Box of vegetables on the balcony with his hands

Cellar, oven and storage on the balcony with his hands

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As a rule, every apartment is not enough space to accommodate all his plans. Therefore, many people use as an additional section to store its loggias and balconies. You can make here the various shelves, cabinets, cabinet, here to remove some things. Erecting a special box, you'll add here vegetables, home-made. In this loggia will not only additional storage space, but also an excellent recreation area.

How to make the balcony cellar?

When the device of the vegetable storage space you need to follow some guidelines:

  1. The temperature in this makeshift cellar should be 1 + ... + 5 ° C, at a humidity of 85-90%. Then the vegetables will not dry out and do not rot.

Storage of vegetables on the balcony can be carried out in four types of containers in the cellar:

The last device will make a full cellar in the basement, which will fit a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as canned food.

Left - the box itself, the right shows how to do the heating system, if you want to keep the vegetables on the balcony, even in extreme cold.

This device will be built. So first you need to end the balcony, where you will install the box, attach the sticks in the form of a rectangle on the floor, and the top will be at the height of the cellar.

If you're not going to store fruits and vegetables here in the freezing cold, then you can make a simple ventilation system. To do this, tamp the floor boards are not right next to each other, and with a little distance.

board or top bars should be more impressive than on the sides, to make the frame to which you want to attach the hinges and cover.

Attach the handle on the cover so that you can easily open a balcony cellar.

Then you need to put together another box, which is freely placed inside first. Its walls are thinner, so the box can be made of chipboard, plywood or cardboard boxes. The cover also need to insulate.

It can be attached to the inside walls of the box and the lid foil insulation, which in the heat will cool the vegetables, and in cold weather to protect them from hypothermia.

Paint the outside of the box stain. To transform one another and a cozy sofa, takes up little space:

  1. Put it on the top cover sheet of foam and fabric to make it slightly beyond the ends. With the help of the furniture stapler attach these materials to the wooden surface of the lid.

Some craftsmen are building a brick base, to make a reliable storage of vegetables on the balcony. Inside, it is also insulated, so you can leave here all winter vegetables.

How to make an oven heated?

As you can see, between the body and the box you want to arrange an air gap, as well as to lay the insulation. Below is a heater, which will support necessary for fruit and vegetables temperature. You can buy a thermostat or a thermometer to establish here, to maintain the desired climate, based on its performance.

See chart, which will help create a warmed cellar on the balcony.

As you can see, the drilled hole is inserted a thermometer to see the temperatures inside the box. Driving apparatus heating system is also shown here.

  1. This cellar also consists of the outer box, but of two internal masters from which veneer sheets. They put inside so that between the outer walls and the floor duct was 5 cm gap.

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How to build a store on the 1st floor?

To do this, dig a cellar, to extend the wall of the balcony down.

After that you need to stock the necessary materials. To make a cellar on the ground floor, you will need:

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Dig a trench under the balcony. The height of this recess must be such that in the future the cellar you could stand up. Width is the same as the balcony slab.

Look at the cellar of an apparatus under the balcony, which is useful to you.

After the concrete is completely dry both inside and outside, you have done a full vegetable store for the family.

Other designs with their own hands

Such container has a rigid housing, embedded thermostat, which maintains the desired temperature inside the container. There are ventilation, it will not allow moisture. Heating Cabinets are available like different volume, you can pick them up for a big or a small balcony, for a family of different sizes.

It seems that this is a common synthetic bag, but it is not. For such a vegetable store in miniature using waterproof fabric and insulation. The matter embedded electrodes, which, being heated, the temperature is increased to the desired, giving vegetables freeze during cold weather.

  1. To make such a closet on the balcony of a food storage, you need to knock down a wooden box from a bar. Middle also attaches a reliable timber.

You can build, and another mini-cellar for the balcony.

  1. Its width is equal to the width of the loggia. Put two boards vertically parallel to each other, two more post horizontally collect box by means of screws.

Such devices allow you to store vegetables, fruits, all kinds of home-made on the balcony. Subject to the correct mode, these products will not deteriorate for a long time. Purchase them once, you will permanently save yourself from the need to go to the store for fruit and vegetables. If you grow them in the garden, then solve the problem with their warehousing.

For this you will need:

  • two wooden bar section 5 cm;

  1. Cut off from each long rail on one small, these elements will become the upper and lower beams of a wooden box of the bars.

Such a canvas bag you can use for other ideas. You will also need:

Sew burlap bag with a sealable top. The edges of the can is trimmed with lace. Place the resulting product in the selected box pour down a little sawdust, place a layer of the dried carrots. That's right, sandwiching it with wood chips, refill the container. A great idea that will help the carrot does not rot and does not fade for a long time.

Convenient storage boxes of vegetables derived from wood. The principle of creating another device, which consists of three sections, is visible on the next picture.

If you are interested in this topic, but still have questions for them to answer the following videos. The first describes the principles of the oven unit.

Storage of vegetables in the winter on the balcony: cellar, box oven

Despite the fact that in winter there are some difficulties in terms of conservation of some products, the correct approach, you have the right number of options to deal with potential problems. Warm storage boxes of vegetables on the balcony of the apartments have long been widespread among our fellow citizens.

Traditions of storing potatoes and other fruits and vegetables (apples, carrots, beets), and jam jars with sauerkraut and other conservation at home we have - a very long time. Our grandparents had done so every year since then, as far as volume stocks managed to collect for the winter, determined in many ways, if not the survival, then at least, the power level. Today - very different times, and most of the products available in supermarkets. Nevertheless, the tradition of creating unique homemade "vegetable store" will not go away, though, and has become much less popular than before.

Today, most people live in apartments, not in the village houses as before. Accordingly, the storage conditions today - much more constrained when compared with those who were in the barns in the village. Options are not many, and one of the most common is a cellar for storage of vegetables on the balcony.

Reasons many people love to create reserves - very different. Here are some of them:

  • Confidence that grown on beds their own country - a lot better in terms of purity and ecology.
  • Lower cost of vegetables that can be bought at the farmers market in the fall, but not to go every once in a local supermarket.
  • Someone have friends or relatives in the villages or having your own vacation / holiday home which periodically "supply" the gifts of nature: potatoes, cabbage, beets, peppers, seaming and so on. All this must be stored somewhere.

Most balconies and loggias in multi-storey buildings are not heated. So you have to find a way out of their situation, creating a robust "refrigerators" that will help keep the harvest, preventing freezing in the cold and ensuring the proper storage temperature. However, in addition, the actual temperature and the design of the cold box on the balcony of the cold, you should consider many other things.

Here are a number of conditions that are necessary for the successful preservation of the contents of the subsequent:

  • In order to store winter vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cabbage and more), they should be collected properly. Should be collected in dry weather.
  • After that, the harvest should lie down in a dry place.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • It is important to sort of external damage and damaged items. Otherwise, all your efforts to create a box for the potatoes on the balcony can be futile: this crop is simply lost.

Tip! In any case, the storage should be provided with high-quality ventilation: access and air circulation will prolong the "lifetime" of the crop.

By the way, there is another important condition. This is to ensure the proper level of humidity, which must be small, not exceeding 50%.

By design, all such systems are divided into 2 main types:

  1. Flexible Heating Cabinets for storage of vegetables. They vaguely resemble the great warm bag, made on the basis of the textile. Termomeshka obvious advantage is that at the end of the winter season it can be folded, thus saving a lot of space.
  2. Insulated boxes, which constitute a solid structure made of a particular material. Most often used timber (board, plywood, OSB plates, etc.).

Cache from the old refrigerator

In addition, various places are classified depending on the material from which they are made (wooden, waterproof durable fabric, plastic, with a metal frame), as well as the fact whether there is for such a heating storage or not. The volume they can also be different, sometimes they are different shelf position (horizontal or vertical).

On a note! For additional convenience and use of free space from the top of such containers have been made by Winter bench and sometimes - even a small sofa, a summer which serve as benches where to sit and rest.

As for the structures without additional electric heating, it is best to use them in places where there is no direct contact with the frosty air. In other words, we are talking about porches, common corridors, glazed balconies and so on. Although, in some enclosed balconies it is better to install a heated warm box, preferably equipped with a thermostat. Thanks to the latter, you have the opportunity to adjust the temperature of the air inside. Range can vary, for example, from 0 to 10 degrees, depending on which products you are going to store there. The level of consumption of electricity from them, respectively, will also be different. In any case, it will be more reliable, the vegetables in this Lara does not freeze, and banks with sauerkraut or pickled mushrooms - do not burst from the cold.

Keep the vegetables on a balcony in the winter it is possible and in a flexible container which is vaguely reminiscent of a large bag or backpack. Such designs are very practical, since, as already mentioned, they can be removed or temporarily transferred if necessary. Some models are equipped with a heating thermostat. On the other hand, you can make a box of vegetables on the balcony with his own hands, which is not true of soft bags made which, in most cases, carried out the industrial way. These things are usually better to buy in the store than to do yourself. With all the practicality of the bag, thermos not be done ottoman, sofa or seat. So, all types of structures have their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone chooses their own, based on their conditions and requirements.

As to what temperature can withstand similar designs. It all depends on a number of criteria, including how a vegetable insulated cabinet, whether it has additional insulation, if the balcony is open or closed, and so on. In any case, it is better not to store products at a temperature of -30C or below. Incidentally, this same recommendation applies to the insulation, since the excessively warm weather, potatoes and other vegetables may be subject to damage. Desirably, the cellar walls are thin and do not perform the function of the isotherm and at positive temperatures.

you can make a box for potatoes on the balcony with his own hands, without ordering it from outside experts if desired. The simplest design is not equipped with heating and power. Before proceeding to more detailed step by step instructions, it is necessary in general to consider the main recommendations relating to the manufacture, installation and site selection.

In those cases, when you are a proud owner of a fairly spacious balcony or loggia, and if you plan to store vegetables every winter, it makes sense to think about creating a lasting stationary cellar, which will be able to last for several years.

Recommendation! In some cases, you can use the materials at hand, as well as remnants of boards or plywood, which are around at the cottage or in the garage.

Care should be taken to potatoes (or other vegetables) does not come into contact with the brick, concrete and other similar materials, as this may cause decomposition and, consequently, spoilage. To this end and side surfaces, and the "floor" of the winter storage box must be trimmed with other materials. Best of all, if it is wood.

In those cases, when it comes about Khrushchev or other similar accommodations with balcony a small area, you can make a container with vertical load. The cover, thus, can be further warmed, since it is through the greatest heat loss can occur over. Alternatively, it can be finished from inside the foil, or just cover the lid with any material, such as a blanket, a blanket, old jacket and so on.

As we can see, options for making a box for storing potatoes in the winter on the balcony with his hands - a lot. Focus on one of them, which may be the most versatile and go for almost any apartment. So, we list the main stages of self-production:

  1. The first step is carefully measure the space your balcony. This will help understand exactly what you have options and to make sure that there can be prepared a certain structure of the sample and sizes.
  2. Try to plan everything so that the depth of your cellar does not exceed 0.7 meters. Otherwise (in the vertical loading), vegetable extract or cans therefrom will solve seaming. Especially - from the very bottom. Capacity, in any case, must be "content" it is enough for a decent volume.
  3. Prepare the boards for the chassis, as well as plywood, chipboard or MPS for cladding walls future. According to avoid the emergence and spread of mold and mildew in the future, cover them with varnish or a special compound. After drying in the ground to mark their cut.
  4. Total, you should have 4 rack that will determine the height of the drawer, as well as 12 horizontal (2 on each surface, including on the cover).
  5. When nails or screws are building frames carrying both the container and the lid, which will cover it.
  6. Then take a sheet material which is prepared you assume that this plywood, and cut out of it to the surface 2 of each face of the structure: cap, main and side walls, as well as of the day. Inner sheets, thus, must be less than 100 mm. in each plane.
  7. Cut out of the insulation (Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene) panels for the lid 6, bottom, front and rear walls, respectively. Alternatively, the stone can be used (mineral) wool. Desirably, thus that mineral wool is sufficiently dense. Secure all obsheyte skeleton sheets of plywood. Then fabricate the lid following the same technology.
  8. Loop can be used for fastening the lid. On the other hand, it is assumed that it was just rented.
  9. Finally, from the outside can be treated received a warm box with a special varnish. It will help keep the wood from atmospheric moisture.

So he prepared a locker. It should be noted that the final assembly of the whole structure is better to produce already on the balcony. Otherwise, it may happen that it simply will not fit into the balcony door or window.

Proper storage of vegetables on the balcony in the winter assumes the presence of a good microclimate. First, you can make small holes, or periodically open cellar. Secondly, it is possible to make a simple "heating" system. Doing next to cover the small slot, you can, if necessary (eg in case of a sharp drop in temperature in the street) put to incandescent bulbs, so-called "portability". One Moina lamp, for example, 100 watts, will be sufficient to provide extra heating inside. Start it on the balcony, you can use the ordinary extension. The switch must be installed inside the apartment, so you did not need each time to go on a cold balcony or loggia.

Tip! Alternatively, you can use the old non-working refrigerator. Even in this state it has good insulating properties. Besides, he already has a working door. You can also apply a converted old furniture or packaging of a dense foam.

You just turn on the light, nothing more. The design - a very simple, but at the same time, it is quite effective. Even one bulb is enough to ensure that the vegetables are frozen inside the box. Besides, you can not turn on a light bulb on a permanent basis. Let it run for a few hours and then you can disable it. It is possible to include, in particular, and at night, when the outside temperature drops significantly.

Large "box" can be divided into sections

Consumption of electricity, provided that the light will shine (and thus heat the interior space of the balcony box) changeably not exceed reasonable limits. But you'll know for sure that all those in this oven vegetables, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, peppers, beets and others, will be, firstly, dry, and, secondly, they do not freeze. If the consumption of electricity does not bother you, then there is an option instead of (or both) with an incandescent lamp and use a regular hair dryer. Its plus is that it heats much stronger and pumps hot air much faster. In addition, it can also be controlled remotely from the room.

It is important to understand! When using lights or electrical appliances should be with special attention to security issues.

To provide additional thermal insulation in the case of particularly severe frosts can make an additional thermal insulation, encased balcony "cellar" with blankets or heavy clothing. Yes, and it should not be put on the cold concrete balcony slab, and on a sheet of chipboard thick, dense foam and other similar surfaces. Alternatively, it is possible to install a thermometer with a sensor located inside the language. This way you will control the internal temperature. These are interesting, but at the same time, simple ideas, everyone can use. The main thing - be smart and not afraid to solve tasks. All this will help to keep your harvest until spring safe and secure.

Photo examples of what may be the drawer fridge for vegetables on the balcony. Click to view larger image:

Most people who give birth to the cottage itself, is well aware that it must be not only a place to work and the cultivation of the crop, but the most corners where you can relax from the busy city and enjoy the beautiful views of nature and the land.

Wild animals and birds that live in nature, can not rely on the fact that in winter it someone will help them as exactly how their domesticated "brethren."

Each of us loves the beautifully decorated interior. This commitment is particularly in demand in the cases where the interior design solutions affect the good mood and joy for our loved ones.

Every conscientious owner must take care of the comfort of their pets, guided by the famous quote from "The Little Prince": "We are responsible for those who have tamed."

Sooner or later, before most of us are faced with the task of buying new furniture, including chairs. At the same time, it does not always make sense to buy new furniture to a sufficiently high price, because we can restore the old chairs.

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Make a box for storing vegetables in the winter on the balcony

City apartments are not well suited for the storage of crops, so for this purpose usually use balconies or loggias, arranging vegetable store on the balcony with his hands.

To equip the place for storage of agricultural products is permitted in the open and insulated balcony, but the design requirements imposed various vegetable store. Warm chest for storage of vegetables may have different sizes - small box under a sack of potatoes or a bulk storage container vegetables on the balcony.

Storage boxes of vegetables on the balcony must meet the following requirements:

  • Warming - to ensure the preservation of vegetables during the winter, it is best to make Thermobox for storage of vegetables, which maintains an optimum temperature. In the small vegetable boxes, mounted on insulated balcony or balconies, heating the interior space provided by incandescent lamps. Bulk containers manages insulate another way in which the thermostat is set is required to adjust the temperature.
  • Dimensions - vegetable drawer on the balcony can be made any size, it all depends on the presence of the free area.
  • Environmental security - it is important to choose materials for the production of vegetable stores, which meet the hygiene requirements do not cause health problems, do not contain toxic substances. Best suited for this purpose, natural wood.
  • External insulation - cabinet for storage of vegetables can be warm on the outer surface, during this operation, a high effect can be achieved. Box for fruit on the balcony can be concealed foam, mineral wool, old blankets and other insulated materials.
  • Protection against moisture - on top of the box should be insulated to protect the film from moisture. Storage of vegetables in the winter on the balcony is not possible without ventilation warehouse, so it is necessary to provide a plurality of openings for ventilation.

Answering the question of how to store vegetables in the balcony right, it is worth noting that there are two possible options:

  • The use of industrial boxes with thermostats.
  • The device is self-made boxes for winter storage vegetables with your hands.

Termolar securely save your crop during the winter

Insulated chest, manufactured industrially, it copes with the task to preserve vegetables in the winter. Balcony and loggia are ideal for the installation of such a facility.

Even on non-insulated box is saved in the balconies above-zero temperature with strong frosts. Thermobox are insulated layer, moisture barrier, they are equipped with thermostats and decorated in different styles.

Temperature regulators for the cellar on the balcony contribute to creating a comfortable temperature in the vault, in which vegetables are stored fresh for a long time without any development on the fruit frostbitten areas or rot.

The shape and size of the vegetable stores for balconies are provided in accordance with the width of the balcony slabs. Industrial chest for vegetables has only one drawback - its price is quite high.

A box on the balcony with your own hands, you can make different designs:

  • Storage and dryers - a chest lid opens upwards.
  • Cellar with side doors - very convenient design, different types of vegetables can be placed on shelves isolated.

You think about how to make a cabinet with drawers? This design is convenient, but is technically difficult to make such a repository. This is the most complex of all possible variants of the device of winter storage for vegetables.

Box for storing vegetables in the winter on the balcony with his hands to make a snap, with this work to handle even a layman. The most important thing in making a chest for winter storage vegetables - the possibility of placing it on the balcony insulation, so before placing products on winter storage, it is necessary to perform a thorough insulation of the structure.

Check insulation loggia want to start from the floor - the vegetable drawer in the loggia mounted on the cold plate will be greatly freeze from the bottom. If the cooker is badly damaged, there are areas with bared reinforcement and concrete spalling, it is worth re-laying of the leveling screed.

See how to insulate future vegetable store.

More secure base for vegetable crates can serve warm floors laid on logs. Great value for insulation of balcony constructions is the choice of window fills. Double glazed balcony windows will help to better retain heat, so reduce the risk of spoilage of vegetables from frost.

Cache for vegetables: manufacturing technology

Cellar for storing vegetables on a balcony can easily be manufactured from boards, for which suitable softwood lumber, which is more resistant to rotting. The thickness of the boards - from 25 to 30 mm. Case dimensions are dependent on the balcony of the size, the number of harvest, pledge of the deposit, as well as the strength of the balcony slab.

Vegetable boxes on the balcony can be termopodogrev, then the vegetables stay fresh even in severe winter frosts. In the cold box without warming vegetable products can be stored for a short time, but sometimes just enough a few months, so that the family had time to use harvested supplies.

Boxes for storing vegetables in the winter on the balcony with your own hands can be made not only of boards suited thick plywood, chipboard, stone from the old furniture.

Watch the video, how to gather reserves for chest with his hands.

Made container under vegetable products requires carefully isolate the inside, to which the walls, floor and cover of the box is laid a waterproof film layer and insulation.

Perfect option manufacture box on the balcony with his hands - double walls, between which the stacked insulation and vapor barrier. Inside a chest vegetable in this case will be kept optimum temperature.

How to make a box with insulation, what kind of insulation can be useful? For this purpose, can be used mineral wool, sawdust, polystyrene foam sheets, the corners can be treated with foam. storage frame is made of wooden bars, which are fastened to the frame with brackets and screws.

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