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In chapter Literature the question What color wood ash? Ask Poster Alexander F. the best answer is Wood ash is light, slightly yellowish, with very special special figuring. Sapwood and mature wood are virtually indistinguishable.

Ash sectional

Ash refers to the sound koltsesosudistym rocks. Annual rings are due to differences in the structure of the late and early wood are clearly visible on all cuts. The cross-sectional area in late year layers small vessels are seen as separate bright spots or short dashes winding (at the outer edge of the annual rings wide). The core of a light brown, sapwood wide, yellowish-white, gradually turning into the nucleus. Medullary rays are visible only at strictly radial section in the form of small brilliant dashes and dots.

Texture of ash is determined on longitudinal sections of a width of the annual rings, the difference in color late and early wood, as well as the core and the sapwood. In addition, an important role in the formation of texture ash play severed blood vessels in the early and late zones. Medullary rays have practically no effect on the texture (as opposed to oak), with the exception of strictly radial incisions. The butt of large trees found wavy curly gain. In such a radial sectional texture particularly beautiful.

The color of wood ash is characterized by the following settings:

hue, NM: core - 583.5, sapwood - 579;

Purity,%: core - 47.1, sapwood - 43.2;

lightness,%: core - 58.2, sapwood - 51.1.

Gloss wood ash has lower rates than in conifers, but slightly better than the oak. The reason is that the anatomical irregularities (mostly severed blood vessels) in the longitudinal sections (especially radial) do not provide a smooth surface. The advantage with respect to the oak is that the vessels have a smaller diameter, and medullary rays are practically invisible. In most careful finishing surface roughness height of these will be at least 200 microns. These bumps form glare and reflections, which significantly reduces the rate of wood finish.

Wood ash has significant neravnoplotnostyu: density of the late wood is 2-3 times higher than the density of the early. Between the core and the sapwood from the ash layer exists annular mature wood, which in color and physical characteristics virtually identical to the sapwood. It is characterized by low relative humidity and sapwood sharply reduced permeability to gases and liquids, due to the absence of living cells and sealing water conducting elements.

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This bright tone - the lightest of beech, cherry. Milk some!

Ash wood has a gray color with a pinkish or yellowish tinge. Pronounced texture, pattern in the form of strips.


Wood ash, which has an average density, refers to heavy and hard varieties of wood. It has high elasticity, wear resistance and toughness. Surface treatment is easy enough, well soaked with stains. This material is not sufficiently resistant to the external environment and the perishable in contact with the ground.

Ash is used in the form of solid wood, and in the form of plywood or veneer, for example, for the manufacture of kitchen and bedroom furniture and other furniture. Widely used as a coating for walls and ceilings, and in the production of parquet floorboards.

Bulletin ash has high flexibility and strength in comparison with the other species. Therefore, from this material produce bent shapes for chairs and armchairs. High wear Eaves ash makes extensive use of it in a variety of sectors of construction and manufacturing. Eaves ash is able to conduct heat well, in contrast, for example, from pine.

Furniture Ash has a very beautiful yellowish or pinkish tinge, depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin of the material. Your room or living room will gain new shades of color, if decorate it with furniture made from ash, which perfectly reflects the sunlight. Furniture Ash will give comfort and coziness to your housing, because no other material can not be compared with a natural tree.

Massive parquet board Ash is characterized by excellent fastness properties. This material has an attractive texture and color and, more importantly, is resistant to deformation.

Veneer wood ash and its roots are finished as beautiful wood and veneer. Wood ash has high toughness, good bend (especially parts of sapwood), it does not give flakes and therefore is widely used in the manufacture of sports equipment.

In a number of countries in Europe as a medicinal plant used the bark, buds, leaves, flowers ash. The dried juice called "manna9raquo ;, which allocates ash flower, or Mann, is included in the pharmacopoeia of some Western European countries.

Ash - Technical formation, and industry demand and the bark and wood, and the root and leaves of the tree. From the bark and leaves produce a blue, black and brown ink, is used as a tanning agent; leaves in fresh and dry form are a good fodder for livestock.

In England, unripe fruits are picked and immediately pickled (in vinegar with pepper and salt). They are served as a spicy seasoning for vegetable and meat dishes instead of capers. In the Caucasus, unripe fruits marinated in this manner and used in food as spicy spice. Young green seeds after salting have a taste of pickled walnuts. Their use as a seasoning for spicy snacks, first and second dishes.

Wood ash has high physical and mechanical properties, is the most widely used. From it are made facing veneer, curved and carved furniture, cut the screws light aircraft, rail and parquet board body, paneling, window frames and sofas carriages, some of the looms, butts and bed firearms, hunting and fighting bows, sports equipment - skis, tennis rackets, baseball bats, hockey sticks, billiard cues, paddles. From the bark of ash trees large beekeepers were making quite roomy hives.

From time immemorial ash tree stumps cut down durable saddle clamp and ax handles. But the strength - not only the dignity of the root timber. Painters and sculptors are more attracted pestrosloynost sholkovistost irregular grain and fibers forming a very nice texture. Wood ash root resembles the wood of olive tree. It is well sanded, polished and painted evenly. Ash stump uprooted, washed roots and sawed it into pieces. If the tree is cut down recently, the roots okoryayut and ends smeared with lime, dried in stacks in the air under cover.

Fraxinus L., 1753

maple aquifolium 0.14 W / km

Allocate 53 to 63 species of ash in six sections:

Shimo Ash in a modern interior

Creating a beautiful interior design involves painstaking work of selecting the type of materials, colors and textures. It is important that all the details were combined with each other to form a single picture. Today, designers finish apartments use a variety of materials. One of the most popular is the Shimo ash species. What kind of material, and how to apply it in the room?

The interior of the apartments you can often find items very similar to the wood in the shade of milky coffee. A characteristic feature of these products is the presence of sharp and distinct bands. This material is referred to as ash Shimo.

Shimo Ash light

Apply it is possible in any style.

  • In the style of Provence ash Shimo can perfectly be combined with bright highlights.
  • In the classical interior of the material will fit best.
  • Trendy minimalism if created for use of articles made of ash Shimo. This style involves the use of neutral and muted shades, which is the chosen material.

Each of the foregoing sheets can be safely used in floor covering color white ash. It will give the room a feeling of lightness and freshness. The combination of different shades of any room will benefit.

Shimo Ash light in the interior

This material is an imitation of wood, which has in its structure veining of natural material. Products from a dark ash Shimo in the interior possess rich chocolate color.

Shimo Ash light in the interior of a bedroom

The apartments can often find these details of the situation in a dark chocolate color ash:

  • Interior door panels.
  • Original inserts in furniture fronts.
  • Book shelves.
  • Leaf wardrobes.
  • rack panel.
  • Furniture case details.
  • Countertops desks.
  • Flooring.

Interior door panels

Using dark ash furniture Shimo in the interior in combination with light items, you can create a good version of the classic interior decoration, as shown in the photo.

Light and dark ash Shimo in the interior, to create a beautiful arrangement of any room. For example, for finishing kitchen countertops designers often use and kitchen furniture, made of material Shimo ash. The pleasant colors of such designs perfectly fit into the kitchen arrangement. In addition to this, strict forms and a good combination of dark and light panels can create a special style of the room.

Shimo Ash in the interior of the kitchen

The spectrum of use of the article Ash Shimo impossible to limit the purpose or size of premises. They go perfectly with almost any style, size and other features of the rooms.

Shimo Ash in the living room interior

Light ash Shimo in the interior of the living room brings a feeling of lightness and freshness. Particularly relevant quality data are for small living rooms. The photo shows how the case furniture ash Shimo perfectly combines with simple yet stylish design of the hall option.

Wall ash Shimo light shade

An excellent choice for the guest, is a multi-functional wall, combined dark and light ash Shimo. This piece of furniture is practical. With many drawers and niches in the wall can be placed decorative items, TV equipment, framed photos and other personal items. A combination of dark and light surfaces, does not reduce the visual room, giving it a special flavor.

Wall ash Shimo in light and dark shades

Today it is fashionable to use in the interior products made from ash Shimo. This material is presented in a dark and light version, which allows you to create stylish and original interior design. Practicality and versatility of the material makes it possible to use it in any room of squaring and destination. Because of these qualities, ash Shimo is very popular in modern interiors.

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