Box for toys with their own hands

How to make a toy box with his hands: a master class, and recommendations. Toy boxes with their hands out of the box

As a rule, their children, we buy a lot of different toys (dolls, cars, soft, developing, and so on). As a result, they are scattered in different corners of the apartment. To this was not, we offer you to learn how and what can be done for a box of toys with their own hands. At the same time it will be possible to accustom to the order and the child.

Using unnecessary cardboard box

Big box from under footwear, household appliances and so on can be reused. Just zadekoriruyte them - and you have a convenient place to store children's dolls and machines.

Master class, how to make a box for toys with their own hands, described below.

  1. You will need a cardboard box, glue gun, a large piece of cloth.
  2. Promazhte bottom box on the perimeter of the glue gun.
  3. Unfold the fabric and the middle Cover the bottom of the box, the flap gently stroking and pressing it to the adhesive.
  4. Promazhte all the inside walls stretch the fabric and glue it to the marginalia.
  5. Wrap fabric on the outer side of the box and glue it to the bottom of the walls.
  6. Turn the box and wrap the cloth on the bottom. Shred exactly should be pressed against the wall. Glue the fabric, and cut off the excess.
  7. In order to strengthen the bottom promazhte fabric glue along the perimeter of the box and glue on top of the cardboard.
  8. Turn the box.
  9. Top Pin clothespins, and inside put something heavy, the fabric is well glued to the box.

Instructions how to make a box of children's toys with handles will help you in this matter.

  1. Take two kinds of fabric, ribbon or thick rope, glue, glue gun.
  2. Cut a strip of fabric. In width it should be greater than the height of the box (you need to flap could close the bottom and a little wrapped inside a box). Along the length of the fabric must completely encircle the perimeter of the box.
  3. Glue the cut-out rectangle of fabric to the walls of the box.
  4. Wrap the excess fabric on the one hand inside the box, and on the other glue it to the bottom.
  5. Measure out a piece of the other color of fabric. It should cover the bottom and walls inside the box.
  6. Promazhte bottom inside glue and glue the fabric.
  7. Promazhte inside wall and also the tissue glue. Along the edges make gateways.
  8. Glue the gateways at the intersection of two types of tissue.
  9. Measure tape and glue it to the bottom, along the perimeter of the box, using the glue gun.
  10. Measure out two identical pieces of tape. Among them will be made pens.
  11. Stick the two tapes to the walls on the sides of the box.
  12. affix another tape around the perimeter of the box top. It should cover the bottom of the knobs.

Toy Box is ready!

The easiest way for this to take a self-adhesive wallpaper. Then do not mess around with glue and wait until all the walls are dry.

But, no matter, you will paste the next toy box or self-adhesive paper wallpaper, the same principle of operation:

  1. Cut a piece of wallpaper to the length he could encircle the perimeter of the box.
  2. If necessary, promazhte wall with white glue.
  3. Glue the wallpaper on the perimeter of the box.
  4. Make an incision at the top and bottom of the protruding parts of the wallpaper.
  5. Wrap the inside and on the bottom of the protruding pieces.

Wooden box for toys with their own hands is quite difficult. But such a thing gives a very reliable and will last much longer than a cardboard box.

Also, it can not simply engage in the interior as a decorative element. This box can become a functional part of the room.

For example, if you put the box under the wall, put a blanket and couch cushions, there will be an additional seat.

For convenience, we give guidance on how make a wooden box for storage of toys with their own hands.

  1. Create a sketch of the future box (picture 1). Consider its dimensions, what will be the height, depth and width. Will he stand on legs or bottom on the floor? Will handle and where they should be located?
  2. Prepare all the necessary materials and tools (picture 2). To start, you need to plywood or MDF board. They are sold in a hardware store. But if you have old furniture (such as a table, a chest of drawers, wardrobe), you can disassemble it and get the necessary materials. Also need screws and corners, hinges, PVA glue or carpenter. Of the tools it needs a simple or circular saw.
  3. If you buy materials at the store, you can ask to be there you have sawn boards to the desired size. If this is not possible or you are using improvised material, do it yourself (picture 3). For this raschertite board on parts and Saw her. As a result, you should have the following number of parts: four walls (all the same or two different ones), and the bottom cover.
  4. Start box assembly. To this point the walls are coated with glue joints (picture 4).
  5. Then connect the two corners (picture 5).
  6. Attach the lid to the box with hinges (picture 6).
  7. Wipe off excess glue with a cloth and leave to dry box.
  8. Zadekoriruyte box. For example, it oshkurte and color (picture 7).
  9. Attach the handle and optional legs (picture 8).

Box for storing ready!

Wooden box for toys can be made from planks. There are two ways of collecting.

  1. Take the plywood to the bottom corners of the nail and four wedges. Later they were nailed thin nails plank. Between the tree can make slits, it would be better ventilation.
  2. Nail the box to the bottom on both sides of the plywood. And it nailed boards. Thus, the sides of the box have to be solid, and the parties - with slits.

Makes storage for toys with their own hands

All parents know how difficult it is to achieve the perfect order in the house when the children are still very young. Especially in the nursery, where the toys scattered on the floor and, on the table, and on the bed and under the bed, and in other unexpected places. But this problem can be easily solved, armed with a creative spirit and the necessary materials at hand, that there in every home.

Our task now is to make or sew their own hands interesting, spacious and safe container for storing toys. Types it may be different: a box, organizer, bag, box, etc.

In any case, whether it is a container for storing large toys or bag for children's little things, to get the thing should be fun and original element of the interior.

Box for toys with their own hands

To make a special box for toys with their own hands, you will need:

  • Chipboard panels (side walls and bottom);
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • Measuring tools (tape measure or long range);
  • Small feet (legs) or furniture castors;
  • Materials for exterior decoration (fabrics, decorative film, paint);
  • Scissors.

This box is suitable for storing large toys. But in order to do his needs at least a little skill of a carpenter.

Therefore, it is better to entrust the matter to the man who will connect all the details of the drawer with one another and attach special supports or wheels (to the box can be easily moved around the room).

And outside of the container design for storing toys can do already mom, plastered it with decorative film or draw on it some cheerful picture. Inside the box softness can sheathe via furniture stapler using a dense natural fabrics and filler (foam, sintepon).

And we can offer a simpler and more effective version of the box:

Box with his hands to store toys

  • Large sturdy box;
  • Beautiful adhesive tape;
  • Package with a picture of baby gifts;
  • Scotch;
  • Scissors or stationery knife;
  • Glue.

This box in form and function is similar to a box for storing toys, but unlike him, is more simple in execution.

Another advantage of such a box is that her child may turn itself and take whatever he needed.

  1. First, carefully cut away the top of the box, cuts obkleyte tape.
  2. Obkleyte box with film inside and outside, including the bottom.
  3. Take a bag of gifts and cut interesting colorful details (animals, flowers, etc.).

Glue them with adhesive tape or adhesive on marginalia box. You can also think of other options for decorating such a container. For example, if you have a girl, made of fabric flowers, bows, etc.

Shopping for toys with their hands from a fabric

Basket for toys you can make with your own hands from any fabric you liked. Carve it is very simple, guided by the fact that the shelf shopping cart has a square shape with rounded corners.

To basket holding parts form of dense fabric additionally glued interlining.

For internal and external decoration it is desirable to use fabrics of various colors. Additionally cut out the handle of the basket and attach them strong seam.

To match this bag with your own hands, you will need:

Structurally bag consists of bottom body portion and the lace. Cut out 2 round tissue parts, which will serve as bottom. Size determine in its sole discretion - you can sew like a bag for storing large toys, and a bag for small items.

The diameter of the bottom of the bag, measure the width and height defining, vykroyte the main part of it. Do not forget to take into account that the bag consists of a woven material and the transparent film.

At the top of the bag, which is made up of tissue is necessary to make the width of the strap. Lace can be stitched from the same cloth.

This wall organizer to do with their hands is quite simple. Sewed it on the basis of an accordion. A rectangular piece of fabric folded accordion (or ladder) and stitched at the sides and in the middle in certain locations (depending on the number, width and height of the pockets).

This unusual organizer usually hung on the wall and folded into pockets small toys and various items for creativity.

How to make a box for toys on wheels with his hands

Often, a child's room can be seen the mess that is usually arranged scattered toys. Get rid of the clutter in the room will help the original, comfortable and roomy toy box, made with his own hands.

Learn how to make a toy box with their hands with minimal time and effort to help this instruction.

The following materials should be prepared for the manufacture of a box for toys:

- 1 plywood sheet size 425h600 mm 18 mm (item 1);

- 3 veneer size 350h490 mm 18 mm (item 2);

- two veneer size 350h350 mm 18 mm (item 3);

- two handles furniture;

- screws 30 mm in length;

To begin to prepare the detail of the lid of the box. The corners of the part 1 by means of a compass to draw a circle, which have a radius of 3 cm. Using rounding Jig saw out, giving details of curvature in the corners.

Using nazhdachku be processed edge parts 1. Use a drill to make holes on the back and front walls of the box. Using screws to fasten the four walls of the product. It requires very accurately fix the walls of the box perpendicular to each other.

By drawing to make the bottom of the box. Detail 2 markup connect on using screws and a drill. Assembled structure should be checked for stability.

Roller mechanism must be attached to the bottom of the toy box with screws.

Quick-drying paint to paint roller mechanism.

The lid to the box for toys can be attached using screws and fastening brackets.

Drill holes in certain places of the side walls of the box and fasten them furniture handles. To toy box looked more attractive, beautiful ornament should be applied to it using acrylic paint and then all product varnish.

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