ash furniture

ash furniture

In the online shop, you can order any you like in the furniture of our production.

So we accept orders for the execution of non-standard furniture according to your sketches and dimensions. Drawings for the calculation can be sent via e-mail. mail [email protected]

Furniture factory "Yasen9quot; developed taking into account the needs and requirements buyers.We also provide the maximum of information on the selection of furniture and care for her.

Factory "Yasen9quot; It offers furniture for the home: living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, furniture for youth rooms.

In the catalog "Yasen9raquo factory; a large selection of classic and contemporary furniture for home. Each category is represented by furniture for the full range of residential and non-residential premises. It is making it possible to issue the entire apartment in the same style.

Our furniture is completed modules, the amount and composition of which varies according to the customer and allows you to model your own living space and individual interior. Thus, you can choose not only the style of furniture, but also the interior compositions.

Furniture Ash pros and cons

Ash is one of the most sought after materials in modern furniture production. Its advantages over other wood species are highly resistant to mechanical stress and beauty unique texture, brightness and pristine clear pattern which are maintained even after long periods of operation. Please note, the online store of furniture for home and office in Moscow is represented by reference to site.

Ash as a reliable and environmentally friendly material widely used in modern furniture industry. The fortress is not inferior to oak, elm and beech. For its wood is characterized by vivid expression of fibers and rich color palette - from soft pink, gray and slightly yellow to dark reddish and purple shades. The specific porosity of the ash tree makes it the ideal material for creating furniture patina effect. His natural texture so attractive eye that does not require any additional processing toning except colorless varnish.

The main advantages of the ash products are the following:

  • respectable
  • ecological purity
  • Endurance
  • Durability
  • multifunctionality

Furniture made of solid ash has a solid and reliable appearance. She brings to the home environment a sense of harmony and comfort. Products made from this type of wood, look elegant and solid, they easily blend with any décor from classic to modern. If we add to all the positive qualities of the ash of his magical barrier properties in the presence of which no doubt the ancient Druids, it is easy to conclude that the best material for a headset in an apartment or a country house simply could not be found.

Performance and application

Unlike many other kinds of wood ash after drying, does not shrink. It is resistant to mechanical shock and quite elastic. Due to these characteristics, ash wood is often used for the manufacture of frames and carved decoration of varying complexity. High resistance to mechanical stress in combination with the unique beauty of the texture of the tree allows you to create intricate spatial constructions with a long life and aesthetic design.

Furniture-masters use wood ash for the following purposes:

  • Finishing the hull and soft elements
  • frame for upholstered furniture manufacturing
  • Manufacturing walls, chairs, beds, chairs, boxes, cupboards and drawers
  • Manufacture of furniture with patina effect

Wood ash can be used as a solid or as a solid for veneer finishes. The array is used in the manufacture of a variety of furnishings with exquisite bent shape. Veneer is applied as a finishing material for furniture sets.

Disadvantages and operating conditions

Application of ash has a significant impact on the value of the furniture to the side price hike. However, significant material cost is more than pay for themselves because of the tree items are getting the most quality and beauty in no way inferior to products made of mahogany.

In addition to the relatively high cost, the main disadvantage of ash is considered to be a low resistance to moisture and susceptibility to bacteria. Processing special antiseptic compositions helps to achieve sufficient stability of this natural material to microorganisms, but decay rate in high humidity ash continues to occupy first place among elite wood. Furniture made of ash must not be operated in rooms with high humidity - baths and saunas. But in a dry, well-heated flat objects from this wood will serve their masters for a long time.

To products made of ash remains attractive over the long term, you must abide by some simple rules for the care of wooden surfaces. If necessary, it is allowed to handle the furniture with a soft damp cloth, but after that it should always be dry. Contaminated areas must be thoroughly cleaned only with special sprays. To mask appeared scratches should be applied wax pencil.

How to choose furniture from solid wood and high quality distinguish

Furniture made of natural wood, widely recognized as the most good-quality and reliable among peers. Quality products from the manufacturer with an impeccable reputation is not only feasible tribute to their own comfort, but also turns into a long-term investment.

How to choose furniture for the outdoor café, which select materials

Restaurants and cafes are opening summer zone to increase profits. Determining factor in the success of the summer cafe becomes a perfectly matched furniture. Chairs and tables must be attractive, comfortable and durable.

Furniture made of oak, ash, birch wood.

Furniture made of wood - it's really a worthy solution to give housing a special charm, glamor and comfort. Choosing a set for their monastery, you should consider the benefits of each type of wood from which the furniture is made.

Original furniture on an individual project

In the furniture stores you can buy any item of everyday life, but if you want to buy something special, you have to go to a furniture company that manufactures custom-made furniture.

Shop for Furniture - Small business confidence for the future

Furniture is always in demand, especially if it is low-cost and high quality. Manufacture of furniture can be quite a lucrative business and love.



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4) engaged in the sale of furniture made of rattan.

Delivery is carried out in the city and County. area !!! Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

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