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A variety of benches in the hall: 5 popular options

The bench can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the hallway and make it more functional create a cozy atmosphere in the house - the main task of all, without exception. Entrance hall room is the most frequently visited in the house. All included certainly fall into this room. Some guests did not even pass on the corridor, for example - the postman or courier. The first impression of the host it develops design hallway. Furniture in the interior plays an important role, it is the style and design highlights. Furniture for anteroom selected individually by size and type of the room layout.

The hallway bench is also needed as a clothes hanger or shelf for shoes. On the bench you can sit down to put shoes on or take off their shoes, put the grocery bags lady's handbag or just sit on the track. Spacious hallways instead of the bench put a comfortable soft sofa, but not very large corridors well do the bench.

An excellent option is to purchase a bench that provides space for slippers

In addition, options to choose weight:

  1. Wooden benches practical, made in different styles of wood. These benches will last very long, they can be decorated with a variety of decorative pillows. Made of solid wood, and have a beautiful natural pattern.
  2. Benches made of chipboard - not a very expensive option. They tend to be quite functional, have a rumble seat and roomy drawers underneath.
  3. Hallway decoration can be forged bench. Function it performs both - it can sit, it is strong enough, last a long time. For it necessarily soft seat can replace it soft comfortable cushion.
  4. For a modest interior suitable bench in a metal frame. Comfortable and practical for a small entrance hall is a great option, does not stand out in the interior, it does not take up much space.
  5. Popular in use braided bench. It is no different strength, but very attractive in their appearance. Beautiful weave of vines create different softness in the interior to the same green material used to manufacture them.

Choose a bench needed based on the functionality required for further use in the corridor.

If a bench in the hallway is necessary only as a place to sit, you can select or forged metal frame. To store some things will ideally choose benches with internal drawers additional shelves. And if you need more space for shoes, then you should purchase the design bench with shelf for shoes. Most compatible functions in the benches of the headset. They can combine all the boxes and shelves, some have a special compartment for umbrellas, and hooks for bags.

The couch in the hall: a comfortable tradition

Use in the interior hallway couch has become a tradition. A handy piece of furniture appeared in the 18th century and in the 19th it became a compulsory subject and has been used mainly in the women's quarters. Gradually there were various options as desired piece of furniture, they were used in the living room. Couches and popular in modern times.

Upholstered couch with back - a great piece of furniture, on which it is pleasant to sit down after a hard day's work

The couch in the hall is placed as a seat when the interior is designed in classic style or Baroque - is especially beautiful and impressive furniture.

Modern couches have different shapes and are made in multiple embodiments:

  • Wooden couch;
  • Upholstered couch with drawers;
  • Couch with forged elements;
  • Leather couch, ottoman;
  • Rollaway.

In addition, they come in with back and without it, with armrests or without them. The armrests may be present in part - either on one side only or one grade and a second slightly reduced. Hallway selected based on the corridor area sizes.

The hallways headsets often a built-in couch. If the room is a spacious hallway, you can set the three-dimensional soft couch like a big armchair. In the small corridor couch perfectly replace benches and ottomans. The soft part of the couch can be made of different materials from the textile fabrics to natural leather covering. Next to the couch you can place the coffee table silt cabinet with decorative drawers.

Wrought iron bench in the hallway: Ideas

An excellent embodiment of the seating in the hall is a forged bank. The original appearance of the product harmoniously fit into the interior, will give the room a finished look and beautify it. Soft surface bench easy to pick up for any design plan.

Wrought iron bench will fit well into the interior, made in classic style

It can be various designer pillows or soft comfortable mattress. Pillows can be diluted with a strict view of the bench, to give color and diversity.

For this type of bench is not required a large area of ​​the corridor, benches several options:

  • Wrought iron bench lengthened;
  • Bench compact;
  • Forged chair;
  • Forged stool.

Forged bench fits perfectly into the hall, a practical material, does not corrode, is performed for the order, if desired. View forged products aesthetic, which is especially important for small hallways. Forged stool combines also a shelf for shoes is very functional for a small hallway.

Functional upholstered bench with compartment hallway

A good option for the hall is upholstered bench with drawers. Production of a great variety of options, convenient shop, you can make your own hands. Very exclusive looks trunk converted into a bench.

Bench with storage compartment allows you to not only sit on it, but also to place various things, such as shoes

Its cover is upholstered with a soft material or foam based padding polyester, sidewalls decorated or drape, and the inner compartment is the volume and is used for storing various items.

Factory is a bench upholstered hallway has a variety of options:

  • Bench with drawers below;
  • Boxes underneath the bench braided;
  • Bench with drawers side;
  • Bench with drawers and shelves for shoes.

Multiple options are presented in the furniture market. Wicker boxes in sets look original, spacious and practical. Boxes side benches form an additional area where you can put a variety of magazines, or put a vase with flowers, and a variety of boxes at a depth suitable for the storage of objects. Bench Box bottom may have a different number of shelves, hinged or sliding door. Shelf for shoes is typically under the bench, and the boxes with one or two sides of the bench, a very capacious embodiment.

Comfortable bench in the hall (video)

In conclusion, an excellent budget option offering furniture company Ikea. Shoe rack combined with the bench of good quality materials of wood - hardwood or pine.

Examples of the bench in the hall (photo interior)

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Bench with storage in the hall

on March 6, 2017

The seat is not a mandatory element of the hall, but its presence significantly increases the comfort level of the room. Wear shoes, dress baby, lingering to wait - do it often more convenient sitting and not standing.

As a seat in the lobby, popular bench. But as hallways rarely are large in size, try to combine a seat with storage space. It is much more practical than the traditional shops or ottoman.

Most often, a bench in the hallway serves as obuvnitsy (kaloshnitsy). But when a large number of storage sites can keep it and other things. The more boxes or cabinets - the winning solution (which is especially important in a confined space). Consider a few options for practical benches for the hallway.

This bench is low and usually long cabinet with hinged doors or deep drawers.

This seat has a lift lid. Storage enclosure is directly bench.

This seat is equipped with a few small drawers.

In all these cases, a piece of furniture can be used, not originally positioned as a seat. To pass for a bench at the tables / dresser / chest should be the appropriate size. Especially important is the height. Above, on the cover of furniture, put a soft mattress. He performs three tasks: 1. Stresses the appointment of a piece of furniture (no dresser, but primarily a bench!); 2. making the seat more comfortable; 3. plays the role of additional decor.

Instead, the mattress can be used pillows, blankets or carpet.

Previous versions - the most simple and easy. All that is needed - is to buy a ready-made bench with storage or find a suitable pedestal (chest, chest) and sew mattress. More complex and often more expensive option - a built-in installation of benches. It is made-to-order and exactly matches the size of the space in which it is installed. These benches for the hallways are usually built into a niche, alcove, empty corners, etc.

Another variety - bench as part of the complex design of the furniture. It can be, for example, two of the cabinet, between which the cabinet-bench or a racking system with a bench-trunk. Such furniture hallway too, as a rule, made to order.

In both cases, a bench for the hall can be equipped with a padded seat with a smooth or quilted upholstery. However, the upholstery can be decorated and the walls of the bench.

And the last option - the actual bench with free space under the seat. This item can be supplemented by self-storage places - for example, boxes, crates or baskets. It is only necessary to find a suitable size container. The range of products is very wide, so the problems with the selection of the desired size, is not likely to occur.

There are also ready-made products of this kind. Manufacturer himself complements seat boxes or drawers.

A bench in the hallway with storage compartment: a review, model, manufacturer, and reviews

No one will argue with the fact that the hall does not assume a key point in the apartment or house. But it begins with it the home inspection, how it looks and how easy it affects the overall impression of the room. That is why the furniture installed in the hallway should not only be beautiful and eye-gaze, but also fully meet the needs of people living. Each person must show filigree, choosing home furnishings in the hall.

The most important point in this room is a small area in order to be able to sit down. In particular, it is necessary if small children or elderly people living in the apartment. Moreover, the young need a bench in the hall to put on one's shoes. That is why this piece of furniture is important, and it can not be ignored.

A summary of the benches

Due to the bench hall will not only perform more functions, it also will be more comfortable at times. However, when you select should pay some attention points. You need to know the exact dimensions of the hall to pick up the bench, which is ideal to enter the premises. You should also decide for themselves - must be present boxes. If square meters is too small, and sometimes there is no place to put shoes, then, of course, better to buy furniture with extra beds. And the last important aspect - compliance with the overall style.

Hallway, which has a complex shape, it is better to choose a corner bench. It saves space and visually tweak all defects. Mini bench in the hall is suitable in the case, if the room is too narrow.

The furniture market a lot of interesting models that fit perfectly in any apartment. If you can not obtain a separate cabinet for shoes, then come to the aid of a bench with drawers. Some of these models even have a separate space for various devices. "Sunduk9raquo; available in different versions. For example, the embodiment can meet with storage compartment, which extends and a shelf, there are also modified with a hinged lid. The second option will suit perfectly, if the passage of the hall is too small.

What should I pay attention?

Considering options for the bench in the hall, it is possible to classify all of several types.

Classic products have a very simple structure, which consists of a seating and locker for shoes. More convenient may seem like a bench in the hall, which will take shape. Due to such portability, it can be removed if it is not needed, and then re-install. Typically, the carcass of such embodiments is made of metal, and its color using either sputtering, or chrome plating. Seats are plywood or wooden plate. The use as upholstery leather.

If fully comply with all the rules of care for furniture, the bench prisluzhit five, or even ten years. We should not forget that the moisture - the main enemy of such interior. Therefore, in the first place should be protected from moisture bench.

The price of the product will depend on various elements. Of course, it will affect the quality of the material, manufacturer, style and use of accessories. Little bench will come much cheaper than most. Therefore, you should pay much attention to its size. The standard does not require a particularly large expenditure. But, on a special bench (especially if you do it in order) will have to fork.

Bench in the hall, depending on the manufacturer, can be a symbiosis of many materials. For example, commonly used wood, MDF, particle board, plastic and metal. Forged products represent a separate class among these interior items. It is these things - the most reliable, convenient, durable and attractive. All this is perfectly suited for the bench, which should stand in the hallway. Effectively forged products will look ultra-modern interiors and in those areas in which already have this kind of elements and accessories.

Not to blunder in the selection should pay attention to the material, not only the frame, but also the upholstery. In this case, there are no boundaries. We need only look at the quality, it's not very aesthetically pleasing looks upholstered bench for hallway with shabby leather.

Padding is necessary not only for the prestige it carries some other features enhancing the strength of the product. The fabric should have to be the most resistant to wear.

The color scheme chosen by man to his discretion. If you choose a bright color, the item will appear in the hallway, which attracts all the attention, adding notes of beauty, elegance and luxury in a common space.

The most well-known furniture manufacturer in the Russian-speaking countries - Ukrainian "World of Furniture". Bench for shoes in the hallway - the product which constitutes the basic assortment of the company. She constantly produces interesting models of products, while using new technologies. Thus the Ukrainian company does not lag behind foreign manufacturers at the same level.

The company "Ingara9raquo; also proved to be a good side. It stands on the world market since 2000. The company is constantly expanding its horizons, supplementing the range with new models and updated variations already obsolete products. Quite often you can find on the bench "Ingara9raquo; in the hallways of the Russian citizens.

Not only there is people who are able to give off the bench in the hall. Rather, the population is divided equally. One part believes that this piece of furniture is not needed and collects excess dust, while the other - in favor of compulsory acquisition.

It must be said that the bench is a hallway with storage compartment (mild or not, does not matter) other than the purchase of the narrow room. The owners of this piece of furniture was told about all the advantages of such a device. Separately, the capacity, space saving and simple appeal. Again, if properly care, and the disadvantages will not occur. On some models may appear over time, various types of defects that can be eliminated.

In that case, if a family has older people, it would be better if the bench-shelf in the hall will have a decent height. Also ottomans and other low product will be uncomfortable, and those who got injured spine or legs.

Due to the fact that the hall is accumulated a lot of dust and moisture, it is necessary to give preference upholstery leather. If the choice fell on the cloth, then you should choose high-quality materials.

Based on the article, it is clear that the bench is a hallway with storage compartment is necessary in any case, especially if the room is not distinguished by its size. After work, how many people think that it is best to take your shoes off in a sitting position, as the legs are very sore. If we take into account the aesthetic side, it is the bench completes the form and gives greater harmony.

Box in the product has a "ventilation system", whereby the shoes and sneakers that there are, will not deteriorate prematurely. There will be no smell of damp and musty, as usually happens due to the fact that the space is closed and the air is not circulating. Therefore, buy a piece of furniture is a must.

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