dryer and so on.
  • Use different shelves (eg, above the door).

Ergonomic boxes for storage

To available in any home belongings did not destroy the harmony of the interior, get help from drawers to store things.

Often, books, magazines, bedding, clothing, shoes and other belongings haphazardly lying in closets, pantries, the years covered by the dust in the attic waiting in the wings. In order to organize the space, preserving good lessons, facilitate putting in order a variety of boxes for storage may be an ideal option both oversized apartments, and in the vast studio apartments.

containers for storage options

In any hardware store can choose between a wide variety of plastic, metal, wooden boxes, large and small containers for the storage of clothes, plastic toy boxes of different colors and sizes.

Practical option are collapsible fabric box, which is located in the cells of wardrobes and clean as necessary. They are breathable, folded, take up little space, ideal for storing shoes, clothes, various small things.

For the content of the documents efficiently use cardboard boxes with a lid, which is simple enough to make their own hands, decorating them according to taste and interior.

In the context of a child's room drawers for storage are at times salvation for moms. Toys, crayons, diapers, clothes - everything is in place to help teach a child to the organization of the surrounding space.

Simple plastic box that can slide under the bed, perfect for storage of bedding, blankets, pillows, bedspreads.

Depending on the size and material of construction of the storage tank varies its functionality. Large container can be filled with warm blankets, winter clothes and clean on the back shelves in the summer. Many of the same medium size boxes will create a storage system, even in an open cabinet or in a stylish wardrobe. It remains only to sign them to know where everything is.

The passageways office handy metal box, each individual section of which is locked to a key that will allow the employee during the day do not worry about the safety of property. Metal cabinets generally solve the problem of storage is not only clothes, but also the documentation, tools, and other things, and are intended for use in the office, the locker room, in the workplace.

box manufacturer for storage (video)

Separate production of boxes for storage

Standard boxes to organize the accumulated things you can do with your hands from the finished cartons of shoe, home appliances, furniture. Or make a little more effort and get completely unique creation, which will be the unique element of the decor of the room.

Wicker box for storage in the style of Provence is made of the available materials: newspapers, magazines, glue, varnish or stain. First you have to find a board base of suitable size, old unwanted newspapers and magazines. We need to cut off the top of the box lid, and pulled out of the pages of periodicals roll tubes. Minimize must be as thin as possible and denser, which should take knitting needles. Journal sheets tighter fit both for the future pillars of the box and the newspaper - directly for weaving.

Carton is the frame in which it is easier to spin the tube to get the desired shape of the product. If a special strength is not required, the foundation can be removed. But for large mailboxes is better to strengthen the internal walls.

Finished box can be left as is or painted in any color of paint or cover the stain. To further it was possible to wipe the dust, use the product in a humid environment (eg in the bathroom to collect dirty laundry), on top of it should be covered with varnish. The inner surface of the box can be woven cloth or pasted to sheathe the packaging paper.

Woven in the same way, adorned with lace small box for small items will be exquisite gift or element of the interior on the dresser masters.

Organization and keeping things at home (video)

Even simple cardboard boxes, pasted colored paper, trimmed with cloth, decorated in an appropriate style, can become an independent design object.

Fabric for decoration does not necessarily buy - useful for old dresses, shirts, sweater, burlap. A paper can be taken, for example, of the old school atlases and stored in the resulting drawer mementos of travels.

Cut or rolled-up newspaper or magazine sheets prepared in the same manner as for weaving, you can just paste over the box to get the original container for storage.

Standard boxes to organize the accumulated things you can do with your hands

Suitable for decorating a variety of laces, fabric, buttons, beads, beads. A fairly simple option stylish decorations will happen if wind box across the jute rope surface.

Conventional adhesive tape drastically transform carton, turning it into a storage box cute. And if you plan to put a piece of cardboard on the cabinet, the taping of her pieces of wallpaper left over after repairs, will help to bring harmony in the interior: the box is almost merge with the wall and will not be evident.

Design options of storage space, including the hands, a great many. It is necessary to include fantasy and to transform the accumulated debris in a stylish, functional, modern interior.

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I have not even thought about before that constant mess in the room can be caused by a lack of things thought out storage systems, and now will certainly turn to the issue and to make at least a few boxes. The article prompted me to different ideas, especially liked the tips on how to decorate their hands different boxes, which is very useful, given the crisis, because in the store at the price of these things often bite.

Well, I too now every little thing keep in a plastic case. They are simple, easy to use and also equipped with a handle. Of course you can, and to do them, but you need the right skills and the necessary material. In addition, the plastic case is inexpensive, and weighs quite a bit. Plus it can easily hide under the bed or in the closet. And if you break down, simply replace with a new one.

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