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Where do you find a place to store everything, and that everything was in its place? This question torments all, without exception, housewives, probably, since the kitchen appeared in the world. Usually, people think that in order to store a large amount of items you need to have a lot of space, but it is not. The key to convenient storage of multiple bags and cans with various things lies in their proper organization. And this may be enough of an ordinary drawer or shelf.

In this article we have compiled for you 30 examples of convenient storage of spices in the kitchen, which do not take up much space, but allow you to easily and quickly find the seasoning to the upcoming meal. For convenience, all of these examples, we were divided into 6 categories. So there you go!

2 jars with spices on the wall

Notice in the photo below is decorated apron in the kitchen with fitted on it for holders of jars with spices. Such a decision is considered to be very beneficial, as spices are always within arm's reach while cooking. Such an arrangement is perhaps the most convenient of all.

24 most acute and savory ideas storage of spices and seasonings in the kitchen

"His place for everything and everything in its place" - that sounds important rule ideal kitchen organization. Contrary to popular belief, does not necessarily have a lot of cupboards and drawers to accommodate all the necessary things in the economy and products.

It is important to designate areas for storing anything there, and stay the order. A popular resource Interior Kitchen suggests starting with spices.

Section of the wall near the stove is ideal for decorating a niche in which to store spices, often used in cooking. Install more on convenient height stainless steel shelf to needed items were always at hand.

Note the jars themselves. It is believed that spices should be stored in an opaque container, so they do not lose their properties when exposed to light. But some spices are used so often that the probability of damage is small enough.

This kitchen exhaust hood is inside a single module, the lateral parts of which offer plenty of space for storing spices away from the stove heat.

The easiest way to build a niche for spices in the wall of plasterboard whether it is lined with tiles or not.

This is something new and very interesting! Rail on which moves stepladder, compact restricts the space between the upper and lower cabinets serving compartment for storage jars with spices.

Modern industry offers a variety of options for storage of spices on the wall. If you do not intend to remodel the entire kitchen interior, magnetic rail will help to realize this principle no additional cost. And the problem of storage of knives solve itself.

Wall-mounted modules accommodate dozens of jars with spices, and themselves occupy a modest area, that they can be installed in any pantries, closets and even the back of the door.

Rail systems can perform just two, and even three functions. In this example, a rod sufficiently long wall provides storage spices, bowls and kitchen accessories, thus freeing the surface of the working table.

Wall systems look very elegant and easy to fit into small spaces that usually remain unoccupied.

Just one simple shelf under the kitchen cabinets will place the required number of containers with spices.

Medium and small jars with spices conveniently stored in specially equipped drawers.

Today, many manufacturers have kitchens equipped with drawers, dividers, but the stores are ready-made solutions for the improvement of old furniture. Wood inserts easily cut to the desired size, and plastic models and all are transformed by the principle designer.

The smallest capacity can be stored in boxes, and the high bottle - on open shelves.

These plastic inserts for drawers have convenient handle by which to move the whole spices group closer to the plate.

If you have formed a small free area between the cabinets, do not rush to close its front bezel, and the order in a carpenter's workshop narrow vertical slot on the rollers to efficiently use every centimeter in the kitchen.

Before us is a kitchen set in a traditional style of one of the decorative columns that hides all the same vertical compartment for spices.

And this kitchen looks very modern, but here we can see all the advantages of vertical compartments, installed on both sides of the plate.

It turns out, and wall cabinets can be fitted with narrow pull-out compartments, in which the spices will always be at the level of the eyes of the one who is busy cooking.

In the larger compartment fit not only spices but also oils, sauces and vinegars.

Compartment inside a kitchen island

The end of the kitchen island is most often a blank wooden wall. You can correct this omission, having increased bit depth and hanging the door on its hinges. Small compartment for spices at your service!

This piece of kitchen furniture are often equipped with a hinged storage system already at the production stage. However, the old cabinets can be more spacious than was intended by their manufacturer. Store spices in the depth of the shelves is not very convenient, because the small jars are falling all the time and are lost, and the small compartment on the door solve this problem.

Measure the depth of the lumen from the beginning of the shelves to the cabinet doors, to ensure the possibility of hanging on it a mini-shelf for spices.

Before us, certainly the best of all possible pantries. Shallow shelves on doors contain an impressive amount of jars with spices, and the owners did not have long to delve into the depths of the cabinets to find the right seasonings.

Here we see the pantry of the combined type with compartments for storage of products with different depths. Spices take hinged rack on the door and several drawers.

This shallow pantry is equipped in a compact space behind the kitchen island. Sliding doors allow to keep it open during the entire cooking process.

The secret to the perfect organization of storage in the closet is that each compartment is filled with container and containers of appropriate height. Many people do not realize how much space is vacant aimlessly due to non-use of the vertical volume. Organization can and must be economical!

I am sure that the question how to store spices in the kitchen is given every other housewife. In the article a good overview of the methods of storage. For my taste panel occurred inside a kitchen island, storage shelves, the drawers, mostly closed. And most importantly - in transparent jars. so you can see what's inside ,, without reading a bunch of labels and inscriptions

Helpful tips for lovers of different spices, like me. Spices, a mandatory component of all my courses, so the jars and mills with condiments tens ... Sharp asked where to store them, so that they were at the right moment at hand, occurs regularly. Really I liked the idea of ​​vertical compartments near the stove.

Just imagine seeing all of these options create a niche for storing spices. This is something new and very unique. All the shows are very simple and clear that you can easily create yourself. Because spices - is an important part of every other delicious food, and the arrangement of spices in closed jars on a niche near the gas stove, I think the choice for each family.

Storing spices in the kitchen - this is the question. They always need at hand, and they have to look all over the kitchen. Very good idea of ​​how to organize the storage of spices in the kitchen, there is still the idea of ​​storing spices in bank with a magnet on the refrigerator.

Great ideas. Thank you.

Perhaps this is my paradise! The fact that I'm a fan of all sorts of food additives and spices. And the ideas presented in the review - not that other, as a godsend! Very original and beautiful! Impressive!

Great ideas! Be sure to take advantage of them, because I, as the owner a small kitchen does not always have enough space for all those little jars, which I have a huge amount. For my kitchen is perfect idea of ​​vertical compartments .Spasibo!

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Storing spices in the kitchen: 75+ functional ideas for those who are accustomed to the uncompromising order

The small swing box with shelves for storing various spices

Organize the storage of spices in the kitchen task is not so simple as it seems. You can use the purchased capacity or create a storage system with their own hands. In this case, it will be possible to consider all the characteristics and frequency of use. Options on how to ensure a comfortable and proper storage, depend only on the kitchen area and the number of used spices.

Such a storage option of spices in the kitchen is also the original decor of the modern interior

The most common version of the storage of spices in small glass jars

Convenient drawers for storage of spices

Spices can be stored in cans, where they will be hidden from the light

The drawer with the same beautiful jars with spices

Spices have a pleasant aroma, but in order to preserve it, to survive certain rules, which include a few key points:

  1. Place and conditions of storage.
  2. Duration of storage.

Since the cooking takes place in the kitchen, it is also necessary to keep in the kitchen. So seasonings will be on hand, and exactly where to place them, it depends largely on convenience. Fragrant mixture can be filled and grasses in different containers:

Small glass jar with a lid on the clip - it's convenient and popular option

Tin cans are good for the spices that you need to hide from the natural light

Plastic jars for spices are short-lived

But it is necessary to consider how "comfortable" in the space provided spices and whether it will lose its flavor and aromatic properties. Here are some aspects:

  • Most spices can not tolerate ultraviolet light, that is in direct sunlight expose them not worth it. Optimal location - in the kitchen cupboard, in which the door is closed.
  • Heating and temperature changes lead to the fact that spices lose their flavor and beneficial properties, so that the option near the stove or a radiator is also not the best.
  • Humidity is also detrimental. Spices otsyreyut, take a lump, and the only thing you can do - is to throw them away. Lay spices on long-term storage in a perforated container, which are used for convenience, it is impossible.

Tip! The pepper should fill no more than a couple of teaspoons of spices, and the rest should be stored in a sealed container. So it is possible to eliminate an increase in humidity during use.

  • Storage option in the refrigerator is not the best, of course: the flavor will be retained, but the humidity is, and cold in addition to all weakens taste.

Tip! Excellent stored in the refrigerator only to the family of red peppers including paprika and chili. Fresh herbs can not be dried and freeze storage is for them to be optimal.

Small glass jars with cork lid

Large comfortable jars for spices and bulk products in the drawer

Very original version of the storage of spices, mounted on the wall

Large closet with lighting and lots of shelves for storage of spices, bulk products and various kitchen utensils

Spices in solid form (not milled) can be stored for years under the conditions. Milled and crushed quickly lose their properties, so it is better to grind just before use.

In addition, in milled form, they quickly run out of steam, so also become "treat" for insects.

As for fresh herbs, they can be stored in the refrigerator up to 5 days. Dried leaves and stems - about 2 years under normal humidity. Roots and seeds will please the freshness and aroma over 4 years. And the fruit of a nut, such as nutmeg, - up to 3 years.

Note! If spices are drawn with a spoon, it should be clean and dry. And pour the dressing straight from the can, where it is stored in the boiling dish is impossible. Firstly, one can go too far, secondly, spice will absorb moisture and will deteriorate.

Such a storage option spices convenient because they are all in the mind

Such an embodiment is suitable for deep storage cabinets

Small storage room in the kitchen with spices, fixed to the door

Solid storage options

To say that the ideas of the storage of spices in the kitchen a lot, it does not say anything. It all depends on the amount of spices, opportunities to place in the kitchen and their frequency of use. If they are used very often, and always in the presence of a lot of spices, it is worth to take care of thorough, capacious storage. Its creation will have to spend the time and not a lot of money, but it will create a system of storage of spices in the kitchen his hands.

To create it you can use the wall near the stove, but not very close to the spices of it does not overheat. The depth of the recess corresponds to the size of jars used for storage. Height times the height of the cans plus 4-5 cm on each shelf, so that it was convenient to get.

Jars for storing spices in the kitchen should choose this method of darkened glass or plastic, as in the niche of the door will not. Those spices that are used most often, can be stored in any of the banks, as they deteriorate simply do not have time.

Arrange storage, if the niche is already there, it is easy. To do this, you need to mount the correct height shelves. If the recess depth is slightly less than the diameter of the cans, it is possible with a small indentation (2 cm) pull rope gum or nail planochki thin wood. If it does not fit into the style of the kitchen, then fit the metal brackets. They can be bought at the store.

If the depth is suitable for the size of cans, no constraints do not need to be installed.

A stylish storage option for the modern kitchen spices

A niche in the wall with shelves for storage option - for those who use herbs do not so often

Arrange a convenient place to store, you can use the drawers and baskets. Moreover, suitable for both horizontal and vertical.

The first option - horizontal, that is, the usual boxes of kitchen units. To spice is located in these boxes must be deep enough. Storage options:

  1. To jars conveniently placed "lying", it is necessary for them to do the steps, but not at a right angle, and an acute. Since the contents of the jars is easily viewed.
  2. Use special plastic boxes with handles, which are inserted in the kitchen drawer.
  3. If the banks are small, they can be put in a box. And for easy identification on the cover seasoning paste a sticker with the signature.

Vertical boxes often go to trim modern kitchens, they conveniently stored and spices. This box has the form of a long, deep repository without sidewalls. Fall rule bumpers cans or metal trims. Moving a box along the guide rails, which are located at the bottom, so it is not necessary to overload it.

Bright kitchen with an eclectic variety of jars and flasks for storage of spices

Convenient clamshell cupboard with shelves for storage of spices

In one drawer can store spices in jars and open

Small handy cabinet with pull-out shelf with spices

The same type of box, although it is likely to be a sliding wall can be done in a refrigerator, if between the wall and the household appliance is a distance of 15-20 cm It will be some modifications.:

  1. One wall is sewn fiberboard, plywood.
  2. Necessarily the presence of low ledges, approximately 1/3 of the height of the shelf.
  3. It comes to the wheels.

Tip! This spacious store will store not only spices but also preservation, sauces, useful kitchen utensils.

Convenient vertical drawers with shelves for spices

Modern kitchen with drawers for spices

The design of the drawer with spices from IKEA

Custom option box for spices

You can buy special shelves - Storage system for kitchens that are hung on the wall. Most often they are made of stainless steel. Such shelves consist of several layers of rods with flanges which are interconnected.

Tip! The same shelf can be mounted on the inner side of the kitchen cabinet doors, but first must be cut to fit in the shelf portion inside spices.

At these open shelves spices should be stored in dark or banks, or only those that are often used to prevent spoilage.

Comfortable small spice jars attached to the wall

Jars with spices, mounted on the wall

An interesting idea for the storage of fresh spices

It is possible to use for storage and shelves in the kitchen, where there is no moisture and direct sunlight. But for convenience, they need a little upgrade. options:

  1. Make a "step". step height such improvised ladder - roughly 1/3 the height of the can. The steps can be arranged spices, and those that are used more frequently, to place the closest.
  2. Create a slide system. For it will take a few rails of vertical type. According to this rail will move outdoor mini shelf with spices. Mount rails need to "ceiling" of the shelf.
  3. You can use the original system. When spices are not in the standard banks, and test tubes. In this case, each will have its own small bay, where it plunged by half or a third of their height.

Open shelves for storage of spices

Kitchen in a rustic style with shelves for spices, placed on the side of the plate

Kitchen in the style Chebbi-chic with a small shelf for storage of spices

Options when spices 10-20, and even more styles, there are not always, but a small amount is necessary to keep organized. options:

  1. In a small stylized drawer directly on the countertop.
  2. The plastic organizer. It can be hung on the wall, and every kind of spice to invest in a separate pocket.
  3. In a box from under the pills tic tac.

If the spices are not many, they can be placed in glass cones

The most basic spices should always be at hand

Small stand with spices does not take up much space on the table

Storing spices in the kitchen: the conclusion

Proper storage of spices depends on the taste of food, and from the convenience store them - the mood of the hostess, which also affects the taste. Options for weight, with different budgets, styles and volumes.

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