Boxes for storage in Leroy Merlin

Lockers and drawers for storage in Leroy Merlin

It refers to the hardware section. Over time, each person accumulates any belongings and wealth, so the question of the organization deposit box is not the last place.

Such a device as a safe, which is a metal box or cupboard with a complex system of locks perfectly cope with this task for more than a decade. Safes, primarily classified by the type of protection:

  • fireproof. Able to withstand temperatures up to 170 degrees Celsius and to protect valuables from fire.
  • Burglar. These safes have two barriers of protection: a complicated lock and a very strong case. Strength of the housing is achieved through the use of high strength steel and composite materials. As for the castle - he usually has a multi-layered defense.

Usually safes used in hotel rooms and built-in furniture - such safes are called in furniture. Office safes designed to store a large volume of documents or large amounts of money. There are also special boxes, such as weapons - their presence is necessary not only to comply with common sense, but is fixed at the legislative level.

For storage of the usual things that are of no great value, regular fit storage boxes. They have no locks and additional protection, but they are very compact and easy to store everyday items.

With regard to the safe, the Leroy Merlin presented such interesting proposals: Furniture safe with key lock 4-liter and costs 1300 rubles, Furniture with electronic lock gray volume of nine liters and costs 1800 rubles per unit, built with key lock gray volume of 10 liters at a price of 3100 rubles, a furniture company Standers model N2 with a key lock of 9 liters of black color at the price of 3100 rubles, built in white with electronic lock 10 liter at a price of 3400 rubles, flame resistant with key lock gray capacity 13 liters at the price of 6700 rubles, a wardrobe weapon for 1 barrel costs 2900 rubles apiece, gun cabinet on 3 barrel costs 3290 rubles.

Good suggestions among the boxes to store: a tray for tools Model Lot-size 164x107x78,5 1 mm at 24 rubles apiece, Cabinet for keys 44 wall-mounted key at the price of 650 rubles, decorative housekeeper model gray Home 8 keys, cabinet balance gray color for the price of 4200 rubles.

Leroy Merlin network creates all conditions for comfortable acquisition of products for construction and repair.

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Wardrobe systems "Leroy Merlin": photos, reviews, price

Every modern man sooner or later faces the need to expand the purchased items on the shelves. Closets, cabinets, chests of drawers, scattered around the house, at the crucial moment disorganize the owner, causing rush in search of the right things. Tedious daily mileage leads to a correct decision on the acquisition of the organizer for the wardrobe. The furniture products galore buyer can get confused.

Favorably with those on the market today, forcing to attract the attention of potential buyers, wardrobe systems, "Leroy Merlin", a variety of options that will appeal to the most discerning consumer.

Organize your space with dressing systems

Having defined the place where to store things, the owner is looking for suitable housing options for designs that will gather in one place trousers, dresses, underwear, hosiery. Considering offers modern design, designed to bring order to the room, the buyers say wardrobe system "Leroy Merlin", where hangers, baskets, racks, designed to fold into neat piles of things, help to keep things in their place.

Blocks competently organize the space, allowing you to arrange all the necessary compact, rational use of every centimeter of space.

Features panel type system

Manufacturers provide several varieties of designs. Each dressing system, "Leroy Merlin", a photo of which can be seen in the company's catalog, is attractive in its own way. Options offered by developers, are selected based on the available space. Some landlords assign an entire room to accommodate the wardrobe items, others can not boast of spacious apartments and assign an angle, wall mount shelf, racks, baskets. Fastening of decorative panels is performed by means of profiles, allowing to fix the surface of the shelf. The metal frame made of aluminum is used as the base. The system includes hangers, shelves and drawers. Modular design eliminates bulky partitions, making it easy to observe the contents of the wardrobe.

This option is suitable for rooms, the interior of which is designed in the style of hi-tech.

Dressing System classic look

Buyers wishing to organize the space, tend to choose the furniture options that are organically fit into the interior of the room. Wardrobe systems "Leroy Merlin" produced in accordance with modern trends and fashion trends. But the followers of the classical style should not despair, after all, worthy copies provided to them. Several cabinets, united in a common structure with the help of cable ties, will join harmoniously into the overall picture. MDF or particle board are used for manufacturing, allowing to save when buying. The consumer can choose the preferred color.

For rooms with a modest footage ideal wardrobe system "Kansas" "Leroy Merlin", reviews of which are positive with customers, because it is compact, convenient and easy to assemble, and the price of 2670 rubles have the liking of any housewife. The estimated height of the bar is 2 m, it is attached laundry baskets. In the embodiment there are three sections with a width of 2.4 m and a depth of 30 cm. Shelves for umbrellas, gloves, caps and hats, hangers for short and long outerwear. The lower tier is used for storing shoes.

Mesh dressing system, "Leroy Merlin"

Among the collection among the proposed designs special attention is given to an embodiment of the cellular organization of the allotted storage space.

Wire shelves and baskets by guides attached to the wall, creating the effect of airiness facilities. On the floor, there is nothing to prevent the cleaning, because the legs are missing. But a kind of "hovering in the air" elements - is not the only feature of the model. It appreciated the convenience of placing shelves and baskets in the sequence, taking into account the characteristics of the premises and wishes of the owners. Dressing system "Leroy Merlin", photos which prompted the company directory, allows, if necessary, remove or move the module without compromising the design. By purchasing model, advanced people can realize their fantasies and demonstrate individuality. Transformation instance attractive and relevant for rooms with a variety of footage, it allows owners to realize ambitious projects.

Component parts dressing system

The owners of such structures to easily plan the placement of the components so that the personal needs of each family member were satisfied. You can buy ready-made wardrobe system "Leroy Merlin" or buy the necessary elements of the master individually. Manufacturers have made sure that, in time, feeling the need, the owners have added the necessary furniture components.

  • Racks of metal, wood, plastic and glass. Buyer orders the right amount and the size of the shelves.
  • Shelf to be ordered separately from the shelves. The material used varied, and the size indicated by the customer. Especially in demand transforming options because of the convenience and broad functionality that are popular.
  • Rods, baskets, drawers and hangers of various sizes, allowing to place the items in wardrobes of every size. The system will be a place to store not only for things, but for the children's toys, tools.
  • Doors with sliding mechanism, in order to save space and blend in with the interior, decorated in any style. Use for the manufacture of wood pulp, plastics, glass, mirror surface. Each of these embodiments is able to bring a touch of originality in the interior.

Advantages of wardrobe systems

Oversaturated market of modern furniture allows the buyer to choose the appropriate options on the budget possibilities. Production of "Leroy Merlin" compares favorably with quality, variability and originality of execution.

Owners wardrobe note:

1. Reliability construction that is durable. Used special steel alloys guarantee a long service life. Latest technology allowed within a single system to apply a variety of materials: metal, wood, plastic and glass.

2. Efficient use of space. A plurality of shelves, baskets allows you to group things and convenient overview saves time searching for necessary accessories.

3. Guaranteed freshness wardrobe items. Excellent ventilation eliminates unpleasant odors.

4. Easy installation structure as a whole and its separate elements. The system is easily transported when moving.

5. Ability to create structures in accordance with their preferences. A variety of elements (baskets, shelves, hangers and shelves) leads to the creation of the owners as the spacious indoor and owners of small-sized housing.

6. Affordable production permit even a modest budget to choose the option. You can buy ready-made design for the price of 2670 rubles, and for when recruiting shelves and accessories to create an original copy. Cost shelves / baskets - from 1192 rubles.

Dressing system "Leroy Merlin": reviews

By purchasing an original organizer, modern residents have a huge selection of companies and models. Not every company is ready to meet the claims of demanding customers. Dressing "Leroy Merlin" system have positive consumer reviews. Wear resistance, durability and value of democratic structures attract buyers. And due to the original incarnation of their owners willing to choose the interior, decorated not only in the classical style, but also in a modern style, minimalism or hi-tech.

What things storage systems are dressing

When purchasing new clothes every season, not all are thinking about where to store the accumulated things. It would seem an ordinary wardrobe is enough for storing blouses, suits, shirts, underwear and accessories. But, as it turns out at one point, disorderly storage leads to chaos in the house. Therefore, sooner or later, there is an idea to create a separate, comfortable dressing room. But it is not enough to allocate space for the organization pantry. It is necessary to purchase a convenient storage system that will allow to spread things on the shelves.

Useful features of storage systems

Modern devices intended for use in storage, make it possible to store wardrobe items in one place in a certain order. Trousers, suits, dresses and underwear, decomposed on the shelves, maintain their appearance much longer than if stored in a heap. Due to the fact that modern hangers and shelves for storage of things, are comfortable designs, each piece wardrobe is stored in its place.

storage items for dressing can be used as follows:

  • In a separate part of the room by placing the structure in the corner of the room and the screen separating the storage area.
  • Do not use the partition by combining the bedroom and dressing room.
  • Arrange the block for storage in whatever part of the room.

Today, many furniture manufacturers are ready to offer convenient units used for storing clothing. For example, storage of things for dressing in Leroy Merlin, are very popular. The reason for this is several advantages possessed by the design data. First of all, it is the durability and wear resistance. With its attractive, elegant appearance, blocks for clothes are sturdy and reliable products. Specialists Leroy Merlin, carefully think through the production of these structures by making them compact and roomy. Applying these products at home, everyone has the ability to efficiently use the available space. Even in a small room, with Leroy Merlin store in the photo systems, we provide comfortable, practical cloakroom. Designs are made of a mesh material, which is perfectly breathable. Due to this, the clothes are not saturated with an unpleasant, musty smell, always remaining fresh and fragrant.

IKEA also offers a wide range of systems for storage. One of the most popular designs is the product Algot pictured. This product is a constructor, which can be supplemented if necessary with new cabinets, shelves and racks. With the increase of the wardrobe, you can expand the storage system IKEA things easily. To do this, just need to buy additional parts and assemble them at home, as a designer. Many buyers designs celebrate the convenience and ease of use. Buying the store system unassembled, everyone will be able to collect the product with your own hands, according to the detailed instructions, which is offered as a set.

Comfortable, durable construction for storage of clothing offered by OBI. By good approach to the process of creating storage systems, these products are multi-functional and compact. Durable material used for manufacturing of products, allows you to create easy baskets, hooks, shelves and shelves of them with their own hands at home, you can collect the necessary storage for easy dressing.

All designs that the customer can find in the store, there are four types:

  • Cellular or mesh.
  • Standard housing.
  • On the basis of the framework.
  • Modular.

The most compact and versatile are mesh devices. Each element of this design is independent of the other, and can be removed to another location, if necessary. Externally, such facilities for dressing look easy, without overloading the space.

Standard hull model in the photo is a stationary structure that will last for decades. For the manufacture of such products used chipboard or MDF, which allows us to lower the cost of the finished device. However, furniture is not subject to global changes.

If it becomes necessary to increase or decrease of any sector, to do so it is unlikely to succeed. The housing systems for dressing, can only dismantle the shelves. For the location of housing wardrobe, you want to select one of the rooms. Therefore, this type of system is not suitable for small apartments.

Very convenient and practical, are frame structures. They consist of vertical profiles which are fixed to the floor and ceiling. To this basis, it is possible to attach shelves, racks and horizontal rack in any user-friendly manner. If you move, a designer can be easily disassembled and transported to a new location.

Modular storage system for things wardrobe, deservedly can be attributed to expensive products. These designs are a special decorative horizontal modules that are attached to the walls. And then each module further set shelves, drawers, racks. The appearance of the wardrobe is stylish and original, which consists in the unity of the absolutely straight lines.

Summarizing, we note that things storage systems for closets come in all kinds. Many hypermarkets, such as OBI, IKEA and others offer a wide selection of designs, allowing their hands at home to build a convenient product for storing different things.

The range blocks, racks, shelves, hangers and bars, enables to create a convenient, compact and capacious dressing. The end result pleased the years, the choice of components, it is important to pay attention to the quality and reliability of the design elements.

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