Blinds in the interior of the living room

Modern curtains for the living room and hall

The interior design, as well as in the design of clothing, regularly, new fashion trends and what was true today, tomorrow it could be hopelessly outdated. This does not mean that in the pursuit of fashion, we need every 2-3 years to change the wallpaper and flooring. In order to match the interior room spirit of the time, enough to buy new curtains. In this article we will look at all the fashion trends in 2017 in the design of modern curtains for the living room and hall, and also give a lot of vivid photos with examples.

Tulle and drapes for a long time remain the most popular tandem of decorating the window openings in the living rooms and halls.

In 2017, fashionable two-tone hang curtains. In fact, such curtains are made of a material of two different colors. Due to such a method of tailoring the impression that some curtains superimposed on the other. It looks beautiful and stylish.

In the photo options of modern two-color curtains for the living room and hall.

Tulle sewn light airy translucent curtains day. They soften the sunlight, make it more comfortable for the eyes and create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Opaque curtains completely obscure room. They emphasize the style of the interior environment and give completeness.

Choice of fabrics for them is very wide and there are always new varieties of textures and colors.

In addition, and blinds and drapes are different ways of draping, combined with lambrequins and curtain accessories.

Experimenting with the choice of fabric, cut, fabrics and trim you can always find a model suitable for any interior style from the salon to the avant-garde.

load, and can be large and even contrasting with the color of the curtains.

It is interesting to look at the style of curtains "colorblock", ie combining two colors of fabric sewn horizontally. With this technique it is possible even from the most simple material to make fashionable and modern curtains for the living room or hall.

The photo modern curtains in style "colorblock", which are ideally suited for the living room or hall.

Of the recommended ways today designers design windows in the living room and hall with tulle curtains and a few deserve special attention:

  • The emphasis is on the drapes. They are sewn from fabric saturated colors, richly draped, combined with lambrequins, decorated with tassels and fringe. These decorative techniques need not be applied all at once. Just one or two of them. Tulle is the background, emphasizing the beauty of the main curtains. His pale sewn from fabric to match curtains and does not decorate.
  • Emphasis is placed on tulle. In this case, the design of curtains is chosen exactly the opposite: the curtains sewn from the fabric attracting attention, gather in the lush folds and decorate curtain accessories. Curtains them selected pale pastel colors and simple shapes.
  • If the living room windows are located on the shady side they can be issued only tulle. Ideal - tulle with photo printing of smooth transparent natural dense weave fabric: silk, chiffon, organza. Fotoshtoram not need elaborate draperies, pelmets and decorations. Under any interior style, you can find the right image: buy ready-made curtains or order them in the studio on the individual design.

There are many different ways of fixing the curtains to the eaves and tulle: curtain tape, Drawstring, loops, straps, clothespins with rings, but most fashionable lately - eyelets.

Curtains on the grommet perfectly suited for the living room in a modern style.

Eyelets - small plastic or metal rings are inserted into the holes cut in the top of the curtain. Thanks to them on the curtains formed the same, smooth flowing folds. The greater the distance between the rings, the deeper folds. This mount is only suitable for round cornices and looks very neat and modern.

Curtains on the grommet can be mounted on the cornice in two ways: to string through the holes in the ring or hang on hooks attached to them or through them Threaded ties. eyelets size depends on the diameter of the curtain rod. They can be subtle and only carry functional

Pelmet - narrow decorative fabric drapery, located in the upper part of the ensemble for curtain across the entire width of the cornice. Initially such fabrics complemented only drapes and curtains. But today, the fashion and layering with lambrequins allowed to combine any curtains.

Pelmets allow original and stylishly decorate the window curtains give a luxurious and finished appearance and make the environment more comfortable in the room. In addition, they help to visually smooth out the bumps and ceilings hide small flaws windows.

In the picture an example of how, even in the modern interior room you arrange the window curtains with lambrequins.

They can be divided into several types:

  • Classic soft. Cuts of soft tissue flowing in a draped perekidy or in any other way using braid or grabs. They can be simple, made of a single piece of fabric and complex, composed of several parts.
  • Bando. Flat, without wrinkling pelmet fabric fixed on thick adhesive based on, for example, Non-woven. Its lower edge may be straight (pelmet then will appear as a narrow band of fabric) or truncated at any arbitrary shape.
  • Openwork. Hard pelmet with a cut over its entire surface with a laser through-filigree pattern.
  • Pelmets - puffs. Whole tissue webs, single-layer or stacked layer 2-3 and laced original tape or decorative cords.
  • Combined. Pelmets, consisting of several parts, typical for rigid and soft models. For example, a simple rectangular gangs hanging around the edges with soft drapes.

For modern interiors are best suited curtains with hard lambrequins.

Today it is fashionable to combine with any curtains lambrequins model. Consider some modern ideas:

  • Lush classic pelmet give the appearance of curtains and curtain gloss and status.
  • Pelmet in the form perekidy soften and make less formal strict straight lines Roman blinds and vertical blinds.
  • Bando in the form of a long narrow rectangle, emphasize smooth soft shapes Austrian and French curtains.
  • Openwork pelmet with fancy ornaments, combined with vertical fabric blinds will create the effect of perspective and depth of the space outside the window.

For each type of blinds you can find your model pelmet. Together, they help to create a unique and one-of-a-kind interior.

Roman blinds - a kind of lifting curtains. They have a simple rectangular shape, in the assembled state gather in a flat horizontal folds, which can be obtained thanks to their sewn wrong side of the plastic and wooden slats.

In the picture an example of how you can combine the classic Roman shades and curtains, so they looked nice in a modern interior.

Designers love Roman blinds for their versatility. They can sew any fabric textures and colors. This means that the Roman blinds can be used as curtains, or as a curtain, and under every situation you can find a suitable model.

Even if it is not too harmoniously fit into the interior, it can always be combined with another model of window curtains.

For classical living typically selected representative dense fabrics such as velvet, jacquard, brocades, tapestry. Roman curtains of them combined with curtains of tulle, voile, light silk or organza.

For the living room in a minimalist style designers recommend roman shades of one color or a vertical striped fabric print. The alternation of light and dark bands especially effectively looks at the wide windows.

For living in the Japanese style, or environmental good solution could be Roman blinds made of bamboo or straw. And in order to mitigate the severe forms, they can be supplemented with a colorless light tulle, suspended on a string cornice ceiling.

The interiors are in rustic style, such as English Shabby-chic, French Provencal and American country decorate Roman curtains with floral print or a cage made of linen or heavy cotton. However, this season, the fine print is not welcome, so the flowers and the cage is better to choose bigger. Due to the fact that the folds on the Roman model curtains smooth and rare, they do not distort the image.

For a small living room with a little daylight is best suited roman shades of light and light-colored fabric. They are not weighted visually a small room and will not attract undue attention. Complementing these light curtains transparent curtains, the room will look more fresh and airy.

Thus, for any interior you can find "their" Roman blinds. But because of their shape remains unchanged, will not experiment with it. Therefore harmoniously fit them into a situation can only be choosing from different models of texture and colors of the fabric.

Austrian curtains lift curtains only model with a romantic, elegant draperies underlined character. Exception - a French marquis. Yet their classic version includes static and lift control, they were equipped only recently.

Drape "Austrians" only in the bottom of the canvas, so wrinkles do not look at them lush and pompous. This season sew them predominantly of natural soft tissues of delicate floral print colors with: a thin linen, cotton goods, tulle organza pastel colors and decorated with bows, braid, lace curtain pins in the form of flowers and butterflies.

The Austrian model can also sew and of delicate veil or organza, and combined with classical long curtains. And it is possible to use as the main curtain.

Definitely say that the Austrian curtains are suitable for any interior can not. Their naive "peyzansky" character best fits the classic country style:

  • For English Shabby-chic suit "Austrians" of plain cotton or silk whitish pastel shades.
  • For the French Provence it is better to sew from thick cotton or linen with delicate pink or blue flowers.
  • For Austrian curtains in the room, decorated in American country style, choose satin or cotton in small cells or stripes.

Shading, which is created by such tissue for living is usually sufficient. Therefore, combine the curtains of them with other curtains can be, but not necessarily.

Japanese panel - sliding curtains, consisting of rectangular, tightly stretched fabric paintings. Outwardly, they look like the doors of wardrobes and move in a horizontal plane on the same principle. Tensioning strap webs provided the gravity, threaded through kuliske in their lower part.

Despite the austere look Japanese curtains in the living room are able to create at least a cozy and comfortable atmosphere than curtains with lush draperies. However, their length may be both to the sill and the floor. The last option for the living room and the hall is preferable.

Light-protective properties of the Japanese curtains, depending on their density. In this case, the fabric for them you can choose any: natural, synthetic, dense, transparent, colored, monochromatic, with photo printing. The choice depends on what kind of role do you see them in the interior. Needs Is your room in full shade or enough for him curtains, which are only slightly soften the daylight, they will be the main focus of his or their appointment to create a background for the situation.

Fashion trends of the season for the Japanese curtains in the room and the living room are:

  • The combination on a single ledge webs of different densities, for example, of translucent and thick silk. At the same time play the role of tight panel curtains and translucent curtains.
  • If the window size allows, before it can be placed up to 10 paintings of different colors and textures. Moving them along the eaves, adding up to a series, one after the other or overlap can be infinite play with light, shadow and color.
  • One of the latest fashion trends - fotoshtory. Since the Japanese model shape similar to canvas stretched on a frame, they are ideally suited for printing. They can be applied to any image and create in the living room a unique and individual interior.

Making a living room and a hall Japanese curtains, do not forget that they are best suited for minimalist interiors, such as Japanese, high-tech, minimalism, modern. In order to harmoniously fit laconic fabric panels in a lush and romantic interiors, they have to be combined with curtains, tulle or muslin.

In recent years, modern curtains in the room were replenished another interesting and practical kind - roller blinds or shutters. Such a curtain is a piece of fabric, which is wound on a shaft mounted in the window opening, or directly to the window sash. In the first case in the closed form, it completely closes the window with the window sill, and in the second only to the glass.

Such curtains are especially suitable for people who love the interior conciseness. Initially, they made out the window mainly in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and for the other rooms, they were considered too simple. But today, when the fashion creative solutions and traditional curtains many people already be fed, roller blinds are used in all living areas. And to make the appearance of blinds less formal, they are combined with other types of curtains.

Modern ideas in the field of interior design make it possible to use blinds in any interior styles:

  • The living room in the style of hi-tech, look great blinds color of wet asphalt, as well as black or white.
  • By the style of minimalism suitable blinds pale shades, with just a hint of color.
  • By living in a Japanese-style curtains selected from natural fabrics of natural colors, brown, green and bamboo.
  • The avant-garde interior design styles such as art nouveau and pop art best fit blinds bright colors. Importantly do not forget to support them by other elements of the same color: upholstery on the furniture, decorative pillows.
  • For classical interior roller blinds only is not enough. Dense blinds have to be supplemented with tulle, blinds and curtains made of transparent fabric.

Particularly popular blinds "day-night", which differ from conventional roller blinds ability to dose entering the room in natural light. Curtains "day-night" are made of two layers of fabric diversified one, consisting of alternating dense and transparent stripes. In the closed position, they look like a single blade, and in the open form gaps and pass the sun's rays.

Muslin - curtains of dense rows of threads or ribbons. They are very decorative, plastic, easy to drape, look great as a separate window decoration and is also easily combined with other varieties of blinds.

In spite of the air structure, thread curtains fully able to create ample shading for rooms that do not need to be one hundred percent protection from sunlight. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the design of halls and lounges designers are increasingly taking them into service.

The word muslin is hiding a huge amount of very different colors and texture of curtains, but they can be conditionally divided into two types: simple and solid decorative elements.

Simple muslin consists of twisted cotton, silk or shenillovyh, monochromatic or multicolored. Muslin with solid decorative elements - it's the same simple threads, but adorned with crystals, beads, sequins, shells, artificial butterflies or flowers.

Every time there are new options for decoration muslin, and list all the modern ideas on registration of these non-trivial curtains living room and impossible. Here are some of them:

  • In the eastern Arab interiors of which have come to us and filament curtains looks best muslin saturated bright colors with the addition of gold and silver threads.
  • The living room in the style of hi-tech is appropriate muslin with a metallic luster, as well as black, white and color of wet asphalt.
  • For the rooms in the style of Provence and Shabby-chic suit delicate snow-white muslin decorated with beads and artificial flowers.
  • For Mediterranean living room, you can choose muslin, decorated with shells.
  • For classical interiors are best suited muslin gentle pastel shades, plays the role of curtains.

In addition, almost all the interiors look very impressive curtains thread hung on top of the long curtains and beautifully draped.

Tips for choosing a designer curtains

  1. 1 Curtains for the hall and the living room can be any model, as long as they are in harmony with the rest of the decor.
  2. 2 Today it is urgent to combine in one versatile window curtains: tulle and blinds, porters and Roman curtains, blinds and curtains.
  3. 3 Curtains should not merge with the walls. Under monochromatic wallpaper selected contrast curtains or darken the color, monochromatic or patterned. On the contrary, under the colorful wallpaper choose just plain curtains.
  4. 4 Going to the store for a fabric for curtains, take a piece of wallpaper. If the walls are painted, you can take a picture of them on the mobile device. This will help you to orient with fabric colors.
  5. 5 On the counter fabric looks different than the windows. So consider it for clearance before purchase.
  6. 6 this season in fashion all natural. This applies not only to the quality of fabric for curtains, but also its color. Most popular colors - green, blue, brown, cherry, mustard. They should be saturated and muted, resembling thick gouache paints.
  7. 7 In fashion large prints. Very relevant curtains with photo printing. Depending on the image they can be matched to any interior.

The living room and the hall - the room where the guests take and which judge hosts. And if, doing design other rooms, we first of all try to make them comfortable, the room and the living room of their status simply must be fashionable and beautiful. The possibilities of modern curtains in this regard are endless. You will always be able to find among them a beautiful, practical and with the design model.

The curtains in the living room: 70 stylish options, photo in the interior

The living room is difficult to imagine without the textiles: upholstery, flowing lines and the curtains in the living room, which create and complete the image. Properly selected design curtains for the living room is refreshing, and attracts attention.

Blinds in the interior both emphasize the advantages of the room, complement it and show disadvantages in choosing the wrong color or design curtains and non-compliance with the overall style. Requirements for living room curtains are not so many as to the kitchen, but they need to be resistant to fading, if the room is located on the sunny side.

Curtains on the window in the living room creates a special atmosphere, protected from sunlight and prying vzlyad. With their similar functionality, they are very different, and given the right fit interior room of different styles.

  • The curtains in the living room in a modern style, as a rule, direct and without grip in light shades of beige and white colors and pastel shades of green, red, purple. Cloth curtains for modern living can be both natural and constructed in accordance with the upgraded technology, the main ─ it is monophonic or with a large geometry.

  • Curtains for the living room in a classic style combine light tulle and heavy thick curtains. On the one hand, weightless organza transmits daylight and on the other ─ opaque curtains adorn the wall and evenings to protect from prying eyes. This is a very practical solution, so the design of curtains for the living room in a classic style turn many owners with the same good taste. Here assume any material and texture of the fabric.

  • Curtains in the style of Provence to the living room creates a feeling of nature and the simplicity of the province. The colors should be fresh and succulent, but not bright. Preference should be given the color of ocher and terracotta. Provence curtains in the interior of the living room should be exclusively made of natural fabrics: linen, cotton, cotton with floral embroidery of pictures allowed floral elements bright colors, stripes, and cell. To create Provence should ideally be a large window with sliding doors.

Choosing curtains the color of the living room

When choosing the color of curtains you must start from the size of the room, the amount of light in it, layout and height of the ceiling.

  • Curtains in a gray living room highlight the beauty and style of neutral steel shade. White color in the milk and yellow shades complement the image. Pink, yellow, orange and peach will become a bright shade and add to the interior living room light, comfort and softness. The most successful solution to the sunny rooms will have a choice of blue, and purple curtains gentle tones, it will refresh the room, and decorative pillows in the color of curtains will complete the image. Win-Win 'is a neutral range beige, sand and any coffee color tone.

  • Blinds in the interior beige living room should be milky and brown to complement the style of the room, or they may be turquoise, pale violet, fuchsia to create expressive accent. Bright texture, satin and velvet create a vintage style, and transparent and modern fabrics are suitable for the modern style of minimalism and high-tech style.

  • Curtains in a white living room, you can choose any, depending on the style of the room. For a classic design suitable white blackout curtains, Tapestry tyuley with white, brown and coffee curtains, beige and sand. This design will mute white walls and create comfort. Bright colors (pink, green, lilac, blue, orange) detain attention to the window opening and make it central to the interior.

Recommendations for choosing a color for the living room curtains

There are basic rules of how to pick up the curtains in the living room by color:

  • choosing the color and shade curtains, depending on the color and texture of wallpaper (if choose curtains in one palette wallpaper, they must be of 2-4 shades lighter or darker than the walls);
  • color can match the color of furniture or very large objects in the interior (sofa or carpet);
  • design curtains and pillows one cloth will create a unity of style;
  • cool colors (blue, green), suitable for small living room and make it visually wider, and warm (orange, red) are more suitable for large rooms (and large pattern);
  • for rooms on the sunny side will approach the cool colors, warm and fill the interior of the living room light.

Gray curtains in the interior of the living room creates a neutral and expensive look. To suit vintage style curtains with an ornament for a minimalist ─ plain and baggy gray fabric is suitable for eco-style.

Brown curtains in the living room suitable in any shade, will be combined with wooden furniture and floors. It is a versatile tone that does not attract attention, but it warms the interior.

White curtains in the living room creates an air atmosphere, if made of transparent and translucent materials. They add light, raise the ceiling and is suitable for small living room. Satin, linen and cotton ─ a good choice for curtains and draperies and pelmets are superfluous.

Black and white curtains in the living room is better to choose a light fabric with a floral pattern, striped, with geometric lines, and then the room will look elegant. They must be combined with the color of the furniture and walls, and flashy accents against a background of curtains will be even brighter.

Black curtains in the living room look organically only with simple colors of the walls, with no texture and pattern. They must be of good-quality fabric and emphasize the existing style of the interior.

The green curtains in the living room a soft olive shade will look elegant with light-colored pleated curtains. For light walls and create a rustic green curtains fit into the cage, and the bright green curtains will be a key element of the interior.

Purple curtains in the living room suitable for creating a creative environment. Combined with white and gray walls. Suitable for rooms of any size, and purple curtains in the interior of the living room can reduce the space, so that the tone is better suited for a room with a bay window.

Turquoise in the interior living room curtains are best combined with furniture or walls the same color, white furniture and bright carpet. Flying curtains and turquoise lights will create a unique interior air.

Red curtains in the interior of the living room creates the effect of additional energy. The cherry and wine shades are suitable for a large living room and a small sitting room supplement in combination with light-colored fabrics.

Maroon curtains in the living room combined with white and beige walls, but allowed for a combination of blue and purple flowers in different shades. Suitable for spacious rooms with large windows.

Blue curtains in the interior of the living room will suit a bright shade or in a combination of white and blue for a small room and a spacious living room, you can combine the blue velvet curtains with gold cord garters.

Types of curtains in the living room from tyuley up pelmet

  • Light curtains in the living room of thread is passed and the sun's rays are decorated with beads, clips, bobby pins and beads. Filaments of different colors in combination create a composition and complement each other. For the living room is better to pick up the threads of linen and silk.

  • Lace curtains in the living room are a popular design windows for flowing fabric, which is easy to wash and is mounted on any ledge and tulle to create a smooth eyelets identical folds.

  • Curtains on the grommet into the living room will be the right choice for the living room with the balcony door, which will make it possible to frequent move aside the curtains without deforming.

  • Roman blinds in the living room is better to choose the classic version to create a minimalist, or Cascade (with lush folds when opened) for the interior in the style of Provence and lightweight design.

  • The curtains in the bay window of the living room has a window on each individual blade to a common cornice with rings limiter, the curtains on the outside corners of the general to the whole bay. For the living room suitable lush curtains with an unusual finish.

  • Short curtains in the living room suitable for small rooms and narrow. They can be up to the window sill or even shorter.

  • Curtains with lambrequins in the living room beautiful mask all attachment loops and a wall. They can be both classical and Roman. Pelmet gives solemnity interior, draped tassels and ribbons, it can be monotonous, or a combination. Today, everyone uses no more soft and rigid frame pelmet.

Photo curtains in the interior of the living room

On the photos presented below - examples of the use of different options for curtains in the interior of the living room.

Photo 1. Direct curtains 3 shades lighter walls and light tulle on Eyelets complements the living room in a modern style.

Photo 2. White classic and blinds in a light gray interior room design makes air and concise.

Photo 3. Flowing silvery fabric emphasizes the wealth of lavender tones and white sofa dilutes the riot of colors.

Picture 4. The living room in beige curtains complement the classic design the color of the upholstery and create a unity of design.

Photo 5. In the interior of the living room coffee velvet curtains on the 3 shades darker than the walls complemented by the same lambrequins with fringe and look harmonious with the crown weightless.

Photo 6. Solid Roman blinds in the bay window to protect the room from excessive sun and make the room more due to the simplicity of the design.

Photo 7. Curtains blue diluted classic beige living room, and the French curtains neutralize blue.

Photo 8. cotton tulle and blackout drapes complement the design of the room, but due to the chandelier room seems fresh, despite the abundance of brown.

Photo 9. The interior of the living room bay window decorated with a continuous weightless organza curtains and light beige color, which refreshes black and white accent wall.

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Choosing curtains - event responsible and troublesome. Every day, people will witness the color of the curtains and enjoy a selected element of decoration, or are not satisfied with any nuances.

The aesthetic pleasure of the right combination of curtains with all the items of decor can be obtained thanks to the harmonious combination of blinds with the overall interior room. An important argument here would be curtains shade material and the manifestation of creative imagination, beautiful curtains to collect by other elements, sometimes contrasting.

It is recommended to focus on print curtains. This detail must always be in harmony with the whole interior. But first, it is recommended to determine the order, how to design a man adorned the living room.

Depending on this option will be selected and curtains. If the contrast in the interior plays an important role, the curtains in this case must also be contrasting.

Also curtains shade depends on the color of the furniture, which is in the room. Depending on the color of the furniture will be drawn up the overall atmosphere in the room.

Calm and warm atmosphere in the living room will be recreated precisely because of this color curtains. The atmosphere is relaxed and the absence of voltage is guaranteed to every guest of the room. Unusual taste the room can give a chocolate shade that perfectly complement almost any decor.

Minimalists prefer white. Thanks to him, there is a kind of purification facilities. Air and light inherent in it according to the curtains. But there is a slight drawback. Such soiled curtains, people often will force enough to erase them. White gets dirty quickly. Romantic living room will give a combination of white with pastel colors.

The ambiance of the holiday and a good mood is created thanks to the data of the curtains. The stylistic orientation of the interior at the same time perfectly highlights. Strong and original color of the suit is not for everyone, but in any event will be a highlight of the decor. Basic colors combine perfectly with the turquoise color.

If the room is bright and spacious, the use of turquoise have handy, but do not overdo it with the dominant hue.

This color is perceived ambiguously. Saturation and color depth is very noticeable when combined with certain interior details. There are several varieties of gray in the curtains. These include the classic gray, metallic, pearl gray. Lilac maroon and violet range in the interior will be the perfect accompaniment to the gray fabric accessories.

The popularity and prevalence of selection of color in the curtains does not know borders. The elegant atmosphere and luxury facilities subsistence only possible with proper combinations with wallpaper and furniture, or curtains are able to darken the living room.

Creative and addicting nature preferred for curtains that color. Riddle and mystery guaranteed room. Lilac color can be classified from purple to pink, as it is a fellow and purple.

The presence of such cold colors in the living room is a wonderful solution in the interior. The ease of these curtains are absolutely not annoying people and no pressure on them. Creative people to dive into the world of their own fantasies and thoughts, smartly suited curtains the same color.

Interesting effects can be achieved through a combination of turquoise and blue shades. Calm and serenity freely recreated in the interior due to the given color. This color is a symbol of reliability and comfort.

Getting a good mood and a lack of spleen is due to the presence of the yellow color of curtains in the living room. The brightness of the room will give the color, and the combination of coral or blue will be the winner.

But the furniture then you should not choose too bright, around should be a balance and equilibrium. If sofas are super bright, the interior will be made some vulgarity and pretentiousness.

The freshness of nature and harmony are reflected in the bright color. He has peace of mind and a positive effect on people. Relaxation and rest in a room with these blinds is guaranteed to everyone. If you combine these curtains with white or peach wallpaper, the result is stunning.

Red color has oppressive impression on people. Vitality of shade will not create a relaxed atmosphere in the room. Will feel stress and rush. Quite often, this color is used in some places to create a sense of haste, and people in a hurry to leave.

To relax, so the color does not suit you. If you use a combination of red and black colors to form the interior space, the square footage will skrad this color scheme. Sophistication premises can be achieved by diluting the red color black.

Give a feeling of warmth in the general atmosphere. This is a good solution for a relaxing interior. Attention is focused not already on the curtains in the first place, and on the other piece of furniture such as upholstered furniture. Gold and blue patterns are perfectly combined with the color of the tissue headset.

Modern style

The originality of the unique characteristic of curtains, custom-made in a modern style. Curtains natural tones will help to freshen the room. Curtains made of modern technology, will please fans of this style.

For classic style is characterized by the following fabrics: velvet, silk, cotton. Such curtains will look luxurious. Designer composition directly affects the selection of color or pattern curtains on the canvas. There may be different options for fixing the cornice.

French aristocrats opened a line style. For him typical of Rococo and classicism with a touch of rustic motif. Blinds for such ease and style have unpretentiousness. Favorites among such directions fabrics are cotton fabric, linen, cotton, muslin and batiste. Fabrics should not be heavy, but it may be tight.

Involves the combination of contrasting colors, such as curtains, made half in black and white. Typically, these curtains are sewn to order. Electric rods that can be lifting and sliding curtains in such form is not uncommon.

These curtains can be attributed blinds, Japanese and Roman paintings. The absence of bright colors is a sign of a minimalist. Bamboo, flax or vine, are generally used for their manufacture.

With labmrekenom

It is a piece of cloth, which should be located at the eaves, the entire top of the fabric. They can be soft and hard. Due swags cornice concealed rails.

It is a lightweight, transparent diaper. This versatile embodiment is curtains without pattern and patterned. It gives the image completeness premises.

There are a pelmet, this kind of typical for most rooms in the style of Provence. The design of such blinds will be interesting and unique. Decorate window in the living room can be precisely because of this embodiment curtains.

Availability of beautiful uniform wave draperies characterizes this model. Its practicality and style is universal. Currently, such curtains are relevant.

They are a good choice for a living room. They are generally considered to be classics. In principle, such a model can be used in any interior.

Classic and ultra-modern interiors use this kind of curtains. In combination with tulle such variant will give room elegance and luxury. As a rule, they are sewn to order.

There can be considered short curtains of various colors. Lifting the curtains are also ideal for such a window arrangement.

What is the length of the curtains in the living room should be

By means of the size of the tissue webs it is possible to control the atmosphere in the room. Each curtain length has its advantages and disadvantages.

There are 4 variants of curtains, classified by length:

  • Long curtains indented 5-6 cm above the floor level;
  • The curtains to the floor (1 cm from a horizontal surface);
  • Cloth, the bottom of which lies on the floor;
  • Curtains up to the window sill.

Today, there are many online stores and easy outlets for the sale of a variety of curtains. It is also possible to order specific tailoring of curtains in the studio. The price of the product may vary depending on the tissue, the quality of material, length and complexity of the work.

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Curtains for the bedroom: the best photo ideas for your bedroom, how to choose the right shades for your interior.

Wallpapers for bedrooms: 90+ real photos, some color and some texture to choose. . With proper combination with other home furnishings, such as furniture, curtains.

What are the short curtains to choose for the kitchen. Learn the styles and types. And look photo realistic interior kitchens with short curtains.

Curtains on the grommet in the interior. What are the curtains, the advantages and disadvantages. As a self-sew curtains, real photos.

Roman blinds in the interior of your home, the advantages and disadvantages, actual photos of interiors. Tips on choosing and caring.

Curtains for your kitchen - real photo. What type of curtains are most suited for your kitchen. What style and color to choose.

Kitchen in hreschevke: 150+ of the best photos of the interiors! How to choose the color? . Curtains is desirable to choose a tone darker than the total space in the room.

Blinds in the interior: the types of blinds, color combination, the real picture. . Blinds (real photo). Similar records.

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