Box of shoes in the hallway

Obuvnitsa in the hallway (54 photos): convenient and compact

Originality and creativity - the storage of shoes on the wall

Obuvnitsa - a necessary piece of furniture for the hallway. Firstly, arranging the storage of shoes, it allows you to unload space - even in a small family get a lot of shoes. Especially when you consider that one of the shoes is widely used, and the second - is in storage in anticipation of the season. And secondly, obuvnitsa creates favorable conditions for storage, allowing you to extend the life of the shoe.

Modern compact obuvnitsa in the hallway

Narrow locker-obuvnitsa save space in a small hallway

The creative idea for shoe storage

Drawer with shelves under the stairs - the box and functionally

Elegant wooden obuvnitsa in the hallway

The issue of joint storage of clothes and shoes for a long time remain actively debated. The main argument in favor of a separate furniture for shoes - special peculiar smell emitted by footwear. On the one hand, it can accumulate in clothing, on the other - acts as bait for moths. In addition, the shoes - quite dirty and dusty part of the wardrobe, so it should be stored separately. In favor of special furniture - obuvnitsy, acts and the fact that the storage of shoes in "native" boxes takes an excessive amount of space.

Functional compact solution - obuvnitsa-poof

Metal ladder can be used more creatively - for storage of sandals

Form-factor obuvnitsy divided into several basic types:

  • Open - the most popular type of furniture for shoes, the main advantage of which - shoes, mounted on it, is constantly ventilated, so - it dries faster. That, in turn, minimizes the risk of odor in the shoe. On the other hand - in this arrangement for footwear that is stored on an open shelf, lasts longer dust. In the context of the hallway, without a doubt - the most polluted places in the flat, open obuvnitsa (with standing in her shoes) will turn into a dust collector

Open shelves for storage of shoes in the hallway

Open obuvnitsa under the bench - practical and convenient

  • closed - is made in the form of a cabinet, tables or benches. Very common obuvnitsa closed with a seat in the hall do not always manage to put a separate ottoman to sit and comfortably put on shoes. In this case, the advantages and disadvantages closed obuvnitsy directly opposite the open: Shoes are well protected from dust accumulation, but it is bad enough to dry (insufficient ventilation), as a consequence - odor. That's why some closed obuvnitsy equipped with forced ventilation systems, though more often - make extra holes allow air circulation

Retractable Shuhlyada-storage boxes shoes

Closed obuvnitsa with metal supports for footwear

Tip! Closed obuvnitsu should choose pet owners - in this case, their shoes are guaranteed protected from the encroachment of sharp teeth.

  • Slim (derived from the English «Slim» - thin, thin) - a special kind obuvnitsy the hallway, narrow and quite high, they are optimal for small hallways, where designers have to take into account each square centimeter. Their width - 20 cm approximately Obuvnitsa-slim has folding shelves -. They are opened at an angle of 30 to 90 degrees (the smaller opening angle, the more space is saved, and the less convenient to extract / style footwear) .Obuv stored in an upright position, which is not very favorable for the preservation of its original shape. Slim may be formed as floor and as wall obuvnitsa the hall. Among the shortcomings slim design it should be noted that it is only for shoe storage, so you'll have to find a place for brushes and shoe "cosmetics." Another important point - stability. On the one hand, obuvnitsa narrow, on the other - in the small hallway likelihood of inadvertently hurt her - quite large. So it is possible to provide an additional wall mounting

Locker "slim" - thin and roomy

Inside the box "slim" can accommodate quite a large number of shoes

Tip! When choosing obuvnitsy prefer the one in which you can modify the distance between the shelves - it will give the possibility to store shoes in different sizes.

The deficit of space in the hall makes us look for multifunction solutions, in which the support shoe combined with other, equally necessary in the lobby, the subject. Example - hanger to hall with obuvnitsey which serves module hallway.

Set hallway includes hanger and separation Shoe

Mobile universal hanger-obuvnitsa

Recently, the stores appeared obuvnitsy-dryers, which simultaneously perform the functions of storage and optimize not only the drying of shoes, but additionally disinfect it (for this set UV lamps), and neutralized with a specific unpleasant "shoe" smell. However, for obuvnitsy of this type have a number of limitations - firstly, the need to ensure its power, and secondly, not all shoes can be rapidly forced to dry.

If the shoe is really a lot, you will approach a rotating stand - it is installed from floor to ceiling - vraspor.

Ideal for a small hallway spinning racks, shelves for shoes

Various materials can be used for manufacturing obuvnits:

  • of chrome thin metal tubes with a compact and lightweight design, which due to its "transparency" do not clutter the space, which is important for close hallway. Obuvnitsa this structure, due to good ventilation, are well suited for drying shoes. This design can be independent, and can be mounted on a rack made of particleboard or MDF. Disadvantage - dirty shoes can be put only on the bottom shelf, or water, earth and debris will fall on the shoes in the lower ranks

Chrome compact obuvnitsa

  • natural wood - because it made obuvnitsy classical hallways. For example, wooden obuvnitsa the hall with a mirror in the interior looks representatively, refined and solid. But at the same time copies of an array tree is not very practical, first of all - because of the susceptibility to moisture. That is why the shoes before installing a wooden obuvnitsu should be thoroughly dried

Set hallway made of natural wood

Tip! Forged obuvnitsy suitable for apartment or a country house, decorated in the Empire or Baroque.

On Wrought iron stands harmoniously will look cowboy boots

  • Rattan - despite its "wood" nature, an ideal material for obuvnits. Easy to clean, resistant to humidity, well-ventilated

Boxes made of rattan - the perfect solution for storing shoes

Summer shoes can be placed in a wicker basket

  • MDF - the hottest material from which made obuvnitsy, allows achieve an optimal price / appeal / quality

Obuvnitsa MDF - inexpensive and practical

  • Plastic - obuvnitsa turns light and mobile, but it is still an option, more suitable for garden.

Bright pink plastic obuvnitsa - lightweight and versatile

Obuvnitsa own hands: original and affordable

The very simple model obuvnitsy - this is an ordinary case-rack, which has the side walls of the shelf-mounted konformatami crossbar. For a country house can use the simple wooden boxes - to paint them in bright colors and draw on each other (even can be fixed). Another original "Vacation" option obuvnitsy - an ordinary pan. It is protected, paint (varnish) and vertically fixed to the wall. Shoes arranged in the slots. And for summer shoes (slippers, ballet shoes, sneakers, etc.) can be made in the form of organizer pockets, which you can simply hang on the wall, scoring a pair of nails.

Obuvnitsu easy to make from scrap materials - boards and metal boxes

Heeled shoes can be stored on the wall - on fixed metallic rods

Obuvnitsa of wooden boxes - easy and affordable

Wooden boxes on the wall - a great idea for a homemade obuvnitsy

Obuvnitsa-table made of wood - beautiful and practical

Shoe cabinets - 60 options

The main secret hallway everything in our day - the number of visible things should be kept to a minimum.

Earlier in the apartments of simple shelves stood at the entrance, now in the hall flaunts flat shoe locker where your shoes are securely hidden from all eyes.

Shoes in modern locker is positioned vertically, which saves space. You can select a wardrobe for shoes with 2-3-4 offices. Bunk shelf for 10-12 pairs - another common configuration "quick wardrobe" for shoes.

Usually they are made of plastic or metal, making them easy to keep clean. You can buy and a miniature cabinet with hinged doors.

Separately, you can say about "uzenkih9quot; Cabinet with hinged doors (opening 45 degrees). This is perfect for a small hallway. When the shoes are arranged on the shelves, it does not lose shape, it does not crumple, not gathering dust. However, according to a cabinet loses roominess traditional shoe thumbs.

Place shoe can be placed under the seat benches, a bedside table or serve as a support for the mirror. But as a rule, on the dirty shoes such furniture is not designed, and therefore in the slush boots will stand at the threshold, and the shelf - empty. It is Europe's sidewalks are clean, and the hostess offers only dust off the shoes, which they came. In Russia, the shoes usually removed at the door.

Therefore, every home should have two special places for boots and shoes. One - at the entrance - is designed for the couple that we're shooting, returned to the streets. Second - for that shoe that is designed for another season. To store dirty shoes fit Duplex Pad with vinyl coating and the pallet which is easily removed and washed. Shoes stand on this dry quickly. Can be purchased and a special cupboard with ventilation and bactericidal lamps.

A good shoe cabinet must necessarily include a compartment for boots, which will provide small hanger with soft pegs. These tops are fixed to a time "prostoya9quot; Boots not hesitated to rise. Shoes with high tops pull on a special pad to keep it from losing shape.

If you want to place the shoes in an armoire, then it should be provided equal to the depth of the shelves about a shoe box. They may be up to the ceiling (if several hundred pairs of shoes), and in several rows at the bottom - under the arms with outerwear. Shoes can be arranged for sliding doors on metal shelves. Retractable stand with holders of more fixed-pads, but it helps to keep the shape of shoes (although high boots are all not be able to put the same).

And, you can can use wire hangers-holders on suckers, which you can attach to any surface. And for dressy women's shoes are good open shelves or racks rotating display cases - fan "shoe treasure" this exhibition will cheer up!

Cabinets, shelves, drawers for shoes ... choose obuvnitsu

War of the order in the hall most often caused by wallowing shoes. Each family member is not usually one pair, which leads to problems. Solve the problem can obuvnitsa the hallway. They are of different kinds and types, so choose a few.

Furniture for shoe storage

Storage of shoes - the eternal problem. The hallways are usually not as roomy as it should be, because it is necessary to put all compact, but so that access was free. To cope with the task of helping obuvnitsy different types and kinds. If you try to give a definition, we can say that obuvnitsa - it is open or closed shoe rack. Closed called shoe cupboard or chest of drawers, open - called "shelf" or "stand". If the design is not specified, used an umbrella term "obuvnitsa".

Obuvnitsa hallway can be open or closed

The storage system of closed type shoe can be made in different ways. All models can be divided into several groups:

  • With folding. Obuvnitsa the hall with folding shelves usually has a shallow depth, they are different in height and width - low and wide, narrow and high. Their distinguishing feature - a regiment, attached to the access door, and this structure is fixed to the pivot hinges. If you pull the handle on the access door, it turns on its hinges, opening access to the contents of the box.

That is the way the dresser for flip-type shoes

Swinging doors are customary, but not too comfortable

Such storage furniture shoe called a dresser or (shkafshkafchik) for shoes. There is no clear separation. Everybody uses the name, which he likes.

Closed model obuvnits called a cabinet or chest of drawers for shoes. In size, they are very different. Height - 50 cm to 220 cm, width - from 30 to 120 cm, depth -. 17 to 55 cm Next consider what height can be obuvnitsa the hall. It is this factor that is considered in the first place.

Cabinets or drawers for shoes - that's the name of the closed type kaloshnits

Low kaloshnitsy make up to 50-55 cm. They usually only one regiment, which will be able to accommodate seasonal footwear per person. And then, if he is not very interested in the purchase of new shoes / sandals / boots. Occasionally low obuvnitse make two low shelves. Normally you can only place the summer or autumn shoes without heels. Boots and shoes, even on such a shelf never rise up again. Does that put them sideways.

Plus low chest under the shoes can be a seat. That is you in the hallway should not just bench / stool for obuvaniya and furniture for shoes with a seat. Rational use of all available space - that gives even an option.

At a height of 60 to 120 cm shelves is already enough for a family of 3-4 persons shoes. In this segment we have dressers for shoes with open shelves, which are arranged on the sides of the shelves for shoes. Most often there is a long and narrow department - for storing an umbrella. Ladies can adjust this department under the boots.

There are models of drawers for shoes at the top of which there is a shelf for little things here and there are drawers for storing gloves, keys, etc. For the rational use of the space above the shoe cupboard can hang a mirror or a wall hanger.

Most, perhaps, interesting category. These obuvnitsy the hallway it makes sense to take the same height as the cabinet (if there is one in your hallway). Let not all the shelves to have the opportunity to easily reach, but at the top can be removed non-seasonal or outlet boots. In addition to traditional shoe cabinet with hinged doors have a narrow shoe cabinet with retractable shelves. This option is good if you have a small distance - 30-40 cm - between, say the cabinet and the wall. That is such a niche, and you can put these narrow and deep Shoe cupboards. They are also called "pencil box for shoes."

Wardrobe narrow width shoe called "foam"

Closed obuvnitsa the hall is good that the door is securely hidden order or disorder. The second positive point - the aesthetic. Many such models like more than open shelves. It has closed models and cons. The first - in their shoes for longer dries, the second - their price is higher because of the material takes longer.

Obuvnitsy the hall open

Obuvnitsy design in an open corridor is simple: two sidewalls, which are attached to the shelf. In height they are usually either low - up to 50 cm, or average height - up to one meter. High are rare. In this category, too, there are several types of models:

  • The usual shelf for shoes. Height - 80 cm, width - 50 cm, depth - 35 cm, otherwise large men's shoes do not fit into it. Simple shoe rack has two to five shelves - depending on the altitude. Some models have a side closed shelves. They can be used to store shoes and other things.

They can be made of wood, chipboard, fibreboard, metal, and combinations of these materials. If we talk about the choice of material, it makes sense to pick up under the furniture that already exists in your hallway. If you find the same material or the color is not possible, look for a close. Neutral look simple metal model. This obuvnitsa fit into any style hallway.

More interestingly look shoe racks wood, chipboard or MDF. Even a simple wooden shelf might look nice. It benefits from a wood texture. It is not necessary to hide behind a door.

Obuvnitsa the foyer of wood: even a simple model benefits from the beauty of wood

There are still open obuvnitsy, called the stand or rack for shoes. They have no shelves - made of wire or plastic blades are made, which is put on shoes. Very convenient and compact way to store the summer and autumn shoes. Such a shoe is placed in a small space to 36 pairs. To "install" boot has a special model. The number of pairs is less, but the problem is solved with the audience tops. A worthy solution.

It is difficult to name somehow similar designs. The most appropriate name - rack or hanger))

They look good and share of chipboard and MDF. They are usually laminated films "under the tree" that gives them solidity. Next to the open shelves can be closed a couple. This option is not bad: it is possible to keep open those couples that are now in the toe, closed those shoes rare, or until it is time for them.

Obuvnitsy the hall is made of such materials:

  • Closed-type shoe drawers or cabinets often made from chipboard or MDF. The second option is better, since it is not afraid of high humidity. But obuvnitsy MDF is much more expensive. But to use them will be a long time.

Shoe rack made of chipboard or MDF - the most common type

In all of these varieties may be different polki.Privychnye solid - plastic, chipboard, MDF - not too comfortable. They accumulate dust and dirt, they complicate the movement of air, which is why shoes worse dries. Best Mode - of metal wire or several pipes / pins, for which footwear is placed.

Conveniently, if the distance between the shelves and / or their number can be changed. For the summer, you can put more often in the winter - to remove a couple of shelves - for shoes and boots need big distance.

Racks - great idea ... the main thing - to realize it

Even the shelves are not only fixed, but also retractable, which is also very convenient. Especially if obuvnitsa hallway has a large depth. We must get to the last row of shoes - put forward a shelf. And do not bend over, look standing in an awkward position.

Unusual and non-standard models

Mostly obuvnitsa hallway - furniture that is placed on the floor. But there are some species that are hung navertikalyne surface: walls, doors. For example, wall obuvnitsa PitStop. The shelves in her folding, each divided into three cells. One regiment - two boxes. If desired, they can be mounted one above the other or positioned horizontally.

Wall obuvnitsa the hallway with folding shelves

There obuvnitsa wire, which can be hung on any vertical surface. This can be the same wall, cabinet door, closet, dressing room, etc. They are great to replace the organizer for shoes. They are certainly more expensive, but it is more convenient to use them, the shoes are not so wrinkled and keeps its shape better. A couple of options you can see in the photo below.

A pair of mounted models

Suspended shoe racks can be placed in a narrow pier, between the wall and the cabinet, on the side of the cabinet. This will help organize the space a small hallway.

From custom models still can recall the racks and shelves spinning. If the shoe much space for its location - not really, but there is a free angle, can be set off with rotating shelves. Angles difficult to fully utilize and rotating shelves will go perfectly. And the shoe is placed into it a lot.

A spinning shoe rack - a good idea for the optimal use of space

For small hallways in small apartments have an even more interesting option: combined entrance hall with shelf for shoes. This furniture is a two-sided. On the one hand - clothes hangers, on the other - a shelf for shoes. The whole structure rotates around its axis. We need to hang coats - turned to the side with hooks. it is necessary to put the shoes - launched shelves yourself.

Rotating mini-hallway with built obuvnitsey

Such furniture can probably be arranged in the corner. Places will take a little. In general, an interesting idea. Although you can find and obuvnitsu with hanger and mirror. But they are stationary and not so effective In Use space.

Obuvnitsa the hall: photo interesting models

There are several models that are difficult to attribute to any class. An interesting idea, shape, material. They were placed in this section. Maybe this is where you will find your obuvnitsa the hallway.

The idea for the storage of rubber boots

Easy way to turn the open to the closed model

Obuvnitsa the hall in the style of a loft

Another creative option

If the shoes are very much ...

Glass and wood - and why not ...

From this model, dizzy

Plastic obuvnitsy there are closed

The originality of this design out of competition

In the style of tradition

In this embodiment, more like a couch ...

For quick access ... may be, by the way, put in a cupboard

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