Box for toys IKEA

Overview of storage for toys IKEA

This module is attractive versatility. This is a toy and a piece of furniture for toys at the same time. Decorate it can be for everyone. IKEA gives the opportunity to create with your child.

The white version of the lodge harmoniously complement the interior.

TROFAST Storage System - Ergonomics in the interests of the child

Products of this line as follows: frame with runners, complemented by extendable plastic boxes, containers, conventional shelves.

Commonwealth aesthetic plastic and particle board. The system for compact storage, toys.

But room 12 square meters. meters with a small TROFAST system

How to make room for the girls, you can find here.

You can create a very stylish design, picking up boxes contrast to the white frame.

Stuva series - is mounted and floor-standing enclosures, cabinets, modules with drawers. With these blocks can create a full interior.

Number of filling variations, shelving combinations, containers, boxes surprise you. Flight of fancy on the subject, "all razmetsit" is provided to you.

A great addition to the IKEA shelves are boxes, baskets, boxes. They add functionality, diversity of colors. Without them, just do not do.

Flyuttbar - Magic textiles and cardboard in the interior

Stylish boxes, suitcases, boxes with different thematic pictures for girls and boys.

Tien boxes with lots of cells - the best way to hide something secret

Low partition separates the sleeping and play areas.

Things under the bed - saving space. Ideal for studio, where all the children's corner area combined.

Textiles decision: KUSINER, Slekting, Stikkat

KUSINER, Slekting, Stikkat- textile, mesh overhead and floor units, drawers, pockets.

If you decide to trust the IKEA brand, without your attention will not remain as light, mobile mesh baskets.

The main advantage of IKEA systems - many products sold in natural, unpainted form.

And of course, do not forget about eco products approach. Indeed, the majority of products made from environmentally sustainable materials.

Are you here

C moment when the child has learned to walk, parents are trying to teach him to order. But to put in place their toys is not an easy task for a little man. And a variety of drawers and boxes, tables and shelves with toys are not very aesthetic look: it will not make your baby each time to put a column of toys that do not peeked.

On the issue of the storage system of choice I had a few basic criteria:

- must be navyrost and go smoothly in the school age

- It should be well integrated into an existing interior nursery

- the most environmentally friendly materials

- mobility, ie the ability to easily move in the daughter's room.

To assist parents in this, at IKEA have a series of shelves to store toys.

IKEA TROFAST - is a wooden frame with integrated drawers for his toys.

IKEA TROFAST system consists of a base, sidewalls and a top portion made of chipboard panels.

The main advantage of such a product is that each section is a separate module that can be combined in any order.

rack frame has two types:

- pine, transparent matt varnished

- laminated particleboard in white or black.

All materials are harmless to the child.

Each color has four configurations.

  • Horizontal, into three sections,
  • vertical, single-section high
  • vetrikalny, single-section low
  • and the most beloved children, a step in the form of stairs.

Optionally, the frame can be fitted with shelves or plastic containers of different sizes. Frameworks IKEA TROFAST have multiple grooves and bars, allowing you to place the containers in any order and in the right quantity

Height furniture TROFAST - from 30 to 145 cm, width - from 46 to 99 cm.

Below is a photo catalog and ability to make some settings and a link to the site. I give a link to the website of IKEA in Poland, since substantially all of the furniture that we bring order and imported from Polish shops, focusing on the product reference.

TROFAST stepped cage. Frame, color, pine

Vertical rack IKEA TROFAST, 103.086.93

Horizontal rack IKEA TROFAST, 203.086.97

IKEA TROFAST, 803.086.99

Containers for racks (different colors are available in three sizes) IKEA TROFAST, 302.980.23

Container, white (large), 42x30x36 cm

Catalog photos of some shelves already, together with the filling and in different colors

Two step along the rack

Or like this (vertical racks)

Boxes can be all plain

And different color combinations

We now show how the reality looks like this system store toys / items.

For ourselves, we acquired the system in two stages

First stage system was purchased from the containers. We use it for over a year. there are no complaints.

And recently, when there was a question of preparation for the school and the need for storage of books, vertical shelving system was purchased separately.

Part of the photo, which will be presented later in this review is taken on the expanses of the Internet, based on feedback from other users of the system.

But first a few words the assembly of the system.

The frame is very easy to collect all the holes are lined up perfectly. The construction is going very quickly with the help of wooden pins and screws twisted. All well-fitted, no cracks. Another big plus in terms of security for the children - it is no sharp corners. They are all cut and grind.

Inside the walls there are holes for the boxes, very convenient and simple system, without any of the runners and rollers (such a system is provided at the rack made of pine. For models, made of chipboard slightly different system boxes mounting in white and black color).

They are located at different heights, so you can paste boxes of different depths in the order in which you prefer. The slots are very smooth and Gorny, plastic boxes so easy to slip, even if they are completely full of toys. Nor any constraints do not, so the containers can be inserted on either side and put the system in a convenient location -cascades steps from left to right or right to left

Here is the fastening system of boxes in racks of chipboard white and black (based on reviews from the internet). On index picture is clearly seen that unlike the model of pine, wherein fastening system in the form of recesses (grooves) in this model fastening occurs with the aid of special reechek

A few live photos

So now the real photos of themselves racks

Boxes still separate angles

And I want to show an example how to transform the system

The original version of. Shelves with boxes:

The auxiliary member - shelves

A modified version of shelving

Storage Ikea - "baby" Furniture for serious problems

Choosing between an ordinary closet in the nursery and storage system IKEA that prefer? Any selection should be based on the facts, so we decided to tell you about the storage systems in detail. You will see not only the advantages of the furniture, but also be able to explore its variations.

Advantages of storage systems for children's from Ikea

Any child has a bunch of things (toys, clothes, books), which are always scattered around the room. All of these "artifacts" must be stored somewhere - actually, this is the purpose of the cabinet. storage system developed by Ikea - is, in fact, self-contained modules, which can be placed in the nursery, at its discretion, periodically changing the configuration.

IKEA specialists have long focused on the children. Furniture of this segment is constantly being improved in an effort to simplify, maximum functionality, comfort and environmental friendliness. At first, the idea of ​​the company seemed unusual, but soon the parents were able to appreciate the advantages of the practice of toys storage of IKEA:

An additional bonus - special baskets for toys and items for laundry, built-in modules.

A young mother from the following video shares his impressions of the acquired IKEA containers and boxes for storing toys, and also shows how the room looked like a baby before and after such purchases:

Children's IKEA furniture produced in series - in this and all the classification is based. Some series are part of the other. For example, there is a series MAMMUT (cabinets, shelves and beds for children), a part of which is a series TROFAST. In this section, we will examine the following series of storage systems for the children:

Some items from our review has long gone beyond the usual furniture. For example, "Krokig" hooks are used for storage and is formally considered a system, but they have nothing to do with the bulky cabinet or rack. But first things first.

Photo storage for toys IKEA

In this series of racking includes numerous boxes, cabinets, drawers and shelves to store toys. The design has an aesthetic appearance, it is easy to use and versatile.

"TROFAST" scaffolds include splines and grooves system allowing to place inside modules "pendant" containers. If desired, the containers can be marked with special labels, indicating thus the contents of the tank. Cleaning child thus converted into fun.

Rack frame is realized in two varieties - from laminated chipboard or solid pine, covered with matte varnish. These materials are safe for your baby. There are several system configurations:

The modules can be combined with each other, and if necessary, are hung on the wall.

To put toys in retractable containers is extremely convenient. Here are the main advantages of the system, marked by buyers:

  • material quality;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • good capacity;
  • compactness;
  • bright appearance;
  • reasonable prices (2-10 thousand).

TROFAST system for storing toys

STUVA combination is sometimes called "Room Planner", and this is no accident. The furniture of this series copes with any tasks for the storage of children's clothes. One thing is able to adapt to the different ages, needs and interiors.

The combination of vaguely reminiscent of the cabinet, but its functionality is much broader. STUVA converted if desired into:

Boxes for storing toys equipped with swivel casters and put forward smoothly, so that the child does not make an effort to open. Function knobs perform specific gaps - the kid for them to grasp more comfortable. Furniture with clearances will last much longer, because of the frequent use of hardware is used to break down.

STUVA line components can be easily combined with each other - all of this is reminiscent of the fascinating children's designer. Applying different colored parts, parents can create a joyful mood in the soul of his child.

The traditional advantage of Ikea furniture - environmentally friendly. Designers have made modules from Fibreboard, covering them with a special film. Available as options for combinations of particle board covered with acrylic. Cost elements starts from 4300 rubles.

The system for storing toys Stuva from IKEA

Perhaps the most unusual decision for a child's proposed IKEA developers. Designers completely abandoned wood and other bulky and expensive materials. Boxes "KUSINER" - a mesh cubes and cylinders, equipped with special holders.

From the perspective of an ordinary person this series can hardly be considered "furniture" products, so it is revolutionary. Designers came out of the plane of the standard ideas about furniture, but remained faithful to the traditions of IKEA - all boxes are convenient and extremely functional. Here are the main varieties of "KUSINER" line:

  • mesh basket (it is attached cloth cover);
  • net-bed box;
  • box;
  • small basket (3 pieces);
  • Suspended pockets;
  • wall basket.

Initially the series seems frivolous, but it is necessary to purchase these items, and you realize that space nursery has become more orderly.

Mesh boxes and baskets can be stored along the walls, and suspended pockets placed on the shoulders of the child level. sets cost ranges from 200-300 rubles.

The system for storing toys KUSINER from IKEA

Design modules "Paysslingar" somewhat like the previous series, but some differences still exist. producing materials are polypropylene and polyester. This means that the combinations include plastic parts and are more "rigid".

The range represented by the following products:

  • box (big and small sizes);
  • bed storage boxes;
  • mirror;
  • suitcase for toys;
  • hanging pockets.

Products resemble ancient anachronisms, suddenly caught in your baby's room. For example, a suitcase toy looks like an old trunk - though it can be folded and everywhere to take with you. There is this thing 800 rubles.

Suspended pockets seem handicrafts. This cloth "containers" for storing toys, magazines, coloring books and other small things. Children's room, equipped with "Paysslinger" systems, acquires a unique atmosphere of the old house cosiness.

Storage Paysslinger from Ikea

From the experiments done. Before you - quite a serious line of mini-drawers, each of which consists of five drawers. Keep out of the chests of children can be anything:

The facades are decorated with cheerful pictures of boxes, so that the purchase of your baby like it. Like all IKEA products, mini-dressers have variability. You can turn the boxes and radically change the picture on the front.

The cost of such a symbolic dresser from Ikea - 400 rubles. This is due to cheap manufacture of the material - of recycled corrugated cardboard. Drawings meet a wide variety, and instead of knobs adapted for opening round holes.

Storage Ordna from Ikea

Teach a child to order hard - every parent knows. Therefore, IKEA designers went unusual way - they develop furniture that stimulates baby's craving for cleaning. We are talking about the peg "Krokig".

Hanger has a rather unusual design, which immediately attracts the children's attention. The size corresponds to the growth of the baby, so it will not reach for the unattainable hooks. Height accessory - 128 centimeters. Central to the system is occupied colored hooks, of which there are eight.

Hooks revolve around the central core, their height can be adjusted. Practice has shown that the children hung on the accessory absolutely everything - clothes, umbrellas, backpacks, briefcases and even sneakers. Here are the main advantages of the hanger:

  • security (metallic base coated pigment powder, and the hooks are made of plastic);
  • stability;
  • the original design;
  • practicality;
  • ease.

Besides KROKIG hangers, wall hooks, many bought the same series.

As you can see, IKEA furniture and accessories at an apparent minimalism are characterized by high functionality and practicality. Let's evaluate our line described on a five-point scale in comparison to the "regular" furniture.

System for storing toys Krokig from IKEA

There are situations when children busy cabinets, tables and shelves, and there is still not enough space for children to play. Then come to the aid of IKEA storage - practical, trouble-free and long-lasting.

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Usable and accessible on the perception of art as if with toys and objects of all "sort through". We have a studio apartment, and I feel that gradually formed in the house a mess. At Ikea has long stare, but for myself I can not pick up anything definitively. It turns out options are not just a lot, but very much. There is reason to re-engage the planning changes.

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