Box for clothes in the bathroom

Laundry basket in the bathroom (photo 65): types, features, choices

Simple stylish openwork basket for linen and towels

Who said that the basket of dirty laundry in the bathroom, performing their intended purpose, may not become more and adorn bathrooms? It turns out that with the right design it can be transformed from dull and ordinary objects of interior in the very same thing, which is able to give odds to any design things. So, let's learn some laundry baskets in the bathroom there, you need to remember when they are selected and whether you can make them yourself?

Set of bright, with a geometric pattern, high wicker laundry baskets

Wicker laundry basket - accessory with a vintage charm

Design a set of wall-laundry baskets "Polyp": linen is added through the hole in the bottom of the basket, and when the baskets are full, they are simply removed from the wall mount, underwear is not crumbling.

The most common variant - the so-called standard basket. It can be used near a corner bath. It represents a tank for storing the laundry, which may have very different shape - rectangular, square, circular, oval, cylindrical. Corner laundry basket in the bathroom are comfortable and practical, but they have one drawback - they all have a place, so the owners of small bathrooms are not very suitable.

The most simple plastic laundry basket: corner option

Compact rectangular wicker basket with comfortable handles

If you need to save the most space, pay attention to hanging baskets. Most often it is the small fabric bags, which are placed in not very many clothes, but they practically do not take up space. The ideal solution for a small family.

Most often, the dirty clothes are placed near the washing machine. It is comfortable and practical, but what if the bathroom space does not permit to do so? In this case, the best solution is often built laundry basket in the bathroom. Often, furniture for the room in advance provides for embedded tanks - they can be placed in the lockers, cupboards under the washbasin.

Integrated sorting laundry basket

Vintage laundry basket of metal mesh with fabric insert

Tip! You can also set the laundry basket under the bathroom. In this case, you not only save the area, but also get rid of the clutter of things on the floor.

Finally, a separate species - a laundry basket with the original form. It may be tanks, resembling the outline of fantasy characters or animals, as well as baskets, made in the form of a miniature washing machines and so on.

Wicker laundry basket with a funny teddy bear

Amusing white wicker basket with a lid in the form of a monkey

Wool laundry basket in the form of a shark from the Polish designer Jolanta Uczarczyk

To basket served you long and do not cause discomfort, careful approach to the choice of its material. So how can he be?

  • Plastic. Plastic laundry basket in the bathroom - a classic of the genre. It is these tanks are breaking all records of popularity, and there are several reasons. First of all, the plastic - a material very inexpensive, and therefore available to most of our fellow citizens. In addition, plastic trash can boast the most unimaginable colors, so choose the best option for the bathrooms, decorated in any style will be easy. Finally, the plastic quite easily, so even filled the basket will move on the bathroom is much easier than, for example, wood or metal. However, it also has a disadvantage: because the plastic is not very durable, baskets life can not be too long.
  • Metal. Unlike plastic, this material is much more strong and durable. If your bathroom is decorated in the spirit of high-tech, the best option - a round basket made of sheet metal, which has a matte or glossy finish. If you prefer a more refined and lightweight construction, it is possible to look at the same accessories, but made of a thin solid wire or mesh. Note: consider only those baskets that are made of corrosion-resistant materials, as otherwise you risk to get acquainted with rust.

Designer laundry basket "Amphora"

Metal laundry baskets elegant look with holes for ventilation

Tip! Since the whole basket of metal sheet have a low weight it is not recommended to choose a model with wheels.

  • Wicker. Interior Features of vines, rattan, bamboo and other natural ingredients are becoming more popular every day. Proof of this - the range of home accessories stores. Moreover, such a basket - a real find for the supporters of eco-style. Wicker laundry basket in the bathroom has a number of indisputable advantages. She looks presentable, harmoniously fitting into the interior bathrooms. Furthermore, it is practically not affected by fungi and molds have been generally PEDs are treated with special compositions, repelling moisture. Incidentally, the baskets can be made not only from natural materials, but also from synthetic (e.g., of plastic tape).

Wicker baskets from natural materials: bamboo, vines, or algae, laundry baskets - may well decorate the interior of most bathrooms

Wicker rectangular basket with a linen cover with a strip of cloth will look great alongside other accessories in style Shabby-chic

Stone floor, decorative plaster on the walls and accessories in classical style - Wicker baskets of different sizes fit perfectly in such an ensemble

  • Tree . Wooden boxes for dirty clothes are comfortable and environmentally friendly. They are good because they do not cause allergies, does not absorb moisture, is not allowed to develop mold, mildew and rot. However, as in the case of the wicker baskets, all these positive features are real only in the case if you create a basket of wood was treated with a special moisture repellent agent. As well as other items made from natural materials, wooden accessories bring the atmosphere of the bathroom a touch of comfort. They fit well into the interior, decorated in the spirit of Provence, classic, modern.

Box made of wood traveled for clothes, neatly hiding dirty clothes, but sufficiently ventilated

Basket, which consists of a decorative wooden box and a removable cloth bag for laundry is also handy shelves for towels

  • Textile. If you value the ease tissue basket will surely appeal to you heart. They have the lowest weight of all the other kinds of baskets, take up little space and can be cleaned, if at the moment they are not needed. To hold such an accessory form, most frequently in its bottom and walls sewed cardboard inserts. The disadvantages of these baskets include the tact that they are easy to absorb moisture, so they must be timely to dry and ventilate, otherwise mold and mildew can not be avoided.

Set of rainbow cloth, baskets laundry baskets with lids and metal handles

Shopping for clothes can even be crocheted

Designer laundry basket: both traditional wicker, plastic and utilitarian

As you can see, there are many options of materials for laundry baskets. Get the one that is best suited for the interior of your bathroom, and a basket will appear on "hurray".

A few tips for choosing the basket

  • Basket for linen should be made of strong materials and must withstand a lot of weight.
  • If it is made of metal, plastic, rattan or wicker, before you buy, check the junction elements for sharp and jagged, as they can be left on the clothes hooks and even break it.
  • Shopping necessarily have to have a cover.
  • Note the presence of holes for ventilation.
  • If you want to sort dirty laundry by color, should buy a basket on a few branches.

Sorting basket of dark color on wheels

Convenient sorting laundry basket with removable compartments

Choosing cloth laundry baskets is huge, and yet they are lighter and more compact than the rest

Funny inscriptions revive such utilitarian everyday household items such as laundry basket

How do the laundry basket with his hands?

The simplest version of the independent production of laundry baskets - is the use of office pail for papers, glue and a thick cord.

  1. Turn the bucket upside down and put on ledges on its adhesive dropwise over a certain distance (5-10 cm).
  2. Attach the power cord to the glued places and a good push to the bucket.
  3. Wrap the whole bucket, gradually adding new glue drops.
  4. If you want to get more original laundry basket, in a certain number of rows, you can use the cord of a different color.

Step by step instructions on how to make a beautiful laundry basket of clerical bucket and a thick cord

You can decorate the finished woven laundry basket, tabbing to it decorative elements

Copyright cloth baskets for linen with funny animals out of felt and wool

Capacious cloth laundry basket with a geometric pattern

As you can see, the laundry basket in the bathroom can be not only the right accessories that will help you to prepare things for washing, but also a stylish addition interior bathrooms.

Wide rectangular wicker basket is universal, it is also suitable for hanging laundry. To collect the dirty laundry basket is advisable to use such a cover.

Painted metal basket-bowl laundry can serve as an excellent decoration of the bathroom in the boho style, Shabby Chic, Provence

Traditional wicker basket looks neutral and suitable for any bathroom interior

Wicker chest for clothes with handles and flat cap

Boxes laundry in the bathroom

linen storage problem creates a lot of problems owners of any bathroom. Clean linen and towels, and especially dirty laundry waiting to wash, scattered in different corners, do not add beauty to even the most elegant interior decoration. As can be seen on the photo to linen drawers in the bathroom to do several important tasks.

Do I need a box of laundry in the bathroom?

Faced with linen storage, owners of small-sized bathroom come to the conclusion that even a neatly folded clean clothes after some time turns into a shapeless heap, repeatedly grown in volume, and even more dirty laundry that can also fill the bathroom odors. Scattered on the bathroom linen more heavily contaminated, it absorbs spilled moisture, which can lead to the loss of the appearance of things, especially from fabrics with delicate colors.

Boxes for the bathroom, specially designed for the storage of clothes, help maintain order, comfort and appearance of stacked them things. Beautiful lingerie drawer, mounted in a convenient location, is, moreover, an additional interior decoration.

Separate basket or piece of furniture?

If earlier the drawers in the bathroom were in the form of a free-standing baskets, whose purpose guessed accurately and immediately, with the development of specialized furniture for wet areas appeared a lot of variety of models:

  • Traditional laundry basket that is installed in the room bathroom can successfully carry out its functions. Simple basket of different materials and different shapes found their place in small bathrooms with an inexpensive repair, does not prevent it to be clean and comfortable room. But often the shopping cart is used as a design accessory that emphasizes the selected style of the room;
  • Convenient box, built-in part of a suite of furniture, can be in the most unexpected place. This may be freestanding or hanging design of various types, or pedestal portion of the canister under the sink. Different sizes, quality materials and various accessories make use of comfortable furniture, and behind it a minimum care. find a suitable accommodation option for each bathroom, and can be made individually for the realization of design projects in the life of the furniture.

As already mentioned, the boxes for dirty or clean laundry can be hidden from prying eyes in the most unexpected place:

  • Demanded among consumers cabinet - Stand where you are installing sanitary devices can disrupt the comfortable box divided into a plurality of compartments. Drawer under the sink in the bathroom to store toiletries, not only, but also have a hinged lid for built-in basket to collect the laundry. Generally, such boxes are designed without the rear wall, allowing communication sum but with reinforced frame, providing the necessary stiffness. Tumba has good ventilation of the internal space required for storing clothes. In some cases, next to the sink washing machine is installed, and to use such a box is very convenient;
  • Fighting for every centimeter of space bathroom, specialized furniture began to grow in height. Combined high cupboards or columns are divided into several large or small boxes, some of which are intended for the storage of clean and dirty laundry. Located in the middle of a small canister height drawers for the bathroom are very convenient to store neatly folded clean laundry. Section "downstairs" convenient location for the metal latticework basket, with the front retractable dverkoj;
  • If floor space is fully occupied, and there is no place to put a pencil case, you can use the wall surface. Hanging boxes bathroom is often the only possible solution to accommodate the much needed furniture. Free corners or unused wall space above the installed equipment does not interfere with the free movement can be successfully filled;

Folding linen drawers built-in furniture

Tip: Wide hinged box for the bathroom with a small depth of economize on the precious volume of the room, but at the same time has a high capacity. Shallow depth becomes a huge advantage: a folded linen to get much easier. Suspended drawer in the bathroom must be chosen very carefully. Its size and location should not interfere with the free movement, and housing design and fixtures to be sufficiently reliable.

  • Mounted on a metal frame acrylic baths, closed decorative screens allow the rational use of the resulting volume, placing the box under the bottom of a bathtub. Side guides fixed to the frame structure bath, provide space around the box, promoting air circulation. This box is very well suited for storing clothes. The mechanism, which opens from mild depression, does not require installation of handles and makes a drawer under the bathroom is absolutely remarkable.

The desire to make maximum use of space has resulted in numerous combination options for outdoor furniture and curtain models. Mirror surfaces are protected from moisture deposition technology and protection coatings have been successfully used for installation on furniture fronts. Suspended new box for a bathroom with a mirror, mounted, for example, over the sink eliminates the need for a separate mirror.

Any furniture for wet rooms should be made of quality materials in compliance with the technological processes.

Important! Common underwear storage plastic boxes for bathroom have excellent water resistance, however, and plastics over "dry up" time and lose strength. Features material does not allow to make large floor or suspension structure. Plastic boxes for bathroom are made mostly in the form of baskets of different shapes and a small shelving units.

Plastics are widely used to protect more durable upholstery materials having poorer water resistance. Such a combination eliminates the disadvantages repeatedly enhancing their advantages. Almost all the furniture present in the market for wet rooms is made of this technology.

Wicker boxes of bamboo or rattan, as well as the original design of metal and fabrics can find its place in an appropriate style bathroom. These products are beautiful and functional at the same time.

Practicality, style, functionality - these are the criteria which in their totality will pick up box for clothes best meets the preferences of its owner.

Copying of materials is possible only with the active and not closed by indexing links to the source.

Laundry basket in the bathroom: 5 5 materials and interesting ideas for embedded models

Baskets for dirty clothes - an indispensable attribute of modern bathroom, because that in it things are going to load in the washing machine or hand wash. There they are hidden from prying eyes, and do not take up much space.

I think the most important thing to baskets were ventilated fit into the design and are durable. Therefore, in this article I will tell you about the main intricacies of choosing this accessory.

Without the capacity for dirty things in the bathroom can not do

Materials for containers for linen - 5 best solutions

Since the basket is, most often, in the bathroom, it must be resistant to moisture and steam, and more - to protect it from the influence of clothing which will be located within, because such an influence on lingerie to provoke the formation of mold and unpleasant odors. Therefore, the most important thing is what I advise you to pay attention to when choosing a container for laundry - this is the material from which it is made.

Materials of construction for containers for laundry

Plastic containers, it seems to me, a win-win option, and therefore the most popular on the market. In shops and supermarkets, you can find models of various shapes and colors, you will find different sizes, and the price of the goods does not hit hard on the wallet.

But one of the major disadvantages of such baskets - this is just their appearance. Under the luxurious repair, a bath in the style of hi-tech, modern, minimalist, and other modern styles of plastic models does not fit.

Plastic underwear model - the cheapest and unpretentious in the care

Narrow plastic model of IDEA costs about 500-600 rubles

But if the basket is hiding in the closet, cabinet or drawer, and it is not visible, then the plastic container - one of the most appropriate and convenient options.

Given the ecological wood, the best option for your clothes than wicker basket, it is difficult to come up with. But I accent your attention to the fact that the wooden model should be of good quality, because untreated wood can quickly rotted, covered with mold, broken.

These models are suitable not only for the dirty linen, but also for towels, storage accessories and detergents.

And the price depends on the size and capacity of the basket. Models rattan height of 40-50 cm are about 4-5 thousand rubles, and 70-100 cm -.. 7-8 thousand rubles..

Wicker baskets are suitable for eco-style of Provence, classics and even minimalism important to choose the optimal shape of the container and is suitable for interior wood color. But Art Nouveau and hi-tech with such materials will not look quite.

Original wicker laundry basket in the bathroom can be, even in the form of animals

But for luxury interiors and classic fit containers made of artificial leather. They are very resistant and durable, and color and aspect variations allow to enter the model in almost any interior.

This narrow model of the Koh-i-noor will cost 7500-8000 rubles

Metal baskets also look solid, they will last for many years without losing a presentable appearance, and fit perfectly into the interior of certain styles, such as loft, high-tech, fusion. Models in chrome-plated metal "bronze", "under copper" and even "under the gold" will be a highlight of the interior.

Metal model of the brand Brabantia will cost 15-20 thousand. Rubles

You can buy and simpler model

Metal containers in the bath, in any case will be influenced by moisture, so the metal to be processed anticorrosive composition. I recommend to choose variants of stainless steel.

Fabric basket - it is environmentally friendly, safe, and very beautiful. Of course, the material must be strong, not thin, the clothes were protected against water and steam, and another model should be comfortable, stable, roomy.

Tissue basket can add richness and color bath

Tissue models are now at the peak of popularity, thanks to the creative ideas of designers who create masterpieces for your interiors. Bright prints, unusual shapes fit into the high-tech, modern, loft, in a word, almost all modern, and not quite the classic style of interior!

The tissue model in the form of a shark from designer Jolanta Uczarczyk from Poland

Types of setting the type of container

The most common baskets - floor. They are mobile, are placed directly on the floor and can be transferred to any other place of the room.

Baskets can have additional advantages, for example, models with additional shelves not only allow you to store dirty laundry, but also have the necessary things and accessories. This additional space savings.

This basket has 2 additional shelves

Floor models may be foldable. I really like these because they can be folded and hide at any time, and especially after washing. Most often, such a solution is made from fabric and wood or metal.

Fabric original colors will highlight in the bathroom style

Difficult question is always the choice of capacities of goods, because you want more space for clothes, especially for a large family. But in a small bathroom that option would take too much space.

If you dwell on the floor models, the approach angle basket, it will take less space than normal, but will be more spacious.

Very popular corner rattan baskets and plastic

In addition to floor models emit more and wall, they allow you to save more space. Wall containers for clothes is very convenient to set up near the washing machine (but only if the decision fits into the interior). In general, if the bath is compact, it seems to me, any place suitable container for clothes, because the machine will still be there.

Wall model from the brand "polyp" - the perfect solution for high-tech style, they are not only store things, but also complement the interior

In addition to flooring, there are several type of laundry baskets

The compact baths, extra large laundry basket is not set, so I recommend to go for tricks, especially since modern furniture easily help hide containers for things from prying eyes.

The bathroom furniture should consider space for built-in laundry containers

The idea of ​​placing the baskets in the furniture:

  1. Baskets, built in cupboard under the sink. I believe that the place under the sink have to be used wisely, especially in the compact bathroom. In the locker under washbasin can be installed shelves for accessories and cosmetics, and the pull-out laundry basket. This is especially useful when the washing machine is standing near the sink.

Pull-basket under the sink - is planned with space wisely

  1. Basket in the cupboard. Retractable or folding basket in the cabinet will also help save space. All the more so in the bathroom cabinet with laundry basket, usually has other shelves and compartments, which are suitable for toys and accessories needed in the bathroom.

Folding shopping cart in the bedside table allows you to quickly get or put things

  1. Basket in the pencil case. The idea of ​​sliding or folding boxes in a compact bathroom - one of the most ergonomic ways to store different things, and dirty laundry - is no exception. You can buy a container for a bath with a laundry basket, storage and issue of dirty things will disappear.

Wardrobe with a basket of laundry will save a lot of space and store dirty laundry in a comfortable and roomy container

  1. Basket on a washing machine. Where, if not near the washing machine is most convenient to place containers for dirty laundry. This can be done in several ways, for example, to build some shelves to the ceiling or to attach the tissue basket to the cornice, as in the photo.

Place above the washing machine is still mostly free, so placing baskets on it - it is not only convenient, but also ergonomic.

  1. The individual cabinets for laundry with the sections. Built-in basket in a common cabinet pencil case or cabinet where you can store and other things - is not the only solution. The modern market offers a special laundry with sections of furniture, which is convenient to sort clothes by color. This solution is hardly suitable for compact rooms, but for medium and large facilities will be indispensable for the hosts.

Base cabinet with several sections allows sorting dirty laundry immediately, without wasting time on it just before washing

Create a section for things you can own hands (if you have multiple baskets the right size clothes). Instruction is simple - on the containers can sew or draw words with shades (light, dark, color), or affix the wood, with the stickers to the surface of the chalk drawing, etc.

Floor, built-in, pull-out - laundry baskets today are so many, you can choose the one that will complement the interior, or vice versa, such that will be hidden from prying eyes.

Share in the comments what you use baskets, where to store them, and consider which option most convenient! A few ideas and tips can be found in the video in this article.

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