Boxes for shoes

Shoe cabinets - 60 options

The main secret hallway everything in our day - the number of visible things should be kept to a minimum.

Earlier in the apartments of simple shelves stood at the entrance, now in the hall flaunts flat shoe locker where your shoes are securely hidden from all eyes.

Shoes in modern locker is positioned vertically, which saves space. You can select a wardrobe for shoes with 2-3-4 offices. Bunk shelf for 10-12 pairs - another common configuration "quick wardrobe" for shoes.

Usually they are made of plastic or metal, making them easy to keep clean. You can buy and a miniature cabinet with hinged doors.

Separately, you can say about "uzenkih9quot; Cabinet with hinged doors (opening 45 degrees). This is perfect for a small hallway. When the shoes are arranged on the shelves, it does not lose shape, it does not crumple, not gathering dust. However, according to a cabinet loses roominess traditional shoe thumbs.

Place shoe can be placed under the seat benches, a bedside table or serve as a support for the mirror. But as a rule, on the dirty shoes such furniture is not designed, and therefore in the slush boots will stand at the threshold, and the shelf - empty. It is Europe's sidewalks are clean, and the hostess offers only dust off the shoes, which they came. In Russia, the shoes usually removed at the door.

Therefore, every home should have two special places for boots and shoes. One - at the entrance - is designed for the couple that we're shooting, returned to the streets. Second - for that shoe that is designed for another season. To store dirty shoes fit Duplex Pad with vinyl coating and the pallet which is easily removed and washed. Shoes stand on this dry quickly. Can be purchased and a special cupboard with ventilation and bactericidal lamps.

A good shoe cabinet must necessarily include a compartment for boots, which will provide small hanger with soft pegs. These tops are fixed to a time "prostoya9quot; Boots not hesitated to rise. Shoes with high tops pull on a special pad to keep it from losing shape.

If you want to place the shoes in an armoire, then it should be provided equal to the depth of the shelves about a shoe box. They may be up to the ceiling (if several hundred pairs of shoes), and in several rows at the bottom - under the arms with outerwear. Shoes can be arranged for sliding doors on metal shelves. Retractable stand with holders of more fixed-pads, but it helps to keep the shape of shoes (although high boots are all not be able to put the same).

And, you can can use wire hangers-holders on suckers, which you can attach to any surface. And for dressy women's shoes are good open shelves or racks rotating display cases - fan "shoe treasure" this exhibition will cheer up!

Choosing a stylish shoe cabinet

Pile of shoes near the front door is a common problem in many homes and apartments. To store the entire range of shoes is very difficult to find, especially if you have a large family and a small hallway. And if you're a woman of fashion, which has shoes for every dress, the need for a place to store the shoes even more justified. A great solution to this problem - shoe cabinet, After all, it can be convenient and compact place all kinds of shoes for each family member.

Cabinet for shoes will always be a topical piece of furniture, whether it is a small hallway, a narrow corridor and a large hall. The main rule in the interior design - everything must be in place, including shoes. Choose obuvnitsy or cabinets for shoes depending on the style of your interior, family size and the number of models of shoes. But do not forget to consider how often visitors come to you to place in the shoe closet was enough for everyone.

The most popular models of cabinets for shoes

These shoe cabinets are very comfortable. They are made on the basis of windows, doors only. A big plus models Bona cabinets - it is their large capacity. In these cabinets shoe sole is not deformed and dries well.

If you have a dressing room, the shoe cabinet the boom can be without doors. Reception showcase with a shoe in this case, would be ideal for this.

Wardrobe for Bon shoes

Wardrobe for Bon shoes

Wardrobe for Bon shoes

Wardrobe-slim shoe is very compact and roomy. It is made with folding doors that open to 45 ° or 90 ° depending on the model. cabinet width does not exceed 30 cm, so it is ideal for even the smallest hall.

The slim-cabinet shoes are not dust and compactly housed. But it should be noted that the shoe put in Sliema only the dried and clean, otherwise the other pair of shoes, and he cabinet, will be contaminated. Therefore, without drying or open shelves for shoes you can not do.

timber generally used for the manufacture of chipboard or slim-cabinets. Their colors are very diverse, so you can easily pick up a variant of the shoe cabinet that fits in any interior hallway.

Slim cabinet for shoes

Slim cabinet for shoes

Slim cabinet for shoes

The most popular today is considered closet for shoes. Modern, aesthetic form, a variety of design solutions make it possible to perfectly equip the space of the hall, hallway or corridor. This shoe rack is practically no different from an ordinary closet, only instead of sections for clothes built shelves for shoes that can be fixed and withdrawable. Shelves for shoes can be as long as necessary, but at the same time, in the shoe closet-compartment can be stored and other things - boxes of a shoe, means for footwear, handbags and other accessories.

There are also combined closets. This option is very original and quite practical. On the one hand it is convenient to store shoes, and in the second half - the clothes and hats.

Wardrobe for shoes

Wardrobe for shoes

Wardrobe for shoes

Wardrobe for shoes

Furniture manufacturers are now offering a lot of options mirror cabinet for shoes. Such a closet will become an indispensable attribute of the furniture, if you do not have a dressing table or dressing room with mirror. In addition, the mirror surface is always visually enlarge the space and make the interior design lighter and more comfortable.

If you store your shoes in the dressing room, it would be appropriate to put there is not even a wardrobe, and some original shelves for shoes that will complement the stylish interior dressing.

Obuvnitsa hallway

Shelf for shoes photo

Cabinet for shoes photo

Shoe rack open

Shoe rack open

Unusual shoe cabinet

Wardrobe-cupboard for shoes usually of small size and is designed for seasonal shoes. The doors are hinged in such a cabinet, and the shelves 2-3 shoe placed inside. Almost always pedestals for shoes are sold together with a headset, wardrobes, dressing table or hangers, and can be performed in a padded stools with padded seat, or tables, which you can put perfume, cosmetics and decorative elements - a vase with flowers, framed photographs, decorative seashells, ekibany of wild flowers and ears, very often used in the design of the interior of the autumn, and much more.

Wardrobe-cupboard for shoes

Wardrobe-cupboard for shoes

Wardrobe-cupboard for shoes

Wardrobe-cupboard for shoes

The easiest option of furniture for shoe storage - cupboard Shoe cabinet (or kaloshnitsa). This option is perfect for storage and drying of casual shoes. It is an open rack with shelves that can stand in the hallway or corridor, if you it will be used as a drying rack for shoes, there is no better place than the balcony, or loggia, you will not find. Shoe cabinet - it is an excellent alternative to the shoe cabinet for small apartments.

Wardrobe Shoe cabinet Shoe

Shoe cabinet Shoe

Shoe box - is not only an essential element of furniture, but also part of the interior. To decorate and decorate shoe cabinets using thread, woven composition of rattan and bamboo, mirror, glass, fabric inserts, decorative stickers. A variety of models of shoe cabinets and interesting design solutions can help you create a unique and harmonious interior hallway.

Obuvnitsa: for everyday shoes content, drying and long term storage of shoes

Count of Monte Cristo missing 12 pairs of shoes for all occasions. Sir Henry Baskerville in the summer costing 2 pairs of shoes, one half also stolen. Today, 20 pairs of shoes in the family is not uncommon, but the apartment or house - not Baskerville Hall or a fairy-tale palace. Quality footwear is expensive, and the budget in order to justify themselves, must move away at least a season. In connection with this idea of ​​manufacturing obuvnitsy own hands is of particular relevance.

The very concept of "obuvnitsa" appeared relatively recently to describe complex providing orderly storage of shoes out of season and the proper maintenance of footwear worn on a daily basis. The latter, as is known, depends largely on longevity and durability of the shoe. However, for things underclothes accessories limiting trade markups do not apply, and for a simple shoe locker that artisan man is quite able to make their own hands, traders want to 5000 rubles. and more, although the materials for it at retail, you can meet in 1500-2000 and less. How? The fact is this article.

Drawings shoe shelves from plywood

Traditional, the easiest and cheapest variant containers conventional wisdom of shoes in the hallway - 2-row floor regiment of 6-10 mm plywood; see drawings. Fig. on right. On the projecting portion put shoes with high tops or bertsami (Cord tops with languages). All this shoe shelf is good, except for one: 10 pairs will have to pay almost 0.5 square meters. m living space. And what's worse, 400 mm wide - the minimum possible for such a performance. And if the whole hallway width 1.25 m? Therefore, the main trend of modern design obuvnits - compactness by pulling in height and the use of simple mechanisms.

Note: depending on the space available simple shelf can be performed for shoes and other methods, see. eg. track. video.

Shelf for shoes with his hands, making (video)

The main module compact obuvnitsy - storer shoes out of season (key 1 on the photo.) With compartments for high-top shoe without and with tops / bertsami. First make the usual 3 (spring, summer, autumn), and the high one, but living in the country need 4 low and 2 high office; "Extra" to accommodate work boots. They do not interfere in the city, for children's shoes.

Complemented obuvnitsa in the hallway, if there is enough space, a bench or benches for the convenience obuvaniya / razuvaniya. Under the seat is advisable to make openwork shelves for drying shoes (Pos. 2), but generally dry shoes, especially suburban residents, it is better in a separate dryer. See below.

pouf drawings into the hall with facilities for the care of footwear

If the place very very little, instead of benches can do pouf. Under his seat at the owner's single shoes can fit out of season (Pos. 3), but the conditions of its storage in this case is not entirely favorable. It is better to keep pufe accessories Shoe care (see the drawing. Fig. On the right), and the stock of shoes to put in a separate organizer. See below. If it is now unnecessary shoes will still pufe in his box for ventilation should be provided with holes in the floor and under the seat need to cut air holes.

Seat width and pouf usual bench approx. 400 mm. In a narrow hallway with them on passage is less than the required ergonomics, and even a hanger with clothes immediately. Therefore now become so popular. Called. Flap obuvnitsy (key 4). shoes are stored in an upright position on the shelves folding trays, mounted between the sector turning sidewalls - petals. Make obuvnitsu daisy type may width 250-260 mm sit enough and hallway width of 1.25 m is extending approx. 1 m, which is acceptable. In addition, Radar obuvnitsa provides good ventilation of content both in closed and in open trays. And if you tilt the tray, then it dries shoes better than on the shelves under the bench.

Thanks to the compactness and large capacity flap obuvnitsy are often combined in one-piece with other pieces of furniture for the hallway. Common option - a bedside table in the hallway with obuvnitsey, pos. 5. When the size in terms of (600-800) x (250-270) mm, it accommodates the conventional footwear small family. When plenty space (approx. 1,1h0,4 m in plan) monoblock complementary seat (pos. 6).

Razgorazhivanie round shoe racks

If in the hallway there is a restless corner or niche (which is not uncommon in older homes), it is convenient to store shoes in obuvnitse carousel, pos. 7. Separation of contents, 4th seasonal a rotary obuvnitse obtained in the most natural way. For storage winter shoes (boots tibia) shelf partition oneself off asymmetrically, see. Fig. on right.

Note: sufficiently large angle in the hallway deserves more than vault shoe. . For example, see another video -. In the hall equipped with a corner cabinet with shoe compartment.

Wardrobe with shoe with your hands (video)

Materials and compounds

Properly dried shoes (more on footwear and drying kilns for it, see. In the end) in a well-ventilated storage can be placed for storage immediately. In this case obuvnitsa may be made of chipboard of 12 mm thickness; on the face you can order a more expensive, but also more spectacular MDF. Chipboard for obuvnitsy need to take the middle class at the expiration of phenolic compounds (E1 or E2). "Baby" class chipboard E0 expensive and fragile, and the lower classes cheap E3 and E4 exude too much phenolic resin fumes. For shoe leather, synthetics and adhesives they are harmful no less than for us. For the same reason for obuvnitsy unsuitable OSB - a building material of construction, exhaling excess phenol during construction.

Note: obuvnitsy of metal and plastic make only open freely ventilated. The reason - if the chipboard at least a little, but the breathing to the beat of the shoe, the metal and plastic does not breathe at all.

As regards details obuvnitsy compounds, they may be any in upholstery:. Shkantah on, SCREW, bracket / cover plates in the spike, a whisker, a furniture stapler staples, etc. In general, able, and collect. On moving flap compounds obuvnits cm. Below.


Obuvnitsy with folding trays on the petals of the most perfect, so that with them and begin. Most, at first glance, complicated (and expensive when buying a kit available) parts - side lobes - you can make your own hands from sheet metal or hard plastic with a thickness of 4 mm. It is also possible to saw the pitch of plywood 6 mm thick, followed by soaking twice with dilute twice acrylic lacquer on a water basis. Impregnation necessary in this case to increase the stiffness of the part. The varnish is diluted with distilled (!) Water.

Drawings petal obuvnitsy are shown in Fig. below. Each tray 2 longline (spring-summer-autumn and home). For high shoes need to add safe, because shoes with tops and bertsami trays will not fit; this is perhaps the only drawback petal obuvnits. One section of the overall height H of 300 mm taken. The upper and lower clearances between the tray cover and a front panel obuvnitsy need not less than 6 mm for ventilation. With the same purpose karman- "sinus" above the top of the tray must also be ventilated. For this purpose, the top of the rear wall of fiberboard make a series of holes with a diameter of 40 mm or left slit. In t. And the middle shelf (marked by the red arrow) set the ball retainers or removable pins, so you can adjust the position of the middle shelf according to content.

obuvnitsy drawings in the hallway

An apparatus of this type and dimensions of storage trays for shoes in a wall niche depth of only 200 mm at the given track. Fig. The peculiarity of this construction - socket pivot joints (see below.) Made simply in the form of holes in the brackets of angle steel, mounted inside the casing on the front niche. They also attached clamps and tilting when the side walls to far niches. In this design the front cover of the tray can be arbitrarily high, so that this option is possible to perform a radar obuvnitsy and high shoes. One condition - the front paneling niche should be strong enough, not fragile. Plasterboard, eg., In this case not necessary.

Apparatus obuvnitsy niche

Note: both with their own hands is going to narrow cupboard for shoes, see. masterclass below.

Cupboard for shoes with his hands (video)

The spade, and some other obuvnitsah (. See below) with hinged doors there is another, seemingly catchy assembly - the hinge. It seems to be nothing, but to buy, but it is still possible and to make their own hands. We need only segments of thin-walled seamless pipe, brass better - chunks of buildings ballpoint pens, connectors tribes of old spinning rods, etc. Perfect cases some varieties of Cuban cigars, but their prices are now - not the night be said. A proper procedure for the manufacture of home-made hinge folding tray obuvnitsy follows:

  • We cut off part of the tube length equal to the depth of the socket joint. Usually - 1 / 2-2 / 3 the thickness of the side wall obuvnitsy, but not less than 10 mm. The walls of the nest should be more than 5-6 mm. This will be the cage nest, they need 2 for each hinge ..
  • A scraper (scraping, reamer), the same as used, for example, when mounting / dismounting pipelines conditioners, remove the chamfer on the inside yokes 0.25-0.35 mm.
  • To select yokes round head bolts with a diameter to fit within a holder with a gap of 0.5 mm. Burrs on the bolt head (if there is a direct slot) remove the needle files. Sandpaper, if necessary, you can adjust the head to the cage.
  • Nasverlivaem Forstner drill holes under the yoke; drill is desirable to take such a diameter (or pick up tube yokes) to the cage included in the hole tightly.
  • Molded with the cage in the well. If the admission is free, can be any glue mounting glue for metal.
  • Put the screws acc. petals holes, tighten the nuts and lock washers - hinges to assemble ready.

Shoes, which are long, are preferably stored in a stable favorable microclimate (cm. Above). Also cabinet or closet for shoes out of season in another room needed if the hall is not enough space. Actually, for a long time do not wear shoes in the hallway to keep undesirable, particularly in a private home, where through the wide-open front door can breathe cold or pull dampness.

Open shelving scheme for long-term storage of shoes and more compact shoe cabinets with hinged doors are shown in Fig. top and bottom, respectively. The rack provides optimal conditions of long-term storage of up to 30 or more pairs of shoes, but by itself requires approx. 0.6 sq. m square. With a minimum ergonomics for this rack needs a dressing room of 6 square meters. m. The back wall in the rack there, it is attached to a steel wall brackets and screws 6h70 in the plastic anchors. Material shelves and walls - a board or chipboard 20 mm and 30x30 mm beam. Shelves for better ventilation, steel mesh on wooden frames.

Blueprints and rack shelves for storage of shoes

Note: This versatile rack. High and low sections may be added thereto for width and height, without limitation, as long as the place Havtan. Through the dispersal of the wall mounts for the rack may be small, eg. partition of foam or concrete blocks.

Shoe cupboard compact and placed in the aisle width of 1.5 m length pedestals -. 2 m shelves of the same design as in before.. the case; are attached to the sidewalls shkantami, corners in milled grooves or conventional Shelf. The rear wall vented, as at petal obuvnitsy (cm. Above). Variant vented almost like a rack - curbstone, without back wall with a gap between the pedestal and the wall of 40 mm (width on the floor baseboards). Then the assembly pedestals scheme bottom right. Lining the back - the same board as the shelves with partitions.

And what if there is not really anywhere for a shoe closet space? In this case rescue organizer for long-term storage is not currently worn shoes. However, in furniture stores you will most likely be offered a special shoe closet organizer (pos. 1 in Fig.), Which will take, with wide open doors, anywhere from 2 square meters. m. But in the haberdashery and clothing stores can be found much cheaper shoe organizer, bag fabric, pos. 2, is placed under the bed. In addition, the shoes in it breathes freely.

Organizers for shoes

But the organizer, you can not buy a bag, if there are a sufficient number of shoe boxes. They are simply glued together, pos. 3. Shine breathe in that the organizer does not at all difficult, and it is easier to push into the niche podkrovatnogo box. Soft-trunk organizer then often stuck.

Obuvnitsu organizer of cardboard may also be glued together, for example. to the country, pos. 4. fiction designed, it can be quite on the spot and in the apartment, if in the hallway there is a suitable niche item. 5. Then obuvnitsu of cardboard nische should be placed in the thrust to the side niches stiffens the entire article. For the same reason the carton blanks 2-3 times on both sides is impregnated with the water-diluted polymeric emulsion or water 2-3 times PVA.

Wet shoes to dry before you put in obuvnitsu or storage. But - do not buy a home Electric driers for shoes (see fig.).! Their purpose - fast drying work shoes in travel, field or field conditions when it is necessary to replace the spade, or, say, to go on measuring the minute, and the cost of work shoes in advance is entered in the budget, or operational expenditure.

Casual shoes to dry on the inside can not be, or even doroguschih branded products can before the expiration of the warranty period to crack the top or peel off the sole. Experts in retail stores in such cases immediately determined - sorry, non-warranty case. Here you go - guidance with pictures. You do so they were dried as it is written here?

Everyday shoes need to dry or in a tilted position of the toes down (pos. 1 in figure below), or better, on the weight (but not for laces or pins / paws!) Pos. 2 and 3, or, better yet, from the soles, pos. 4. Stylish dryer organizer for shoes on pos. 2 technology is not too difficult if you know how to deal with sheet plastic or stainless steel.

How to dry everyday shoes

However, the most effective absorption dryer on pos. 4: completely wet boots it dry for 2-4 hours at room temperature! As you know, the faster the drying soaked shoes without additional heating, the longer it is used.

The secret of the absorption drying shoes - in stone and filling accuracy: before putting shoes on the drying, it is necessary to wash. Crushed need for an absorption dryer dolomite or the like. Of a sufficiently strong and chemically active small stone with its own water absorption more. Activated charcoal (not pharmaceutical tablets!) Or silica gel dried shoes even faster, but they themselves are not dry then easier than to restore the old coal box mask. Best as filling in an absorption dryer for shoes - seashell or sea rounded pebbles. The service life of winter shoes and work shoes, if the entire season, in addition to the use of time, to keep on a filling, almost doubled.

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