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Live in the country today is not just a prestigious and ecologically justified and that's why today, more and more construction of wooden houses.

And if for decoration and arrangement of residential premises in a house special questions arise, the bathroom is in the house of wood requires a more specific attention.

Bathroom in a house made of wood

Differences bathrooms private homes and apartments

For example, what Arrangement sewerage and water supply in a private home is different from the bathrooms in the apartment? First and foremost, of course, engineering services, as in a private home owner forced them to create and maintain their own.

Accordingly, in the arrangement of bathrooms and bathroom should initially determine the following types of work:

  • arrangement of sewage;
  • arrangement of ventilation;
  • arrangement of waterproofing;
  • floor finishes, walls and ceiling in the bathroom;
  • selection of accessories and sanitary ware.

Wooden houses, unlike brick or concrete buildings, in use shrink, which is necessary to consider in the construction of engineering networks.

In practice, shrinkage of the wooden structure home or cottage can lead to displacement of utilities, installed inside the house and having access to the outside.

By "at risk" include the following:

By building a bathroom in a country house, it is essential to lay the installation of engineering systems of special damping devices, or to create expansion joints to prevent their displacement during the shrinkage of the wooden house.

Construction of sewerage and water supply in the private house

The order of arrangement of sewage in a wooden house is different from a brick expansion joints and fastening method. To exit sewage out of the house is being built brick or concrete trough at the base of the foundation, excluding the offset of sewer pipes.

The pipe itself should be based on a solid base, without attachment to wooden structures, or if the toilet device in a wooden house is provided at the upper floors, then mounted on resilient suspensions, protecting it from depressurization.

Installation of sewage in a wooden house on the second floor on the elastic suspensions

In order to protect other rooms of the wooden house from moisture when leaking, the floor in the bathroom always make 2-3 cm below than the level in all other rooms to prevent the spread of water.

Ventilation in the bathroom in a wooden house is not as important as the eyeliner sewerage and water supply. After the tree with long-term exposure to moisture can alter their shape, to mold it appears that will lead to its destruction. That is why it is so important to the removal of humid air from the room.

Caution: in the regeneration of mechanical ventilation, in addition to the expansion joints between ducting and the wooden house construction should be used only by specialized ventilators for bathrooms, having the highest degree of protection from fires.

The most appropriate place of location of the ventilation unit is attic space of the wooden house.

When installing it should comply with certain security requirements:

  1. the installation must not come into contact with wooden structures, and rely only on special supports, brackets;
  2. air ducts and the fan in the bathroom should be used only flexible non-combustible materials;
  3. air ducts must pass through the hardwood floors through compensation holes, protect them from the possibility of bias from shrinkage at home;
  4. Ventilation in the bathroom in a private home must be equipped with fire dampers, which stop the inflow of air into the fire.

Electrical mechanical ventilation in the attic

Not fewer requirements in terms of fire and electrical safety are presented and ventilation equipment in the room bathroom. Fan for bathrooms to be waterproof because it provides fire safety rules.

The fan in the bathroom exhaust waterproof channel type

By building a bathroom at the cottage or the cottage, the protection of water supply should also be given special attention. Compared with sewerage, water supply systems, in addition to possible leaks awaits another risk - the risk of being unfrozen at subzero temperatures.

To prevent such situations, the regeneration of the water supply system in the bathroom, it follows that

  1. insulate the subfloor via isolating film and expanded clay;
  2. insulate pipes with current insulating material;
  3. provide a drain valve at the lowest point for draining the water supply system during prolonged absence residues holders (idle system).

Protection of water supply in a wooden house from leaks and freezing

Decorating bathrooms in a wooden house also has its differences from traditional apartments. Since the main advantage of a country house - is environmentally friendly natural materials, they still do not cover the water-resistant materials.

Therefore it is possible to share a bathroom on the surface:

  • most exposed to moisture (floor and ceiling);
  • Least exposed to moisture (walls).

Based on this, the greatest attention should be paid to protect the floor and ceiling. By building a bathroom in the cottage most logical to apply the tile floor in the bathroom and the toilet, as it is best to protect the wooden construction of the house from moisture.

To do this:

  1. Perform floor waterproofing, not forgetting approaches waterproofing layer on the walls of at least 200 mm;
  2. Use moisture resistant chipboard or cement particle board subfloor for arrangement under the tile;
  3. Lay the tile.

Substrate Preparation - vertical waterproofing

The wooden walls are best treated with a special antiseptic, protects wood from mold and rot.

It is best to use a colorless, environmentally friendly solutions and soaking to preserve the natural look of wooden structures.

Protecting wood surfaces using linseed oil

The most well-known means to protect wooden surfaces, it is:

  • antiseptics, including alkyd;
  • protective primer for interior work;
  • natural drying oil or linseed oil.

They are easy to apply on the surface with a paint brush. Typically, several layers must be applied by means of decay for greater protection. This is especially true of the ceiling surface.

The combination of high quality engineered ventilation and processing of wood with modern compositions allow to provide reliable protection for wood surfaces on the service for many years.

Selection of plumbing fixtures

All the same shrinkage of the wooden house requires owners to secure sanitary devices by depressurization and displacement, for which the best solution is to use suspended structures of sanitary ware, such as toilet and bidet.

Using the power of steel frames allow to unleash a load-bearing structure of the walls of wooden houses, reducing the load on the plumbing.

Installation of the power frame for plumbing in a wooden house

Conclusions: The bathroom in a wooden house is much more difficult to equip than in a house of brick or concrete, as the tree gives a significant shrinkage, which makes use of technology and devices to protect the engineering network from depressurization.

Construction of bathrooms in the country and in a country house

Where is the bathroom in a wooden house, a brick or concrete? How to build it and to get it? These questions raised by many owners of suburban areas designated for construction.

restroom design in a private home - the stage is actually in charge and having a lot of nuances. Certain rules have to comply with both the choice of toilet size and its location. There are also rules regarding the placement of plumbing fixtures and selection of finishing materials for this room.

The concept of "outhouse" is gradually disappearing. Today, even the owners of country houses in a small village prefer to equip a toilet in a building. Make it in the presence on the market of equipment such as septic tanks and easy to install PVC pipe, it's easy. Of course, in the drafting of the location, design and size of bathrooms in a private house should be chosen so that the use of this room was nice and comfortable.

According to the regulations on the SNP auxiliary facilities, which include a bathroom must account for no more than 20% of the area of ​​the house. The dimensions of the combined lavatory - not less than 3.8m2, a separate bathroom - 3.3m2, toilet - 1.5m2.

Minimum area is generally selected, furnished WC in the country. This is not surprising, because built with his own hands a summer home, rarely is large.

Compact toilet in the original log house

In residential cottages sizes combined bathroom are never less 4.5-5m2. Sometimes in suburban homes arranged and several restrooms.

The houses bathrooms usually have a large area

In drawing up the building project, experts advise to adhere to the following rules bathrooms accommodation:

  • At least one of the walls of the lavatory must be external. Ventilation at the same time cheaper.
  • Bathroom in a holiday home or apartment is not located adjacent to the kitchen or dining room. Usually toilets placed near bedrooms and closets or under the stairs.

Under the stairs can be equipped with convenient additional bathroom

  • Waterproofing floor restrooms required.
  • Device bathrooms in a wooden house walls involves the processing of antiseptic agents.
  • If the project involves several latrines have them on floors one above the other.

The circuit arrangement in toilets country cottage

Sewer ventilation is desirable to arrange even a small house

Regulations SNIP suppresses bathroom door into the living room. Nor have the bathroom above the kitchen or living rooms.

Thus, the installation site bathrooms in a private home and its dimensions are chosen. Now let's see how to make a comfortable restroom properly placing plumbing. Planning placement instruments should be designed so that:

  • they were easy to use,
  • the owners do not have problems servicing the sewerage system.

Bathroom in a private home. Photos comfortable ergonomic space

Have sanitary devices, guided by norms SNIP.

The minimum allowable space in front of a bathtub or shower - 70cm in front of the toilet bowl - 60cm. Distances between components should not be less than 25cm. The minimum height of the sink location - 80cm from the floor.

Positioning sanitary devices need so that they were easy to use

The toilet is placed in close proximity to the riser - after a bath and sink. The farther it will be spaced from the main pipe, the greater the risk of blockages.

In the small bathroom at the cottage or a rustic one-story house usually mounted only shelves.

Photos bathrooms in a wooden house. Convenient shelves for storage of household chemicals

In a large dressing room in the cottage can accommodate a set. Safe-deposit shampoos and gels are usually placed next to the bathroom. Bedside tables with drawers for cosmetics, towels and small household appliances (hair dryer, shaver) - not far from the mirror and the sink.

Comfortable cabinets and tables for large bathrooms

To issue a bathroom should be in the same style.

Typically, the design of this room repeats the style of the building interior. However, there are exceptions. Marine style, for example, is suitable for almost any toilet. Toilets are located in the attic, often make out in the loft.

The original bathroom loft cottage

Unlike urban apartments bathrooms, toilets in private homes are usually equipped with a window. This space should decorate houseplants.

Bathroom at the cottage. Photo mini dressing room with indoor plants

The window itself is better not to close the curtains and blinds hygienic. A mandatory attribute of any bathroom - mirror. It is possible to issue a beautiful frame, suitable to the style of the interior and plumbing.

The mirror can be a real "highlight" of bathrooms

  • be water-resistant,
  • no fear changes in temperature (for summer houses)
  • be easy to clean and hygienic.

All these requirements are met, materials such as tiles and PVC panel.

Most often, latrines in suburban homes trim tiles and PVC panels

Durable and beautiful tiles - ideal finish for the restroom. Tiles can be oblitsevat whole bathroom full or combine it with other materials.

Note: Furnished our bathroom in the frame houses, cobblestone or a log, ceramic tile trim only sometimes problem areas most exposed to moisture.

Bathroom at the cottage. Photo space, partly tiled

Instead of tiles for decoration, you can use the restroom or smaltovuyu ceramic mosaic. This material has recently become very popular. The only drawback of tiles and mosaics can only be regarded as a certain complexity of installation.

Neat toilet in a minimalist style, decorated with mosaics

Tile panels from PVC distinguishes not too expensive. Mounted they are simpler, but less resistant to mechanical damage. Choose the suitable shade panel will not be difficult for the restroom in any style.

Tip: To finish the bathrooms in a wooden house instead of panels is better to use the plastic linings "under the tree", beige or brown.

Plastic "wood" - a very good option to finish the dressing room of a country house

Sometimes for wall restroom country house and used materials such as drywall, paneling and plywood. The first option is more suitable for brick or concrete building. Plywood and veneer paneling increasingly bathroom in a wooden house.

Important: sheathe bathroom ordinary plasterboard is impossible. For this purpose, use only water-resistant material is green.

For finishing of bathrooms use green moisture-proof GCR

As in a city apartment, in the bathroom of a country house, you can use the stretch, drywall and suspended ceilings.

Combined ceiling in the bathroom at home

These are the basic rules for the design and execution of dressing-room in the house. Follow the recommendations of experts, guided by your own ideas about comfort and beauty, and you get a functional, practical and aesthetic bathroom in a country house.

Decorating a small bathroom, design photo in hruschevke

Types of moldings for the bath and install them

Examples plan bathrooms, 11 of the best options

Prompt, be sure to use a vapor barrier, furnished bathroom in a private house of logs. Or let them "breathe" the wall?

Buy a diffusion membrane. Construction of a wooden house with their use - an ideal option.

And you can cover the walls of a wooden closet in lacquered frame house? Or will not go?

Planning a bathroom in a private home - options and ways of arrangement

Due to the fact that the bathroom and toilet have limited space, planners and designers have put a lot of effort to ensure that as a result they get the original decision.

  • washbasin;
  • shower (shower);
  • bath;
  • toilet;
  • urinal;
  • bidet.

Often, in spite of the small size of the bathrooms, many owners are placed in it the washing machine. This is convenient because there is no need to design a remote water supply system and the drain conduit. Sometimes in the bathroom set boiler, heat water.

Disposition bathrooms in individual housing

The process of planning a bathroom in a private home ownership allows you to project any of its dimensions, which makes it possible to use a variety of design solutions and select the best options. When the house several floors, then the space intended for the personal care, usually placed at each level. If the building is planned for the guest bedroom, then to each of them has ensuite toilet and shower or just a shower.

In the case where the size of the house rather big, then you can make a dressing room and bathroom separate rooms. There, in addition to the sink, install the bath (Jacuzzi), circular shower, bidet. Design bathrooms and toilets in the presence of the financial capacity of the property owner provides for the use of luxury materials such as malachite tile, marble, bronze or brass casting.

Disposition small bathrooms in a private house

Private home can have a small area and naturally therein the size of each space is limited. Of course, in that case we have to give up an individual bathrooms and install all the plumbing in one place.

  • bath or Jacuzzi European design and size;
  • toilet;
  • shower;
  • washbasin;
  • bidet.

Also in this area fit a washing machine. The walls in the rooms for personal hygiene spread tile or trim modern PVC panels. The ceiling is made of plastic panels mounted in their original fixtures.

However, installing a bathroom on the 4 "square" will provide convenience and comfort. Domestic baths have a length of 150-170 centimeters, and European products as long as only 10 centimeters. If you put the bath along one wall, then there will be enough room for the toilet, sink and stiralki.

Designers when planning bathrooms are often used convenient way: from paper to scale the layout of the room is cut and contoured shapes of plumbing fixtures. Changing their positions, choosing the optimal layout of the room for personal hygiene.

Other works on planning

After appearing on the showers plumbing domestic market, they have become very popular. The most common design challenge, designers today is to develop a plan shared bathrooms, which will be located shower.

In the case where the room side allow, it is possible to put a rectangular or square cab or to prefer a non-standard embodiment with deep tray, which is none other than the bath. And so the shower with a bathtub - a single whole.

Particularly difficult and responsible task for planners and designers is to develop a space plan for making small-sized hygiene procedures. In this situation, all necessary sanitary equipment simply can not be placed in size, so you have to choose the devices to a minimum.

Repair in the bathroom with their hands

If you are planning a bathroom in a new house designers are in full force to show their design fantasies, the redevelopment of the premises is fraught with many difficulties. it usually provides a compound toilet and bathroom in one room, if they were previously separate. But sometimes it is necessary to carry out the transfer bathrooms.

Because of the shortcomings should be noted the need to draw up the relevant documentation at the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) be permitted to redevelop the bathroom and toilet. Obtaining permission can be expected for several months. Therefore, homeowners often do not submit an application to redevelop the BTI and start construction works. It was only after their completion invite inspectors to inspect and begin to retroactively legalize necessary papers.

For example, earlier in the bathroom did not have enough space to install a jacuzzi, and a joint room it is possible to arrange it. A large area allows for creative design solutions. Though not necessarily to implement large-scale projects, since it is possible to limit a more modest plan bathroom.

For example, it is possible to change the outdated tube of metal on modern durable articles of polypropylene in the repair in a small closet. Replacing old communications is typically associated with the acquisition and installation of new plumbing fixtures. According to psychologists, conducting any maintenance updates attitude, so even redecorating can cause in people living in the house, a lot of positive emotions.

chromed metal. Even in the repair of a small closet can bring modern design solution.

Option plan bathrooms in the house

Among the types of houses the most popular option is considered to be a structure the size of 6x6 meters. Such a construction is the budget for this. To build a house of this size construction companies handy, because the amount of waste materials obtained minimal.

Professionally Decorated combined bathroom

Combined bathroom design should be performed so as to avoid violating the stylistic unity with respect to the interior of all rooms in a house or apartment. If the basis for the design of the project laid the house style of Hi-Tech, it means the use of concise details of a large number of chromed metal and glass in the design bathroom with a toilet.

If the room in an apartment or house decorated in baroque or empire, then the approach to the design of a bathroom will be different. If there is pay attention to the general stylistic moments in the house of modern furniture.

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